Reviews for The Patriarchy Plan

BY : PornEater

  • From Extraction on April 16, 2020

    i wished for a Tomb Raider story still suprised to see this!

    as always very nicely written, not sure why the timeskip tho, details are as always amazing, sex happens way faster and quicker than in the other works. As obdurate mentioned it drives the story onward faster which is a good thing i guess, however the payoff suffers. Not as bad however, as two of the females are random "bitches" which just we received an introduction to and are no longer going to play a role in the ongoing story. So that is fine. And oi boi these two really get :D:D

    For their sake of their children i hope out they turn out be males, at least if they are born on that world.

    The poor captain also receives a good pounding (quite literally) but Alex proves to be superior alpha dog and busts her out and in the end they Cox temporary? succumbs to Alex in an hilarious ending scene.

    Overall very rounded chapters with a clear start and end, and NO CLIFFHANGERS. I like that.

    and if you guys want to kill some time due to covid/aids -19 lockdown, try out this:

    its good for 90 min, but its a bit bloody.

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  • From Obdurate on March 28, 2020

    Three new chapters! I was kinda excited to read them all. Any regular readers will soon notice that the writing style has changed. Instead of a very in-depth, and some might say slow but incremental story progression the overall pace is now much faster, but less colorful.  However we still get the „famous“ dress up scenes, one of my favourite reasons to follow this particular author.

    Where sex was sparse, but dragged out and very detailed in his previous works, it is now a bit more streamlined and definitely not as sparse anymore. Atleast in the new chapters.

    I am not sure if I prefer this style over the old one however. Both have benefits and negatives. As I think this was more of a side story I believe this pacing was well done.

    As a TNG watcher and fan this setting reminds me a bit of the episode „Code of Honor“ the one   Tasha Yar gets abducted and is forced to fight some other girl. Lmao, i havent watched TNG in a damn while so my memory about the details might be lacking lol. But yeah.

    IDK if these chapters are supposed to be ending overall ending of the Fox storyline, the ending can surely be seen as such. But as a wise man once said:” the journey is the destination”, and i hope to read more of this setting. A LOT MORE.

    The mixing of Mass Effect characters into the story was a nice move and i hope the characters will also get some screen time a bit later on, even if it is an accelerated tempo.

    In the end the new chapters are great read and i enjoyed the dynamic between Fox and Alex towards the end, which makes me just the more curious of how Fox will torture and tease Alex in the works to come. (HOPEFULLY). I don’t want to spoil anything for ppl who read the reviews first and then decide to dive into the story (these ppl really exist)

    My only point of dismay is, that somehow no girl in these chapters get to come their brains out (atleast its not written down) where as in his other works, the Lara works in particular her orgasms are very well depicted and fucking awesome to read!!!

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  • From Haydeecall on March 12, 2020

    amazin work

    cannot add anymore than the other reviewers

    just some food for thought - women fight hard for equality (with is awesome) but also this happens:

    one day after the women fight day a lingerie company releases this advertisment with 4 high class female athletes

    SO is this female empowerment or straight up sexism? even the femnazis cannot decide on the matter lol

    since the olympics might get canceled i suppose they have to earn money some other way

    anyway great story love the super excessively female ruled star fleet turned society upside down and making men fight for equality for a change

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  • From Violet on January 07, 2020

    i totally missed this story, only bookmarked the "games" tab <:

    stuff i liked (no particular order):

    - femdom, sci-fi, combat!!, bad ass girls, no "easy" mode mind control, sexy robots!

    stuff i disliked:

    - mind control (ikr), t'pussi (dunno i find her annoying already)

    8/10 story so far, i liked chapter 1 more than chapter 2, because it had way more world building which i found to be interesting, chapter 2 was way more sexier and therefore great in its own right

    please enlighten us with a chapter 3 soonish, tyy

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  • From Extraction on November 14, 2019

    yeah who doesnt want some mass effect/lara crossover like in this comic

    sadly no hardcore content, but nice quality:D

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  • From Obdurate on November 11, 2019

    ...and I thought the author was gone. Anyway i am glad he is not. Although I'm not a big Star Trek fan, I can make friends with this story. I am a huge Mass Effect fan and when I saw mass effect appear in the disclaimer, it was clear to me that I had to read this story immediately.This way i can also keep the Lara stories for a later day. (i am sure they are amazin as well).

    For this review i can largely agree with the previous speakers. The author managed to construct a harmonious atmosphere and a scenario that is not absurd to spin sci fi around, altogether with somtimes relatable characters. My only concern is the amount of characters, in line with my disappointment that there is no character that reflects female Shepard, but since the author has an eye for redheads, there might be future characters coming. Yet, Captain Fox might share some resemblance with her.

    The sparring match was my highlight to read, the amount of details was remarkable and the overall flow was well done. Way WAY above over the regular fanfiction "fight scenes" quality. Sadly writing at this quality takes time and patience (for the readers)

    But i am prepared to dive into chapter 3!

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  • From Extraction on October 27, 2019

    out of recently released story chapters from this author.. yeah three! in total, this has to be my favourite so far

    i have found this story to be refreshing and fun to read, i suppose its because of the fresh cast of characters and the sci- fi setting. You can clearly feel that the author has put some thought and dedication into delivering a realistically enough sci-fi environment based on the already existing Star Trek franchise. All the small technical details, as well as even ship battle scenes make a solid foundation for an almost believable sci-fi setting, if it weren't for the fact and the story is still erotic fan fiction and therefore very exaggerated in certain parts. However these bits sometimes fit in perfectly in the setting while at other times they are simply too much and stand out as "no way this could happen". This isn't bad, in fact i like these story parts the most, as they loosen up the plot and simply feel fun to read. Otherwise it wouldnt be FICTION after all.

    The premise of the story is prolly my highlight. An almost amazonian matriarchy has established itself over the past centuries and now men are are being suppressed. A scenario definitely worth exploring. So far the female cast is filled with hypocrite women, which abuse their power for their own ends.

    While some characters names are indeed a bit funny, i suppose this is done on purpose, maybe to highlight that in the regular world a name such as T'pusi would cause laughter and disrespect everywhere a person like this would go. Definitely ending in a name change and bad blood with the parents. But in a matriarchy a name like that might be associated with pride, as females are supposed to be in the lead.

    or maybe i am just overthinking things lol

    whatever the case! This is a notch top story and i can only recommend everyone to read it, i hope for a new chapter soonish

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  • From Sammycolt on October 14, 2019

    Chapter 2 was really enjoyable as well. It just seems fresh to me...

    The fight was probably my favorite part of the chapter, teasing and pushing his Captain towards her own doom was amazing and a nice pay-off. The anal sex was a bit of a push regarding believability, but I certainly won't complain and enjoyed it nonetheless. You write sexy fight scenes in an incredible way, made me think of "Axis of Tantalus", your first story I ever read. I hope we get to know how Captain Fox' 3 on 1 sparring session continues, while sex is not really an option I am hoping for a payoff there. Also, looking forward to his next encounter with Fox after what has just happened. I am curious how she will act...

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  • From handcuffgirl on October 13, 2019

    Nice work!

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  • From Sammycolt on October 12, 2019

    Of the three different pieces that you put out, I actually liked this the most. It seems like it is flying a bit under the radar for your usual readership, but they are missing out. I am not a Star Trek fan, but the story was easy to follow, which is certainly helped by the set of original characters. Looking forward to seeing where you take this next, I am personally hoping for T'Pusi first.

    Given that you had a Black Widow cameo in one of your stories and named one of your characters Natasha Johansson, is there a chance for a Black Widow story in the future? I'd certainly look forward to that, even if it is a shorter one. 

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