Pleasuring the Major

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I do not own TURN, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Pleasuring the Major

A Turn fanfic for a good friend. Surprised there isn’t more fanfic from this series on here. Anna/Hewlett made such a cute couple.

It was a glorious summer’s day in Setauket. The sky was azure and dotted with small white clouds that were as white as angel’s robes.

Major Edmund Hewlett was strolling through the woods, on his way to a secret assignation. Many a time he had met up with his favourite lady here after performing his duties. Fate had been kind recently, he’d rid himself of that blasted Captain Simcoe and those damned Patriots weren’t causing too much trouble, which meant relative peace for the citizens and more free time for him.

The Major had only walked a couple of hundred yards through the woods when he got the overwhelming feeling that he was being watched. He paused. Being a senior officer in His Majesty’s marines had made him cautious of the slightest thing. He was an expert soldier, ready to defend others and himself in the blink of an eye.

A twig snapped.                                                                        

He whipped out his long sword with lightning-quick speed. “Show thineself!” he shouted, glimpsing movement from behind a tree. He was not afraid, for he also had a flintlock tucked in his sash. “Why Edmund…you never know whom you might meet in a wood these days….” Anna Strong appeared from behind the tree.

The Major felt his heart rate quicken and at the same time he breathed a sigh of relief.

“My dear, beautiful lass,” he said, sheathing his sword. “I could have hurt you. T’is not wise to sneak upon a Redcoat!”

She gave him that seductive smile that made him stiffen in a heartbeat. “I know,” she said, planting a kiss on his lips and making his face redden to the same shade as his coat.

“Come with me,” she said, taking his arm. “There’s a delightful little stone barn beside the river…a nice place for us to spend some time together.”

“It sounds splendid my dear…your Major is very hungry for you, my sweet.”

The small barn was indeed perfect for a lover’s tryst. Remote and filled with inviting bales of hay, the warm earthy smell only added to the Major’s increasing arousal. Already his breeches were uncomfortably tight.

Anna climbed up the ladder and into the hayloft.

“I’ve already prepared things,” she said, pointing to the wool blankets spread across the hay.

“You think of everything my dear,” Major Hewlett replied. The barn would make an interesting change from the bedroom in the tavern. He only just noticed the silk drawstring bag she was carrying. He was curious, as she never carried a bag. Perhaps it contained food.

“Now my Major…let’s get you out of this restrictive uniform,” she teased, noticing the impressive bulge in his breeches. Unable to resist, she gave it a little squeeze.

“Ohh, my God….any more of that and I’ll spend in my breeches!” he moaned. “You saucy wench, you!”

“I’d better liberate you from them then!” Anna unfastened his red sash and began unbuttoning the breeches whilst he removed his hat, coat and sword sash. Major Hewlett stepped out of his buckled shoes and Anna pulled off his stockings. Noticing she was sat down on the blanket, he hurriedly removed more items of his clothing – his necktie, gorget, waistcoat and shirt.

“Don’t forget those breeches,” she whispered, laying back on the blanket and sliding her skirt upwards to reveal a delightful glimpse of milky white thigh.

“At once ma’am!” he complied, and naked apart from his wig and erect before her, he sat down opposite her and she slid her foot between his thighs. The gentle touch of her warm foot against his hard shaft almost made him spend – but he just managed to regain control.

“Let’s relieve you of this too,” she whispered, removing the powdered wig, revealing his short black hair underneath. The wig never suited him, she mused.

“Oh….that feels nice,” he sighed. Deciding to take control, he leaned forward, picked up her foot and began sucking on her toes.

"Oh my," she moaned again, her leg quivering. Major Hewlett then sucked on each of her toes, simultaneously massaging her foot and ankle.

He then moved to the other foot and said, "I mustn't ignore this one."

"No, you certainly mustn't," she agreed.

The Major copied the same dedicated attention as he watched her closed eyes and her pursed lips.

God, she's beautiful!

Once all ten toes were done, he kissed his way up her leg and to her quim. She asked, "Still hungry?"

"Starving," the Major said, as he moved his face to her glistening pussy lips, a light intriguing scent emerging from her.

He then extended his tongue and licked slowly. She moaned in joy.

Major Hewlett felt his cock throbbing wildly. Listening to her moans and feeling her body react was amazing. He did as requested, taking her swollen clit between his lips and shaking his head left and right. He sucked, he tugged and in seconds she was screaming, Major Hewlett’s face was getting excessively wet, as she came all over it, "Yes, Yes, oh God yes!"

He licked up as much of her sweet juices as he could. “Mmm, my love you taste sweeter than ever.”

Anna had the naughtiest look on her face he’d ever seen. “Major,” she cooed, her grin widening, “you enjoyed it last week when I gave you a spanking didn’t you?”

“Very much so, you saucy wench! Almost drove me to insanity.”

“You liked it when I was in charge of you too, didn’t you?”


“Get on all fours then,” she replied.

“Oh is that an order?”

“Yes. It’s an order from me. I’m your General.” Anna said.

He chuckled. “If you insist my dear.” Major Hewlett was curious and excited now, wondering what his delightfully sexy wench was planning to do. Perhaps she’d flay him with a horsewhip…oohhh…now there was a thought. However she had something rather more surprising in mind. The silk bag she’d brought along contained something very interesting. As he turned round, his eyes widened at the leather phallic-shaped object she pulled out along with a small vial of oil.

“Good Lord, my Anna! Is that what I think it is?”

She nodded. “You may be permitted to look shocked, my beloved Major. I want to show my love for you in all kinds of different ways…I shall be gentle my Major, just as you always are with me.”

Hewlett was clearly overwhelmed with awe as it dawned on him just what his beautiful, beloved wench was planning to do to him. A shudder of excitement rushed through his whole body. He was about to get anally penetrated. Oh he’d heard of the act of course – when one was amongst a regiment of soldiers, the stories one hears often make one’s eyes widen and roll. He knew of at least two junior officers who’d met up with some women of the night in Yorktown…and ended up getting a hell of a lot more than they bargained for! From what he had overheard, the two men had enjoyed the most mind-blowing orgasms of their lives. This had made him more curious than ever about this particular sexual act; that was only spoken of in hushed tones.

“I am a senior officer, not some wet-behind-the-ears private,” he thought to himself. The proud, pompous Major Edmund Hewlett, staunchly loyal to His Majesty King George III! Throughout his long and distinguished career, he had seen many things, and earned the respect of many. Now here he was, a man of his rank, on all fours like a beast, submissive to a mere tavern wench!

He shook his head. No, Anna Strong was not some mere wench, she was the most beautiful, most incredible woman he’d ever experienced – the only woman he’d ever lain with, if truth be told. All his adult life he’d been crippled with shyness whilst around women – he didn’t seem to understand them and was pretty sure the feeling was mutual. Anna was different – she’d been patient with him, brought him out of his shell. And introduced him to pleasures he’d never imagined.

Anna rubbed the artificial cock around his asshole and said, "I want to make all your fantasies come true, my Major."

She then added, as she poured the oil, this time between his ass cheeks, “what a magnificent rump you possess, Major.” She gave his pert cheeks a squeeze. “Must be all that horse riding!”

Major Hewlett had to bite his lip as he was suddenly exposed to a whole new host of sensations. Anna’s deft and warm oiled up fingers rapidly teasing his most intimate area – good heavens! He never expected it to feel as good as this…he gasped as she slipped her thumb inside.

“Are you ready my Major?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he replied, breathlessly, pre-cum oozing from his cock.

Tally ho! he thought as she pushed forward and took his anal virginity as the cock slid slowly inside.

It hurt.

A lot.

Yet, conversely it felt really good.

"My Major certainly is tight!" she said, as the leather appendage kept going deeper in his rear end.

He gritted his teeth. “Stiff upper lip, best of British old boy…yesss! Steady as she goes…”

"Steady as she goes indeed, although no-one knows how deep she goes!" Anna said, after a few slow strokes as Major Hewlett’s tight hole got used to being penetrated.

“You’re my good little Major,” the saucy wench cooed as she thrust in and out at a greater speed. “What are you?”

“I’m your good little Major,” he replied, sweat running down his forehead.

“Who is your General today?”

“You are, my sweet.”

"True enough," she laughed and then began fucking him hard and deep and she did so for a few minutes of unbridled ecstasy.
Major Hewlett’s cock raged with pleasure, and his lips moaned out sounds men didn’t usually make.

“Do you want to spend?”

"More than I've ever wanted to in my life," he answered, every part of his core ready to erupt with intensity.

She pulled out, and ordered, "On your back, Major."

Major Hewlett quickly obeyed and watched as she took the appendage and swiftly, slid it back in his asshole and began fucking him with it just as another fantasy came true as she devoured his cock between her pretty lips.

That was the final straw and after not even a dozen bobs and simultaneous pumps from the artificial cock, he grunted and spent in her mouth. He couldn't even warn her, he was so completely usurped of energy and so completely overwhelmed with pleasure.

Good God! No wonder those two young soldiers came back looking exhausted! He thought.

“Mmm,” Anna sighed as he spurted four times into her mouth. Such delicious, sweet cum!

When he was done, he flopped back on the blanket and pulled her down with him.

“I love you so much, my beautiful Anna,” Major Hewlett whispered. His fingers slipped between her thighs. “Now how’s about you let me return the favour?”

The End







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