Chuck and Sarah V. The Lifestyle Change

BY : Ride_clyde
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A/N This is AU but along the same lines as canon. The characters are based on the canon ones, but in a far more "morally loose" manor. This story includes a bit of cuckolding and creampie. If you don't like, don't read. Let me know if there is interest in keeping the story going. I'm already working on the next few chapters.

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Chuck and Sarah V. The Lifestyle Change

Chapter One: Who knew?

Unknown location: 2 October 2010

2107 PDT


Chuck began to come out of the darkness as he heard a distant voice calling his name.  He shook his head and tried to concentrate on the voice.  It seemed far away but it also seemed so familiar…Sarah!

As he struggled to regain consciousness, the recent mission events flooded back into his memory.  He and Sarah had been tasked with recovering a list of Fulcrum agents from one Franco Martin, an international black marketeer in everything from weapons to sex slaves.  Martin himself was a strikingly handsome man of almost forty, with piercing blue eyes.


Castle: 29 September 2010

0830 PDT


Chuck, Sarah and Casey were at their usual briefing stations, Casey standing to the left, Chuck in the center and Sarah standing on the right.  They were currently examining some surveillance photos involving their next mission.

He didn’t say anything, but Chuck noticed Sarah’s gaze lingering on the picture of Martin lounging beside a pool with several bikinied beauties.  He jealously watched as she unconsciously licked her lips, her eyes travelling up and down the briefing photo of Martin standing next to the pool, a drink in his hand, having obviously just recently exited the water.  His dark hair was slicked back to his head and water was glistening as it dripped down the front of his tanned, rock hard abs.  The water also made the fabric of Martin’s swimsuit cling around his mid section, and while Chuck couldn’t see anything too explicit in the photo, it was plainly evident that there was quite a bit hiding under the swimsuit.

There was a flush to Sarah’s face as she angled away from him and the briefing  photo so that her attention was now back to General Beckman’s face  on the monitor to the right side of the briefing area.

“What is the mission plan General?” Sarah asked.  Chuck was sure that no one else in the briefing would notice, but he detected a slight, almost husky, hitch to Sarah’s voice as she verbalized the question.

“Martin is having a meet and greet at his estate in Santa Monica this Saturday night.  Chuck and Sarah, you two will attend the party as Charles Carmichael, software developer and his free spirited girlfriend.  Martin should be eager to meet Chuck as he is interested in an encrypted tracking program that Chuck has written that would enable Martin to more securely monitor all of his various enterprises.“ The General stated in her normal stoic tone.

Chuck instantly wondered what “free spirited” meant and was inhaling to ask just that when General Beckman continued the briefing, interrupting the thought.

“The primary plan is for Sarah to keep Martin distracted, allowing Chuck to hack into Martin’s system via the computer in Martin’s office on the top floor of the estate.  If the primary plan fails, the backup plan will be for Chuck to provide Martin with the software, which also contains a virus that will lead us to where Martin is securing all his various assets,” The General continued as suddenly a photo of the exterior of Martin’s estate as well as the floor plan replaced her image on the monitor.

‘Great,’ Chuck thought,’ a seduction mission.’  At least that explained what the General meant by “free spirited”.  Chuck HATED when Sarah had to throw herself at marks and flirt shamelessly in order to obtain the mission goals. He felt that it was degrading to women, especially his Sarah, and that it shouldn’t be necessary.  He could not, however, deny the frequent successes the team had because of her “talents.”

Chuck wasn’t jealous…much.  He knew that after years of skirting the issue, he and Sarah were together and they were in love.  He also knew that her flirtations would not lead to anything as Chuck and Sarah had been making love for about a year now.  He liked to tenderly explore her marvelous body, stopping at each sensitive area to lightly kiss and tease.  All before slowly making each other climax in the epitome of a demonstration of their love.

He knew that their sex life was good and that he shouldn’t be worried, but he still hated the idea.  There had to be another alternative.

“General, I don’t think it’s necessary for Agent Walker to have to provide a distraction.  I should be able to crack the system remotely once I am inside the estate in just a matter of moments.” Chuck offered once the General had ceased her commentary long enough for him to interject.

“That’s okay General,” Sarah blurted out quickly while shooting a cold stare at Chuck.  “I don’t have a problem making sure that Chuck is protected by providing a suitable distraction.”  Again, Chuck noticed a slight catch to her voice as he watched her clasp her hands tightly in front of her.

Apparently, Casey noticed it too.

“Heh” he grunted, under his breath. “I wonder if you’d be so keen to “protect”,” Casey said softly as he raised his hands and gestured for the double quotation, “Chuck if the mark was a short, fat 60 year old Hispanic guy.”  He then leaned forward a bit so that he could smirk at Sarah.

Sarah ignored Casey’s comment but her flush intensified as she clasped her hands even tighter.  Her highly erect nipples were now visible through the fabric on her blouse.

The air conditioning had just cut on, maybe she was cold.

‘Yeah, that’s it.  She’s cold.’  Certainly she wasn’t attracted toward Franco Martin.

‘No! No way!  She was just cold! Right??!!’


Unknown location: 2 October 2010

2108 PDT


Chuck was cold, it was freezing.  He wasn’t quite shivering, but he was close. He shook his head to try and regain some focus.  The faraway voice, Sarah’s voice, seemed nearer.

“Chuck!” Sarah called, her voice still sounding like she was in a tunnel.

“God dammit Chuck, wake up! I need your help!” Chuck heard Sarah plead.

The fact that Sarah was pleading for his help jarred Chuck awake.

“Sarah!” Chuck exclaimed as he tried to move toward the direction her voice came from. He found , however, that he was unable to move.  He was in a seated position, some kind of chair, and his arms were pinned to his sides, slightly behind his body.

Why was he so fucking cold??!!

Chuck opened his eyes and focused his attention on his surroundings.  He appeared to be in some sort of storage room, as there were several file boxes lined against the wall to his right. There were no windows.  The only light source was a stark florescent light that hung over his head, its hum the only interruption to the sound of Chuck’s own breathing in his ears.

 Situational awareness.  That’s what Sarah had called it during the training that she and Casey had been giving him to supplement the skills he’d gained with the download of the Intersect 2.0.  Time of day, location, extent of any injuries, even the surrounding temperature were all processed and recorded.

He realized that he was seated in what looked like an old sturdy metal office chair.  His ankles appeared to be unsecured but each arm was attached to the corresponding rear leg of the chair.

He wiggled his body to determine if he could tip the chair over. No luck, it was bolted to the floor.

Chuck also determined that he was currently sitting in said chair…naked.

Well, that explains the cold.


Chuck began to panic as he continued to try and shrug off the effects of what he now remembered to be a tranquilizer dart.  He began to violently struggle against his restraints as he again heard Sarah’s voice.

“Chuck!” Sarah yelled, “You’re okay! Look at me.”

He concentrated on where Sarah’s voice came from and gasped in horror when he was able to focus on her.

She was about fifteen feet in front of him, angled approximately twenty degrees away from him, restrained on what appeared to be some type of saw horse.  It was similar to the type he had seen the construction workers using when the Buy More had been rebuilt last year.

Except he had never seen the construction workers use it like this.

Sarah was bent at the waist, her front torso resting against the foot and a half wife top of the saw horse.  The height of the saw horse allowed for her legs, which were still encased by the white stockings that she had insisted on wearing, to barely reach the floor.  Her dress was gone and Chuck didn’t think that her feet would have touched the floor if she hadn’t still been wearing her five inch black stiletto high heels.  Each of her legs was tied at the ankle and just above the knee to the corresponding leg of the saw horse.  It offered a magnificent view of Sarah’s upturned pussy and ass.

“Enjoying the view Chuck?” Sarah quipped, snapping Chuck’s attention toward her face.  Due to the angle that the saw horse faced away from him, Sarah had to turn her chin slightly toward her left shoulder to look at Chuck.

As Chuck looked at Sarah, he noticed that her left wrist was tied to the front leg of the saw horse, her arm as far down toward the floor as it would reach.  He assumed that her right wrist was similarly secured, but he couldn’t tell from his vantage point.  He also noticed that the weight of Sarah’s torso was smashing her left breast so that it was splayed flat against the top of the saw horse.

That couldn’t be comfortable.

“Chuck! Look at me!” Sarah said; with the pleading tone back in her voice.

“What happened Sarah? Where are we? And why the fuck are we naked?” Chuck whined, the panic evident in his voice.

“Calm down Chuck.” Sarah said.  “We’re okay.  Well, for right now anyway.  As far as I can tell, we are still at Franco’s estate, probably somewhere in the basement.”

She knew from speaking with Franco, what type of person that he was.  He was intelligent, articulate and very sexy.  Sarah also knew that there was a rather dubious reason that they were naked, and she found that it did not scare her as much as it probably should. ‘In fact…’ she thought before shaking her head, ‘Stop it NOT go there!’ 

She loved Chuck, she really did.  He was passionate and sweet.  There love making sessions were frequent, lengthy and satisfying.  Still, there were times…

Chuck bristled at Sarah’s use of the familiar “Franco” in her description of their location.  His mind instantly went back to the look on Sarah’s face earlier as she shamelessly flirted with Franco Martin near the pool’s bar at his estate.

The same pool where the surveillance photos had been taken that Sarah had leered at. 

Her face had a look of pure joy as she laughed at something that Martin had said and casually placed her left hand on the forearm that he was holding his cocktail with.  Chuck noticed that she had continually leaned forward, appearing to be concentrating on what Martin was saying, but actually just providing him with an unhampered view of her succulent breasts in her barely there black dress.

 Sarah’s nipples were highly erect and visible behind the thin fabric of her dress.  There was no denying it this time, she WAS attracted to Franco Martin and her body was betraying said attraction.  There was no way this could be explained by being cold.

Cold! Chucks mind quickly returned back to the present as his eyes darted away from Sarah down into his own lap.  His poor cock had shrunk back in between his thighs in a futile effort to keep itself warm.  Chuck wondered if his cock, and my extension himself, would ever be warm again.

“Chuck!” Sarah once again spoke his name. “Are you even listening to me?” she hissed.

“Yeah, sorry.  Lost my train of thought there for a second.” Chuck said sheepishly.  He continued, “So, why DO you think that we are naked?”

“I don’t know, but it probably has something to do with Franco trying to get the information that we stole from him back.”  Her mind raced with all the possibilities of how that could occur.

“What’s up with Franco?  You two buds now?” Chuck asked with more venom in his voice than he intended as he stretched out his pronunciation of the name, his head bobbing from right to left.

“Really Chuck?  Jealousy?  THAT’S what you’re gonna go with here?”  Sarah spat back at him.

“You were practically throwing yourself at him during the party! Could you have been any more blatant about rubbing your tits all over him?” Chuck countered.

“I was doing my job, Chuck.  That is what I was here for, to distract him and to protect you!”  She said before obviously collecting herself and visibly sighing.  “I’m sorry if I made you jealous Chuck, I know you hate it when the mission calls for such actions, but they are necessary sometimes.”

Chucks rational mind knew that, knew that it was all just part of her job.  A job that she was very, very good at.  He still hated it.

“I know.” He said looking back up at Sarah’s face, causing her to break into a little smile.

“And it worked too, right?  You were able to download the information before all hell broke loose, weren’t you?” Sarah inquired, knowing that she needed to take Chuck’s mind off of her earlier actions at the party.

But, by default, this caused her to remember those actions. It was easy to flirt with Franco, he was incredible sexy and VERY attentive.  Remembering this caused her heart to flutter slightly.

“Yeah, true.  I don’t know what tripped the alarms, though.  I was very careful.” Chuck stated as he remembered being at the party after getting the information and thinking that they could finally leave the hell hole the party had become.

He had just met back up with Sarah when the alarms had all been activated and they bagan running towards the front of the estate.  They had decided to hide the flash drive when it had become apparent that they were not going to be able to escape.

Chuck was able to hide the flash drive in an air conditioning vent in one of the bedrooms before they took off running again.  After frantically darting down several hallways, they rounded a corner into a waiting group of Martin’s guards.

The last thing that chuck remembered before things went black was looking at the dart protruding from his chest.

Sarah’s stern tone demanded Chuck’s attention.  “No matter what happens Chuck, DO NOT tell Martin where you hid the flash drive!  Do you hear me Chuck? Do NOT tell him!” Sarah barked.  She knew that things were probably going to get worse, but she had to offer Chuck something.

“Casey knows we are here so it is just a matter of time before he finds us!”

Casey! Chuck thought.  Casey DID know they were there! Casey WOULD find them!

Suddenly Chuck was hopeful.  That is until he looked down and was reminded that he was naked.

He really, REALLY didn’t want Casey to see him naked.

It was cold. Really, really cold and his brain struggled to remember what the characters in that comedy on TV had once called it.

‘That’s right,’ he thought,’ shrinkage!’


Unknown location: 2 October 2010

2112 PDT


Chuck’s thoughts were interrupted when a previously unnoticed door opened up and Franco Martin entered the room.  He was still wearing the light colored cotton slacks and chest hugging blue shirt that he had been wearing at the party.  ‘Bastard’, Chuck thought, ‘He looks great! No wonder Sarah has the hots for him.’

 He was followed by three large men that were probably Martin’s bodyguards.  All three men were huge, almost as large as Casey.  Each with bulging muscles that indicated they spent a large amount of time working out.

He flashed on two of the guards, Steve Cabot and Joseph “Jo Jo” Malone, as ex-military Special Forces types with likely ties to Fulcrum.

Fulcrum! Uh-oh.  Things had just taken a turn for the worse.

The only thing of interest in the flash of the third guard, the largest of the three, was a charge for involuntary manslaughter. He showed a lengthy relationship to Martin, possibly all the way back to childhood. Lopez was Martin’s friend, confidant and personal bodyguard. And, apparently, he had beaten a guy to death in a bar.

No conviction; gotta love the Criminal Justice System!

The only indication that the guards were armed was some type of knife that was sheathed on Cabot’s belt. But, then again, in his and Sarah’s current state, the guards didn’t need any weapons. The men spread out to different parts of the room, taking positions in a semi circle around the two spies. Chuck couldn’t help but notice the bodyguards all leering hungrily at Sarah’s ass.

“You are awake I see.  That’s good, it saves time.”  Martin said as he casually strolled over and stood in front of Chuck.

“Mister Carmichael, I believe that you have something of mine and I would like it back.” Martin stated a light, almost comical, tone in his voice.

“Mr. Martin-” Chuck started before he was interrupted, “Please. Do call me Franco.  We are all friends here, after all.” Franco said waving his hand in a gesture to indicate the other occupants in the room.

“Mr. Mart-err Franco-” Chuck stuttered, “I don’t know what you are talking about! I don’t understand why you are treating us this way.  We haven’t done anything!”

“Chuck-may I call you Chuck?” Franco inquired and Chuck nodded.  “Chuck, we both know that is simply not true.  I know that information was downloaded from my secure server to a location inside my estate.  A check of the security cameras for that location showed that you were the only occupant of that room at the time.” He leaned forward slightly, “When my men went to investigate , they found you,” Franco stopped and turned so that he was now facing Sarah, “And your lovely girlfriend.”

Chuck couldn’t help but gulp as he watched Franco (Shit! Now I’m calling him Franco) cast an appreciative glance across Sarah’s ass. His eyes continued up the small of her back until Franco’s gaze stopped at the back of the Blond spies head.

“So you see, Chuck,” Franco continued, “there is no reason to deny your actions, and there is no reason for this encounter –“He paused and Chuck’s eyes went wide as he watched Franco reach out to squeeze the left cheek of Sarah’s ass with his right hand.  Her body flinched involuntarily in response to Franco’s action, but Sarah did not make a sound. “-To be any more unpleasant than necessary.”

Chucks eyes were locked to the location of Franco’s hand as it continued to gently squeeze the succulent flesh of Sarah’s ass.  He looked on in horror as Sarah shifted the weight on her legs so that she was actually rising to meet the large hand that was groping her.

‘Oh my GOD!’ Chuck thought. ‘Sarah actually liked this!’

Sarah was liking it.  She could not help herself, the sensation that Franco’s hand was causing was driving her crazy.  Perhaps it was just the adrenaline coursing through her, but she found herself hoping that Franco wasn’t going to stop.

‘She’s actually responding to his touch!’ Chuck thought in exasperation. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD! She likes this and I’m going to be forced to watch!’

It was then that the unthinkable happened.  Chuck felt the first twitch of his own cock as he watched Sarah responding to Franco’s actions.  NO! This was NOT happening!  This DID NOT excite him!

Chuck’s cock seemed to disagree as it suddenly appeared from its hiding place between his thighs, no longer concerned with the cold.

“I would hate for your lovely girlfriend to suffer because of your actions Chuck. That would be such a shame.”

Chuck could not take his eyes off of the spectacle as his cock continued to grow.

“Last chance, where is my data?” Franco said as he stopped squeezing Sarah’s ass cheek.  Instead, he took his middle finger and rubbed it up and down the slit of Sarah’s hairless pussy several times before allowing his finger to rest on the outside of her asshole.

Chuck opened his mouth to protest, deny, recite poetry, order pizza, Something!, but no words came out.  His mouth just opened and shut in rapid succession.

“Although, I really don’t think that she is suffering too much.”  Franco continued.

“Please.” Sarah whimpered as she turned her chin as far as she could in an effort to look up at Franco.

Chuck did not know whether Sarah was pleading for Franco to stop or for him to continue.  Franco didn’t either.

“Please, what?” Franco said as his finger started slowly circling Sarah’s puckered asshole.

“Please, I need…” Sarah spoke breathlessly.

“What? Tell me what you need?” Franco hissed as he moved his hand down and spread Sarah’s pussy lips with his index and middle fingers.

“I need…” her words coming out in short bursts as she was now almost panting.

Franco’s fingers were now rubbing up and down the length of Sarah’s rapidly moistening slit.

“THAT!” Sarah screamed as he rammed first one finger and then two into her now sopping pussy.

Chuck could not believe his eyes as he watched Sarah stand as far as she could on the tips of her shoes, desperate to meet Franco’s fingers as they rapidly went in and out of her pussy. His ears were ringing and there was tightness in his chest that made it feel like someone was sitting on him.  His thoughts were racing and he was struggling to breathe.  His mind was screaming for him to look away, but he was unable to rip his gaze away from Sarah’s pussy.  Chuck’s cock had now risen to its full length and it stood there as a testament to how he felt about what he was witnessing.  Sarah, his Sarah, was now begging to be finger fucked by the very man that they were after.

“Yes! Like that! Just like that” Sarah begged. “Fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

Realizing that she was past pretending that she was an unwilling participant, Sarah looked over to Chuck, expecting to see the heartbreak in his eyes.  Instead, she was greeted by a look that could only be described as shock, with maybe a little lust mixed in as well.  Her eyes widened slightly as she noticed his raging hard on.

Sarah was surprised at the sheer luck of her current situation.  The CIA would be proud of them for not revealing any information, Chuck seemed to want to watch her get fucked and she definitely wanted to get fucked, ‘Win, win, BIG win’

Franco stopped fingering her and slapped her ass, hard.  Sarah bit her lip to keep from whimpering as she continued to lock eyes with Chuck.  Sarah and Chuck both knew what the look in her eyes meant.  It was pure animalistic desire.

From his point of view, Chuck could see Sarah squirm against the saw horse, her pussy now so wet with anticipation that juices were starting to slide down the inside of her thigh.

“Please! Please fuck me!” Sarah pleaded.  “I need it bad!”

“Oh, you’re gonna get fucked like the whore that you are.  But not like you think.” Franco said as he pulled his fingers from Sarah’s wet pussy and spread the juice over her asshole.  He slowly inserted a finger until it was in up to the second knuckle before pulling it almost all the way out. He was slow, gentle and methodical. He had done this before, prepped a woman to be anally fucked.

‘Oh yes’ she thought, her mind racing.  ‘He’s done this before.  But, then again, so have I.’ She knew that she needed to calm herself, to relax herself and her asshole in order for the experience to be less initially painful.

Her first few experiences with anal sex had been painful, her partners not knowing-or not caring-how to make it more pleasurable for her. It was Carina and Zondra that taught her that it could be a wonderful, fulfilling experience.  Carina had taught her relaxation and training techniques on how to heighten the pleasure. She had even, on occasion, made Sarah cum by fucking her ass.  Franco was no Carina (Who was?), but he seemed to know what he was doing.

Franco combined a second finger with the first, and Chuck watched as both fingers made their way into Sarah’s asshole.  It startled him that rhythm of Franco’s fingers was as slow and seemingly gentle as it was. Chuck thought the action would be more forced, more violent. It sure would be if someone was sticking something in HIS ass.  Right?

“No, please NO!” Sarah begged, not wanting to capitulate too quickly.  Franco’s fingers were now buried deep in Sarah’s ass, fucking her with an increased rhythm that made Chuck’s own cock want to explode.  With the palm of his left hand, Franco began to rub the front of his slacks.

Sarah moaned, “Please stop.  Please not in my ass.” But she was once again rising and falling to meet the fingers probing her.  She couldn’t help herself.  She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted this.  She needed this!

“Your words say stop, but your actions say otherwise.  Don’t they whore?” Franco declared as he started to open the buttons on the front of his slacks.

When Franco opened the third button, his pants suddenly parted and his cock sprang out. Chuck could see the length of the cock as Franco slowly began to stroke it with his left hand.  It looked to be nine inches, about the same length as his own, but Chuck’s was probably a bit thicker.  Chuck smirked at the small victory, until he remembered what was getting ready to happen.

“Tell me what you want whore.  Tell me what you need.” Franco commanded, his fingers still fucking her dark hole.

“Fuck me! Oh God, please fuck me!” Sarah screamed with such intensity that it startled Chuck, causing him to visible jump in his chair.

“Where whore, where?” was the next question posed.

“My ass, my ass! Please, fuck my asshole” Sarah begged, almost in tears.

Franco removed his fingers from Sarah’s ass, took more juice from Sarah’s pussy and started lubing his cock, stroking the entire length several times. As he moved behind Sarah, Franco’s pants fell to below his knees.  He crab walked until he was positioned directly behind her raised asshole.  He grabbed his cock and pushed the head of it inside Sarah’s waiting hole.

“Tell me again, whore.  Tell me what you want.” Franco said as he continued pushing his cock into Sarah.  It had been a while since she had been anally fucked, and the sharp pain that she felt initially was soon replaced by the feeling of pleasure that her mind was just beginning to remember. She briefly thanked her training for teaching her all types of “mission prep”, meaning that her canal had been cleaned as part of her dressing ritual.

When the full length of his cock was inside her, Sarah began to beg.

“Fuck me, Fuck my ass.  Fuck me with that big cock!” she screamed.  He had reached the depth that his cock would go, so Franco slowly started pulling it back out.  When his cock had retreated to the point where once again just the head was inside her, he rammed it back in until his balls slapped against Sarah’s pussy. He repeated the process over and over, fucking her asshole, slowly increasing the pace. Both hands now gripped Sarah’s hips for leverage.

Chuck could not believe that he was witnessing Sarah taking a cock in her ass.  He had always, ALWAYS, hated the idea of her flirting with a mark.  Yet, here he was, with a hard on that he felt like he could cut diamonds with.  It was like watching porn, except this wasn’t just some random actors; this was the woman that he loved.  The woman that he loved was tied to a saw horse, begging to be, and actually being fucked senseless by an international bad guy. This stuff normally only happened on those fan fiction sites that Chuck used to read online when he was at Stanford.

Chuck was able to briefly pull his eyes from the spectacle that he was watching and shot quick glances at the three guards in the room.  All three were watching with earnest as their boss pounded Sarah’s ass. It was obvious that they were excited, as Cabot and Malone were already rubbing their cocks through their pants. Lopez was shifting his weight repeatedly, trying to find a comfortable position for the hard cock in his pants.

Chuck’s attention was brought back to the couple when Franco blurted out, “You fucking whore, you’re gonna make me cum.  I’m gonna shoot my hot load into that pretty little asshole.” His cock going in and out of Sarah at a frantic pace.

“That’s right! Give me your cum!” Sarah countered as she arched her ass against the cock slamming into her as hard as she could, struggling against the restraints.  “Fuck me!  Fuck my asshole!  Fuck this whore’s asshole.”

 The edges of Sarah’s vision had been grey since Franco had started slamming her in earnest and she was panting for air.  She could not believe how good it felt getting fucked this way.  She was not close to an orgasm, but she was having a very, very, good time.

Suddenly, Sarah felt Franco grab her hips forcibly as he thrust his cock into her the deepest that it had been.  His hands shuttered against her hips and she felt the warmth of his cum as it shot inside her.  “I’m cumming, you fucking whore!  Here is your cum, OH GOD, HERE IT IS!!” Franco shouted as Sarah continued to beg him for more.

Chuck could see the white, creamy cum froth that stuck to Franco’s cock as he continued to pound Sarah’s asshole as he came.  There was a glaze on it that reflected the over head light and with each thrust of Franco’s cock, more and more cum formed a ring, encircled the base  until Chuck was sure that cum was going  to splatter all over Sarah’s back when Franco slammed into her.  It must have been an enormous amount of cum, because it had already started leaking out of Sarah’s still being fucked ass. It traveled down into the folds of her swollen pussy.

 Chuck was captivated. The thought of the volume of cum, as well as the sight of it starting to drip off of Sarah’s pussy lips and run down her thighs, drove Chuck to new extremes.

All the other noises and sights in the room disappeared as his vision focused with laser precision on the white substance.  There was a steady stream that led from the bottom of Sarah’s gaped asshole, down into the folds of her pink swollen pussy, to where it began collecting between the slightly open lips.

Once it had pooled enough in her pussy that it began to overflow, Chuck watched a stream extend down approximately four inches from Sarah’s pussy.  Time seemed to come to a standstill as the quarter inch wide stream hung there for a few seconds and then snapped back up slightly as a drop of the milky white cum dropped to the floor.  The drops continued as Franco thrust his cock as deeply as he could into Sarah’s waiting asshole and held it there.

A few more drops fell before slowly coming to a stop but the stream still dangled there, seemingly defying gravity.

What seemed like an eternity to Chuck passed as he intently stared at the cum stream before it started swinging side to side.  The movement of Franco slowly removing his cock from Sarah’s ass caused most of the stream to drop as one big glop.

Chuck was mesmerized as the entire streaming process was repeated when Franco’s cock was finally removed.  A new volume of cum dripped rapidly down into her pussy and then onto the floor, where a small puddle was now forming.  Chuck noticed the pool was not the milky white that it had been, but was now almost clear.  The light overhead was again reflected into Chuck's eyes from the cum pool.

Franco pulled his slacks up past his knees and stopped when they rested on his thighs.  Now that he was able to walk without crab stepping, he moved around to the front of the saw horse, towards Sarah’s head.

“Wouldn’t want your ass all over my clothes, would we whore?”  He said, smirking.

She turned her head, laying on her right cheek, and opened her mouth. This was not the first time that she had tasted herself, or another woman, on someone’s cock. She knew what to expect.  She hungrily opened her mouth and slurped as the length of the softening cock was pushed inside her.  The mixture of Franco's cum as well as her own juices was not unpleasant.  In fact, she quite enjoyed the taste.

“Umm.” Was all that Sarah was able to verbalize, “Clean me bitch, clean your ass and my cum off my cock.” Franco commanded through gritted teeth while slowly moving the length in and out of her mouth.

Sarah was concentrating on the now almost completely flaccid cock in her mouth when a hand grabbed her left hip and large cock was thrust quickly in her still wet pussy.  ‘Finally!” she thought.

Chuck had seen Lopez step forward as soon as Franco was clear from behind Sarah.  In one fluid motion, he had unzipped his pants, removed his eight inches of hard cock, grabbed Sarah’s hip and violently thrust that cock into her pussy.  Lopez seemed to be on a mission to tear up Sarah’s pussy because none of what he was doing could be considered foreplay.  The violent slapping sound of Lopez on Sarah as they fucked was only interrupted by Franco’s voice.

“That’s good, you little slut.  That’s good. Didn’t she do a fine job of cleaning my messy cock Chuck?” Franco asked as he stepped back, put his dick back inside his slacks to began buttoning them back up.  He was fastening the top button as he reached Chuck’s chair, thankfully not blocking the view.

“Care to tell me where my data is now Chuck? Or should we continue?”

“Please, I don’t know what you are talking about.  Please stop! Please let us go. “Chuck meekly pleaded.


Franco said “we.”  ‘Oh, My GOD.  They are all going to fuck her’

This new information did nothing to stave the overload to Chuck’s brain.  They were all going to fuck her.  They were all going to gang fuck his Sarah. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think! He couldn’t stop watching!

Sarah looked over at Chuck and saw the stunned look on his face, but she didn’t care.  The only thing that she cared about at that instant was the cock that was persistently pounding her pussy. She didn’t even know whose cock it was, but it was doing the job.  As intense as her sessions had been with Franco, she knew that it wasn’t going to be long before she came.  She moaned as she begged the unknown cock to keep going.

“Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! You’re gonna make my pussy cum. Like that! Just like that! MAKE THAT PUSSY CUM! OH GOD! FUCK ME!” She screamed as the throes of an orgasm pulsed through her body.  As she continued to climax, she was vaguely aware of the sound of her own voice.  That voice begging to be fucked, begging to cum.

Chuck could not believe that Sarah was begging like she was.  It was like she was a completely different person from what he knew.  This person was consumed by a simple, primal need to be fucked.  Like it was as crucial to her as the very air that she was breathing.  She was being fucked like some kind of whore!

Sarah WAS a whore!  At least this version of her was.  She had a deep yearning to be used and abused until she was spent.  She was insatiable!  She wanted the cock that was currently pounding her to KEEP pounding her. She felt the waves of her orgasm subsiding but her unknown lover continued to fuck her.  After several minutes, the quickening pace of the cock inside her, warned her that the owner of said cock was close to cumming .

This knowledge, as well as the grunts being emitted from the man behind her that were now beginning to make it to her ears, brought another wave of pleasure.  “Oh FUCK!” she screamed.  “I’m cumming again! Fuck me! Fuck me god dammit!”

Large hands grabbed both of her hips as a cock was violently thrust deep into Sarah’s pussy.  She heard a simple “Unhhhh!!” as she felt the warm cum begin to fill her already juicy pussy.   She was lost in her own pleasure as she felt squirt after squirt of cum entering her. “Fill me, fill me up you bastard.  Give me that cum.” Was all that Sarah was able to articulate whilst cumming herself.

Chuck watched as Lopez dumped his load into Sarah.  It wasn’t quite like it was while watching her with Franco.  While there was still a froth that was clinging to his cock, the cum ring at the base didn’t appear to be as large as the one that had been on Franco’s cock.  There was also no cum being collected by Sarah’s pussy.  The droplets simply fell to the floor from Lopez’s cock on the back stoke from her pussy. 

There was also no stream hanging down.  When Lopez pulled his spent cock from Sarah’s pussy, most of the cum was expelled the same time. There was nothing to hinder it, as her pussy was now gaped open after the cock had been removed.  It was as if someone had poured a cup of creamer from Sarah’s pussy onto the floor.  Chuck noticed there was quite a pool developing underneath the saw horse.

“Where is my data Chuck?” Franco hissed. “Don’t you want to stop this?”  There was no reply from Chuck, he was in a daze.

Lopez still had yet to say a word as he hitched his pants up and walked to the front of the saw horse.  Sarah dutifully opened her mouth the best that she could but she was still struggling to catch her breath.  She again tasted herself on a cock as it was forced into her mouth, this time as she gulped for air.

Lopez had barely cleared the back of the saw horse, when Cabot moved in, cock in hand.  He too, thrust it inside Sarah’s now sloppy wet pussy.  Chuck didn’t think that he was quite as large as the other two men had been, but it was possible that it only seemed that way because Sarah’s pussy was so wet.  It had also been hard to tell because Cabot had moved in so quickly that Chuck’s view of him had been partially blocked by Lopez.

Lopez stayed in her mouth longer than Franco had, probably because she couldn’t be as thorough while struggling to breathe.  Still, Sarah sucked and licked diligently, all while moaning happily.  Not only did she have a cock in her mouth, but there was yet another cock in her pussy.

When his cock had been cleaned to his satisfaction, the man in front of her pulled it from her mouth.  He stepped back, put his cock back and zipped his pants up.  He then stepped behind her, out of Sarah’s line of sight.

Now that she could breathe properly, Sarah’s attention was on the current cock fucking her.  She could feel it rapidly passing the slickness of her pussy lips as it moved in and out.  It was not as large as the last, but she could again feel the pangs of pleasure as her pussy started to cum.  “Ummm,” She purred. "I don’t know who you are, but you are going to make me cum again.  Fuck Me! Fuck that pussy!”She said as her body was once again wracked by an orgasm.

Cabot didn’t appear to want to add to the collection of cum residing in Sarah’s pussy.  Instead, after a few last thrusts, he pulled his cock from her pussy and began jerking it feverishly.  Chuck watched as a stream of cum shot from the head of Cabot’s dick.  It almost appeared to hang in mid air before it landed with a splat on Sarah’s lower back and ass cheeks.  Several more shots of cum were delivered, landing on Sarah’s puckered asshole and spraying the outside of her gaped pussy.

Cabot never let go of his cock as he, too, moved toward Sarah’s mouth.

As the final man, Malone, moved in, Chuck’s eyes went wide with amazement.  This guy had the biggest cock that Chuck had ever seen. It was porn-star big.  It looked to be only ten inches long, but the head was the size of Chuck’s fist.  There was no way that thing was going to fit in Sarah!

Before the next cock was thrust into her mouth, Sarah was able to glance at Chuck. She didn’t know why his eyes had gotten so big until she felt the head of the cock going into her asshole.  It was LARGE, by far the biggest she had taken that day.  She felt like she was being split open as the cock was slowly pushed into her.

Unlike the other two, the cock currently in her mouth remained hard.  After cleaning her cum from it, it now appeared that she was going to get face fucked.  The owner occasionally removed his cock from her mouth so that he could rub it on the outside of her face.  He would slap her cheek with his cock a few times before putting it back in her mouth to resume fucking it.  This process was repeated several times.

The entire time, Chuck heard Cabot’s words as he fucked Sarah’s willing mouth.  “That’s right, bitch.  Suck that cock! Suck that big cock like the slut that you are! You know you love getting mouth fucked.  ALL sluts love getting mouth fucked!!”

The monster cock in her ass was still moving in and out, but at least Sarah was starting to enjoy it.  Of course, with a cock currently fucking her mouth, she could not let anyone know that. All she could do was moan and rise as best she could to meet both cocks.

As they watched Sarah hungrily slurping one cock while still being pounded from behind by another, Franco leaned over and spoke into Chuck’s ear in a calm, matter of fact tone. “You like watching her get fucked, don’t you Chuck?  You like the way her lips look as she sucking a hard cock and how she begs to get fucked harder and harder.”  He continued, all while closely studying Chuck’s reactions.  “You like it when she’s begging for a hot load deep inside her, don’t you Chuck?”

When Chuck struggled against his restraints and unconsciously licked his lips, Franco knew that he had struck gold.

“That’s it, isn’t it Chuck?  You like watching that little whore take cum.  You like it when she begs for one hot load after another, don’t you?  You like the sound her cum soaked pussy makes when yet another load is pumped into it.  You want to clean it out!  You want to clean out the little whore’s full pussy and ass.  Don’t you, you little freak?  Say it! Say that’s what you want!” Franco hissed.

Chuck opened his mouth, but words refused to come out. His mouth was dry and all he could focus on was Sarah’s cum soaked pussy, on full display in front of him.

It WAS what he wanted, what he desperately needed! He needed to remove the cum from inside Sarah.  That was all that he could focus on, now straining forward in a desperate attempt to get to her, to get to all that cum inside her.

“Tell me! Tell where my data is Chuck and I’ll let you be there when Jo Jo pulls his cock out her ass, letting you have all the cum before it’s wasted on the floor.  That IS what you want, isn’t it Chuck?  You don’t want that cum to get wasted!” Franco said as he released the restraint on Chuck’s left wrist.

Chuck’s mind didn’t register the release of his left arm, but it did boggle when Franco touched the restraint on his right arm.  Close! He was so close! All he had to do was...

“Flash …drive…air… conditioning…vent…bedroom…blue …rug. “ Chuck’s voice came out in bursts, almost at a whisper, his gaze intently held by the cock that was still ramming Sarah’s ass.

“Back bedroom, near the pool.  Flash drive in the A/C vent.” Franco barked at Lopez, who immediately turned and headed out the room to retrieve said item.

“Very good Chuck!  Let’s hope that David returns before your prize is on the floor.”  Both men’s attention now back on the pounding that Sarah was taking.  Chuck found himself praying to any deity that would listen, that David would do just that.

Several moments passed when Chuck saw Cabot place a hand on either side of Sarah’s and thrust deeply into her mouth.  He could see her throat expanding to take the cock. Suddenly, Sarah gagged and coughed, spewing cum from her mouth as she struggled for air.  “Fuck yeah!” Cabot yelled as he kept thrusting his cock in and out of Sarah’s mouth.  After the initial gagging fit, she was able to catch her breath.  Except for a small spittle of cum on the left side of her lip, Sarah was now swallowing what Cabot was shooting into her mouth.

When Cabot was spent, he withdrew his cock from Sarah’s mouth.  Since her tongue was now free, she used it to lick up the cum that had escaped when she had gagged.  The only thing that raced through Chuck’s mind as he watched her was, ‘God, that’s hot!’

Sarah had now dealt with three of the individuals in the room.  That left only the one currently stretching her ass.  “Come on big boy, fuck that ass! Fuck that tight ass for me!” She called back as she looked over at Chuck.  When they locked eyes, she paused, making sure that she had his attention.  She smiled, threw her head back and shouted,” Cum for me! Cum in that tight ass! Give me that hot juicy cum!”

She was rewarded by the quickening pace of the horse cock that was in her.  The slapping sounds of their two bodies now happening at an increasingly rapid pace. It wasn’t going to be long now.

Chuck’s heart leapt as Lopez returned, holding the flash drive up to show it to Franco. “Got it boss”, he said.

Chuck couldn’t see it, but Franco was smiling as he reached down and released the last restraint from Chuck’s wrist. As soon as Chuck felt his wrist being released, he fell forward onto his knees.  He scurried as fast as he could until he was beside the massive leg of Malone, who was still pounding away at Sarah’s asshole. He was close enough now that the smell of sex was almost overpowering.

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Here it comes!” Malone yelled as he began to cum.  Chuck saw the white froth on Malone’s huge cock so he knew that Sarah was being pumped full.  This time, though, Chuck was going to be there to catch it!

Chuck practically pushed Malone out of the way after he had finished shooting into Sarah’s ass.  It was amazing that the big cock hadn’t struck Chuck on the top of his head as he forcible pushed his face into Sarah’s pussy and ass.  He used his hands to spread her as wide as he could.  The view of her cum soaked pussy and ass was spectacular!

Chuck’s own cock was shooting gobs of cum as he started to climax without any extraneous effort.  The sheer intensity of the experience causing him to splatter cum onto Sarah’s stocking covered leg and the floor.

Sarah felt her asshole shut as the mammoth cock was removed.  She didn’t have time to get her bearings before she felt hands pressing on her ass cheeks, splaying her open wide.  Then she felt the warmth of a tongue on her pussy lips.  Her mind struggled to comprehend.  By her count she had serviced all the men in the room at least once.  All except…

He hungrily scooped up cum with his tongue, lapping up the salty mixture of all that had been there before him.  He started at the bottom of her swollen pussy, making sure to ram his tongue deep into it, ensuring that he didn’t miss any.  Then he moved to her puckered asshole, forcing his tongue in as far as he could. He heard the “nom nom” sounds he was making as he continued to slurp.

 He had never tasted Sarah’s, or anyone’s, ass before. It was tart but not unpleasant. The overwhelming taste on his tongue was the same that had been from her pussy.  A salty taste that Chuck realized was the milky white goo that he had witnessed being shot in to Sarah’s body by men that meant to do them harm.  It was the taste of cum and Chuck knew he was instantly addicted. Not to the taste itself, but to the act of removing it from Sarah.

Sarah was panicked as she looked over at the empty chair that Chuck had once occupied.  She struggled to look back and was immensely relieved once she realized that it WAS Chuck that was kneeling behind her.



It couldn’t be.

But it was! It was Chuck that was lapping at her soaked pussy like someone who had been starved for weeks.  She couldn’t believe it but she felt the wave of pleasure returning as Chuck eagerly licked her pussy and asshole. Flicking his tongue on her swollen clit put her over the edge.

She didn’t beg. She didn’t speak. She didn’t have to.

The force of her latest orgasm struck, causing her body to shake and she felt a gush of liquid erupt from her pussy.  She couldn’t see Chuck but she still felt the pressure of his face onto her ass cheeks as he pressed his tongue deep inside her.  The pressure was so intense that she suddenly wondered how he was able to breathe.

When she was finished, Sarah dropped her head onto the top of the saw horse.  She was exhausted.  She didn’t know if she would be able to stand, much less walk.  She would have to cross that bridge later, she thought.  There were more pressing matters to attend to.

When Chuck was sure that he had sufficiently cleaned Sarah, he used one of the rear legs of the saw horse to pull himself upright.  He wobbled slightly as he turned towards at Franco.  Franco motioned for Lopez to lead the way out of the room and Franco followed.  As he crossed the threshold, he grasped the doorknob and began to pull it shut. Just before the door closed, Franco looked over his shoulder to Cabot and Malone.  Chuck heard the words, “Kill them” as the door latched shut.

Naked or not, Cabot and Malone were no match for Chuck and the intersect.  Within seconds, both men were laying unconscious on the floor.  Chuck remembered that Cabot had some sort of sheath and he clumsily pulled a knife from it.  Using the knife, he was able to cut the bindings from Sarah, releasing her from the saw horse.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he helped her up.

“Y..Yeah.  I think so”, was the reply.

She leaned heavily on him and Chuck wasn’t sure that she could stand by herself.  He became embarrassed as he realized that they were both standing there naked. Regardless of what had just transpired, there was a decorum that had to be followed.

“Here” He said placing her hand on top of the saw horse. “Use this for balance and I’ll look around for some clothes.”

“Sure.” was the single word reply but he felt her shift her weight from him.

When he was sure that she wasn’t going to topple over, Chuck began to look around the room.  There was a table that he could not previously see lining the wall that was behind his chair.  He saw a pair of shoes lying on top of the table so he began to move toward them.  When he got closer, he noticed that they were the shoes that he had worn to the party.  AND, they were stacked on top of his boxers, his pants and his shirt.  As he picked up his items, he thought he saw the strap to Sarah’s purse jutting out from underneath a black rag.

When he reached for the strap, he realized that the “rag” was, in fact, the dress that Sarah had worn to the party. It seemed smaller to him that one of his own t-shirts.  He scooped up the dress and braced at the weight when he picked up Sarah’s purse.  Apparently, in the hurry to strip and secure them, their captors had failed to remove Sarah’s firearm.

He walked back over to the saw horse and handed Sarah her dress and handbag.

“I couldn’t find your underwear.”He said as he stepped into his boxers and pulled them to his waist.

She put her dress over her head and started pulling it down towards her feet, temporarily covering her face.

“I wasn’t wearing any.” Was the muffled reply.

“Whaat??” Chuck’s voice squeaked out in a horse whisper as he froze with his slacks halfway to his waist.

“I said,” Her voice clearer now that her dress was no longer covering her face, “I wasn’t wearing any.”

Chucked gulped loudly and resumed getting dressed.

“What the fuck happened Chuck?  What did you do?” She said sternly as her eyes pierced his own.

Chuck briefly wondered as to what exactly she was referring to because SO MUCH  had happened during their brief visit to this particular room.  His musings were interrupted by the muffled sound of gunfire erupting in the distance.

“Casey.” They both said simultaneously.

As Chuck struggled to get his shirt buttoned up, Sarah reached into her purse and retrieved her firearm.  He was slipping on his shoes as he watched Sarah pull the slide slightly back, checking to ensure that the weapon was still loaded.

Satisfied that the weapon was loaded, Sarah casually walked over to the unconscious bodies of the men that had used her.  With no remorse, she fired two bullets into the head of each man.  “Bastards.” Was all she said.

Chuck was struggling to turn away from the pool of blood that was starting to spread from the area of the two men when the door suddenly burst open and none other than John Casey rushed in.

“Walker-“Casey said after that split second where neither agent was sure they weren’t going to shoot and/or get shot. “What the fuck happened?”

“Franco?” was her only reply.

“Heh-didn’t want to get taken alive. Wasn’t” Casey grunted.

“He’s dead then?” Sarah asked, unable to look Casey in the eye.

“Yup.”He replied curtly as he began to scan the room.  Chuck noticed the raised eyebrows as Casey looked upon the saw horse and the chair that was bolted to the floor.

“Geez! What the fuck DID happen in here? It smells like a Taiwanese whore house.”

Sarah ignored the question as she grabbed Chuck’s arm and started leading him toward the door.  “He should have a flash drive on him somewhere.  It will need to be retrieved.”

She offered no further explanation as she and Chuck slowly made their way out of the estate.

“I thought you hated seduction missions.” She said when they were out of ear shot from everyone.

“Yeah, I do.” He replied meekly.  “Turns out fucking seems to be okay though.” Chuck raised his hands and spread them as he shrugged. “Who knew?”

When they were approaching Sarah’s Porsche, Chuck stopped and caught her eyes.

“What are we gonna tell Beckman?”




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