Continuation of Rotteness

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 Chapter 6 - Motivation and Depression


Later that day, Sportacus and the kids had searched the entire town.. Twice! Infact, pixel brought along his color-detector, set it to pink, and simply followed it to any pink object. He detected some pink.. But not Stephanie! Not even a strand of hair or something like that. They all double-checked the whole town just to be absolutely sure, and didn’t find anything even then. She had disappeared suddenly without warning, and nobody had any clue what to do. By noon, everyone gave up, and they all met up at the park to discuss their results. “So” sportacus started “Did you guys find anything?” They all shook their heads, except ziggy, who just made nervous facial expressions “Nope” pixel replied “Not a single piece of evidence, not even a strand of hair!”. Stingy sighed “Yea, I really miss MY friend!”, “STINGY!” trixie blurted out. “Wha? Oh, right, ahem, OUR friend!”.  A few seconds later, Ziggy started crying, being the youngest of the group, and pretty much relying on Stephanie! She was 2 years older than him, 8 vs. 6, and taught him how to do things, it now only took him two minutes to tie his shoes and four minutes to brush his teeth, she taught him how to fly a kite, she taught him what happens to the sun at night, how to get good at basketball and soccer, and more! Without her, he’d be completely lost, and he was before she came. He started bawling, falling off of the bench. After a minute, stingy put put his hand on his back, and said “Ziggy, I know you're practically attached to her, but if you wanna find her, you have to stay strong!” “I know!” “You wanna get her back, right?” “Yes!” “Okay! Stay strong, crying won’t get us anywhere!”. After about 10 more seconds, Ziggy stopped crying “Okay” and he got back up onto the bench. Ziggy now felt so ashamed, so bad! Why did he do that? If they were gonna locate her, they needed to stay strong! Of course he could just spend his time at home crying.. But how the fuck is that gonna help? “Okay, I will stay strong for my best friend! Without her, i’d be lost! So, I WILL stay strong!”. They all cheered, “That’s the spirit, Ziggy!” Trixie exclaimed as she gave him a big hug. This was an insane amount of motivation, and they all agreed to meet up the next morning to discuss some more methods for searching! They all went home, trying to comprehend what the fuck was happening. Meanwhile, down in Robbie’s lair, Stephanie was quickly growing depressed. She had bawled for two hours, which robbie rather enjoyed listening to! It showed that she was extremely sad and upset, and that she so badly wanted to get away.. Even though she stood no chance! The Girl, now fully realizing what she was going through.. Started thinking some excessively depressing thoughts! However, one thought trumped all others “Wait a second, Sportacus told me that you can only go a month without food! If I don’t escape within a few weeks.. I’m gonna starve to death!”, the mere thought made her start bawling again! She didn’t wanna die! She had always told people she wanted to become a centurian, however, the possibility that she wouldn’t even make it to her second decade, let alone her eleventh.. Was becoming more apparent! “I’m too young to die! I wanna have a full life, I don’t wanna die right now!”. At this point, she felt as if she wasn’t living anymore! To her, to TRULY live meant to have free will.. To actually have a life of your own! Nope, this man took that away! Something that everyone should have.. Gone, stripped free! She couldn’t even move anymore, let alone have choice over her decisions. It was very hard to accept, but she had no choice but to do so! She couldn’t change reality, or the circumstances! Fully overwhelmed by depressing thoughts, she cried for the rest of the day, even cried herself to sleep!


To Be Continued... 

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