A Real Man

BY : TheChemist
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“Mr. Andrews! Nice haircut,” Cheryl said, her voice chipper. At the same time Fred Andrews looked down the young woman in front of him and noticed the guitar case in her hand, her eyes were roaming his athletic frame as well. “You're looking extremely DILF-y today. Is Archie home?”


“Cheryl, yes,” Fred answered, feeling more awkward now then ever. “Um, come on in.”


As Cheryl walked through the doorway, she turned up her strut to give the man a little show. Like always, Cheryl had worn tight fitting clothing to show off her amazing teenage assets that include a booty that was high, tight and thick, thicker than any ass should reasonably been on a girl that skinny. To showcase it, today she wore a short plaid skirt that highlighted her delicious tush as well as show off plenty of her meaty pale legs.


Looking back over her shoulder as she was on the verge of entering the kitchen to see Archie, Cheryl stopped and gave a look over her shoulder, finding the much older man with his eyes glued to her exquisite bottom. “See something you like, Fred?”


Cheryl left her eyes on him long enough to his his face change to embarrassed having been caught looking at a 16-year old’s ass. Not a red-blooded male could blame him, after all Cheryl Blossom had a ridiculously amazing body especially for one so young and petite, however Fred held himself to a higher standard than that. However, before he could say anything the curvy seductress had resumed her walk, journeying into the kitchen to speak with his son.


* * *


“So we have the dinner at 6pm, right?” Archie asked his red-haired date as the next school day was winding down.


“Correct Archie,” Cheryl confirmed. “So be at Thornhill by 5:45...please.”


“No problem. I have football until 5 so by the time I grab a shower and get changed I’ll head right to your place,” the muscular boy replied. “I’ll have to tell my dad I won’t be able to pick up any burgers for us tonight.”


“And Fred won’t be too sad I’m stealing his darling baby boy for the evening,” the redhead asked.


“Nope, in fact I think he needs it. He has been working so hard that a few things around the house need repairing that require more experienced hands,” Archie replied, lifting his arms up and showing several scratches and scrapes. “So since the construction project is finally humming along smoothly he took a day off to sort some of that out.”


“Interesting…” Cheryl said, the wheels in her devious head spinning as fast as ever.


“So you have cheerleading now?” Archie asked rather redundantly, seeing that the curvy redhead was in her River Vixen’s cheer uniform.


“What? Oh, yes. I have to go,” Cheryl announced abruptly.


The pair said their final goodbyes albeit with Cheryl’s being rather curt. It wasn’t because Archie had done anything to upset her, rather the opposite. He had actually delivered a tidy morsel of fun news right into her lap. It had taken her a handful of seconds to decide what to do with it, but now her mind was set.


The gorgeous girl walked quickly to the gym and was the last Vixen to arrive for practice, which was common since she was captain and found that to mean she was above everyone else. However, rather than start to lead stretches Cheryl went and spoke with her two vice captains, who happened to be her closest friends as well.


“Listen Tina, I have a pressing matter to attend too so you and Ginger run today’s practice, alright?” Cheryl dictated.


“Yeah, no problem boss,” one of the two mindless minions answered.


* * *


“And now I give this a little twist, seal it shut and tada! Another item off the list,” Fred said to himself as he finished the last of the electrical work around the house.


Since he and his wife separated, Fred had been left to care for the modest suburban home all by himself. Archie helped and did well for a 16 year old, but a lot of the work needed more of a professional’s touch, falling to the elder Andrews man. However, between raising Archie and working nearly 60+ hours at the constriction site, Fred found the home repair list growing longer. He also realized that a lot of his drive to do the work was from his wife...ex-wife rather, and her ‘honey-do lists’.




Fred was in the back of the house and was tempted just to tell himself he couldn’t hear the front door being struck. However, that would have been dishonest and that would never do. Instead, he wiped his hands on a spare rag before going to greet his guest who turned out to be a figure straight from on his favorite porns. Standing before him was a petite teen with her flaming red hair in a long ponytail flowing down her white-and-blue cheerleading uniform with a skirt that just covered her insanely thick booty and showed plenty of her meaty thighs while the top was cut low enough to allow his eyes to sample her deep cleavage.


“Ch...Cheryl...um...Archie isn’t home,” fred finally found his voice, drawing a wide predatory smile from the much younger girl.


I know that silly,” Cheryl said, stepping sideways into the house but being sure to allow her perky C-cups to graze her arm as she did so.


“What can I do for you then, Miss Blossom,” Fred asked, looking a little annoyed at the admittedly smoking hot teenager.


“We could start with a drink,” she replied, swaying her ass seductively as she walked into the kitchen.


“Sure,” Fred begrudgingly agreed, following her in and heading to the fridge. “Iced tea?”


“Make it a Long Island?”


“I don’t think so,” he said, handing her a full glass. “Now, Cheryl, what are you doing here.”


Cheryl took a drink of the cold beverage as she eyed her friend’s father. He may have just turned 50 not long ago but the man took care of himself. His sinewy, grisle muscles were on display nicely in his white sleeveless shirt, while his slim-fitting jeans showed he carried not an ounce of fat. However, what really turned Cheryl on about him was some stories she overheard her mom telling a friend about Fred back in the day, about how he was a real stud who fucked everyone and left a wake of satisfied women behind.


“You seem like a man who values honesty while I’m a woman who believes in being direct and pursuing what she wants. So, Fred, have you ever fucked one of your son’s friends?”


“What,” he asked in shock, eyes bulging before he calmed himself and wore his usual mask of neutrality.


Cheryl put her glass down before she stepped around the island so that she was leaning against it, no more than 2 feet away from the handsome older man. She was nearly a foot shorter than Fred so their closeness allowed him a great view down her cheerleader uniform at her mountainous cleavage.


“Come on Mr. Andrews. I saw the way you looked at me yesterday,” the ginger explained.


Being bold, which she was very good at, Cheryl stepped right up to him so their chests were touching. Going up onto her toes, the sexy redhead touched his face tenderly then pressed her lips against his. His stubble scratched her face, but she loved the feel of it, however the older man proved resistant to her seduction technique as he refused to return the kiss, even when she tried pushing her tongue into his mouth.


“God Fred. Can’t you fucking recognize a great God damn offer when you see one,” Cheryl fumed, turning around to look away from the man who just spurned her.


Finally something inside Fred snapped. He didn’t know if it was because of the long months spent without sexual release with his wife being the last woman he laid with and that being over half a year ago, stirred up from the kiss. Maybe it was because the firecracker of a girl was being so shamelessly flirtatious with him and with her long red hair and fiery personality reminded him of his ex-wife when they fell in love in high school. Likely it was a combination of the two that spurred him to action.


“So I’ll go get - oh,” Cheryl started to say as she turned back to face him, fighting tears when suddenly his lips were pressing against hers. He intensified their kiss, opening his mouth and shoving his tongue into her mouth, which caused Cheryl to moaned in response.


“I want you to understand that if we do this, I’m not like those little high school boys you normally play with,” Fred said with a new intensity Cheryl didn’t know existed.


“Clearly,” the confident redhead replied, rubbing his cock overtop his jeans to emphasize that he was far from little in the cock department.


“I’m serious,” he retorted, using his hand to tangle in her gorgeous red hair before he tugged back sharply to empathize his point.


Cheryl gave a squeak of surprise more than pain, though there was some of that as well. She could tell from seeing him around town the last few years that the good-looking older man had a certain rugged sexualitity to him, but seeing him now, the redhead understood he was and still is a bad boy. And that excited her to no end.


“So am I,” she answered, looking him dead in the eye.


Cheryl saw him start to bend down again so she closed her eyes, anticipating a kiss. However, that wasn’t what Fred had on the cards at all. Instead, the man over 3 times her age used his vice-like hand strength to grab her hips before spinning her around to face the counter. She could have guessed next that a hand would be placed between her shoulder blades to bend her over, which was exactly what happened. Cheryl also predicted his next move, which was to reach underneath the skirt of her cheerleading uniform to pull down her panties, however she had beaten him to that punch in the car on her drive to his house.


“Dirty girl,” Fred’s deep voice cooed in her ear as he straightened back up. “I’m gonna fuck you now.”


Cheryl simply looked back over her shoulder at her new boyfriend’s dad and smiled seductively at him. She allowed him to hoist her leg up so it rested on the counter, which gave the older man a better angle at her ripe teen pussy while showcasing her impressive flexibility. Fred didn’t have a chance to learn if the carpets match the drapes as Cheryl waxed her pussy completely bald, the style of choice for most girls her age these days.


He didn’t know if the teen girl was on the pill, but the older man was too blinded with desire and lust to care. In his time in high school Fred had never known a 16 year old with such sexual confidence and he wasn’t going to spoil that by tracking down a condom and diminishing his pleasure. Instead, he pushed his pants down to his ankles, dragged his unprotected head through her folds then pushed inside Cheryl Blossom.


“Please dooo...awwwhhhh,” the ginger grunted in reply.


Within a few thrusts, Fred Andrews was sawing his entire 8 inch member into the daughter of the richest family in Riverdale. Just as he expected, Cheryl was as tight as any pussy he could remember fucking. She was far from a virgin, in fact she had already taken a half dozen lovers in her one year of sexual activity, but she was a teenager thus her pussy felt like a velvet vice around his thick cock.


“Fuck...yes,” he grunted and groaned.


His hips started to pump into the 16 year old girl faster, little by little. True to his word, Fred was fucking her fast and raw with everything he had in every thrust. While not going at lightning speed, yet, the much older man was thundering his hips forward to crash hard against her thick ass, leaving ripples in his wake. With each thrust he penetrated as deep and hard as humanly possible, and though it was completely different than anything Cheryl was used to, it was really working for her.


“Mhmm...great tits,” Mr. Andrews commented.


Originally both were groping her cushiony ass, which made the pale flesh turn red in short order. However, he quickly remembered her best feature; those pillowy tits that were unbelieveable for any high schooler to possess, let alone a sophomore. After disposing of her uniform top in record time, the older man slid both hands to her large tits, which felt soft in his hands as he squeezed. After a brief pause Fred relaxed his grip in order to clutch each nipple between his thumb and forefinger before rolling them. He knew the pinch hurt her slightly, but not enough to take her out of the now. He did all this without breaking stride from his relentless fucking.


“Holy shit...you’re so big,” Cheryl cooed as he crushed her large boobs with his hands. “And so deep.”


“Yeah? You like that,” Fred practically growled in her ear.


As if to accentuate his question, he dropped both hands from her heavenly breasts with one going to get a good grip of her thick ginger hair before pulling back sharply. Cheryl cried out, a slightly more discomforted noise mixed in with her constant stream of moans, as her head snapped back. With her chest heaved up in the air, Mr. Andrews reached down with his free hand to clutch her rounded hip in order to yank her back harder onto his cock as he propelled himself forward, fucking the teen even harder.


To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Cheryl seemed to respond. It was clear to him that his son picked a real sexual deviant for a girlfriend or whatever they were, and he was the one reaping the benefits. Whether he was jabbing his cock as deep as possible into her, mauling her tits or slapping the hell out of her pale ass, the ginger girl moaned all the louder because of it.


“Yeah. Keep going, just like that,” the curvy girl pleaded, using her one arm to shove back onto his dick.


Fred never considered slowing down or doing anything other than fucking the high school cheerleader with any less power then he was currently doing. The older man brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Cheryl’s hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.


To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Cheryl seemed to respond. He was also aware that the redhead had never been fucked like this. The rich girl was no stranger to older men, though Fred had her next suitor beat by a good 2 decades, but they were much more ginger with Cheryl. Snapping his thoughts back to the action at hand Fred’s hearing told him her orgasm was imminent so he stayed to course and waited for her outburst.


“Shit, shit, shit,” Cheryl swore as she felt tingling throughout her body. “God! I’m cumming!”


Fred was prepared to ride out her orgasm, slowing his thrusting down to a crawl to avoid her velvety pussy, which had become as tight as a vice, from milking him to completion as well. It may have seemed like an odd choice given the fact he hadn’t fucked anyone in months, but Fred wasn’t done showing the sharp-tongued mean girl what he was all about.


“Wow Mr Andrews,” Cheryl cooed, resting her head on the countertop to catch her breath, beads of sweat populating her back now.


Though she was the one nearly 40 years younger it was Fred who was the one who initiated more from their affair. Getting his hands back on her petite yet curvy body, the older man ran them down her flanks before hooking fingers into her cheerleader’s skirt and pulling it down her athletic legs. By the time Fred made it back to his feet, Cheryl had spun around to face him.




Cheryl cooed as the older man hoisted her up by her underarms before setting her down naked ass on the countertop. He may have been lean but it was crystal clear he was a lot stronger than he looked, though it wasn’t a great effort to lift the curvy student. Cheryl had to admit she was confused as to why Archie’s dad lifted her onto the counter instead of just finish as her ass was presented to him, so she was left very flummoxed when her laid her down so only her lower legs dangled off the edge.


“Oh my God!”


Fred licked her pink lips up and down then flicked out over the clitoris causing the vibrant redhead to quiver atop the kitchen counter. Not satisfied with just playing around the outside, the good looking man stuck his tongue as deep as he could inside her hole to sample her juices on the interior. The result was what he was hoping for as the taste was even sweeter than ever, not to mention he got off feeling the curvy girl squeeze his head with her inner thighs while screaming louder than before.


Of course Cheryl had been eaten out before but never by a man with a 10th of the skill that Archie Andrews’ father possessed. Fred was not only experienced in 30 years of the art, easily enough time for him to hone the skill, but he was driven to perform because he could all but guarantee that Cheryl was never properly gone down on, which of course was a correct assessment. Archie’s father had a true talent and was making the much younger girl sing whether his tongue dances through her slit, plunged her depths or darted at her clit.


“Yes...keep going,” Cheryl cooed, too wrapped up in her own pleasure as she quickly hurtled towards a second orgasm in record time.


Mr. Andrews knew his way around a woman’s snatch, having been between many of thighs in his day. Each woman was different so he learned quickly what moves got the biggest rise out of his horny lover then focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn’t surprise him when after only a few minutes, Cheryl was thrashing on the countertop, digging her hands through his sandy brown hair and pushing his face deeper into her pussy. After all, that was typically the reaction he got from his wi...ex-wife rather.


Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing redhead but she wasn’t ready to cum just yet. Knowing he could accomplish that whenever he wanted, he decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later. This was due to his own need to prove he still had it. After he and his wife split, Fred hadn’t been with another woman so today was allowing the older man to get back on the horse.


Having added a finger to pump into her twat, Fred latched his lips around the top of her clit and repeatedly flicked her clit with speed but with a gentle touch. “Oohhhh….yesssss….ugghhhhhh,” Cheryl screamed in orgasmic bliss


Fred lapped up every ounce of her cum that he could with his tongue, the first time eating out another woman besides his wife in nearly 30 years. He didn’t know if time faded his memories or girls these days just tasted sweeter, regardless Cheryl Blossom’s cum was the most flavorful and delicious woman he’d ever partook in.


Cheryl felt her muscles violently contract before they began to wilt, resembling the structure of wet noodles at this point. As she rested her head against the surface, the redhead figured she’d take a few breathfuls of air and let her racing heart slow before willing her petite yet curvy to move once more. However, Fred had one further surprise for the teen girl and it started by pushing his middle and ring finger as deep into her cunt as possible.


“Shit,” Cheryl swore as two fingers fucked her tightness, slowly at first but ever gaining momentum.


Though Cheryl had cum twice in relatively quick succession, Fred was certain he could make it a hat trick of orgasms with this final one cccuring in record time. As his fingers curled to tap repeatedly at her G spot, his aim being true given the moaning coming from the laying girl, but he got even louder screams when he used his mouth to latch onto the girl’s clit, creating a vacuum seal before sporadically flicking the bean with his tongue.


Two fingers continued their relentless assault on Cheryl’s pussy but for his objective he needed more speed. Once Fred was sure she was moments away from cumming once again he broke the seal around her clit and focused solely on his hand. As his fingers curled continuously to hit Cheryl’s G-spot, he used her arm to also drag forward, causing his palm to always be rubbing her clit.


“Fuck...gonna cum...gonna...cum,” Cheryl shrieked, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.


“Yes Cheryl. Come on, cum for me,” Fred encouraged in her ear.




Fred continued his blasting, being a relentless beast until he heard that last cry from the lust-filled redhead. As Cheryl’s orgasm first arrived, she found herself squirting her fluid from her pussy onto the palm of Fred’s hand, which acted to spray the projectile fluid mostly back onto Cheryl taut stomach and full tits. The sudden explosion of fluid from her cunt caused her to open her eyes, right as the fluid splashed all over her porcelain skin and countertop beneath her.


“I’ve never...wow,” Cheryl admitted before words failed her.


The much older man was trying to keep his expectations low for actually making the girl squirt, as it was a rare but rewarding feat. However, having previously done so on a number of occasions with Archie’s mother, he had the act down to a science, although he was worried he’d be rusty. However Cheryl proved to be the perfect subject as she was as relaxed as could be and she didn’t seem the type to hold back sexually.


Fred pulled his fingers from the absolutely exhausted girl’s pussy and felt how truly soaked in her juices it was. He was about to fling his hand down and away, throwing her copious amounts of fluid from his hand but before he could do so the pale girl reached out and seized his wrist with surprising strength. Fred looked down at her and instantly their eyes locked, gazes holding as Cheryl pulled his hand towards her until she could close her heavenly plump lips around the two fingers that made her cum and began sucking.


“Mhmm...Couldn’t have you wasting this deliciousness,” Cheryl cooed, now licking his palm to get the cum that had splattered there as well.


Fred understood the tiny redhead the moment she came into his house, trying to tempt him in her jailbait cheerleader uniform. He knew that this could be a one-and-done situation, a simple one night stand with a much older man to add to her list of sexual accomplishments. However, by blowing her mind like he clearly did, it all but guaranteed that Cheryl Blossom, daughter to the richest family in all of Riverdale, would be coming back for repeat business.

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