Reviews for Full Quiver

BY : Boundless78

  • From ChaoticScholar on January 25, 2018

    Very hot, so far.  Might I suggest William and both Smoaks?

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  • From Dusker on January 24, 2018

    Have two suggestions for you, regarding the latest crossover:



    Since both Iris and Caitlin agreed in an episode of The Flash that they find Oliver hot, there could be a situation that Oliver finds out about this when all the teams are in Central City for the wedding and then tries to seduce the two into a threesome the night before the wedding.



    In a variation of the crossover where Oliver and Felicity aren't together, he finds himself flirting with Kara in that scene when all the characters are celebrating at Jitters. Kara is receptive and they end up in a hotel. Somehow, they find themselves in the same room Sara took Alex. Hot foursome begins!

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  • From Spawn_Hades on January 24, 2018

    Hello friend. Great story, I'm loving the kinkiness and hotness of both chapters. Sad part is, this is my second time trying to review, and I forgot to do something so it erased the full review, and I had a ton of suggestions too! So I'm gonna try and remember them, plus I'll add a few more. Just PM me using normal FF to tell me wether youll use them. Oky, here we go.

    Oliver/E-1 Laurel/E-2 Laurel -

    Laurel survives. She and Oliver get back togetehr. They're in love, they're happy. Black Siren arrives on E-1. She finds out that the love of her life, Oliver, is alive on this earth and decides to stay on this new earth and be with him again. One night, Oliver is in the bunker when he's confronted by two Laurels. They decide they both love him and want to share him. He loves Laurel, so double the fun.

    Oliver/Tastu -

    After Tatsu revives Oliver from his near-death, she wants something in return for saving him. She wants to be with the only other man she sould ever think of being with that isn't her husband. Hey, she's lonely and Maseo hasn't exactly been puting out, what with him abandoning her and all that jazz.

    Oliver/Nyssa/Talia -

    Oliver became Ras after killing the old one. He and Nyssa fell in love, she's his wife. She's also preggers 5 months on and is struggling to keep up with Oliver in the bedroom. So when Oliver defeats Talia in single combat after she challenges him for the title of Ras Al Ghul. Nyssa decides what her sister's punsihment should be. She will become Oliver's concubine.

    Oliver/Dinah Drake -

    Grreen Arrow and Black Canary take down a drug smuggling ring, and Dinah nearly dies. At that moment Oliver realises he has a serious problem when it comes to falling in love with women who go by Canary. It also happens that Dinah is kinda in love with him. 

    Oliver/Iris West - 

    After the first Flarrow crossover, Oliver gets Iris' number and promises to call her for some coffee. Two weeks later, Iris is in Starling for an excusive one-on-one interview with the new CEO of Queen Consolidated.

    Oliver/Jessie Quick -

    When Jessie and her father return to Earth-1, she finds out that Wally has moved on pretty quick and is dating Linda Parks. Jessie decides to take a trip to Starling to clear her head. There, she teams up with a lone Green Arrow, who is also looking to clear his head. Perhaps they can clear eachother's heads.

    Oliver/Samantha -

    As Oliver visits William more and more, Samantha realises that the man has truly changed for the better. This brings back old feelings and it drives her crazy, add on the fact that Samantha hasn't had sex since she had William, she's not able to help herself when Oliver arrives an hour early. They have half an hour until William's back home from school. Can they mark every room in the house before then? That would sure be one hell of a way to find out who your father is.

    Oliver/Donna -

    After Felicity breaks off her and Oliver's engagement, Donna decides to go to Oliver and help him out. When she gets to his appartment, she finds him horny and lonely. Oliver decides that if one Smoak won't have him, then he'll just need to fuck the other until he can move on.

    Oliver/Earth-38 Kara/Earth-X Kara - 

    Oliver uses a mystical serum he and Constantine created years ago to save the dying Overgirl, even after killing her husband. He does this because he may or may not be in love with a certain Girl of Steel and can't bare to see her die, evil version of her or not. Kra decides to stay on Earth-1 for a while and finds herself forgetting all about Mon-El as she falls in love with with the Emerald Archer. E-X Kara wakes up and after Oliver explains to her what he did, she finally begins to relax and for once just live her life without worrying about the Reich. While saddenned that her beloved is dead, she can't help but feel drawn to his doppelganger, hero or not.

    Oliver/Kendra - 

    Oliver is chosen to be one of the Legends by Rip Hunter. This leads to Hawkgirl ditching Carter in favour of the brooding archer. Oliver finds himself fond of the beautiful barista-turned-warrior, and can't help but want to snap both Carter and Ray's necks for their constant fighting over her. And when Oliver is left with Kendra in the 50's instead of Ray, he can't help but feel glad that he can finally show her how a real man treats a woman.

    Oliver/Amanda -

    Oliver can't help but find the evil bitch (that has forced him to do unspeakable things) hot. After all, he himself has found himself wishing he could force some people to do what he wants some (alot) of the time. So one quick fuck can't hurt, right? 


    Tell me what you think of my suggestions.

    - Hades

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  • From Dusker on January 24, 2018

    Really enjoyed the new chapter, exactly what I had in mind! Thank you for accepting my suggestion and writing it so quickly.

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  • From Brock on January 24, 2018

    Hope you continue. Would love one rough Fucking felicity Thea and donna

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  • From Dragonballxavalon on January 24, 2018

    How about a chapter with Dinah Drake, Sara Lance and Earth 1 Laurel? Another idea is a chapter with Sara and the  Earth 1 and Earth  2 version's of Laurel

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  • From Dusker on January 23, 2018

    This was a very hot chapter between the three of them, nice work! A really good idea to have random situations for chapters, if I might make a suggestion, maybe there could be a threesome between Oliver, Felicity and Thea, set when Oliver is the mayor and Thea is working for him. Maybe he and Felicity start doing it in his office and Thea walks in.

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