Arya's Naughty Pleasures

BY : The Hound
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Chapter 1 - Arya's First Orgasm 🖤


Arya Stark has never been much of a ‘proper’ little lady, nor did she ever claim to be.  For most highborn girls growing up in Winterfell, it was embroidery, tailoring, and cooking.  For Arya however, it was swordplay, hunting, and.. riding.  

Much like her Aunt Lyanna, Arya learned how to mount a horse at a very young age.  She loved riding, the feeling of the northern wind brushing through her dark hair.  But in secret, what she enjoyed most of all was the bumping saddle between her thighs.  The motions gave her a special feeling down below in her nethers, a place where proper little girls were taught to always cover up and to never discuss openly.  As a preteen girl, this special place between her legs would soon become her temple of unspeakable pleasure.

One night, after a day of horseback riding, Arya went up to her bed chamber.  A naughty idea sprung into her mind, something she should have tried a long time ago.  Without any hesitation she slipped off her silly northern gown and everything else with it until she was bare naked.  It was ironic, really.  Boyish Arya, willingly stripping off her feminine clothes, only to reveal the parts of her that truely identify herself as a girl.  Her small growing breasts, the slight curves on her nymph figure, and lastly the cute little quim between her thighs which she has developed quite a liking towards.

With a naughty smirk on her face, she took hold of one of her favorite pillows, one that was neatly stitched together and given to her as a nameday gift by her older sister Sansa.  Placing it in the middle of the bed, she excitedly spread her little legs open and straddled the pillow to her comfort.  In youthful passion and lust, she bucked her hips back and forth on top of Sansa's gift, holding it in place and keeping it squished up against her bare slit for added sensation.  Blushes formed on her pale cheeks as her insides began to stir.  The girl kept on humping, experimenting with different rhythms and motions, arching her back and spreading her thighs. "Nnnnhh.." with watering eyes the twelve-year old girl moaned in sexual pleasure.

Fifteen more minutes of naughty humping went by until Arya began to feel something build up inside of her lower belly for the first time, something new. "..W-what's happening??" she thought to herself.  Suddenly, with a few more pleasurable humps she arched her back, spread her legs wide open and started having her very first orgasm ♥ ♥ ♥  "Aaahhhhh!.." The preteen girl squealed in pleasure from the sexual contractions between her legs while sticky juices came trickling out of her naked slit.

While Arya was still twitching and writhing in her wet convulsions, Sansa quickly opened the door and rushed into the room, “Is everything alr--” ... Sansa stood there frozen, blushes immediately struck her face upon the view of her naked little sister spreading her legs open, curling her toes, and having a long nasty orgasm into the pillow she made.  

Arya sat there breathing deeply and blushing in sexual satisfaction, embarrassment, confusion, and all other feelings that a little girl would feel after having her first orgasm.  Sansa, being a fourteen year old girl at the time, knew -exactly- what Arya had felt, and what a beautiful sight it was to witness.

Sansa stifled a joyful smile on her face, “Sorry to intrude.. I thought you were.. in pain..” Sansa couldn’t help it anymore and giggled loudly.

Arya looked up at her older sister and couldn’t think of anything to say in such a state, the aftershock sensations of her orgasms were still lingering inside.  Sansa stopped giggling and looked at Arya with a blushing smile, feeling somewhat sorry for intruding on such a private matter, but also happy for her sexual discovery into womanhood and being there to witness such a special moment.  She knew this would very well be a discussion for tomorrow, just between sisters.

Sansa turned around still blushing and walked out the door, letting her sister continue on with her naughty pleasures. “Have fun..” Sansa said with a smirk before shutting the door.

Arya felt embarrassed, but not completely.  If it were anyone else walking in it would have been a different story, but she and her sister had always been close enough to share the most intimate things with each other, and now their bond was even closer than ever nefore.  Arya looked down at her little wet pussy, still wondering what that feeling even was. "Mmmhh.. That felt really good..." she said breathily.  Whatever it was, her body was definitely ready for more.

After a minute of rest Arya regained herself.  The thought of getting caught by her sister was a nice thrill, and the idea that she now knows what she’s doing increased her excitement even more. 

That night, Arya continued with her naughty pillow-humping session and had five more toe-curling orgasms.  The girl fell obsolutely in love with this new pleasurable sensation that took her by surprise.  It was now obvious that she had a new favorite hobby.  By the time she was done, her insides were all drained and her gifted pillow was soiled in her sticky mess.  Arya went to bed naked with the pillow shoved deep between her thighs and a naughty smile on her face before drifting to sleep.


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