Forbindden Love

BY : Goldeneyed_Angel
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Disclaimer: I don't own Black Sails or any characters and no profit is made from this fic.

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Author: Goldeneyed_Angel

Summary: James x Thomas, one shot maybe 2 chapters.  James(flint) and Thomas together.

Disclaimer: I don't own black sails or any of the characters.Or is any profit made off this fic.

Chapter 1

James smiled down on Thomas the man grinned that happy smile lines creased along the edges of his blue eyes and his eyes dropped down the lines that curved away from the flat lips.

"What are you thinking James?" Thomas asked softly.

"That you are beautiful and have one of the truest smiles I have seen," James replied.

Thomas chuckled and he pushed himself up onto his elbows putting his lips so close to James only a breath of air separated them. "Maybe they want to be doing something other than smiling." His lips brushing James's as he spoke.

James lost that tiny separation and he kissed his lover hard. Thin lips battled against each other. Thomas slipped his tongue between his lips and into James mouth and tongues battled against each other. James pulled back with a gasp, saliva shining on his normally dry lips, but straight away he starting attacking the others neck, lips kissed their way down as Thomas shivered. God the pleasure that this man brought him was amazing. James grinned as his hands worked up the soft fabric of the white shirt and he started undoing buttons as his lip continued working their way down till the fabric fell to the side framing the chest underneath. His lips and tongue found a nipple as his hands massaged the taunt stomach, Thomas is starting to pant heavily as he enjoyed the feeling of the man's tongue as it worked its way over to the other nipple causing it to perk hard like to other. Deft fingers began to pull at the lacings on the trousers, pushing up James stopped paying attention to Thomas chest and began to pull down the pants, Thomas lifting his hips to help. The pants went flying off into a corner of the room and starting at the feet James massaged his way up the legs until he hit the hips. Grinning he watched Thomas throw his head back as he licked his way along the cock in front of him, from root to tip where it lay hard against the stomach. Quickly he sucked Thomas into his mouth and he set to work sucking and licking all only his length.

Thomas moaned against the bed, never had another mouth felt so good. He shuddered with pleasure and he looked down the length of his body to see, James still fully clothed. "You are still wearing to many clothes," He gasped.

James let the penis slip from his mouth, "I think we can rectify that." He laughed as Thomas sat up fast and he began to pull at James clothes, together they got him undressed in record time. The moment the last item of clothing left James, Thomas grabbed him into a crushing kiss, "I want you to fuck me," he said as he pulled back. The darkening look in the eyes James got when he said that made shudder. Laughing he turned over and grabbed the tube of oil he kept in the room for this and handed it to James, before positioning himself on all fours.

James stared at the inviting arse, pouring oil into his hand he coated fingers and lined up and pushed one in. Thomas mewled at that first finger and it didn't take long for two more to follow. "You ready?" James asked.

"Yes, please, fill me, fuck me, James." Thomas moaned. He felt James move in behind and the tip of that beautiful cock lining up. His spine arched as he felt that beautiful burn as his body stretched as James moved inside of him, it was so good.

James grinned as he felt Thomas shudder under him, 'Gods he loved this man,' he set out slow letting the man get used to him being inside, but like always Thomas was a wild man.

"More, harder James, harder," Thomas bucked back against his lover.

James chuckled as he lent down and breathed into Thomas's ear, stilling his hips, "You are so hard to please sometimes, my demanding lover." He pulls out and he hears Thomas mewl at the loss. Grabbing his hips his flips Thomas onto his back and before the man can orientate himself he was back inside of him. He watched as Thomas's eyes flutter and he begins a hard pace, the only sounds is the slapping of flesh against flesh and the pairs harsh breathing. Every time he thrusts back in he moves slightly, trying to find Thomas's sweet spot. Suddenly the man twitches wildly and his legs clutch behind him pulling in harder. He quickens the pace feeling his own orgasm approaching, he wanted Thomas to cum first. He pummels into that same spot, Thomas began to moan one continuous sound, his hands grabbing onto James wrists, clinging to the man. James knew the signs he was getting closer, he doubled his efforts sweat dripping from him. He tugged one of his hands from Thomas's grip and grabbed the man's neglected cock and started pumping it, that was the last bit of pleasure that Thomas needed and he spilled himself, all over his own chest and James hand. James thrust once, twice as he felt Thomas clench down on him his insides quivering and he came hard, pouring himself into Thomas. He collapsed onto the man, and he rolled to the side, they lay their panting together.

"Do you have to go tomorrow?" Thomas asked finally.

"Yes Thomas," James turned to face away and he sat up on the edge of the bed, "you know I have no choice."

Thomas grinned and he sat up behind him, hugging the man from behind. "Just come back to me," he said and he kissed those broad shoulders.

"I will, you know I will." He turned and kissed Thomas slowly, he was going to miss those sweet lips.

He stood slowly, reluctantly, he didn't want to leave the man, but he dressed and he slipped out into the servant's corridor his boots in his hands to not make any noise. But it was too late; the eyes of the hall boy watched him as he slipped back into his rooms.

Flint, as he now preferred to be called, gulped another mouthful of the strong alcohol. It was his fault that they had been caught, he should have been more careful, that hall boy, had a loose tongue and he blabbered to a chambermaid, who then snuck off to Lord Hamilton, Thomas's father. And well, you know the rest of the story; Thomas was lost to him forever, most likely dead, Miranda dead, his life a pirate in the middle of this fuck forsaken spit of land. He sighed and took another swig from the bottle, no time like any to get drunk.


Not sure if I will do another chapter or not. Let me know if you want to see more. 

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