Stranger Things: One Night Out of Town

BY : Sage of Discord
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Disclaimer: I do not own "Stranger Things" or any of its characters, they are all copyright to The Duffer Brothers & Netflix. I'm not making dime one off this, it's only done for the enjoyment of myself and others. Please don't sue.

(There is a truly sad dearth of ST fiction here, so this is my effort to counter that. It popped into my head at this starting point, so here it is).


This was insane, Jonathan thought.

Nancy Wheeler, a girl he'd fantasized about more times than he cared to admit while he jerked his cock, was now kneeling above his legs, sucking his cock.  He thought about pinching himself, but decided that if it was a dream, he didn't want to wake up yet.  He groaned at the incredible sensations, and found himself absurdly glad that he'd showered before they tried to go to bed.  She finally stopped, giving the head of his cock a drawn-out lick as she backed off, then sat back, displaying her body to him unashamed.  "So...was that okay?  Did you like it?"

"Nancy..." Jonathan goggled at her.  "That -- that was amazing!"  He saw the tension in the way she was holding herself and realized, with a mental smack on his forehead, that she must be pretty turned on as well.  "Do...I mean, would you like me to, uh...go...down...?"

The brunette's eyes widened just a bit and she gnawed on her lower lip.  "You don't...mind?"

"Hey, I'll try anything once," Jonathan joked, then moved over to let her lie down.  As she positioned herself, he crawled to where she'd been kneeling, and froze as she hesitantly spread her thighs, letting him get a good look at the first real-live pussy he'd ever seen.  He blinked a few times, then realized that she was blushing crimson, the red flowering all the way down to the tops of her small breasts.  "Hey, no," he tried to reassure her.  "It -- it's sexy.  You're sexy."  He moved back and lay down, gently prodding her to bend her knees a bit. " there anything you, like, want me to do?"

"I..." Nancy hesitated, her cheeks still scarlet.  "I don't know."

Jonathan quirked an eyebrow.  "Steve never -- "  Nancy held up a finger and silenced him.

"Okay, one rule: neither of us are going to talk about anyone else.  Right?"

Jonathan again could have smacked himself.  "Right.  Sorry."  He cleared his throat.  "Okay.  So, uh, I'm just gonna...start."  He moved his face closer to the intricate folds under their sparse covering of brunette curls, and allowed the scent to flood his nostrils.  His cock grew even harder where he was laying on it, and he had to turn his hips to one side in an effort to relieve the discomfort.  Just as he opened his mouth, Nancy spoke again.

"It doesn't smell like fish, does it?"

Jonathan had to strain with all his might not to laugh; he didn't think that would go over so well.  Thankfully, the urge passed after only a few seconds.  "No.  No, it doesn't smell like fish.  I mean..." he inhaled again  "It doesn't smell bad, it just...I guess it just smells like..."  He hesitated, not wanting to offend her.

"Pussy?" Nancy asked, grinning.

"Well, yeah.  Shocker, huh?" Jonathan grinned back.  Then, before either of them could distract each other again, he pressed his lips against her, his tongue darting out to collect the glimmer of wetness that he could see even in the low light.  The effect was instantaneous: Nancy's entire body jerked and she let out a strangled groan, this progressing to soft whines as he ate her.  After a minute, he stopped.  "And before you ask, it doesn't taste like fish either.'s not a bad taste, it just doesn't taste like anything else."  He shrugged.  "Best I can do.  Sorry."  Ducking his head again, he began to experiment, licking her in earnest, drawing muffled whimpers and curses as he learned what she liked.  Not long passed before he felt her thighs begin to tremble, but before he could stop to ask if something was wrong, she had laced the fingers of her right hand into his hair.

"Jonathan..." she whispered.  "Don't stop...I'm gonna cum..."  He did as she asked, and it couldn't have been more than thirty seconds before her entire body stiffened and she let out a long moan, its volume muffled by her other hand as she bucked her hips into his face.  Finally, her orgasm ended and she released the death grip on his head, a beatific smile on her face as he looked up her abdomen.  Jonathan couldn't help wondering how he'd done, and after a moment, she sighed and beckoned him toward her.  Crawling over her right leg -- keeping his cock well clear of her for the moment -- he blinked in surprise when she pulled him in for a kiss, knowing his lips were coated with her wetness.  "That was...awesome," she sighed after they broke apart.  They looked into each other's eyes, and then he could tell she had made up her mind.  "I want you," she flatly told him.  "Now."

"Are you sure?" Jonathan asked, not wanting to pressure her.

"Always the gentleman," Nancy smiled.  "Jonathan...when a girl has sucked your cock, you've eaten her pussy until she came, and then she asks you to fuck fuck her."

"No, I just -- I mean -- " Jonathan stammered.  "I don't have...anything.  Rubbers."

"Oh.  Right."  Nancy sobered for a moment, and she cut her eyes to one side.  "Is this the third?"

"Uh...the fourth, now," he answered.

"Alright," she nodded.  "It should be safe."  Then she hesitated.  "But...uh...can you...not cum inside me?"

Jonathan blinked.  "Like...pull out?  Sure."

"Cool," she smiled again, then began to kiss him, and before Jonathan knew it he was braced on his elbows, his body covering hers.  He gasped as her hand gripped his cock, and couldn't help looking down to see that she was using her other hand to spread herself open -- he felt the head lodge in a small depression and her hips canted up and he was inside her and it was bliss.  Rapture.  Heaven.  He lowered himself so that his chest was pressing against her breasts and began to thrust, her legs wrapping around his hips and their mouths glued together in what felt like a permanent kiss.  There were no words, just sighs and moans as they fucked, falling into a pace as old as time itself.  Jonathan was no virgin, but his previous experiences couldn't compare to this; Nancy was a very enthusiastic lover, pulling herself up to meet each of his plunges, hands in constant motion across his body, soft cries of sexual pleasure that were the most incredible sounds he'd ever heard.

Unfortunately, it couldn't last.  He glanced at the clock and saw that he'd managed to go for nearly ten minutes -- a personal best, part of his mind noted -- with the familiar heaviness in his balls that indicated he was about to shoot.  But there was a problem: Nancy was approaching her own climax and her legs had a death grip on his lower half.  If he didn't manage to make her release him, pulling out wasn't going to be an option.  "Nancy..." he panted.  "Nancy, I'm close..."

" I..." she whined.  "Please, just...just a little longer..."

Jonathan didn't think that was a feasible request, so he did the only thing he could think of: resting all his weight on his left elbow and forearm, he slid his right hand down to where they were joined and began to stroke her clit with his index finger.  Nancy's eyes shot wide open and she sucked in a huge breath; she yanked his mouth back to hers and cried out in total abandon as her second orgasm of the night tore through her, the sensations driven even higher by Jonathan's unbroken movements.  Jonathan bit down on his lip almost hard enough to draw blood as he realized making her cum had been a tactical error; the velvety soft walls that were already gripping him like a glove three sizes too small now rippled up and down his length.  He didn't think he was going to have a choice about -- Nancy's crossed feet parted and her legs fell limply to the mattress, and Jonathan had just enough time to draw himself out of her pussy before his own orgasm hit, the first blast of semen reaching her right breast.  He gripped his cock to finish himself off, and five, six more shots of white liquid fell on her slender body, from her chest almost down to the top of her pubic hair.  Groaning with exhaustion, he fell heavily to his back beside her, both of them panting in the aftermath of their liason.  "Holy..." he breathed.

"...Shit," Nancy completed.  Before either of them knew it, they had joined hands again, this gesture somehow more meaningful than most.  After a few minutes, they were both more or less able to function.  "That was...that was great."

"Yeah," Jonathan replied stupidly.  "I mean...really great."

Nancy raised her head and looked down at her torso, frowning for a moment, then she smirked at Jonathan, who could only shrug.  " least you did what I asked.  I almost thought you wouldn't, but at the time I didn't care."

"Hey, it would have been your fault," Jonathan teased.  "You should go out for high jump with legs that strong."

Nancy chuckled as she poured some water on a napkin and cleaned herself off.  "Still...thank you."

"Anytime," Jonathan said, drawing a guffaw from her.  She balled up the ruined napkin and dropped it in the trash, then motioned Jonathan to stand up; when he did she drew back the covers and got under them, raising one eyebrow and nodding toward the other half of the bed.  Jonathan got in, and Nancy missed his stunned expression as she snuggled up against him.  "So...uh...tomorrow..."

"Tomorrow is tomorrow," Nancy drew back slightly and looked into his eyes.  "We...we'll figure it out."  She brought her mouth to his, and while their previous kisses had been full of passion and lust, Jonathan felt something different this time.  "Right now...I think we both really need some sleep."

"You're not wrong," Jonathan reached over and turned the lamp off, plunging them into blackness.  "Feel like I did suicides for an entire gym period."  He felt her take up her previous position, and kissed the top of her head.  "G'night," he whispered.

"Ni--night," she yawned, draping her left arm over his chest.  Just a few minutes later, he felt her relax into sleep, and not long after that, he followed suit.  Tomorrow could wait.  For a while, at least.

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