Arya's Naughty Pleasures

BY : Greywood
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Chapter 1 - Arya's First Orgasm


Arya Stark has never been much of a ‘proper’ little lady, nor did she ever claim to be.  For most girls, including her older sister Sansa, it was embroidery, tailoring, and dolls.  For Arya however, it was swords, training, hunting, and horseback riding. Much like her Aunt Lyanna, she learned how to mount a horse at a very young age.  She enjoyed the speed, the feeling of the northern wind brushing through her dark hair, but most importantly, the bumping saddle between her little legs. It was through these motions that the little girl discovered an even greater pleasure, one that would change her world forever.

After a day of horseback riding, Arya went in her chambers, crawled into bed and slipped off her panties from beneath her nightgown.  She took one of her favorite pillows, one that was made by Sansa and given to her as a nameday gift. She placed it in the middle of her bed, opened her naked little legs and straddled on top of it.  Instinctively, Arya slowly moved her hips back and forth, and very familiar pleasure went up her spine. "Nnhh.." the eleven year old girl sighed with a smile on her face, blushes formed on her pale cheeks.  She continued bucking her hips on the pillow, experimenting different rhythms and motions, letting out moans of pleasure.  

Arya took off her nightgown to become fully naked, her little nipples were now pert as she continued riding back and forth on Sansa’s gift, spreading her legs, arching her back, keeping the pillow scrunched up against her bare slit.  After twenty minutes of humping, Arya felt something build inside of her belly. "..Wait, what's happening??" she thought. Suddenly, with a few more pleasurable humps, Arya involuntarily bucked her hips forward, arched her back, spread her legs and started having the most intense orgasm in her entire sexual life. "Aaahhhhh!!.." Her mind went blank, experiencing pleasurable convulsions between her thighs for the first time, sticky juices spilling out of her naked little slit.

In the middle of her long orgasm, Sansa quickly opened the door and rushed into the room , “Is everything alr--” Sansa stood there frozen, watching her little sister spreading her legs and having a long nasty orgasm into the pillow.  The two girls locked eye contact. Arya finally finished with her wet convulsions. Sansa, being a fourteen year old girl, knew exactly what Arya had experienced.

Arya sat there blushing in sexual relief, embarrassment, and confusion.  Sansa couldn’t help but to stifle a smile at her little sister, “Sorry to intrude.. I thought you were.. in pain..” Sansa began to giggle loudly.  Arya looked up at her, the poor girl clearly couldn’t think of anything to say in that state, her mind was more stuck on the feeling down below. Sansa stopped giggling and looked at Arya with a smile, feeling somewhat proud of her little sister’s sexual discovery.

Sansa turned around and walked out the door. “Have fun..” she said before closing the door.

Arya felt more pleasure than embarrassment.  If it were anyone else walking in it would have been a different story, but she and her sister have always been very close to share anything with each other, and now their bond was even closer than ever.  She looked down at her wet slit, still wondering what it was. "Hhhh.. That felt really good..." she said breathily.

After a minute of recovery, Arya got into position again.  She now realized the thrill of getting caught by her sister, and the fact that she now knows what she’s doing increased her sexual pleasure even more. Arya continued her passionate humping session, having six more toe-curling orgasms that night.  By the time she was all done, her gifted pillow was soiled in her sticky mess. Arya lied in bed naked with a naughty smile on her face and fell asleep.

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