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This is an AU of Arrow where Shado doesn’t die in 2x09, but instead lives on alongside Sara. 

Lian Yu during the night

Standing around the fire pit, Oliver, Sara and Shado watch as the wooden box burns up into flames. Which Shado insisted they look inside the box to be the sure the serum really was in there and it was. Just in case Slade decided to do something stupid given his current problem with the Mirakuru.

Oliver for a moment glances between Shado and Sara with admiring their attractive bodies. Shado with the gray tank top and pants that hung to her body, making Shado’s curves, butt and other assets more pleasing to look at.  The same for Sara’s sexy body with her tight pants, jacket and shirt underneath that reveals just enough of her breasts. That’s on top of her blonde wavy hair and facial features.

“Anthony devoted his entire life to finding this.” Sara said a bit melancholy “Nobody even thought it was real. It was his dream.”

“Well his dream is gone now” Shado said.

“Did he ever say why?” Oliver asked glancing over.

“He wanted to save the world.” Sara replied with a sigh.

“Just proves the road to hell is paved with good initiations” Shado replied.

“So, what exactly are we going to do about Ivo tomorrow?” Sara asked.

“Lock him up in the very cells he held all his prisoners in, if it’s possible. If not, we kill him” Oliver said.

“Agreed” Shado replied.

“So what exactly do the three of us stand given well I was with Sara when the boat went down and right now currently in a relationship with you” Oliver said, looking towards Shado.

“Not sure, but is it really important given we might not make it tomorrow?” Sara asked.

“True” Oliver said agreeing to her point.

“Well you are right about this being our possible last night if we don’t make it and if we do survive our last night on the island. Besides it’s not like the three of us couldn’t use need a distraction” Shado said.

Glancing between them “You really thinking what I think you are?” Oliver asked catching on.

“Yes.” Shado said, with a smirk.

“What exactly do you mean?” Sara asked, a little more clueless.

“I know you have feelings for Oliver and I can tell your attracted to me.” Shado explains.

“You mean… ah” Sara replied catching on.

“You ever been with a woman before?” Shado asked.

“I was a wild party girl in college, just ask Ollie.” Sara replied with a grin.

“Yeah she was” Oliver said.

“Good” Shado replied.

Sara watches as Shado removes her gray tank top revealing her naked upper body. Dropping her green jacket to the ground Sara walks over with a sly smile on her face with embracing Shado into a kiss. Their tongues meld together, inside their mouths while Shado removes Sara’s blue tank top.

Both the women move their hands along the other’s breasts with cupping them causing moans as they eventually break apart. Shado and Sara turn to see Oliver there already stripped out of his brown long sleeve shirt, cargo pants and boots fully naked.

Sara and Shado take a moment to enjoy looking at Oliver’s fine muscular body with stepping forward. Sara embraces Oliver in a kiss who runs his hands down her back enjoying the feeling of her bare skin and Sara runs her hands along his scars before pulling him closer. They take a moment to enjoy themselves given it’s been a long year.

After a few minutes, they break apart with Oliver embracing Shado in a kiss as they explore each other’s mouths for a moment before Oliver trails down her neck, causing Shado to gasp.

Capturing Shado’s left nipple in his mouth Oliver pleasures it with his tongue as Sara does the same with her other one while feeling the woman’s breast. Shado meanwhile is gasping in pleasure at this.

After a minute or such Oliver and Sara break off as Shado runs her hands down Sara’s flat stomach to the hem of her pants.

“You know we don’t have much time given how dangerous this island is” Sara said.

“So, you want to speed things up?” Oliver asked.

“Oh, I think she does” Shado said grinning while unbuttoning Sara’s pants with pushing them down her legs to reveal her wet center.

Sara grabs the hem of Shado’s pants with pushing them down her legs as well. In moments Sara and Shado step out of the last of their clothes including their footwear.

Pulling Sara closer, both of the women enjoy rubbing their pussies against each, loving the feel while gripping each other they lead each other to the leaf, sticks and dirt covered floor.

Oliver lowers himself to the ground as well, allowing himself a moment to enjoy seeing the woman’s naked bodies in their full glory.

“What do you say we Shado goes first, given after all” Sara said with a smile reaching over to run her hand up the woman’s leg to her dripping center “This was her idea.”

“I can live with that but I want to taste you. After all, there had to be a reason Oliver had you with him on the boat.” Shado replied grinning.

“No reason we can’t do both” Sara said.

Oliver just let’s out a smile because he’s so ready for this. Oliver moves on top of Shado as she wraps her thighs around his hips, as he enters her.

“Yes” Shado moans.

Sara rolls over onto Shado’s face as the woman applies her tongue into Sara’s center with beginning to push her tongue deeper and swirl it around.

“Ahh, yes that’s it. Eat me” Sara replied passionately with gripping ahold of the top of Shado’s hair. Also, has been over a year since this has happened.

Shado continues moving her deeper inside the woman’s walls relying on all her skills of the body to bring the Lance sister pleasure. Meanwhile Shado is moaning herself as Oliver keeps his assault by increasing his thrusts, going harder down inside Shado. Making her whole body feel like a never-ending fire.

Running his hand along her butt “You’re so tight, you’re so warm” Oliver said pleasurably.

“Mmm” is all Shado’s able to get out given her present task.

This keeps going to several minutes as Shado keeps up her task further pushing Sara closer to the bring while Oliver does that with her given his current task of thrusting in and out of her. It’s really just more of a question for who was going to go first.

“Oh Yes, I’m cumming. Yes, push me over” Sara yells moaning in pleasure.

Giving one last twirl of her tongue with pushing in to her most sensitive area, which sends Sara over the edge giving a loud scream as an organism rocks her body. 

Rolling off of Shado, the younger Lance sister takes a moment to catch her breath and well has been out of practice.

“Damn Oliver, that’s it pound me” Shado said pleasurably with clamming her hips down together.

“I’m so close, I can’t hold back much longer” Oliver said.

“That’s perfectly fine” Shado said.

A few more thrusts, pushes them both over the edge as Shado moans out as well with the pleasure coursing through her body, with her spilling out juices. Oliver gasps as his organism hits shooting his cum into her.

“Wow” Sara said with a smile, “That was good. You two still good to go?”

“Yes” Oliver replied, while Shado just nods.

“So, you wanted to know if I was any good, was I?” Sara asked.

“I’m not done yet. After all I want to know how well handle both of us” Shado replied.

Sara just gives a charming grin while rolling over on top of Oliver with kissing him then breaking off. Sara lowers herself right down onto Oliver’s firm rod as both moan and she locks her strong thighs against his hips.

“Fuck, I’ve… missed this” Sara said.

“Me to” Oliver replied.

Sara begins building up a pace while ridding Oliver who is groaning in enjoyment with moving his hands up towards her breasts, palming them. Sara moans in pleasure. Keeping up her pace, Sara throws her head back moaning in pleasure.

Removing his hands from their current task Oliver moves his hands down her body and around her back to grab her firm butt with squeezing, knowing he’s one of the few to have ever been in that area.

One hand on her left butt cheek with moving his other hand down to grip Sara’s thigh Oliver flips them over so he’s on top. Not even allowing Sara a moment to process, the blonde-haired archer is already thrusting into her. Through Sara doesn’t exactly complain about given she’s already enjoying the feeling of fire coursing throughout her body and groans.

Shado unable to just keep sitting there watching them moves over with lowering her dripping center right onto Sara’s face. Reaching up Sara grabs Shado’s backside with pulling her down with beginning to eat the woman out.

“Fuck, eat my pussy out” Shado moans pleasurably.

“Damn you two are so hot” Oliver said pushing himself back into Sara.

Shado gasps while Sara’s vocal-ness is hampered by her current task but she’s not complaining. For Oliver well he’s is just enjoying every part of their current arrangement.

Some several minutes later Oliver brings Sara to her finish with himself as well and Sara does the same for Shado. Needless to say, Shado concludes that Sara is indeed worthwhile. After that, they decided to put their clothes on and head back to the fuselage where Slade was waiting.

For what happened in them taking The Amazo and after well that’s a story for another time. Needless to say Oliver, Sara and Shado had a very hot celebration of their victory. 

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The only pairing I won't do is male/male but other then that everything else is pretty much a go

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