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dazee 2005-12-21 id # 2035549516

"You won't be allowed to wear clothes when you're at the manor, unless I want you to wear a special kinda outfit. So the moment you get home from work, you'll remove everything you're wearing, except for your stockings and shoes, and put on the collar that proclaims you to be my bitch."

My favorite part (AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT)
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dazee 2006-01-22 id # 2035612001
What Phoebe described in Ch. 2 (ie. the three f***ings per day Prue/Phoebe/Piper) could be a new story. You like-a? Because it looks like you're not gonna finish this one anyway. :/
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GG 2006-02-09 id # 2035642030
omg so hot! love the story please REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!
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GG 2006-02-09 id # 2035642031
lol oops i mean UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!
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Oric13 2006-02-10 id # 2035642303
I'm almost ready to update this - chapter 3b should be finished sometime in the next few days. Although since story/chapter upload has been disabled I don't know if it's possible to update in the next few days.
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john (Email Hidden) 2006-07-01 id # 3000011649
... Possibly the HOTTEST chapter of the entire story. Can't wait until Phoeboe reveals herself to Piper. Can't wait for more.

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Guy 88 2006-07-16 id # 3000011859
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Cake 2006-07-18 id # 3000011882
Much love for the FemDom! Im wondering where their Whitelighter is during all of this. Is Leo enjoying the show from the sidelines or will he be joining in at some point? I eagerly await more.
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Sam 2006-08-11 id # 3000012236
Seriously, where's the update? It has been WAY too long!
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Oric13 2006-08-12 id # 3000012247
Considering only two people bothered to review this story since the last time I updated, I've decided to focus my writing efforts on some of my other stories instead. If people are too lazy to write a review of about 25 words, I don't see why I should work my ass off to write a new 10.000 words chapter. It's not like I'm getting paid for this.
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