Reviews for Never Gonna Survive, Unless, We Get a Little Crazy

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  • From vidalhbea on August 05, 2018

    Have to admit i really love the title of the story . I think it's pretty cool . I'm glad to see they talked out their differences, and condoms and lube were in the bag ? I wonder if they're gonna be put to use ? Hmmm. As always good and thumbs up ! Dennis and Tom forever! 

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  • From vidalhbea on July 19, 2018

    Aww ,I sure hope those two can talk it out ! They need to let their pride go and stop being stubborn. Honestly Dennis and Tom know they love each oher , so they should just listen to their heart .  But enough of that .. I just wanna ask a quick question . What's in the bag ?? Something in it made Dennis go to Tom .. I wanna know what it is .! I'll see you next chapter .  Thumbs up and for some reason I feel like listening to the bloodhound s bad touch .  ; )

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