Reviews for Thrill of the Chase

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  • From vidalhbea on March 06, 2018

    Tom is so lucky to have Dennis  ! It's  all I can say . I loved this from beginning  to end , and wow Dennis knows how to romance . I liked it because it makes you have the warm and fuzzy feelings without being too sweet . Its just right . Anyways i think my favorite part was of course the poem . I'm  pretty sure it rocked Tom's world . So nice , and makes me want to have someone love me Booker-style  . Most definitely  ! Lol . (Btw I reread the poem several times ) I'm  also  sure Tom  loves Dennis for the heartfelt gesture of buying back the mustang  . I'm sure it meant a lot to Tom .  Big thumbs up. 

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  • From vidalhbea on March 03, 2018

    Goodness this was so good ! I want a man like Booker  ! Those sweet gestures and the little notes certainly had my attention and wanting more  , at the rate he's going  , Dennis will for sure have Tom's  heart . Also that touch with Shakespeare is awesome  .  I really can't wait see  where this goes and what Dennis will do next . As i said , i want a man like him ! Loved it and two thumbs up  !

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