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Chapter one: Into the Past


Jeremy groaned. His eyes were closed so he couldn’t make out much about where he was. The only thing he knew for sure was he was outside, and that he could feel damp cool grass under him. Taking in a deep breath hoping to settle the nauseous feeling in his stomach, the air was fresh and smelled like a rain storm.

Giving up on trying feel better, Jeremy rolled over and opened his eyes, which turned out to be a bad idea, the sudden bright light from the sun, cause his head to start pounding.

He looked in front of him and was even more confused than he had been the second before.

The last thing he remembered, he was on his back on top of his kitchen table and Kol standing over him, threatening to cut off both his arms.

“What the fuck.” He grunted as he pushed himself into a sitting position, causing his head to pound even more.

“That’s what I would like to know, mate.” Someone said from behind him

Jeremy pulsed quickened, he knew that voice, he looked over his should to see Kol behind him, leaning against a single tall tree. He must have been watching Jeremy the whole time. Jeremy jumped to his feet and put his hands up to defend himself. Unfortunately the sudden motion caused his stomach to flop and the next thing Jeremy knows he is on his knees throwing up everything in his stomach.

He could here Kol laughing still somewhere behind him. Finally after heaving nothing more up, he pushed himself back to his feet. Wiping his mouth off, he faced Kol. Kol wasn’t laughing anymore, although he still had an amused grin on his face. Jeremy didn’t know why the Original didn’t attack, it’s not like he could have fought back while puking his guts out.

Taking a stance that would make it easier to defend himself, Jeremy locked eyes with Kol. The vampire rolled his eyes and started laughing again.

“Jer mate, look around you. We aren’t in your kitchen anymore. Truth is I don’t know where we are. Fighting isn’t really on my mind right now.” Jeremy was a little surprised; he could have sworn there was fear in Kol’s voice.

Jeremy did not like the idea of taking his eyes off Kol, but he wanted to see where they were. So taking a breath, he started looking around and found that confused didn’t even cover how he felt.

Jeremy heard himself gasp, they seemed to be standing at the edge of large forest. Too his back was a empty field, nothing but green grass for as far as he could see, the only exception was the single large tree Kol had been leaning against. But in front of him was a forest. It seemed to go one just a far as the field. Jeremy couldn’t make out much besides the thousands of large trees. In the distance where a very mountains that he knew he had never seen before. He had to admit the view was breath taking and amazing. But he knew for a fact there wasn’t any place like this anywhere near Mystic Falls. 

It wasn’t just the field, forest or the mountains that told him, something was seriously out of place, it was the quite. He couldn’t make out any kind of sounds, no buzzing of electric wires from nearby towers, no cars, no planes, nothing that said there where people or a city close by.

He pushed down the panic he was starting to feel and looked back at Kol.

“Do you hear anything?” He asked, not surprised that his voice cracked.

“No.” It came out almost as a growl. Kol looked angry, and Jeremy couldn’t help but think it had more to do with fear then true anger. Kol wasn’t used to fearing much and this; whatever it was, was scaring him.  That thought made Jeremy shiver, if Kol was scared then he should be terrified.

“There is nothing!” Kol yelled. “ Nothing! I can’t hear anything, no people, no traffic, nothing.” Kol looked straight at Jeremy. Jeremy heard Kol, take what he hoped was a calming breath.

“So since I know I did not do anything and we both know you could not have done any “As he talked he took a few steps putting himself in Jeremy’s face, “What the hell did Bonnie do?”

Jeremy took a step back, away from Kol.

“Bonnie wasn’t even there!” He shouted.

“Besides I can see her doing something to you but not…..”

Suddenly Jeremy felt himself being moved, his back slammed hard into a tree and Kol hand was over his mouth. Shocked Jeremy stared at Kol.

Kol had one hand over his mouth and another on his chest pinning him to the tree. Jeremy quickly got over his shock and tried to push Kol off of him. He even tried kicking and punching at him. He heard Kol make a frustrated sound and put more weight into holding him in place.

“Shut up, I think I can hear people,” was all Kol said. Jeremy stopped struggling.

Kol’s grip loosened and he gave Jeremy a look, asking if he was done, when Jeremy nodded the vampire dropped his hand from Jeremy’s mouth.  Then he leaned in and whispered in Jeremy’s ear, “stay here and stay quiet,” with that Kol was gone.  Kol’s breath on his ear had caused him to shiver, something Jeremy was just going to ignore.

Freaking vampire speed Jeremy thought. He debated just walking off and hoping to find a road, but for some reason he had this feeling that he needed to stay with Kol. Despite the fact that they had been trying to kill each other not twenty minutes ago. He leaned against the tree, listening for any sounds. After a couple minutes Kol was suddenly beside him again, causing Jeremy to jump, and no, he did not squeal.

Kol looked uneasy.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy asked.

Instead of saying anything he felt Kol take a hold of his arm and then suddenly they were somewhere else. Once again Kol’s hand was over Jeremy’s mouth, to stop him from making any noise. But his other hand was pointing to a small group of people.

Jeremy let out a surprise breath. The small group people in front of him where dressed in dirty ragged clothes that looked like something out of history books. The people looked dirty, thin and a couple even looked sick. They didn’t seem to have much with them other than a covered cart being pulled by a single horse, and a few small bags that some of them were carrying. Jeremy’s mind tried coming up with a logical reason for what he was seeing but nothing seemed to make sense. He looked up at Kol and saw that he too seemed utterly confused. 

Jeremy tried to say something but Kol’s hand was still over his mouth. Kol sighed and grabbed a hold of Jeremy and speed them to a different spot. This spot was still close enough to see the people but was far enough away that the people would hear or see them.

When they stopped, Kol let go and move away from Jeremy.

“We…aren’t… can’t…. how?” Jeremy stuttered out.


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