Reviews for Fire And Ice

BY : Saber0

  • From somepersonwhowrites on February 14, 2020

    This is such a good story, and I'm surprised it doesn't have more of a response. The Caitlin/Frost dynamic is a good one to play with, and I like the fun moments you had with it, from waking up in awkward places, to needing to head home in very little. And Caitlin's supervillain fetish never gets old. 

    Hot and good start with Rory, and Caitlin's reluctantly-into-it reaction, very nice continuation with Caitlin and the cuffs, really nice hit-back from Frost... Loved her and Rory, and liking the hints of her and Amunet, and maybe Iris. 

    The machine was a really good end to the chapter, and Iris watching was just the icing on the cake. There aren't enough stories out there like this, that take a genuinely interesting character angle, and then still let it get smutty without ever becoming samey or formulaic, this is brilliant. 

    I'm a little sad that it seems to be abandoned, but I know how fickle inspiration is, especially for fics like this. Still, I'd have loved to at least heard the ideas you had, even if they wouldn't get written up.

    Have you considered posting it elsewhere, like ao3? It's a shame something as good as this seems to have been read by so few people. 

    Fantastic, sexy and interesting fic. 

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