Arya's Naughty Pleasures

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Chapter 1 ~ Winter is Coming


The northern wind brushed through her dark hair as she galloped across the cold terrain outside of Winterfell castle. The little girl blushed in excitement as always, feeling the bumping leather saddle between her bare thighs, a feeling she had come to enjoy.

After a mile into the woods she slowed down to a halt and dismounted. In the middle of the wilderness, she lifted the base of her northern skirt up to her hips and squatted down with opened thighs in such an unladylike fashion, revealing her fresh little quim in the cold forest air. In seconds she began taking a delightful piss, letting out a girly sigh of relief as the warm stream came draining out of her soft cunt and pooled down into the grass below. After every last drop, she mounted back up again and rode off into the wilderness.

Arya had just turned twelve, the beautiful grey mare she was enjoying was a nameday gift from her Lord Father, Ned Stark. Arya was very fond of the saddle, especially after her little discovery in months past. She knew such behavior was deemed inappropriate under the strict morals of Septa Mordane. That old prude taught all highborn ladies to behave themselves properly, and that would certainly include refraining from ‘naughty’ activities or even speaking of them. But such morals never stopped Arya from opening her legs and galloping through the woods. This one was never much of a ‘proper’ little lady, nor did she ever want to be.  


Arya’s First Orgasm

It was about three months ago when Arya discovered herself, it was after a day of being on the saddle for the first time. The preteen ventured upstairs into her bedchamber feeling more ignited than usual, sparked from the ride or perhaps from just being her naughty self. The girl had a desire to feel something but didn’t quite know what it was.

At her bedside, she began to unlace her 'proper' northern gown, stripping everything off one by one, letting her clothes pool to the floor, revealing her nymph figure. Arya’s pale arse cheeks were tight, a few strands of dark pubes grew above her smooth little cunt, no real curves defined her hips just yet, they were small, and her preteen breasts were baring first signs of growth.

With a mischievous grin, Arya stepped her cold feet off of the floor and into the furs of the bed naked, grabbed one of her favorite pillows and positioned it in the middle. This one in particular was neatly stitched together and given as a nameday gift by her older sister Sansa. And now she was about to express her appreciation for the gift.

In lustful excitement, Arya spread her legs and straddled the pillow to her personal comfort, feeling the fabric kissed deeply up against her young pussy, almost reenacting herself on horseback, but in a far less ladylike manner. Instinctively she began rolling her little hips back and forth into Sansa's gift. The pleasure ignited and climbed up between her legs and into her core, bringing about deepening breathes, sending blushes on her pale cheeks from the naughty pleasure.  

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

The little girl had no idea what she was doing, only that it felt enjoyable in that special place between her legs, the place that every highborn girl was taught to cover up and never speak about openly. She kept humping away shamelessly, experimenting and learning with different motions of her little hips, arching her back and spreading her legs wide through the motions. Soft girly moans of pleasure escaped, the only time she sounded less like a boy..

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

After only several more minutes of her nasty assault, the little girl began to feel something strange emerge within her for the first time, something new, something uncontrollable.  "..What’s happeningAm I about to piss?.." she pondered frantically. Suddenly and unexpectedly, with a few more pleasurable motions it finally happened to her. The warm pleasure inside flooded to its peak and Arya started having her first orgasm. "Aaahhh!...." the girl squealed, arching her back and curling her toes, the rhythmic contractions between her thighs spread across her preteen body in which she lost all control over. Having no idea what she was experiencing, the girl was enjoying every second of it, not even caring about the mess coming out of her. Unluckily for the little one though, while in the midst of her preteen orgasm, her teen sister must have passed through the stone corridor just outside when the cry sounded. The older sister quickly opened the door unannounced and rushed into Arya's chamber.

“Is everything alr-- oh my..” Sansa stood there frozen by what she barged into, eyes widened, blushing. The redhead Stark should have turned away like a proper lady would do, but instead continued to gaze at Arya in the peak of her sexual release and vulnerability. Arya did nothing to cover herself up, she remained straddled on the pillow with her legs spread wide and finished the rest of her nasty orgasm. 

Realizing the chamber door was still open, Sansa closed the door so no one else might see. Turning back around, a smile crept onto Sansa's blushing face. Arya was of course blushing as well, more than ever, mostly from the pleasure and maybe some embarrassment of showing herself to Sansa in such a way.

Being fourteen years of age, Sansa was no stranger to such activities, knowing exactly what little Arya was doing and how much ecstasy she must have felt just now. An awkward pause stood between them. The aftershock sensations of Arya’s release still lingered within her flushed sex and Sansa knew it.


“Ehm.. sorry to intrude, sister, I thought you were.. in pain..” the older sister spoke, trying to keep a straight face at first but then started giggling hysterically.

Arya remained mounted with no response, only confused eyes and blushing cheeks, she peered down between her thighs, dazed by the godly sensation.

Sansa noticed the look of confusion on the little one's expression. “... Was that your first one?” Sansa queried.

Arya could only assume one thing she was referring to. “Y-yes..” she responded shakingly, still recovering. “… But what was it?” Arya whimpered.

Sansa smirked and moved to the bedside, placing a hand gently on Arya's bare shoulder. “You were cumming...” she pronounced the word in relaxed emphasis, letting her know how intimately special it was.  

Arya looked down at herself and then repeated the word. “Cumming..”

Sansa nodded with a slight grin. “By the looks of it, you must have really enjoyed it.. naughty girl.”

Arya’s face responded with a slight grin, taking ‘naughty’ as a compliment.

“So, how did it feel?” Sansa asked with a baiting voice.

Arya spent little time figuring that one out. “It felt.. -really- good.." she expressed in more controlled breaths than before. "Uhm, sorry about ruining the gift you made.” she apologized, looking down below her hips, never intending for any strange juices to come out of her in the first place.

Sansa gave a look of forgiveness. “Don’t worry, it’s yours. I made it to give you comfort, and it seems you took that to a much higher level.." she teased. "..I can stitch up another pillow for you next week, and you can hump it to your cunt’s desire...”

“Heh, to my cunt’s desire..” Arya giggled. 

Sansa nodded with a smile as the tension between them became more relaxed, "Mind if I watch?" she dared to ask. "I'll let you continue in privacy, but I just want to see you cum once more, if you don't mind that is.."

There was no denying it, Arya was ready to experience that pleasurable sensation between her legs again, as any girl her age would. With the pillow shoved between her legs she was already in the position to do so. "Very well..." she grinned.

Sansa crawled into bed and sat down to watch closely, Arya did what she knew best and started riding her hips into the cushion. Biting her bottom lip in excitement as the pleasure climbed up her flushed nethers, girly moans escaped from her accidentally, blushes grew.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

The older one became aroused watching her behave in such a way. While Arya was passionately rolling her hips, she had the courage to make eye contact with Sansa during her nasty assault.

♡ Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. ♡ 

She continued humping into it while Sansa watched her little ass bounce up and down the pillow. She was really good at it. After a few short minutes she started breathing deeply again, feeling that familiar build inside, knowing it was going to be intense and uncontrollable like before. “Nnhh.. I feel it.. It's coming!…” Motioning her bare hips up and down, legs twitching, she gaped and started having her second orgasm.. ♡ ♡ ♡ Sansa reached in and grabbed both of her tight ass cheeks. Arya moaned and blushed, enjoying Sansa's hands squeezing her cheeks during the rest of her satisfying orgasm. A deep sigh of relief escaped her lips as her mind came back to earth.

Sansa was getting more aroused, there was a moistening heat between her thighs now. "How did that one feel?" 

Arya sighed in relaxation. “That felt sooo good..” she voiced in a cute whimpering way, taking another few breaths of recovery, “This is the most amazing feeling ever…”

Sansa nodded slowly, still amused by her lack of embarrassment. “Now that we can agree on.” Sansa giggled. “..They say it’s a gift from the old gods. I’ve had it more times than I can count.” she admitted, eyes stared off as she pondered for a moment. “I had my first one at thirteen, almost a year ago.”

Arya's brows went up. "That long ago? Why didn’t you teach me?” she glowered.

“I.. I was too embarrassed.” Sansa replied smiling. “And Septa Mordane would be furious if I ever taught you such lewd things..”

“Septa Mordane is stupid, and old..” she scowled childishly and began rolling her little hips into the pillow again. “I would love to see the look on the septa’s face if she found me cumming..” Arya grinned at the idea, it was something she might actually do.

Sansa gave a joyful smirk as Arya expressed her defiance to being a proper little lady, it was always expected. “I would love to see that as well.. but please don’t..” she advised.

While Arya was rolling her hips back and forth, she didn’t respond, instead looked at Sansa with her usual grin.

“Don’t..” the older sister begged.

“Fine.. I wont…” Arya replied halfheartedly.

“Good girl.” Sansa spoke sarcastically and moved to the edge of the bed, planting both feet on the floor, still trying to maintain her composure. “Well, I suppose I’ll let you continue in privacy for now." the teen sister walked to the chamber exit.

Arya's eyes peered up, "Leaving already?" she asked, wanting her to stay just a bit longer.

"It's getting rather late, we should go to bed." Placing a hand on the door handle, she looked over her shoulder at Arya playing with her favorite toy, “Have fun.. and try to keep your voice down.” she warned, eyes on her one last moment before leaving the chamber, allowing her naughty little sister to continue in privacy.

With Sansa knowing what she was up to on the other side of the wall, it gave her a bit of extra excitement. And now Sansa was most likely pleasuring herself as well, seeing as how the spectacle aroused her. Arya had a total of six orgasms that night. By the time she was all done, her gifted pillow was soiled in her sticky mess. Arya drifted to sleep naked with a naughty smile of satisfaction on her face.  Winter came earlier than expected.

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