Reviews for The Lesbian Diaries


  • From ANON - Anon on July 04, 2020

    I love your story, honestly it's proabbaly one of the best tvd smuts I've read, ever. Now I know you tend to do f/f stories, but is there any posabilty you could write something with Kai? I just know you could do a great job with him

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  • From Deadman on March 04, 2020

    This is a really interesting turn of events. I'm a little surprised who came out on top. I wouldn't have thought that would go that way. I feel like it would've been interesting to see how that week went and how it lead to that final scene.

    But I'm looking forward to what happens in future chapters regardless.

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  • From kmr2009 on March 02, 2020

    Now this was an interesting twist. I had wondered how the Rebekah vs Bonnie was going to get resolved. Wasn't expecting that Bonnie has been topping Rebekah for that long. I guess I should have suspected something with the previous chapter you wrote about Rebekah blushing at the Katherine's suggestion of bottoming. So have to wonder if Katherine suspects. 

    Of course this opens up wonderful possibilites with Hope. Imagining now Bonnie and the twins topping both Hope and Rebekah at the same time. Hell maybe with Katherine on either side. 

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  • From Anja on March 02, 2020

    It is a interesting story. 

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  • From kmr2009 on February 06, 2020

    Love the addition of Hope. Especially love how you write for her as someone who wants to be like her family and be a natural top but can't stop submissive fantasies. As interesting it would be to see Hope top the sisters, I kinda want  see her bottoming to either Katherine or the sisters more. 

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  • From Deadman on January 17, 2020

    Another cool chapter, definitely curious to see if Bonnie ends up under the "thumb" of Rebekkah.

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  • From Deadman on November 24, 2019

    Quite enjoying this story so far. You've clearly put a lot of thought into making the story work.

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