Confusion upon a conflicted heart

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Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or it's characters, the people whom own the show do. No money is being made off of this, it's simply for fun

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or it's characters, the people whom own the show do. No money is being made off of this, it's simply for fun.
Pairing: Kurt/Puck (Noah)
Rating: NC-17 (Would be what I would say mainly for later chapters)
Warning Fic Will contain: M/M, Anal sex, Oral sex, Bondage, Toys, Masterbaition, Male Pregnancy (sometime later on), Foreplay (hand jobs, anal stimulation/fingering), Angst
General Time Line: Kurt would be starting Dalton
Background information: I have in this fic an existing arrangement the boys had made prior to Dalton were Puck and Kurt would fool around, just to let off steam and in Puck's case only when the females are turning him down for whatever reason. Unknowingly Puck did start devloping feelings for the male. As well as I have Kurt seemingly start crushing on him to stronger feelings that he kept to himself since as far as Kurt thought it was nothing but carnel.
Author's note: I would like to state that I don't dislike Blaine, I just like Kurt with other people since the chemistry is better. I also do adore Dave Karofsky but will be acknowledging that Puck would've if he could done some serious harm to the other Jock. I don't see Puck straight, nor do I see him as Gay, but I do see him as the sort of attaching to whomever he attaches too, since the other half is just sex. And no I don't see Kurt actually thrilled with the type of arrangement that was made so much as following the need wanting to be close to someone.

Thoughts that Linger
Chapter one

Was your typical day at Mchkinly High, well typical if you ignored the very real missing member of the glee club. Someone that one Noah Puckerman; that's Puck to anyone that didn't have a death wish; took notice was missing. He knew why Hummel had to leave, he just didn't really like it, as that meant the pool of potential distractions as well as entertainment was smaller than he would like. And yes by entertainment he meant that on occasion they had fooled around; nothing overly major just some grinding or oral the usual; but that didn't mean he was gay for him or anything like that it was just to get off or kill time really nothing more.

Still here he sat in glee club staring at the spot where Hummel usually occupied. Though he looked away whenever anyone caught him looking over, and if he happened to be slow to looking away he would just make with the stretching or shoot one of his 'looks' at the person; it usually served the purpose and made them look away. Well everyone apart from Finn, Rachel or Mercedes since none of them were fazed by his look for one reason or another.

Damn that Karofsky if that asshole hadn't terrorized Kurt no Hummel; or Princess as he liked to call him; so bad he would still be here. Things would still be following a routine, and he wouldn't find himself thinking about the male and wondering what the Princess's first day at that snooty school was like. Well maybe snooty was too strong of word they did provide a safe place for Hummel to go, it just sucked that the tuition was so expensive. Had it been for not wanting to go back to Juvie he would've strung the football player up by whatever he could string him up by that would provide the most pain possible. This made him clench his fist and let out a sigh of frustration.

"I'm sorry Puck but the lesson for this week stands, I want you all to find a song that represents someone or something you've cherished that you've lost," Mr. Schuester restated shaking his head. Though Puck hadn't been the only one displaying an unwillingness to do the assignment at hand; which in some ways was revisiting an older assignment but from a different angle. "Now I know some of you may want to sing about Kurt not being here, but let’s remember guys he's only at another school, you can see him on weekends, after school and of course during competitions," with a pause his eyes swept the room before clapping his hands, "right let’s get started."

'Yeah at another school, same as being a million miles away,' Puck thought with a bit of growl and firmly telling himself to stop thinking about him. He watched as Rachel had all but started to chirp at Finn about all the ideas for songs she might do for this assignment. He had a feeling that Finn would agonize over it until finally coming to singing some song about his father; which he couldn't blame him. Though what was he to do, he wasn't about to sing about his own father a douchbag whom couldn't give two shits about him and had left him. Still as he thought about his options, he couldn't help but wonder what Princess would sing.


Kurt took in a breath to ease his nerves; things were so different at Dalton Academy. Songs being voted on by committee, people are invited to audition for solos; though he found just like back at his old school certain favorites were chosen, or at least that's how it felt. Still it was a safer environment, he was allowed to himself. And what’s more had an openly gay friend there, whom was a little on the hot side; but not twist your stomach into a butterflied knot hot. He knew whom made his stomach gain butterflies, that male was Noah or Puck as he seemed to prefer; though he also knew that was just an arrangement for letting off steam. Which meant he was free to scope out other potential relationships.

"So Kurt, how did you find your first day?" Blaine had asked, maybe for the tenth time that day. He wasn't trying to be a pest so much as wanted to know his friend actually had a good experience on his first day rather than a dismal one due to knowing only one person and a few others with in the Warblers.

This made Kurt chuckle, "like I said it's different... but a good different, it's nice to feel like I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder... as well as it's nice not to get slushied as well.... still I do miss my friends..." he trailed off giving a light sigh. Before smiling hopefully, "though it's not like I won't be seeing them, I've been getting text updates from them as well..." he would add, well except for a certain male whom has yet to text him which was disappointing.

Blaine was nodding lightly as he listened though had picked up on some signs that Kurt was more upset then he let on. "Of course you will, just because we compete doesn't mean you are barred from your friends... we trust you'll keep our set list secret..." he trailed off as he walked with the other. "So planning on seeing any of them today?" he would keep the topic going in hopes to help ease Kurt or at least put the male in a better mood.

"Maybe?... I don't know..." Kurt admitted, though with the Hudsons and the Hummels living together due to their parents being married there was a chance of it. Though with the update from Cedes he knew he may get contacted by a certain one when frustrated enough about not knowing what to pick to sing. He was also sure said person would kick his butt for even thinking the male would need help. Still he was getting ready to go home for the day, though would hang out a little if Blaine had asked. Though it did look like the male had plans already.


Back at Mchkinly High Puck was finishing up at his locker, ditching everything he had not planned on bringing home. Ignoring the general crap going on around him he made his way to his truck, generally grateful no one was bothering with him. Not even to Santana was bugging; well apart from her usual way of talking to people. So maybe that meant no one really thought it was off that he kept staring at the spot where Princess would sit; no matter which class that happened to be.

As he settled into his truck he let out a frustrated sigh, "Damn it! Even out of the school I'm thinking of him? What the fuck?!" he grumbled as he put his truck into drive leaving the school parking lot. Maybe he just needed to get laid, after all it was one of the days he would've normally been utilizing Princess for their arrangement. Granted those days in the week doubled when the chicks all seemed to be bitchy or on the rag. "That's it I just haven't seen any action... And I could get my glee assignment done in one shot..." he mused.

Once paused at a red light he shot Kurt a text, which read: 'Still on for t'night. Could use your help with the stupid glee assignment.' He wasn't that surprised that the Princess had sent him a quick reply of an agreement; or he told himself that he wasn't surprised. Then gave a snort rolling his eyes at the chastising he got for calling the assignment stupid, "figures they already told him what it was..."

A/N 2: Well that's chapter one. I'll be trying to update as best I can I am not fast a writing, and I do have someone proof reading it for me but as far as I know they don't have an acccount on here. Please review if you like.

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