Reviews for Bump in the Road

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  • From vidalhbea on December 05, 2017

    Nothing to say to this ,but just glad that Tom didn't get hurt too badly and the other driver is safe  . As for the gang not saying anything to Booker, how rude ! He was obviously worried about Tom and they didn't see that.  They could've said they didn't know anything at least  . Sheesh! It was also nice to see Doug and Tom interact  . You can see how much Penhall  cares for his friend  . Looking forward to more . Thumbs up.!

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  • From vidalhbea on November 26, 2017

    All I have to say is : Booker and Hanson belong together  !  Hope they can work it out . Poor Booker laying his heart out like that only to have Tom respond so clumsily . I just wanted to comfort Dennis then and there . I'm eagerly awaiting the next part . Big thumbs up !  :)

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