Reviews for Why Own An Earp?

BY : justheretoread

  • From MTL on August 26, 2018

    YES! Someone else doing a Wynonna Earp story on this site. AND it not only involves my favourite fetish, lesbian strap-on anal, but the best scene of it I've read in quite some time. Seriously the detail, and particularly the dialogue, for it were top shelf. Also the ending was both funny, and hot.

    I admire starting right from the beginning, with seemingly the intention to do a porno version of the show. A Waverly/Nicole scene was probably the best way to start that, but I hope Wynonna gets involved with them soon, as there is a lot of Waverly/Nicole fics elsewhere while Wynonna herself is left with scraps in comparison. Don't get me wrong, I'd welcome some MF action, but I'm especially hoping for Wynonna/Waverly, which is easily my OTP.

    So yeah, this is awesome, please do more.

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