Reviews for Riverdale: Girls of Riverdale

BY : TheChemist

  • From MTL on July 30, 2017

    Chapter 14 was really hot. I love reading/watching/ cum swallowing and anal cream pies, and reading about someone like Cheryl Blossom doing these things is awesome, especially in the graphic detail you specialise in. However while I haven't read any better MF, I prefer FF, which made chapter 13 really special to me. I thought I reviewed it before, but let me gush about it now.

    There really should be more threesomes between Betty/Cheryl/Veronica, but the one in chapter 13 was pretty much perfection. Especially because it ended in Veronica taking Betty's anal cherry, which had been hoping to see since this fic started, and really since I'd started watching the show. There was even a great gaping scene at the end. And while I wish there was more dirty talk what we got was still excellent. Between this chapter and the one where Cheryl bangs Veronica's big butt it's easily my favourite Riverdale fic. Please keep up the amazing work.

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  • From NaughtyNittany on July 20, 2017

    I strongly agree with a reviewer below. I'd love a story where Betty goes to Jughead's dad to convince him to come to the birthday party. She gets manipulated/conned/coerced into sex with him, and he ends up cumming in her butthole. It'd work even better now that Veronica has broken her in.

    I love your stories, they bring me such joy

    Email me,, I have some other feedback and would love your help with a story idea I've got

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  • From pitbull4567 on June 28, 2017

    Interesting spin on the story

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  • From Brock on June 11, 2017

    When will the next part be updated 


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  • From Dusker on May 06, 2017

    A really hot scene, Cheryl being gangbanged! Awesome work here! About the preview for next chapter, didn't Jughead lose his virginity in the threesome scene with Archie and Cheryl? I thought the chapters were following a continuity.

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  • From Dusker on April 30, 2017

    Suggestion for a future chapter: Jughead's father seduces and fucks Betty when she appears to invite him to Jughead's birthday party. I think this was on episode 10.

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  • From Dusker on April 27, 2017

    Nice chapter! Loved Betty's scene with Trev, and the Veronica/Archie one too.

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  • From MTL on April 15, 2017

    Awesome work. Personally I would have liked even more dirty talk, some ATM action and a mention of gaping, but I wanted a lesbian strap-on anal scene since watching the first episode of this show, and I'm so glad to finally get one. And while it didn't feature all of my favourite things it was still glorious. Especially loved Veronica spreading her cheeks and Cheryl staring lustfully at the sight as she introduced her bitch-maker to Veronica's butt hole. I mean the previous chapter was really hot too, but this chapter was by far my favourite of this fic, and my favourite Riverdale sex scene so far.

    Really looking forward to more of this story, especially to find out what Cheryl is giving to Veronica in exchange for her ass. I hope it's Betty's anal cherry. Or having the privilege of watching Cheryl take it. Would also love to see Cheryl butt fuck Veronica again, or lose her own butt cherry to her one and only. Which is hopefully Josie.

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  • From Dusker on April 07, 2017

    I agree with BeronicaXX, a Betty/Polly chapter would be very interesting (and sexy, lol). In almost the same vein, I think there's a good potential for a scene between Veronica and her mom.


    After episode 9, I'm thinking even more that Archie Cheryl is a great pairing to be explored.

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  • From KMR on April 02, 2017

    Another great chapter. Love Betty getting kinkier. Can't wait for that to be explored more.

    Don't know if you anymore planned from ep4. However, I think ep 5 has some promise for potential scenes. There could be Trev and Betty, Veronica and Archie, Archie and Val, maybe even a dream scene with Cheryl and Jason.

    Then of course there is the obvious one which is the sleepover with Cheryl and Veronica. I mean considering what they were wearing I am not convinced that they didn't do it on the show. Also could be interesting with Veronica grabbing the sex toy in this chapter while Cheryl wanting to try to top Veronica.

    As I said great job can't wait for the next chapter.

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  • From beronicaxx on March 29, 2017

    ... I'm guessing it would be wrong for me to request Betty x (preferably non-pregnant) Polly... and yet I can't stop myself...

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  • From MTL on March 23, 2017

    Great to see more F/F in this fic, always appreciated. Especially liked the Cheryl/Betty strap-on scene. That was so fucking hot. Would have liked more dirty talk, and more anal, but it was still brilliant stuff.

    I can't wait for a follow-up to the second scene with Cheryl taking Veronica with her 'bitch stick', especially if she fucks that big beautiful ass of hers. After all, she has proof that Veronica is the kind of slut who loves back door so maybe Cheryl can talk Veronica into it, and really put her in her place. Would also love a Cheryl/Betty/Veronica threesome and a Cheryl/Josie scene.

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  • From KMR on March 19, 2017

    Great job with the new chapter. Love the idea of Cheryl seducing Veronica. Can't wait for more of that. Also liking that Betty and Cheryl is still going on. Definitely will need a threesome with them.

    Also interested in the idea from the previous chapter that Cheryl doesn't do anal anymore. Somehow that can't last long can it? Just wonder who gets the privilage.

    Betty investigating Grundy from ep 4 should be interesting with different ways you can take it. Can't wait.

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  • From Dusker on March 11, 2017

    Scorching hot chapter! Seeing Cheryl in action is always awesome, and a really great threeway scene. Looking formward to more chapters, wonder who is going to be the star next time.

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  • From MTL on March 08, 2017

    If you absolutely had to use Chuck I'm glad that it was like this, one really hot scene with Veronica, including anal, and then forced just to watch but not to touch himself as Betty and Veronica go at it. As Betty/Veronica is my OTP for Riverdale chapter 5 was easily my favourite, but it's not just the pairing as the scene itself was excellently done and probably the best sex scene currently out there for Betty/Veronica AND Riverdale. My only complaint is that Betty didn't take advantage of the last position to eat Veronica's big booty. Well, some strap-on action would have been great too, but there's time for that later, especially with Betty and Cheryl continuing to hook up. All girl threesome maybe?

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