Chuck Versus Carina's Offer

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Chuck Versus Carina's Offer



Chuck didn’t know why he was doing it; why he stood outside Carina’s hotel room. He wasn’t normally the type to be interested in someone as promiscuous as her, but he had to give her credit for being so forward. She was after him, and even though he knew there were alterer motives, it was still flattering; especially considering that Chuck had never been pursued by a girl in his life. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.


Carina opened it there was a certain level of surprise on her face, but she smiled with quickly rising interest, “Well, Chuck I didn’t expect to see you.”


He spoke hesitantly trying very hard to sound casual which was difficult because Carina was in a towel clearly just getting out of the shower, “Um is this a bad time; I could come back?”


The awkwardness on Chuck’s face left Carina highly amused as she gestured him inside, “That’s not what has you nervous; you’ve been pacing outside my door for twenty minutes; which means you heard me get in and get out of the shower.”


“You knew I was out here; then why were you surprised to see me?”


“I never said I expected you to knock on my door; let alone wait until I’m this vulnerable, but here we are so what brings you by?”


Chuck looked especially awkward now the lone towel Carina was wearing seemed to be in danger of falling away at any moment, “I was uh, wondering if your offer still stands?”


Carina’s mind was already ahead of Chuck as evidenced by the fact that her smile widened mischievously while she went to pour glasses of white wine whispering pointedly before giving him one, “I let you in didn’t I?”


Chuck turned red, draining his glass in yet another long gulp as he had when he was here a few days ago. Carina sat down watching him with a slight tilt of the head as he spoke unsure, “Nice place you got here?”


Carina seemed determined to see how uncomfortable she could make Chuck which was odd because she hated small talk, “What made you change your mind? When I left today, you were disturbed by my offer?”


Chuck started slowly pacing again still determined to avoid eye contact with Carina who sipped her wine so slowly Chuck thought he’d lose his nerve, “I was halfway to Sarah’s when I changed my mind because…I’ve never been pursued by a woman until Sarah and that was because she had to.”


“So you're saying I’m more genuine; I don’t think any guy has had that opinion of me…I’m flattered. I’m not sure I buy that as the only reason you want to collect on my offer.”


Chuck stopped pacing and hesitantly sat down next to Carina who finished her drink and then draped her legs over Chuck’s lap; the towel was fairly askew now, and the only thing stopping Chuck from seeing Carina completely naked was quickly evaporating chivalry, so he forced himself to look at her face as she admired his restraint,  “Bryce gets all the girls. The more I thought about your offer, the more flattered I was even if you are after me just because Sarah might be.”


Carina placed a hand inside Chuck’s collar whispering seductively and leaning in so Chuck had swallowed hard, “I wouldn’t say that's the only reason; I was telling the truth when I said you were cute. I mean it makes perfect sense Sarah likes you and like I said earlier today I love taking what Sarah wants.”


Carina pulled Chuck against her ripping off his shirt, "Pretty fit for a nerd; I always like to see all of what I’m working with though so let's see how you look below the belt.” Chuck stood up on the bed, and Carina drew level with his waist before stripping him to his boxers.


“You’ve been teasing me in a towel since I got here, yet I’m the one being stripped first?”


Carina’s hand felt the bulge in his boxers as she smirked at his statement, “Feisty, considering your luck lately does it really matter if you go first?”


Chuck shrugged his shoulders and Carina moved one hand inside his boxers massaging his already sizable cock momentarily before dropping his boxers with the other and discarding them to the floor leaving him nude now as Carina’s smile became extra wide, “I can DEFINITELY work with this! You shaved too; not that I couldn’t handle a crowd, but it’s something I’m glad to see!”


Carina’s approval brought Chuck to full erection in an instant. With the head of Chuck’s foot long dick inches away from her face she wasted no time and took the entirety of it into her mouth as Chuck spread his legs, so her head was enclosed in his groin. She ran her tongue across it rapidly and used her hands like a pump; moving so fast that Chuck climaxed after only seconds and cum exploded from his head into her mouth with a lengthy stream. Despite this Carina was un-phased and kept going causing the same effect twice more and left Chuck having to press his feet into the bed to stay upright. When his supply was finally, empty Carina pulled out and began fingering his scrotum with a smirk of sorts.


“Wow Chuck, that much discharge; you haven’t done anything in a long time and yet your climaxing so quickly.”


“Getting your soul crushed doesn’t really put you in the mood to have sex with anyone…but I kept him ready for the moment.” Said Chuck breathlessly.


Carina returned to a stand on the floor and looked at Chuck with a twinkle in her eye, “Why did you pick me?”


Chuck walked slowly up to Carina smiling at her and running a hand through her long red hair before gripping the towel she was barely wearing with conviction, “Simple, you are interested in me; all I ever get from Sarah is mixed signals. Besides you are very hot.”


Carina removed Chuck’s hand eying him quizzically, “For a nerd, you sure don’t have any issues trying to charm a woman.”


Chuck sounded intentionally pathetic, “Yeah, well…it hasn’t done squat for me…”


That did it for Carina; she backed up slightly wearing a genuine smile, “Lucky for you I’m about to change that.” Carina dropped her towel kicking it into the pile of Chuck’s clothes before grinning at Chuck’s expression and the fact that his dick lengthened even more. Carina walked up to Chuck purposely pressing her body against his own; his erection was already firm against her skin, and she was grinning broadly from the satisfaction of it.




Carina smirked at Chuck’s reaction, “What, your acting like you’ve never seen naked women before, and I know that’s crap.”


Chuck grinned apologetically, “Sorry…”


Carina gave a wry smile, “Modesty, you’re about to be a very lucky man Chuck Bartowski!”


  Carina’s naked body was so incredible that it emitted an otherworldly shine of sorts that accentuated every part of it; from her face and neck to cleavage and double D breasts, all the way down to her, chest, waist and vagina. Everything stuck out like the holy-grail.  Once, Carina, had her fill with relishing Chuck’s expression, she leaped into Chuck’s body and locked her legs around his waist as they started kissing every part of each other's necks already exhaling regularly. Somehow they steered themselves over to the bed.


Chuck was intoxicated by the smell of Carina Miller and broke off to stare into her face with heat in his breath, “What are you wearing?”


Carina replied sarcastically, “Nothing but I thought that was obvious?”


Chuck grinned before dropping her somewhat roughly onto the bed. Carina spread her body out so it was open and Chuck let himself sink into her body as they began another more intense round of kissing that ended with Chuck mounting Carina’s backside, so his dick hung right above her anus before slotting it inside which made her breath hitch with heat. At first Chuck went slowly but soon the whole of his member was pounding rapidly up and down inside her rectum and stimulating it’s many nerve endings to the point that Carina was screaming during several massive orgasms so powerful she pulled the bed away from the wall in a loud squeak all while the mattress shook with its own noise.  


“FUCK ME, THAT’S IT CHUCK!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Soon Carina reached the end of her tolerance, and her head collapsed weakly on a pillow; Chuck leaned over her backside; kissing it from top to bottom with a grin she could barely see, “I guess I’ve still got it!”


Since Chuck was still inserted and moving; Carina’s breath hitched as she spoke in a shallow voice, “Clearly, we women need to start giving you nerds more credit; I’m actually sweating; last time I sweat gunfire was involved.”


Chuck slowly pulled out, and Carina rolled onto her back before she started aggressively masturbating right in front of him. Rapidly fingering her vagina using one hand on her clitoris and the other on its inner wall; rearing her head back in the process. Chuck was a hilarious audience and practically drooled over Carina while she put on this show; to the point that he had an involuntary discharge of cum that landed on her body causing her to come to a slow stop.


Carina raised her head wearing a mocking grin as Chuck turned red and she sat up tasting the puddle on her navel, “Wow, a few minutes of watching me go to town on myself, and you suffer from premature discharge like a teenager.”


Chuck awkwardly muttered avoiding eye contact, “Sorry, I’ll just go…”


Carina eyed Chuck with a smile that showed no hint of disgust at all; she seemed even more turned on now and prevented him from leaving by grasping his member and slowly fondling its head with her fingers with both still damp, “That’s cute, you think I care about having this mess on me. You are not going anywhere; I want more of your product it tastes good.”


An awkward grin formed on Chuck’s face, “What’s with you, I knew you aren’t like most women, but I would think getting soaked by my product would be a turn-off.”


There was even more of a twinkle in Carina’s eye, “Contrary to what you’ve heard about me; I don’t enjoy sleeping with people; normally it’s a means to an end for the job.”


Chuck leaned in with a quizzical expression using one hand to gently fondle her vagina in the process, “So you mean now you are enjoying yourself; now I’m flattered.”


Carina licked his head giving way to quickly rising sexual heat that was on edge, “Took you long enough to figure it out.”


Chuck used his hands to widen the folds of Carina’s vagina eying it with heightened interest as he spoke forwardly, “Well, that pussy of yours is looking very appetizing right now.”


Carina spread her legs as wide as she could and spoke heatedly, “If you're waiting for permission you should know; this is the next thing I was waiting for!” They smiled sensually at each other before Carina brought his literal head into her crotch and started playing with his hair.


Chuck started by gyrating his tongue around the external portions of her vagina; paying extra attention to her clitoris which elected very sexual sounds but left Carina impatient and annoyed; getting his attention by tightening her grip on his hair, unable to contain her sexual heat, “Dammit Chuck…don’t tease me get in there!”Carina


Ignoring her request, he retracted his tongue with a grin, Carina, your pussy tastes too good not to have a little fun, but if you really can’t wait; how do you feel about going 69?“


Carina raised her eyebrows clearly surprised but grinning with avid interest nonetheless, “Finally something I can get on board with!”


They assumed this position so that their faces were hovering right over one another’s crotch about to perform oral sex together; this time, Carina was much more purposeful with her approach. She spent extra time lubing all parts of Chuck’s genitals with her tongue with increasing speed; resulting in another involuntary discharge from Chuck and his member.


Treating her vagina like a soft, heated pillow, Chuck’s expression was unapologetic and slightly embarrassed, “Now who’s teasing?”


Carina spotted Chuck and engaged in friendly banter with a devilish smile, “You know Chuck the fact that you keep discharging so early and so often makes me think you are a lot more into me than you led on; it's only happened twice, and I’m coated in enough of it to make a soup.”


“You think a lot of yourself I see…I hope you're ready I don’t hold back!


That turned out to be true, Chuck was aggressively sucking on her labia; relishing the heat, he felt emanating from her pussy as he did so and Carina threw her head back moaning in approval of what he was doing, “Oh god…harder.”


Chuck responded by applying moderate pressure as he continued and when Carina urged him on even more opening her legs as wide as she possibly could, Chuck began biting down and releasing in a very careful pattern that made every part of her vibrate with pleasure she made sure he heard.


“Uhhhhh…yes, bite me Chuck; YES!!!!!”


 The end of Carina’s loud series of orgasms had her ejaculating a stream right in Chuck’s face. If she had expected this to deter him, she was mistaken. He continued mauling her for several minutes and Carina somehow with incredible skill was able to deep throat him to the level that his head was at the very back of her mouth; Carina had taken the entirety of Chuck’s foot long shaft into her mouth using her hands on his testicles and was somehow rapidly pumping on them. Meaning that both of them were simultaneously fucking each other’s crotch in a rapid manner in a display of wild oral antics. They kept going for several minutes through muffled shouts until massive discharge the likes of a small waterfall from Chuck forced Carina to eject him because even she could not properly swallow with so much in her mouth at once. Even as she did so, his shaft sprung vertical, and more cum fell upon them both.


Carina sat up weakly looking dreamily at Chuck who’d finally come up for air, “You made quite an impression on me Chuck.” This was quite literal because his handiwork had left hickey marks all over her crotch.



Grinning he sat up too, “That’s just my way of making sure you remember me for a while!”


They righted themselves laying face first now and Chuck on top of Carina smiling at her, “Had enough yet?”



Carina felt the irony smiling in such a way as she ran a hand through Chuck’s hair, “I was going to ask you the same thing but apparently the third time was the charm; luckily your cum tastes good. She stuck a still soaked finger in her mouth to accentuate this point smiling even more widely to show how much she enjoyed it.


Chuck coded his finger in the puddle that was on her vagina and put it into his mouth with a slurping grin that brought a twinkle to Carina’s eye as he brought his lips inches from hers “You too.”


With Carina breathing with a heavy heat that made her enormous breasts rise and fall steadily Chuck began to suck on her neck with the same increasing pressure he’d used earlier; causing Carina to lift her leg up and start moving slowly down Chuck’s back with her foot while she made clear how much she was enjoying herself with him.


“You know, I’ve never been with a nerdy nice guy before, but you’ve outdone yourself Chuck; I’m very impressed!”


At this, Chuck ceased sharing a passionate kiss with Carina before he spoke in an adorably pathetic way, “Nobody’s given me the time of day for five years, so I’m flattered you had the tolerance to pick such a loser.”


Carina’s normally edgy personality turned to goo at these words. Somehow she found herself caring about this nerd; especially because he thought so little of himself and thus she was determined to boost his confidence, “Chuck if I thought you were a loser I wouldn’t have deep throated you or let you maul me so long, and we would not be having sex tonight. I don’t have sex with losers, and nobody has ever satisfied me like this. Playing pathetic is cute but I’d think having sex with me would boost you up more. Apparently, I’ve got more work to do.”


Chuck stroked Carina’s long red hair eying her with complete amazement, “You are the most direct person I’ve ever met. No guessing games; you go after what you want and your hot as hell with huge knockers. Personally, I think it’s crazy you like me at all.


Carina laughed as though Chuck was the one acting crazy, and her smile as she placed both of his hands on her breasts showed appreciation of his compliments, “There is a strange I’ve been waiting for you to take them for a spin; after that, my pussy wants your dick so make sure you fuck me, based on how good you are from behind I don’t have anything to worry about.”


Still, in awe of how much Carina wanted him, Chuck decided to kill two birds with one stone. He inserted himself completely into her without pause and then bent down and ran his tongue rapidly around both breasts. Lubing them before sucking on her large nipples like he thought he could extract milk from them all while simultaneously pounding his member against the depths of her vaginal wall with incredible speed. The effect on Carina was so great that she was soon in complete ecstasy and experienced and orgasm so intense that she huffed and moaned in actual screams; tightening her pelvic muscles around Chuck’s rock hard dick as he continued, causing him to orgasm and ejaculate too. Both were so powerful that in a distant part of Carina’s mind she was sure they’d just conceived a child but the pleasure involved in possibly doing made her ultimately unconcerned.


 Chuck seemed to know what she thought because he spread himself over her body still linked at their crotch; this caused Carina’s body and breath to hitch as they smiled broadly at each other, “I know we just met a few days ago, but I like you a lot.”


Carina looked extremely flattered again there was even a brightness in her face that normally wasn’t present; she enjoyed his penetration so much that her pussy seemed to have expanded considerably in response, “You know you never really answered why you want me and not Sarah…I mean, she’s hot too, and I know you like her so why are you here with me?”


Chuck thought for a moment before answering honestly, “Sarah is beautiful, so are you, but after five years of relationship hell I don’t have the patience for baggage or to be strung along and I can already tell that’s not you. Not that I hold Sarah being with Bryce against her but when you find out the same guy got to yet another girl you liked…is it bad for me to say I’m not bothering with Sarah because I don’t want to jump through hoops to be with someone; I made that mistake once and I won’t make it again.”



Carina smiled in a seductive way, “An honest answer, I like that!”


Now it was Chuck’s turn, “You are worried biology will catch up to us, and you’ll end up knocked up?”


Carina shrugged as though she could care less about that at the moment, “You’ve taken me higher than ever so if I have to pop out your kid I’ll do it. Besides, I’m falling for you Chuck Bartowski; fast and hard!”


“Well then maybe you can take me with you; the Intersect found it’s way into my head and I don’t want to be stuck working for the U.S government.”


Slow comprehension came over Carina, “So that’s why Sarah was assigned here and how you knew about Argentina?”


“Yes, I’m an asset now.”


Carina was playing with Chuck’s hair absentmindedly now, “Alright Chuck, I’ve got a plan! For now, just keep sticking me!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Chuck gladly did just that while they kissed passionately orgasming several more times until Chuck went to his side at Carina’s request. She grabbed his participle with a curious expression, “So, don’t take this the wrong way but how in the world is your dick so big Chuck; around a foot long, at least.”


Chuck had a surprising grin, “I was wondering when that would come up; wondering how a nerd that hasn’t done much of anything in five years has this good of a package?”


Carina smiled guiltily, “Well yeah, based on what you’ve told me; can you blame me for thinking that way?”


“No…I put a lot of pride in myself before my love life went to shit; I guess that never left my partner. You’ve been eying it like a hot dog so what are you waiting for? Go for another helping!”


Chuck’s response was all she needed, Carina sank low and teased his head slowly with her tongue moving in a circle around it until it was sopping wet and then ran it even slower up and down the shaft several times; like she’d been savoring a Popsicle the whole time. Even the head was the size of a hockey puck. After a final pass on his shaft Carina moved to his balls; cupping her hand around them while putting her tongue in her teeth a grazing both gingerly against his scrotum. The result of this pleasure caused Chuck’s eyes to roll lazily in his head. Carina pressed a little harder with his response while also tightening her grip on his jewels.


“Holy fuck!!!!!”


 Carina quit with her tongue long enough to savor Chuck’s expression; she figured it was time to reign things in a little bit, “Bring those lips back over here; I don’t want you checking out.”


They locked lips again, shifting slightly as Chuck moved Carina’s hair away from her face; they added heat to the kiss by sticking their tongues down each other's throat. When they came up for air Carina bit Chuck’s bottom lip with a crazed sexual energy before returning to his hard dick and deep throating it with prideful ease, cupping his balls again. Slowly massaging his package while rapidly sucking off on his member. Carina’s “two-pronged attacks” with completely opposite pace and tempo left Chuck dizzy with pleasure and experiencing tingling mixed with intense arousal that soon led to the most powerful orgasm he’d ever felt in his life, and Carina relished the cum he sprayed into her mouth as a result of everything she was doing. She let it glide down her throat by briefly staying still even though her mouth was firmly occupied with the entirety of his penis as its head tickled her throat in a very pleasing way. Carina’s finale was nothing short of skillful: she wrapped her tongue around his shaft and gingerly grazed her teeth against it relying on her tongue to protect Chuck’s most prized possession from the pressure, but she wanted to give him the sensation of being tightly fitted in her mouth.

There was a break in Chuck’s voice that Carina found very satisfying, “You are so, fucking good! Get ready I’m almost there again!”


Sure enough, moments later Carina received a robust flood of product that now that Carina paid attention tasted sweet; like a mixture of cantaloupe and pineapple. Seeing the last of Chuck’s energy left him, Carina slowly came off of his soaked member with a faint “pop” that made him exhale sharply. They merged themselves into each other spooning face-to-face eying each other with satisfaction.


Chuck was in awe of the woman he was sharing a bed with and his expression was proof of that fact as he continued to stare absentmindedly at Carina letting his hands run slowly down her legs, “I still can’t believe it…”


Carina rolled her eyes wearing a smirk with heat in her voice, “For the love of God Chuck, I…really like you dammit and just so you know your the only guy I’ve ever even remotely considered breaking the cardinal rule of spying for; besides, I’d have thought everything I just did would make it finally sink into that surprisingly dense head of yours? I’ll keep fucking you if that’s what it takes!”


Chuck was flustered now with a dejected expression, “That’s not what I mean, it’s just…you are so out of my league. There’s got to be more of a reason why you chose to sleep with a loser nerd going nowhere in life.”


Carina eyed Chuck with a mixture of annoyance, pity and felt an odd sort of affection for Chuck, “You are the least confident person I’ve ever met Chuck, and normally I can’t stand guys like that. That was the reason behind my pursuing you in the first place; to get you out of your own head.”


“Where would we go?”


“I have an assignment coming up in Barbados; I’ll bring you along…get you the hell out of here. Now, if you’ve recuperated…” Carina did not give him a chance to answer and next thing Chuck knew Carina was sitting on his pelvis in a perfect forking position.


Without hesitation Carina controlled the pace and depth of his penetration into her anus; shallow at first and then when that brought a wide erotic smile in the process; moving so fast that the bed they were on began to creak loudly as a result.


  Chuck had a lazy glazed over look as Carina continued to ride him, “Keep it up I’ll die before we make it anywhere; how much energy do you still have?”


With a grin Carina reset to a slow, deliberate pace, not bothering to hide her enjoyment at the fact that his penis continued to fill her anus in an extremely pleasurable way; brushing against its many nerve endings which caused heat as Carina spoke, “Trust me…the last thing you want to do is question my stamina.”


Now her pace was frantic to the point of making the bed springs entirely audible as Carina seemed to bounce wildly on his long erection. Soon she was so vocal that her shouts were long, loud draws of breath and then without warning, she exploded giving into a screaming orgasm that left her ass radiating with an intense pleasure the likes of which Carina had never felt in her life.


Carina spoke in a shout begging for more, “Oh fuck me, fuck my pussy too Chuck give me both at once!!!”


Chuck held the folds of Carin’s large pussy open with one hand and inserted two fingers in as deep as they would go. Her inside was soft, and he flexed his knuckle at a slow but regular pace while Carina continued to control his hardened cock in her ass. Soon she was shaking uncontrollably as her shouts progressed to heated moans that were so loud Chuck was amazed she could tolerate taking it at both ends. Things peaked when Carina convulsed to the point that she poked a hole in the sheets from digging her feet into them so hard in response to everything she was feeling, throwing her head back in the process while squeezing her breasts. She gave a notable jerk, and juices exploded from her pussy, dripping from there like a staggered waterfall until Chuck removed both of his soaked fingers inadvertently causing another orgasm because Carina had been rubbing her clitoris frantically since the first and removing his fingers had sent her over the edge again. Without his fingers acting as a dam Carina was sopping wet, and a large puddle was collecting on Chuck’s body as her juices continued to land at his midsection. Chuck had long since come again and when Carina lifted her ass off his rock hard cock both it and her ass were soaked with his cum. They both spent the next few minutes lapping each other's juices off their bodies before getting up from the bed and replacing the sheets agreeing that their energy had left them as they hopped back on a dry bed.



Carina spread herself across Chuck as she pressed her body against his smiling at him with tremendous satisfaction, “I knew I liked you for a reason I just didn’t expect to find so much more!”


Chuck grinned like a schoolboy, “Does that mean I can stay overnight?”


As he asked Carina smiled in an amused way. She was starting to realize it was the grin and Chuck’s innocent nature that was the big draw, incredible sex was just a nice bonus. “I don’t see why not, we’ll ditch LA in the morning.”



Chuck was suddenly reminded of a crucial detail, “Oh man, my family and my friends what do I tell them? Plus what about the government and Sarah…?”


Carina put a finger to Chuck’s lips and spoke bluntly, “I can’t give you what I’m sure you ultimately want because I’m not   the settle down kind of girl, but I’m more than willing to settle down in like twenty years if you aren’t with Sarah by then. For now, the fact that you came here tonight I hope you're okay with our relationship being somewhere between love and sex, I just don’t have any desire to shackle myself to a guy unless of course, I end up popping out your kid from all the sex we’ve had today.”


Chuck smiled casually, “You’re free spirit is why I came here tonight, so I’m okay with all that, and I think only one position we were in has a possibility of getting you knocked up and you're on the pill anyhow. Besides, this was so great like you said I’ll take my chances…but like I told you earlier today, Sarah doesn’t want me.”


Carina huffed in clear disagreement, “Chuck, she does want you, I know it because of how she acts around you, and if I was shallow I would have a problem with the fact that you clearly are in love with her…but I don’t because that deeper love is not what I’m interested at this point in my life. Just give it time, and in the meantime, I’ll be your continued fling. If you wanted to play dirty just mention I got to you first!”


Chuck shrugs embarrassingly, “I’ll keep that in mind, but I want to get the hell out of here for a while I still have to figure out what to tell my friends and family?”


Carina smiles with tight lips, “Tell them the truth, you got an offer you could not refuse!” Chuck grins as they start making out again.


Carina ended the kiss and retreated to Chuck’s pelvis running the fingers of one one hand slowly up his dick laying with her pussy exposed to it with a tight-lipped smile on her face. I’m going to have a little more fun with this before we call it a night!” Taking his dick lazily in one hand Carina rubbed it’s head against her clitoris slowly but repeatedly until her legs spread apart from the erotic pleasure.


With a heated breath, Carina moved on to more fun, “Okay no more fucking around with this incredible cock of yours!” With incredible conviction, Carina thrust his dick hard into her pussy causing them both to hitch slightly. With a smile of satisfaction, she controlled the depth; forcing it in so that her muscles tightened around it and the head stimulated deep nerve endings that had her bucking frantically while her hand controlled the fun at its base. Chuck gave a grunt and discharged, and Carina was in complete ecstasy as warmth came over her.


“That cock, I need it! I need it in my mouth now!” With a wide smile, she pulled his dick out of herself and sucked the head several times.


Chuck’s eyes drifted lazily in his head, “You sure know how to be so damn incredible!


Wearing her widest grin yet she began deep throating him yet again. How, he had no idea, but it was such a turn on watching Carina suck him off like she still had something to prove and when he was sent over the edge because her lips suddenly kept puckering against his balls in the process; his mind went blank from the pleasure, and he relished the idea of dying happy. This incredibly hot woman was sucking off everything he had to offer yet again, and it was amazing!


“Once would but someone as hot as you doing this multiple times is, fucking awesome!!” Carina glided through another discharge quietly as the flood of cum lasted almost two minutes and satisfied her stomach. Chuck was left surprised Carina showed no discomfort. Several minutes later they cooperated in withdrawing his member, and Carina took a moment to adjust to being free of it, albeit still smiling from tremendous satisfaction at how beside himself Chuck was.


They merged together underneath the sheets again kissing in a subdued manner. Chuck spoke quietly running his fingers through Carina’s hair, “Hell of a way to end the night!”


Carina smiles teasingly, “If you think this was fun then time in the tropics will feel like another life.”


Chuck grins appreciably, “That’s exactly what I need right now considering the mess my life has turned into.” Carina kisses him deeply as though determined to rescue Chuck and then they fall asleep wrapped together with Chuck more peaceful than he’d been in a very long time.






















































































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