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Disclaimer: I make no money from this story. I do not own or have anything to do with Riverdale, nor its characters specifically Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Ms Grundy, Chuck Clayton and Cheryl Blossom

Summary: What could (and probably should) have happened during Veronica and Archie’s Seven Minutes in Heaven at Cheryl Blossom’s after-party


“It’s perfect,” Veronica told her new BFF as she checked her out in their new River Vixen’s cheerleading uniforms.


Betty Cooper was beyond excited that she finally made the cut this year, in no small part due to her awesome friend. She still didn’t know why Veronica and her had such instant chemistry, but then again the perky blonde wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. However, it was her quizzical nature, being the daughter of the editor of the local paper and she herself showing signs of the journalism bug.


“Why did you help me become a River Vixen,” Betty asked her new friend as they left the change rooms. “I know the crowd you ran with in New York, so why are you being so...nice?”


Their exit out of the change room spat them out onto the walkway leading to the football field, so walking the track seemed a good destination as Veronica shared her troubled past. She told her new best friend that her father was arrested for fraud and embezzlement, how trolls started coming after her family, calling her a spoiled rich girl and an ice queen, but what hurt the most was that it was true.


“I was like Cheryl, worse than her in fact. So when my mom said we were moving to Riverdale I made a pact with myself. To use this as an opportunity to become a better version of myself,” Veronica admitted honestly.


As the two 16 year old girls shared stories and became closer with each sentence, Veronica spied the hunky Archie Andrews running by in his football gear. A plan clicked into gear in her mind and before Betty knew what was happening, the raven-haired girl was shouting at her neighbor to come see them.


“You are so about to slay your dragon, Betty Cooper,” Veronica said to her friend before addressing the sweaty boy in front of her now. “Hi there, Mr. Football.”


“Hey yourselves! Nice outfits,” he replied, using his helmet in his hand to point at their extremely short skirts which barely covered their asses.


“Betty here, has something she wants to ask you,” Veronica piped up. “About the back-to-school dance.”


“I was wondering if you wanted to come...with...both of us,” Betty awkwardly stammered, chickening out to ask him out solo at the last second. It surprised both Veronica and Archie so she continued. “It’s your first dance at Riverdale so you should have someone to go with, even if it’s just a friend.”


Seeing as how Betty had lost her nerve and having Archie take them both as friends was as good as it would get, Veronica molded to the new circumstance. “I mean I would love to go.”


“I’m not sure I’m in the headspace for a dance,” Archie replied, his own teen drama preventing him from eagerly saying yes to the two beautiful River Vixens.


“Oh...okay,” Betty said, dejected, however Veronica would not let her friend suffer.


“Totally unacceptable Archie Andrews! We need an escort so take a break from being a tortured musical genius and come spend a blissful evening with not one, but two new minted River Vixens,” the confident Veronica chirped in. “We’ll text you time and place.”


“Haha, okay. Yeah, I’m in,” Archie agreed, loving the new girl’s take-charge attitude.


* * *


Archie walked into the dance like a stud, a beautiful girl on each arm. Betty, his long-time neighbor and best friend looked pretty in a flowing pink dress that made him straighten up when seeing the massive amount of cleavage she showed off. Since when did his nerdy neighbor grow breasts, big ones at that?


Veronica looked drop dead gorgeous all done up for the dance as well. She wore a sleeker, form fitting dress that was strapless. It did well to show off her own healthy cleavage, less so than Betty but still well above average, while the tightness of the gown highlighted her insanely thick ass.


“Well it’s not the MET ball,” Veronica mused as they stopped at the entrance of the dance in the school’s gym. “I’m going for punch,” she added before whispering to Betty, “You got this!”


The dance proved successful for one of the trio at least. Archie finally got his schedule worked out, having had Miss Grundie to agree to tutor him in music before school, allowing him to play football afterwards. However, for Betty it wasn’t as good.


“Now that I’m a River Vixen, and you’re playing varsity football, I have this fantasy of us as this power couple,” the blonde told her long-time neighbor.




“Is that so impossible to imagine,” Betty asked the stunned boy.


Luckily, they were both saved by the bell, or rather the end of the song, as they pulled their hands off each other to give Josie and her Pussycats a round of applause. Archie did like Betty, loved her even on some level, but with his lustful feelings for Miss Grundie, he knew that Betty and him couldn’t be together.


Apparently the tension between the redhead football player and the blonde cheerleader was palpable. An onlooking Cheryl Blossom, a fellow redhead with a sinful body and fiery temper, was watching the friends dance and picked up on their strife. It just so happened that she was throwing an after-party at her house later that night.


“Make sure those two come to my after-party,” the sexy redheaded bombshell said to her loyal minion. “Veronica too. I’m in the mood for chaos.”


* * *


Just as she demanded, hours after the dance started several dozen of her classmates headed back to her extremely large, and empty, mansion. 3 of those who showed up were Betty, Veronica and Archie, all of whom were currently seated around her coffee table with the fireplace roaring in the background.


“It’s game time, kiddies, and we’re going old school tonight. Seven Minutes in Heaven,” at this point a round of cheers went up. “Who wants to have the first tryst in the closet of love first? My house, so my vote is for Archie. Any nay-sayers?”




“Yes, Andrews! Yes,” Reggie cheered, cutting off Archie’s protest.


“Alright! Gather in and let’s find out who’s riding the Ginger Stallion tonight,” Cheryl decreed, pulling out an empty glass bottle.


The bottle was given a spin on the wooden table, going over and over while beginning to slow down. Everyone watched intently, all the girls playing hoping it fell on them to go inside the love closet with the handsome boy, however, it came to rest pointing over at Betty and Veronica, practically right in the middle between them.


“It’s clearly pointing to...the new girl,” Cheryl spoke, breaking the tie. “This should be fun!”


“Yeah, um, I’m not doing this,” Veronica shot back, seeing the stake Cheryl was trying to drive into their friendly threesome.


“That’s up to you,” Cheryl said, steel returning to her voice. “But, if you don’t, house rules decree that the hostess gets to take your turn.”


Veronica didn’t see that coming. She exchanged quick looks between Archie and Betty, trying to figure out what to do. Archie couldn’t abstain, he would lose so much face in front of his new teammates that it would ruin him socially for the year. Likewise, Veronica couldn’t refuse or else she’d turn the hellbent redheaded psycho on poor, loveable Archie.


“Fine. Where,” Veronica spoke up.


The good looking pair walked to the wooden door, swung it open and stepped inside. For how large and grand the Blossom mansion was, the closet that Cheryl selected for Seven Minutes In Heaven was rather small. In fact, the gorgeous New Yorker and the muscular boy had to stand with only 2 feet of space between them.


“I know her brother just died and everything but Cheryl Blossom truly is a cunt,” Veronica commented, breaking the tension between them.


The pair chuckled at her comment, Archie especially disarmed by hearing a fellow 16 year old calling someone a cunt. It was just a word not really known in Riverdale so the uniqueness really surprised him. Feeling more natural now, he asked her about missing New York, for which it had only been a week but she still missed it nonetheless.


“Your turn to ask me my deepest, darkest secrets,” Archie said.


“You and Betty looked like you were having fun at the dance,” she started, for which he nodded along. Being sure to maintain eye contact, the much smaller girl even in her high heels continued. “Is that all it is? Just friends?”


“We aren’t just friends, we’re best friends,” the redhead quickly answered, which made Veronica smile.


The grin was in retort to how simple Archie was, how he wasn’t able to read the situation that Betty didn’t want to be only his best friend, but something much more. He followed up quickly, asking her about a boyfriend back in New York, which slightly surprised her. Her surprise was escalated further as, whether it was subconscious or on purpose, his eyes wandered down to her neckline and below, taking a quick peek at her cleavage.


“6 minutes, 20 seconds,” Archie stated.


“No,” she answered definitively. “My turn. Could it ever become something more?”


“Are you asking for Betty...or yourself,” he asked with a hint of steel in his tone, which for some reason aroused Veronica to no end.


If she was truthful she would have answered for both of them, but instead she omitted her role in the enquiry and answered that it was only for her naive blonde friend. He needed a prompting to answer the question, which he didn’t hesitate for a moment, clearly having spent some time on the question previously.


“I have never felt, whatever it is that I’m suppose to feel, with Betty.”


“Have you felt it though? With anyone,” she asked, taking a small step closer to him.


“Yeah...this summer,” Archie retorted, also edging forward towards Veronica.


The pair looked at each other, deep into the other’s eyes before Veronica gave him a sign as she subtly licked her lips with her tongue. She reached towards his chest and fixed his tie, really just wanting an excuse to touch his chest, which was as muscular and ripped as Betty and Kevin had described to her earlier.


“Your turn Archie. Ask me a question. Ask me anything you want,” she stated, pouring on her most sensual tone of voice.


Instead of asking her a question they continued to push their faces towards each other, each rotating a few degrees so their noses slid beside one another so their lips could touch. The kiss was electric and Veronica felt such a deep flooding of both emotion and her pussy that she needed to have the football player right then and there.


As their kiss deepened, Veronica murmured that they shouldn’t do this, trying to honor the girl code for which she was currently stepping all over. Archie agreed with her, but instead of pulling away he crammed his tongue forward into her mouth, an action well received by the New Yorker.


“We don't have much time,” Veronica hissed in a rushed whisper.


Luckily for them, Veronica was no stranger to flings, or quickies. With time of the essence, she made short work of his belt and pants before pushing them down his waist to his knees. His cock instantly sprang free, and like all teenage boys he was rock hard simply from a brief make-out session.


“Well Archie, good for you,” the raven-haired goddess congratulated him as her hand stroked his member.


“Thanks,” he managed to croak as he backed her up against the coat-lined wall.


Normally Veronica would have dropped to her knees and shown off her well practiced oral skills, which she was rather proud of. However, they only had roughly 6 minutes or less left to go in their private closet time so there was no time for that now. So instead, she used her right hand to stroke his cock, which was already as hard as iron, while her free hand went under her dress and pulled her panties to the side.


“Come here stud,” Veronica demanded, pulling him by both dick and tie.


Archie couldn’t stop smiling as he pressed the new girl in town up against the wall in the tight confines of the closet. He wasn’t a virgin, far from thanks to the tutelage of Miss Grundie, so when Veronica lifted her leg and placed it around his hip he knew what to do. Squatting a little lower, Archie brought his cock under her dress, rubbed his bulbous head through her very wet folds then lined it up with her hole.


“Fuck me Archie,” Veronica groaned after feeling his tip rub along her slit.


The redhead didn’t delay their pleasure any longer, using the hand on her hips to guide her downward while his strong thighs propelled him upwards. His head nestled inside her wet and warm twat, the New Yorker clearly just as horny as he was. They both did their best to stifle their moans in order to not give any eavesdroppers outside any indication of what was happening inside the closet.


After a few short strokes inside Veronica, it was crystal clear to Archie that the girl could handle more. Lengthening his strides first, the newest varsity football player planted half his length, then 3-quarters before finally feeling the base of his healthy-sized cock embedded in the raven-haired girl’s heavenly pussy.


“That’s better,” Veronica groaned with a wide grin, appreciative of him finally giving all of himself into her.


Despite her reputation which had somewhat followed her back from New York, the songwriter found Veronica much tighter then he expected. Maybe it was because his only other sexual conquest was a 30 year old teacher, but fucking a fellow teen made him realize just how tightly their pussy walls hugged him snugly.


After pushing all the way into her snatch, Archie backed out most of the way. Though he had only been fucking Miss Grundie for the summer, he had enough sense to know not to go too quickly at the beginning despite what his urges wanted. Slowly and methodically the high school boy pumped into Veronica’s twat, with her purring into his ear the whole time.


“You feel so good in my wet pussy,” she moaned.


As always she was the aggressor, now wrapping both arms around the back of his neck to pull him in good and close. She knew it was a fine balancing act, knowing it had to be a quickie but selfishly not wanting him to blow to soon in order to draw out as much pleasure as possible for herself, and Archie as well.


The redhead showed a surprising amount of trepidation, as while he was repeatedly thrusting deeply into her snatch, he found a way to sneak a hand up under her shirt to knead her pillowy tits. For Archie, her tits overflowed out of his palms as Veronica had fairly large boobs, especially considering she was only 16 years old.


“Great...awwhhh...tits,” the high schooler declared after another minute of pawing her exquisite chest.


The muffled sounds of their moaning into each other mouths and the subtle slapping of skin-on-skin started to fill the room as the horny couple fucked with all their desire. For Archie, he had felt this animalistic attraction to Veronica from the start and now he was able to manifest it physically, and boy was he making it count.


For Veronica, she knew the score as well, that this had to be quick and dirty but she was always wanting to cum whenever having sex. Tonight would be no different. Still holding a hand on the back of his head, the curvy River Vixen slid a hand down her flat stomach towards her sex. Her fingertips could feel his throbbing member as it pounded into her wet hole, but her fingers were instead being used to rub her clit furiously.


“Oh yes Archie,” she screamed through gritted teeth. “Just like that!”


“Shh…we’re in public. Could get…ughh…caught at…ahhh…any second,” the nervous boy said in between his own grunts.


She was getting closer and closer with each lengthy stroke up into her pussy, especially since her fingers were working overtime as well. However, something was still missing. Given time, she believed she would have reached her sweet release of ecstasy, but that was something lacking tonight as their Seven Minutes in Heaven was rapidly running out.


“1 minute...ugh...45 seconds,” Archie informed, pushing his hips up and forward all the while.


“Flip me over,” Veronica urged, realizing doggy-style, or simply being bent over was better for her.


Neither were virgins, her promiscuous past in New York and his music teacher taking care of that, but it was clear that Veronica was the one with more experience. Listen to her, Archie reluctantly pulled out of her velvety inferno, at which point his date quickly got back on her feet. It was hard to see in the dark but the redhead was aware she was now facing away from him with her firm athletic ass pointed backwards.


“Such a nice ass,” Archie murmured his appreciation, his hands taking two big palmfuls of the perfect phat booty.


“As much as I love having my ass worshipped, get back inside me and finish fucking me,” Veronica demanded with a sexual longing.


“Ahhh,” both groaned in satisfaction as he pushed half his length into her snatch again.


Within a few thrusts, the newest football jock at Riverdale High was sawing his entire 8 inch member into the River Vixen. Just as earlier while fucking her against the wall, Veronica felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. Thrust after thrust found its mark, rubbing his tip against her G-spot while the repeated friction drove him to new heights as well


“Feel so good,” he grunted.


His hips started to pump into the thick-bottomed cheerleader faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. The new position made getting at her bouncing tits rather difficult, but he was more than satisfied to work over her firm ass instead, which made the sunkissed flesh turn red in short order.


Archie wasn’t the only Riverdale student using their hands to good effect as Veronica had once again found her exposed nub with her fingers. As she made tight circles against her sensitive clit, combined with Archie’s grinding strokes against her G-spot, she was soon on a one-way trip to her climax.


“Shit Archie...I’m...shitttttt...cumming,” Veronica moaning as she came.


Rather than burst out into a voluminous screaming fit as she reached her climax, Veronica opened her mouth and bit the article of clothing in front of her face, which happened to be a coat belonging to Mr. Blossom. It worked, as her howling came out in a strangled muffling that Archie could barely hear, but he knew she was cumming from the way her already tight cunt clamped down even harder on his dick.


“Damn...ughh...need to cum Veronica,” Archie warned the girl.


V had to think quickly about where he was going to unload his love gun. They were in the middle of a party so having him cream on her face was out of the equation, same with anywhere on her skin for that matter. There was no tissues in here for him to shoot into either, and as much as she despised Cheryl, she wasn’t going to have Archie blast on one of the garments in the closet. That left the only as option as inside her, with two places in contention.


“It’s okay Archie,” Veronica answered after another moment of thought. “Cum inside me. Feel my pussy with your seed.”


She had ultimately decided that having him cream inside her snatch would be best. Once her panties were back in place, no one would be able to tell that his cum was inside her. Besides, it was likely be the first time Archie came inside a girl without wearing a condom, which was very true in fact.  


Holding her hips tightly, Archie slowed his thrusting from his neck-breaking pace but what he gave up in speed he compensated for with depth and power. By the fourth powerful spike of his manhood into her snatch, the redhead felt his seed explode out of his tip and paint the walls of Veronica’s pussy.


“Mhmm...well done Archie,” Veronica cooed, fighting the urge to collapse face down on the floor to recover her energy. “Quite the man.”




“Okay love birds,” Cheryl Blossom’s voice could be heard inside the closet, which now had the aroma of sex. “Time to join the rest of the party...so pull up your pants and put your panties back on. That is, if you chose to wore any of them in the first place.”


“How did she know,” Archie asked in a panicked tone as he quickly buckled his pants.

“It was a bluff,” Veronica calmed him as she straightened her dress before doing likewise with Archie’s tie. “Now be cool so no one, especially Betty, suspects anything.”

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