Big Time Forced

BY : BlackfireBurns
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Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush, their names, likenesses or anything to do with them nor do I profit monetarily or in any other way from this work. I do not condone rape or coercion in any way. This is a complete work of fiction.

It was pretty easy to get to Logan. The smart one, the brainiac of the group. All they had to do was post fliers about a made up science exhibit and he came hurling through the doors like a child at Toys R Us. The building appeared an average, nondescript small business location, the perfect rouse. No one walking by would suspect a thing. 
The nerdy teen didn’t stand a chance once he entered. Cobra watched the boy’s brown eyes twinkling as he glanced around, anticipating the academic thrill. Little did he know, he’d be getting another kind of thrill.
“Excuse me,” the polite little twink approached him, most likely assuming that he was security.
“Where can I find the Galaxy exhibit?”
He rose from the stool he’d been sitting on. The front foyer only had room for that and a small table.
“I’ll take you. Follow me.”
The kid suspected nothing as he led him down the hall to the back room. Cobra didn’t bother to glance back, knowing that goofy smile was still on his naïve face. 
He couldn’t wait to put something else on that face.
Once at the room he gestured for Logan to go in first. The teen complied, still smiling.
He set foot inside and that’s when Cobra pounced. Using all 270 lbs of his muscle mass he shoved Logan forward and slammed the door behind them. The teen had barely enough time to yelp before Cobra wrapped his arms around him from behind.
He slammed him down onto the pool table, face first. Dazed, Logan blinked. He was barely able to register what was happening when his clothes were being torn off. 
The shock of air on his bare chest seemed to bring him back and he began to struggle. Cobra easily subdued him, twisting his arm backward as he pinned him.
“Play nice little nerd and I’ll refrain from breaking your fucking arm.”
The teen froze but not before releasing a fearful whimper. Good boy.
 “W-what do you want? I-I don’t have any money.”
He was trembling, the fear wafting off his young pale skin. Cobra felt his cock twitching at the sight. Oh yea, this was going to be fun.
“What I want,” he remarked as he tugged the teen’s khakis down, “is to hear you beg…”
Carlos was even easier than Logan. Just one flier promising free corndogs. The little Latino loved his corndogs. As he was busy with Logan, Cobra left the task of retrieving him to his second-in-command, Slasher. Just like his bandmate, Carlos was all smiles when he arrived. He bounced excitedly as he followed the tall blonde to the back, unaware of the horrors awaiting him. Slasher paused at the door and turned to him.
“You gotta lose the helmet kid.”
Carlos pouted, clearly willing to fight for it.
“My helmet is a part of me,” he pronounced.
“Take all of me or none of me.”
He folded his arms stubbornly. Slasher rolled his eyes.
“Suit yourself.”
As Carlos waltzed pass him, the thug slung his arm around the teen’s throat.
“I’ll take all of you then. All night long.”

Logan tearfully glanced up from the pool table to which he was restrained. Cobra was still inside him, stroking slow and steady when the door opened. To his horror it was Carlos, huge smile on his face. It only took a second for his friend to spot him before the thick arm of the blond thug wrapped around his throat. Carlos was yanked back, his hands flying up to pry them away. But he was no match for the man and within a few minutes he was choked unconscious.
A particularly harsh stroke jabbed into his ass and he yelped.
“You not happy with the way I give it to you?” Cobra taunted him.
“Look at me boy when I talk to you!”
More than afraid, Logan turned his face to the villain. Cold blue eyes raked him.
“You want somebody else to give it to you? Maybe that little brown friend of yours?”
“N-no no.”
Cobra smiled, enjoying the fear on his face. He’d always been partial to brunettes.
“I think you do.”
He called over to his partner.
“Yo Slash. I think Nerdboy here wants it from the Mexican.”
He had no idea of the Latino’s actual heritage but he considered all brown people Mexican by default. Slasher had removed Carlos's helmet and laid him across the floor. He was already stripping his clothes. 
“Does he now?”
A twisted smile crossed his lips. Logan tried hard not to sniffle.
“Please don’t—” was all he could get out before Cobra grabbed his throat and began pounding into him yet again.
The sound of skin slapping filled the air as Cobra fucked him, not stopping until he was cumming inside him for the umpteenth time that day. Logan had learned not to struggle at the first strike, pulling away only got him a bruise across his forehead. So he lied there quietly sobbing as he was violated by the creep repeatedly. 
Once Cobra finished, he pulled out and grabbed a cold beer. Logan turned away from his satisfied gaze, humiliation burning him. 
“Wake him up?” Slasher was asking.
Cobra shook his head.
“Let me finish this beer first. Then we can have some more fun. Right Nerdboy?”
He slapped Logan’s bare thigh.
“Man, when Hawke said he had a job for us, I didn’t expect it to be this fun,” Slasher laughed.
Logan’s ears perked at the name. Hawke!! He was responsible for this? That evil bastard!
“You think this is something? Wait til Animal gets here. Now that motherfucker is nuts.”
“Yea? What’s he got planned?”
Cobra shrugged.
“I don’t even think he knows but he’s got a hard-on for that pretty one.”
“With all the hair?”
Cobra nodded.
“We can NOT under any circumstance touch him. He’s all Animal’s. Got it?”
They were just talking like Logan wasn’t in the room. 
“But Hawke wants the blond with the eyebrows to suffer. On account of his big mouth.”
Slasher smirked.
“I got something I’d like to put in his mouth.”
Logan wanted to scream at him for threatening Kendall that way. It was bad enough that it had happened to him. That they planned to try it on Carlos and whatever that Animal guy wanted to do to James.
“In due time,” Cobra laughed.
“Just let me get my second wind and we can play with what we got here.”
Logan wasn't sure how much time had passed before Carlos began to stir but he was grateful not to be touched in that time. Still he couldn’t stop the bile rising in his throat at the prospect of Carlos experiencing what he had for the past few hours. He wouldn’t wish it on anybody not even Jett Stetson.
“Well look what we have here,” Slasher had noticed too.
He kneeled down, planting a knee in Carlos's back. 
“Okay listen up chico. You do whatever we say and nobody gets hurt. You see your friend over there?”
He turned Carlos's head to face Logan. His friend's eyes widened at the state of him.
Slasher continued.
“You obey us and he doesn't get a knife to his gut after we're done. But you resist in any way and the both of you die slow.”
Carlos stared and Logan could see the terror in his eyes. The panic. The fear. Something was about to die inside Carlos, the same something that Logan had lost the second he'd felt himself penetrated. He didn't want that for him. 
“Wait,” he pleaded with Slasher.
“You can let him go. He didn't do anything to Hawke. I-it was all me. I swear.”
The blond thug paused, giving him an amused look.
“Aww how cute. Trying to save your little hermano are you?”
He yanked Carlos up to his feet.
“Well don't bother. Our instructions were clear. All FOUR of you little twits. But if you really want to help him…” his dark eyes began to gleam with debauchery.
“Then you'll put that pretty little mouth of yours to good use.”
Carlos was confused, afraid but after the day Logan had, he understood perfectly what was being instructed. His stomach dropped.
“Please you don't have to do this,” he begged.
Carlos gauged his reaction and knew something was about to happen.
“Do what? Logan, what's he going to do?” he began to panic.
“I don't, but you do,” Slasher remarked.
He shoved Carlos closer. The Latino began to tremble.
“Wh-what's happening? What are you going to do?”
Tears began to form in his eyes. Logan knew that all too well.
“You can just tie him up and take me. Leave him out of it,” Logan tried once more.
But Slasher was done with negotiations. In one swift motion he had a knife to Carlos's throat. Both boys screamed in horror.
“Okay, okay I'll do it! Just please don't hurt him!”
Slasher scooted Carlos even closer now, and with his free hand lifted Carlos's flaccid cock toward him. He said nothing else, waiting for Logan to begin. Logan couldn't look up at his friend as he opened his mouth and took it all in.
Carlos released a whimpering gasp.
“Hey Cobra, get out here, you're missing all the fun!”
Logan closed his eyes, unwilling to show them how much it hurt to have to violate his friend this way. Already Carlos was growing hard. He could hear his breaths quickened with the sensation. He understood why. Carlos was still a virgin, completely untouched by any other. Logan had at least had Camille as his first but for Carlos, he would have to remember this—with these horrible men as his first time. The reality of it broke Logan's heart.
The least he could do was try to make it easier for him. Take the brunt of it. 
“Damn he likes that little slut mouth doesn't he?” Cobra returned with a chuckle.
“Don't be ashamed little chico. It felt good to me too.”
The memory of that monster shoving his cock into his gagging throat brought a jolt of disgust to Logan's chest. God he hoped he wouldn't make him do it again.
Carlos was breathing pretty erratic now. His prick was solid rock. Logan glided up and down it, wetting it with all of his saliva. 
“Go ahead, look at him,” Slasher was coaxing.
“Don't you want to see what a good job your friend is doing?”
Cobra laughed.
“I think he's shy.”
A loud slap on his ass jerked Carlos's body forward. 
“You shy chico?”
When he didn't answer there was another slap. 
“You best answer Cobra when he speaks to you,” Slasher warned.
Carlos's voice was small, shaky when he complied.
“The right answer,” Cobra approved.
His rough hands began caressing Logan's bare thighs.
“Now do us all a favor and fuck your friend's face.”
Hesitation. Without looking up at him Logan already knew his bandmate was conflicted. He didn't want to do this, to violate Logan but if he didn't do as directed the thugs would violate him much worse. Again, Logan didn't want that for him. So he did the one thing in his power to help. He began to suck faster, harder earning a gasp from the Latino.
Cobra took hold of Logan's prick and slowly stroked it as Carlos struggled to breathe properly. 
“That's right, suck that brown cock,” the dark haired thug taunted.
Another hand ran up and down his abdomen. Logan tried to ignore what he knew was coming (again) and concentrated on Carlos. If he could get him to finish then he could spare him the indignity of having to participate in this sick game. After another minute he achieved just that. Carlos released a startled gasp as his cock pulsed in Logan's mouth. A heavy stream of salt spurting down his throat, Logan did his best to swallow it all—just as Cobra had previously demanded. 
Their captors were pleased with the display.
“That's a good boy,” Cobra was speaking in that husky tone that meant he was aroused again.
“Swallow it all.”
Carlos was nearly panting. His hands clutched the edge of the table as he continued to shoot. Once the last drop was swallowed, Logan pulled away. He spared a glance up at his friend to find teary, apologetic eyes on him.
I'm sorry, Carlos mouthed. 
Logan wished he could tell him that it wasn't his fault. He couldn't help his body's reaction anymore than Logan could help the hard-on he now sported from Cobra's strokes. He tried to convey as much in his own expression. 
“Pass me the lube,” he heard Slasher say.
He already knew what that meant. As Cobra had claimed him over and over throughout the day Slasher was ready to claim Carlos. His hand was already moving up his toned, tan chest wantonly. The thug stood a little too close behind him. The thought of that bastard taking Carlos made Logan sick.
“I wouldn't go there if I were you,” he warned before he could stop himself.
Slasher glared his way.
“What did I tell you about using that mouth of yours?”
“No I'm not trying anything. I just wanted to warn you that Carlos isn't someone you want to go anal with. I mean he eats nothing but Mexican food. A lot of refried beans and just this morning he had two bowls of chipotle. Do you really want to risk the mess that you're about to make?”
Slasher gave him a look. Then he glanced at Carlos's complexion considering. 
But Cobra’s racism came to the rescue.
“He's right, don't fuck the Mexican. We still got stuff to do and I'm not trying to smell that all day.”
Slasher was pissed, it was evident in his glare but he conceded to Cobra's command. He stepped back from Carlos begrudgingly.
“What the fuck am I supposed to do then?”
Cobra paused, his fist firmly wrapped around Logan's erection.
“I didn't say you couldn't fuck his mouth. Now shut up, you're killing my buzz.”
Slasher pouted, an odd look for a soulless thug.
“But he's got such a sweet ass. And look how scared he is.”
For emphasis, he grabbed Carlos by the throat, earning a whimper.
“You said we'd get to have fun. Just as long as we don't touch the pretty one.”
Cobra’s tone was short and clipped.
“And we can but you will not fuck the Mexican’s ass. Understood?”
“If I can't fuck him can I at least fuck the nerd?” 
Logan couldn't help the cold shudder at the idea of yet another stranger inside him. The dread must have shown in his eyes because Carlos touched his shoulder. Their captors were too preoccupied to notice the gesture.
“How about you get him when I'm done?” Cobra offered.
A sinister smile crossed Slasher's lips.
Logan shut his eyes as a slick finger found it's way into his ass. Again.
“Come here, chico.”
Slasher snatched Carlos from the table side and shoved him to his knees.
“You like Irish cream?” he teased.

He hadn't seen Logan all day which was odd enough but now Carlos was gone too. Kendall wandered around the apartment, feeling uneasy. His mom and Katie were at a young scholars meet in Pasadena so the guys had the place to themselves. Normally that would mean video games, water gun fights and other fun moves but two of the crew were M.I.A. That wasn't like them.
He found James in the bathroom mirror combing his hair. At least one thing was normal today.
“You see Logan or Carlos anywhere?”
James shook his head.
“Not since this morning. I figured he was at that nerdball science fair thing.”
Okay that did sound like Logan.
“What science fair thing?”
“The one he went to, duh.”
Kendall rolled his eyes.
“What about Carlos?”
James shrugged. 
“He said something about corndogs. I don't know. He’s not back yet?”
Kendall frowned.
“No he's not.”
James rested his bangs in a particular position and smiled at his reflection.
“How long does it take to get a corndog?” he remarked.
“You think he's lost?”
Kendall pulled his cell from his pocket.
“Only one way to find out.”
He called Logan first because well, Logan was the more responsible of the two. He was more likely to answer, to come back and help find Carlos if he really did get lost. But Logan didn't answer.
James leaned against the sink and watched him.
“What, no answer?” he asked.
Kendall dialed Carlos next with the same result.
“Maybe they're together,” James suggested.
“Doing something incredibly stupid that involves corndogs and science.”
With his friends anything was possible. Still Kendall couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Logan would've at least called. And Carlos would never pass up a good water gun fight. 
“Come on, James. We have to find them.”
He pulled his friend by the arm, leading him out to the hallway.
“We'll check the pool first, then the park. There's a food truck there that sells corndogs.”

Carlos was on all fours, coughing and gagging at what Slasher had made him do. He couldn't stop his tears as he tried to wipe the smell of him, the taste of the evil man's cum from his mouth.
“Goddamnit I told you to swallow it,” the blond thug was snapping at him.
“What you no hablo Ingles?”
He started to kick at the poor boy when there was a sound at the door. Carlos managed to glance up in that time to find a large, hostile looking man in biker denim enter the room. His stomach dropped at the sight of him, the hairy pouched face and menacing demeanor. He looked like a bulldog. His aura oozed violence and malice.
“Animal,” Slasher welcomed him with a smile.
“Glad you made it. As you can see we’re halfway there.”
Animal eyed Carlos as if he were a mere spot on the rug then awarded Logan the same regard. Carlos felt for the first time since this ordeal grateful. The guy wasn't interested.
“Where’s the pretty one?”
His voice was like gravel and nails rolled into thunder. Carlos trembled at the sound.
“We haven't gotten around to him yet,” Slasher answered as if he were talking about picking up lunch instead of a person.”
Behind them, Cobra was grunting shamelessly. Carlos couldn't bear to turn to see what he was doing to Logan. The wet noises of the lube made it clear.
He wiped his eyes, his body still shaking at the turn of events. All he'd wanted were free corndogs. Why was this happening?
“Nobody touches the Pretty,” Animal warned.
Slasher nodded.
“Gotcha. Cobra’s got the nerd and I got the Mexican. You want a piece of Eyebrows?”
Carlos registered that Logan was “the nerd” he was “the Mexican.” That would make James “Pretty” and Kendall “Eyebrows.” These guys were going after the whole band? Before he could think he was crying out.
“What do you want from us? Why are you doing this?”
Slasher gave him an amused look but Animal ignored him.
“Ain't it obvious what we want?”
The blond thug grabbed him by the back of the neck to turn him to face Cobra pounding relentlessly into a silently crying Logan. Carlos involuntarily whimpered and Logan turned away, broken.
“You ain't fooling me with that refried bean story, chico. I'm going to fuck you. But first I'll fuck your friend right there. Then I'll fuck your friend with the eyebrows. Then I'll make you fuck the both of them before I split your ass wide open.”
Carlos closed his eyes, his trembling escalated to critical level. He didn't know what to do, how to do it, how to process this nightmare. It was too much to handle and he found himself dizzy.
I just wanted free corndogs, he sobbed inwardly.
I just wanted free corndogs.


It was Cobra that sent the text. He'd taken Logan's phone and demanded the passcode. In no position to argue, Logan had submitted. He'd opted for James since he was just as gullible as their current captives.
James responded immediately begging for the info.
James: WHERE?
Cobra smiled widely at his accomplices. 
“They're on their way.”
Carlos glanced up at Logan with dread in his eyes.  The creeps were going to get Kendall and James! He'd already seen what they could do and had no doubt that there were worse things to come. Especially for James. The way Animal began shifting when he was even mentioned, it was obvious that he was fixated on him. To imagine someone as beautiful as his bandmate being touched by something so mean and ugly as Animal…it was incomprehensible.
Logan didn't meet Carlos's eyes this time. He stared up at the ceiling, spaced out. He'd left the building, Carlos realized, finally done in by the monster grinning between his open thighs. A horrible thought hit Carlos then, if what he'd seen in only the time he'd been here had been bad, how much more had Logan seen holed up by himself with these guys for God knew how long? What all could they have done to him?
“Tie him up,” Cobra ordered and Carlos yelped as he was yanked to his feet.
That seemed to wake Logan whose head snapped his way. Slasher secured Carlos’s wrists against the leg of the table then his ankles. He wasn't laid across the way Logan was but bent over the side leaving his rear exposed. Slasher slapped it for emphasis of his threat earlier and Carlos gasped. 
The thugs forgot about them for a moment and began to talk amongst themselves.
As Logan was in whispering distance, he spoke to his friend.
“Carlos? Are you okay?”
He didn't know why but hearing his voice helped.
“I'm scared, Logie.”
He hadn't meant to allow the sob to shake his voice but he couldn't help it.
“It'll be okay. I'll distract them. That way they won't do much to you.”
Carlos looked at him.
“What about you?”
Logan bit his lip, eyes above.
“It doesn’t matter what they do to me anymore. They’ve already done it.”
Carlos stared at him, truly sad for his friend when a particularly harsh smack landed on his ass.
“What you two whispering about?” Slasher laughed.
“How bad you want me to fuck you?”
He reached around to cup Carlos's balls and began to fondle them. Carlos tried to shift away but that earned a firmer grip.
“What did I say about cooperation?” the bastard reminded him.
Remembering the initial threat against Logan, he ceased all resistance. But the more the thug fondled him the more his cock tingled until to his shame Carlos was fully erect. He closed his eyes, hating that his body was so sensitive. That it had betrayed him.
“Good boy.”
He rolled his fingers under Carlos's sack before wrapping his hardness with a fist.
“Damn you turn on fast chico. You're a natural slut aren't you?”
“Wait, you can't—” Logan started.
Without warning Slasher removed his hand to slap Logan across the face. The impact filled the entire room and Logan cried out. Carlos reacted automatically.
“Leave him alone!”
Cobra and Animal glanced their way.
“Excuse me?” Slasher laughed incredulously.
“Que pasa? Did you just give me an order chico?”
Cobra came over to watch.
“I think he did, man. A direct order,” he laughed.
Fear flooded the Latino as he realized he'd garnered the attention of TWO instead of one. Oh god were they going to take turns on him right there?
“H-he didn't mean it,” Logan tried to smooth things over.
“He's just—”
“Shutup nerd,” Slasher spat.
“Your time is coming.”
He ran a menacing hand down Carlos's trembling back.
“Maybe his time to be cumming is now,” Cobra suggested.
“The both of theirs.”
Carlos didn't know what that meant but he didn't like the sneer behind it.
“You mean—” Slasher asked.
“Uh huh,” Cobra answered.
“Ever since the Mexican got here my little nerd has been so distracted.”
He trailed his hand across Logan's bare chest, pausing to pinch a nipple.
“Now we find the Mexican defending him against big bad you.”
Slasher croaked out loud.
“Oh I'm definitely big and bad.”
“If I didn’t know any better, I'd say they don't want us touching them because they want to touch each other.”
Carlos's heart raced nervously. 
“Well he did enjoy that blow job a little too much earlier,” Slasher joked.
“You saw how fast chico came?”
“You saw how hard nerdboy sucked him off? He was so into it.”
“They both were.”
There was a pause, then Carlos felt himself being untied. 
What? Huh?
The thugs yanked him up and walked him around to the spot Cobra had occupied earlier, just between Logan's legs. Slasher took his cock again, thumbing the precum from his tip in a circle across the head. The tingling intensified.
“Lube him up,” Cobra ordered.
Carlos and Logan exchanged horrified glances. 
“I-I- can't—”
Cobra shoved Carlos against his pale friend impatiently.
“Get on with it!”
Slasher squeezed out some lube into his hand and forced his fist around Carlos's erection to slather it on. 
“Nerd should be wide open all the times you been up in him today,” Slasher snickered.
He’d literally just fucked him before the text. Cobra returned the gesture before shoving Carlos once more.
“Come on hermano. Give your buddy some of that papi cock.”
The two thugs laughed hysterically at the joke. As he was forced to climb on top of his friend, Carlos willed his cock to go down. If it went soft then he couldn't do what they wanted. He couldn't do the unthinkable. But with the adrenaline from his fear and the new sensations hitting his virgin body it stood out like a tower of solid rock. He swallowed, wishing for a miracle to stop this.
“Just do it,” Logan murmured barely above a breath.
Carlos blinked down at him.
“If you don't they'll hurt you. I can't let them hurt you.”
Carlos shook his head.
“No. No I can't—”
“If it's not you then it'll just be one of them,” Logan sounded defeated.
“At least this way they won't hurt you too.”
But Logan was wrong because making him violate his friend this way did hurt him.
Having no choice, Carlos aligned his prick to Logan's asshole. Then he began to push inside. 
“Fuck yea,” Slasher cheered.
Logan tensed but barely. He'd been at this all day. Carlos bit his lip as the hot tightness of his friend sent pleasures throughout his system. It wasn't supposed to feel good but god it did. Again his body had betrayed him. Guilt filling him, he sniffled back a tear.
“I'm sorry, he whispered to his friend beneath him.
He pushed in further and stifled a shaky gasp.
“I'm so sorry.”
Logan met his eyes then, focusing solely on him.
“Don't worry about me. Just do what they say and you'll be fine. I promise. It'll be over soon.”
But would it? 
Carlos stopped breathing when he was completely inside. His heart hammered, his mind blanked and all he could feel was the heat surrounding him. Rapidly he blinked, unsure of what to do. This was Logan, one of his best friends in the world. How could he just do this to him?
He was aware of jeers behind him but Carlos heard nothing but the pounding in his ears. He was trying so hard not to like the feel of Logan, so tight and warm and like nothing he'd felt in his entire life. He closed his eyes, guilt and pleasure and hatred of himself for how he wanted to thrust his hips—
Despite the raucous laughter behind him he was able to make out the one voice in the room that mattered. He opened his tear-filled eyes to see Logan.
“Listen to me, okay. It's going to be fine. Just do what they want.”
He shook his head.
“I can't.”
“You have to.”
“I can't hurt you.”
“Hey what's the hold up!” Slasher slapped Carlos's right ass cheek. He flinched but Logan held his gaze.
“Just focus on me. Look at me. It'll be okay.”
Then before Carlos could protest, Logan bucked his hips into him. The Latino gasped loudly and couldn't resist the urge to thrust. His mind went hazy with the sensation. As encouraged, he held his friend's eyes.
It's okay, Logan mouthed to him, out of sight of the thugs watching. They were more concerned with their lower regions anyway. 
Carlos obeyed him trustfully, holding on to his smarter friend's words if for nothing else than to hold himself together. If Logan said things would be okay then they would be. He was pretty much a genius. He couldn't be wrong. 
Waves of satisfaction swam through his cock as his pelvis moved it inside the bound boy. Carlos dropped his jaw and breathed in the pleasure.
“It's okay,” Logan repeated, “It's okay.”
He couldn't stop. His hips took over and he rolled them in a way that intensified the feel. Logan jerked abruptly but didn't cease to comfort him. His hips rolled again of their own volition. 
“Look at him go!” Cobra was cheering.
Carlos felt a pair of hands grasp his ass and begin slamming him faster into Logan. He groaned involuntarily, feeling his body tensing. He couldn't do this for much longer. While he still thrusted, a slippery finger slid into his ass. He barely noticed as his balls tightened. He was going to cum any second now. The finger inside him stroked back and forth as Carlos's hips rolled. He gazed at Logan, almost begging his permission. His friend mouthed the words and Carlos felt his cock burst.
He groaned as he came, as he shot his spunk into the tightness that was Logan’s canal. Once empty his face dropped, buried in the pale neck beneath him. He'd never had an orgasm so strong. 
“I'm so sorry,” he whispered again as he tried to catch his breath.
Logan didn't say anything but rested his head down on Carlos's. 
“Damn that was fast,” Cobra remarked.
“Kid must love that tight nerd ass. I know I did.”
The finger in his ass slowly moved.
“Damnit Slasher I said you can't fuck him. Get your finger out of there before something shoots out!”
The finger was gone.
“Shit Cobra I'm fucking horny.”
As if he could hide from the threat, Carlos buried his face further. The scent of Logan's sweat filled him. Oddly that comforted him.
“Then fuck the nerd but the Mexican is off limits!”
Poor Logan. Not again. Feeling protective he tightened his arms around his pale friend.
“No, leave him alone!”
He couldn’t see their faces from behind him but he felt Logan tense.
“Carlos what are you doing?” he hissed.
“Yea chico what are you doing?” Slasher taunted.
He refused to let Logan go.
“Don't hurt him anymore. Please.”
Amusement from their captors. 
“You protecting your little white friend?” Cobra chuckled.
“You don't want Slasher fucking him?”
His heart was in his throat.
“Just leave him alone!”
“Well if he don't fuck your little friend he gotta fuck somebody. Who do you suggest?”
Carlos had no answer.
“Maybe your friend with the eyebrows? He's tall and blond and kind of sexy right? Looks like he can take it up the ass,” Cobra teased.
“Or what about your pretty friend—”
“The pretty is mine!” Animal growled from across the room. 
They'd forgotten he was there.
“Okay not him,” Cobra said too quickly.
“But that leaves no other choice.”
“The hell it don't,” Slasher whined, “I want to fuck him!”
“So enchiladas can shit out on the floor?”
“The kid was bluffing!”
“I ain't taking that chance.”
“Shit man did you see the way his hips moved? Come on!”
They were arguing over him like he was the last bag of cheese puffs or something. 
“For the last time, fuck the nerd or wait for Eyebrows but you ain't touching that Mexican's ass!”
Carlos jumped when Slasher tossed a chair at the wall. 
The next thing he knew he was being grabbed. He clung to Logan tighter.
“No! No!”
“It's okay,” Logan tried to say but Carlos refused to let go.
“No, you can't hurt him! Not anymore!”
“Move you stupid little spic!”
“Ha, he's fighting for his bitch huh?”
“He keeps fighting and I'll cut his bitch's throat!” Slasher threatened.
That one threat to his dear friend's life was all it took for Carlos to decide.
“Take me instead, just leave him alone!”
The tugging stopped. Cobra burst into snickers.
“Well how about that?”
“You heard him, he's volunteering. Let me fuck him, Cobra. I swear he won't make a mess.”
It was weird to hear the thug plead.
“Fine, do what you want but if he makes a mess you're cleaning it up.”
He went for the barstool and sat down to watch. Carlos glanced down at Logan who was shaking his head.
“No, you can't do this,” his brown eyes were welling up.
“I can't let them hurt you anymore, Logie.”
While Logan protested Carlos felt eager fingers invading his rectum. He jumped but tried not to make a sound. He was doing this for Logan, to protect him from Slasher. He kept that thought at the forefront. It occurred to Carlos then that he was still inside of Logan. After cumming he'd never pulled out. Thinking of his friend he started to scoot out when a firm hand stopped him.
“No, stay like that,” Slasher murmured as he worked his asshole. 
“I'll fuck you while you fuck him.”
His fingers weren't so gentle, now Carlos felt multiples but he wasn't sure how many. The lube made it easier but it still hurt to be stretched so hastily. He grimaced.
“Hey. Don't think about it,” Logan whispered.
“Just concentrate on me.”
Carlos wasn't sure what he meant until he felt Logan's hips move. He blinked.
“I'm gonna tear that ass up, chico,” Slasher had held off for long enough.
“Say hello to Daddy.”
He didn't quite ease himself in but plunged. Carlos yelped at the intrusion, causing a satisfied groan from his attacker.
“Fuck, that ass is so tight.”
He whimpered at the pain which only made Slasher thrust harder. He apparently got off on hurting others.
“Focus on me,” Logan whispered again and he moved his hips in a way that tingled Carlos's prick.
What was he doing? Carlos stared at him as Logan shifted his head to lick aside his exposed neck. His cock began to waken.
“Focus. On. Me.”
Perhaps it was the authority in his voice, maybe the unrelenting trust he would always have for his genius of a friend but Carlos obeyed and focused solely on Logan. This time he didn't tell him things would be okay. Instead he let his body do the talking.
Logan bucked into him slowly, further encouraging the erection building inside him. Carlos felt it twitching to life. It didn’t take long until he was at full attention. Logan seemed to feel it and began to move.
The mixture of pleasure from one end and pain from the other confused him but not enough to stop his throat from releasing the sound. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Logan as his brunette friend continued to lift into him. Massaging his hard cock with his tender insides. 
“Fuck, Slasher I think he likes it.”
Neither paid Cobra any mind as Slasher focused on the tight tan ass he was plundering, Carlos on the strokes to his own friend. Sweat covered the three of them as they moved, totally locked on each other.
Cobra whistled. It would take him a while to get back up for fun. He'd been fucking the cute little nerd all day. But he could enjoy watching.
Slasher wasn't as patient as his comrade, his strokes speeding up far too quickly. But he was able to pull back before spilling. He planned to punish the kid for making him hold out so long. And to do that this needed to last.
Carlos breathed at Logan's movements. Again the pale brunette licked at his throat and this time Carlos moaned. His attacker grunted behind him. Seeing that neck play got a response, Logan continued licking, adding gentle suckles to the mix. Carlos was growing hazy again and began breathing through his mouth.
“Goddamn,” Slasher groaned, appreciating the feel of the Latino.
He smacked his behind roughly and continued to fuck him. Then he noticed Logan on the boy's neck.
“I fucking knew it!”
Carlos tuned him out, his all on Logan. He closed his eyes and held him closer. Truly felt him. Then his hips took over again. The sight drew Slasher closer to his finish. The thugs watched them intently until he was finally busting inside Carlos. He cursed loudly, his voice booming enough to drown out the sound of two people in the hallway. Carlos kept going until he felt himself closing out. He was spilling uncontrollably inside of Logan when the door opened. 
“Bring on the hair ge—”
All eyes shot to James as he and Kendall blinked at the vision in the room. Logan screamed before Carlos could catch his breath.
James scurried off but Kendall hesitated just enough to be knocked over by the tower of Animal. He didn't give the blond another look as he charged after James.
“Here, Pretty Pretty!” he called menacingly.
Kendall was halfway to his feet before Cobra knocked him out with a punch to the face.
“Kendall!” Carlos tried to get up but Slasher pinned him with his weight.
“You keep fucking the nerd. We’ll take care of Eyebrows.”
Cobra laughed as he dragged Kendall’s limp body away from the open door. His nose was bleeding profusely.
“Looks like we made a new friend,” he taunted. 
“Can't wait to get to know him better, right Slash?”
The blond thug lifted off of Carlos, pulling his cock from his hole in the process. He and Cobra kneeled over Kendall for inspection.
“We can't let them hurt him,” Logan sounded desperate.
Carlos noted the despair in his eyes. He felt it too.
“I don't know what to do. Tell me what to do!”
“Loosen my wrist,” he instructed.
Carlos glanced over at the thugs who were fidgeting with Kendall's belt. As they were distracted, he quickly moved.
“What about the other one?”
Slasher glanced over.
“You two like fucking each other don't you? How about fucking this guy next?”
He winked at Logan.
“Haven't seen your cock in action yet. You want the first round?”
Kendall groaned. Cobra began undoing his pants.
“How long do you think until Animal catches up to the pretty one?” 
Slasher smirked.
“I don't know but did you see that fat bastard move? Damn near trampled Eyebrows here to get to him.”
Logan gave Carlos a nod and he reached for his other wrist. 
“You know, as much fun as it is getting these little fag boys I gotta admit I feel a little sorry for that pretty one,” Cobra noted.
“I mean, Animal is a sick motherfucker.”
Logan was loose enough to reach into the pocket of the pool table and grasp a couple of balls. Carlos followed suit and grabbed the remaining one.
“What do you think Animal's going to do to him?” Slasher sounded excited.
Cobra shrugged.
“I don't know but when we were locked up together I heard he turned his cellmate inside out.”
The thugs shuddered in unison.
Regaining consciousness, Kendall swatted at the hands on his clothes.
“What…what's going on?”
Cobra laughed.
“Look who rejoined the waking world.”
The young blond blinked up at him struggling to process. It was clear he was quite dazed from the hit. Cobra managed to get his pants off before the teen realized what was happening.
“Wait, what the hell!”
Carlos leaped onto Slasher’s back and began beating his head with the pool ball. The blond thug attempted to knock him off but quickly went down with a hard knock to the noggin. Cobra whirled around to catch Logan attempting the same move. The lead thug caught both of his arms and easily pinned him back down to the table.
“Oh look, it's our favorite position,” he teased before pressing his lips to Logan's for a bullying kiss.
Memories of the day's violations flashed before his eyes and Logan began to sob. His entire body deflated.
Kendall moved to action, leaping onto the creep that had his friend pinned. He attacked with all he had until Cobra had to back away to fend him off. Logan collapsed on the floor then, curling up into a fetal position.
“Leave him alone you son of a bitch!” Carlos grabbed Cobra's discarded beer bottle and cracked it over his face. 
The criminal screamed as glass broke off everywhere.
“My eyes! My fucking eyes!” he screamed.
“You'll never look at Logan like that again asshole!” 
Kendall let him fall to the ground before giving him a swift kick in the junk. Cobra howled in pain.
“Grab my phone and call the cops,” he urged Carlos.
“I'm going to try to find James before that big guy gets to him.”
Carlos nodded and dialed 911. Kendall hurried off leaving the original captives. As he spoke to the operator Carlos noticed Logan on the floor. He rushed to him and touched his shoulder.
His friend folded in tighter, whimpering at the contact.
“Logie it's me. Carlos.”
“Excuse me sir,” the operator was saying.
“Come to 245 Sanford Ave. Please sends cops and an ambulance. Hurry!”
He dropped the phone then and got down on his knees.
“I'm here. I won't let them hurt you anymore. I took care of it.”
But Logan had once again left the building. Carlos touched his hair but this time Logan didn't respond. He didn't know what else to do so he lied down behind his quivering friend and held him until the paramedics arrived.


There was no sign of James. Or Animal. Logan and Carlos were both admitted to the hospital and at Carlos's request assigned to the same room. Kendall's nose wasn't broken but it would be swollen for a few days. Mama Knight was contacted and she was on her way back to town. 
The other boys’ parents were booking the quickest flights.
Thought it was humiliating to admit out in the open, Kendall convinced Carlos to submit to a rape kit. He assured him that it would help convict the bastards who'd done this. Since Slasher was the only one who'd touched him, that would at least solve one problem. But if they wanted to get Cobra on more than just kidnapping, they would have to get Logan to cooperate too.
He hadn't spoken or even made a sound since his arrival. It was clear to the hospital staff what had happened to him so they'd handled him with care. The cops hadn't been as kind, asking questions that not only couldn't Logan bear to answer but sent him deeper into his void. Carlos had done all he could to help but he couldn't account for the time Logan had been alone with the thugs. The only thing he knew for certain was that Slasher hadn't been able to get to him and that was based off of what Slasher had said to Cobra during their exchanges. Carlos was at least thankful for that. 
“He tried to protect me,” he confessed to Kendall as they awaited Mrs. Knight's arrival.
Logan had been sedated due to his mental state.
“He lied to them to keep them off me. He offered himself instead. He said it didn't matter what they did to him because they'd already done everything.”
He wiped his eyes, shaking at the recollection. Kendall sat on his bed, held him in his arms consolingly.
“You don't know what they made us do. What they made me do to him. They said they'd kill him if I didn't obey.”
Kendall squeezed him.
“It's okay, we got them now. They're not going anywhere except prison for a long time.”
Carlos sniffled against him. He wouldn’t dare bring up what else Logan had done. How in order to make the pain of Slasher less, he'd distracted Carlos with his own body, lips and tongue. He'd tried to give him a positive to tune out the negative. It hadn't clicked at the time but now he understood. 
“But what about James? Have they found him yet?”
He shuddered at the thought of Animal. 
“They'll find him,” Kendall promised.
“He's probably just hiding. Remember how good he always was at hide-n-seek?”
Carlos nodded. He hoped so.
“That man. Animal. He was obsessed with James. Like really scary obsessed. I think even worse than the ones that got me and Logan.”
Kendall gave him another squeeze.
“James is pretty fast. I'm sure he got away.”
But there was a tremble in Kendall's voice as well. He was afraid for their friend too.
“You need to get some rest. You've had a long horrible day.”
Carlos sniffled.
“I don't think I'll ever sleep again.”
But his entire being was exhausted. He yawned against Kendall's warmth. Within the next fifteen minutes he was fast asleep. Kendall held him a while longer before gently setting him down against his pillow. He touched his forehead in a gesture of brotherly love before tucking him in. Then he crossed over to Logan's side of the room. 
His friend seemed smaller and paler than ever. He sat on the bed, brushed Logan's dark hair back from his forehead.
“You're so fucking brave,” he told him quietly.
“To do what you did for Carlos. Especially after all you must've been through.”
He clenched his jaw.
“What I saw when I walked in there…that man and you and Carlos, I didn't know what I was seeing. I still can't imagine…”
He felt his eyes burning. Kendall had known he couldn't cry in front of Carlos because the poor guy was barely holding it together. Had it not been for Logan Carlos wouldn't have even had that.
“I should've realized something was wrong a lot sooner. Maybe if I had then you wouldn't be like this.”
He wiped his eyes with the back of his free hand.
“I love you guys so much. I can't stand that this happened to you.”
He leaned down and hugged his sleeping friend tightly. 
“At least you're safe now. You and Carlos.”
He could only hope the same could be said about James.

James opened his eyes, his head feeling groggy and muddled. He tried to focus, to figure out what was what. The last thing he remembered was dashing down Sanford Ave with a bulldog chasing him…no wait. He blinked.
Free hair gel. He'd gone looking for free hair gel and found Logan and Carlos tied to a pool table screaming for him to run. So he'd run. Then he'd heard that gravelly voice.
“Here Pretty, Pretty!”
The memory caused his entire body to shudder. When he did so, he heard the rattle of chains.
What the…
James shook his head, coming to. He wasn't lying down but there was a breeze over his skin. He moved his arms but they remained above his head. More chains rattled.
He glanced up, found in the dim light that his arms were bare and yes chained to some contraption on the ceiling. He yanked on it but the damn thing was secure. An unholy sense of dread flooded him. Nervously he glanced down at the rest of his body and found that to be bare as well. His ankles were separated and linked into manacles attached to the floor. 
He was completely naked and chained. This was not good. Panicking he did the only thing he could think of. He cried for help.
“Somebody please! Help!”
For a few minutes it appeared no one was coming. Then he heard a door creak to the upper right. He glanced that way to find a large shadow at the top of the stairs. As the figure descended, James felt his stomach lurching up into his throat. 
No, please God, no.
The pouched face grinned, revealing badly stained teeth. 
“Hello there Pretty. Welcome to the animal house.”
All James could do was scream. And scream. And scream.






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