Reviews for To Cut a Long Story Short

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  • From vidalhbea on October 10, 2018

    This had such a great ending ! I'm happy that Tom had the courage to finally come out to his friends. Penhal's reaction had me thinking he had come across as homophobic , which seemed out if character for him .I'm just glad he cared enough to apologize to Tom . I love their brotherly bond . Dennis is such a cave man though . Lol, but gotta love him . As i said great ending , i especially like how Dennis kissed Tom . Marking his territory . ; )thumbs up !

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  • From vidalhbea on October 05, 2018

    My two favorite boys are finally together ! This had the perfect touch of humor and seduction .  It was so sweet that they both had the same insecurities .Aww! And that love scene ! It was so hot it burnt the food ! I love it !!

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  • From vidalhbea on September 02, 2018

    Things seem to be going good for my favorite boys ! Not too much to say , but awesome scene with the garage , that would've been a hot encounter . Also Judy rocks for helping out the boys . Great chapter and thumbs up ! On to the next chapter please ! 

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