Arya's Naughty Pleasures

BY : The Hound
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Chapter 1 ~ Winter is Coming


The northern wind brushed through her dark hair while galloping through the green hills outside of Winterfell.  The bumping leather saddle between her bare thighs made the little Stark girl blush in excitement as always.

After a mile of riding, Arya reached a narrow stream in the woods and dismounted from the saddle.  Walking over to the edge of the water, the girl lifted the base of her northern gown up to her arse and squatted down with legs opened, revealing her naked slit in the cold air. In a few seconds, Arya began taking a long piss, letting out a girly sigh of relief as the clear stream drained out of her insides.  After every last drop, Arya mounted her horse again and rode off into the wilderness.

Arya had just turned twelve, the young mare she was enjoyably bucking was her nameday gift from Ned Stark, Warden of the North.  Arya became very fond of the saddle ever since her little accidental ‘discovery’ months ago. She knew such behavior was deemed inappropriate, especially under the strict morals of Septa Mordane.  That old prude taught all highborn ladies to behave themselves properly, and that would certainly include refraining from lewd activities. But those morals that didn’t stop Arya from spreading her thighs on saddle and galloping through the woods. Arya was never much of a ‘proper’ little lady anyway, nor did she ever claim to be. 


Arya’s First Orgasm

Arya discovered herself three months ago, after a day of horseback riding. The girl ventured into her bedchamber feeling more ignited than normal, possibly from the ride or perhaps from just being at her age. She realized the enjoyment of having something between her legs, the pleasure of straddling, the feeling of being in control. 

At her bedside, she began to unlace her silly northern gown, stripping everything off and revealing her preteen figure.  A few strands of dark pubes grew above her smooth quim, her pale arse cheeks were tight, no obvious curves defined her ass or hips just yet, but her preteen breasts were showing first signs of growth, something she was pleased about having.

With a mischievous smirk, she stepped off of the cold floor and into the furs of the bed.  Grabbing one of her favorite pillows and positioned it in the middle of her bed, this particular pillow was neatly stitched together and given as a name day gift by Sansa, her older sister.  In lustful preteen excitement, Arya spread her legs and straddled it to her comfort, feeling pushed deeply against her naughty slit. Arya instinctively began rolling her hips back and forth into Sansa's gift.  The pleasure ignited and started to climb, bringing a smile to her face, blushes formed on her pale cheeks from the sensation. The girl naively kept humping away, experimenting with different motions, arching her back and spreading her thighs more. Soft moans of pleasure escaped, the only time she sounded less like a boy.

After several more minutes of her nasty assault, the little girl began feeling something strange build up inside her for the first time, something new, something uncontrollable.  "..W-what’s happening?.." she thought.  Suddenly with a few more pleasurable motions of the hips, Arya spread her legs wide and started having her first orgasm.  "Aaahhhh!...." the girl squealed from the unexpected release. Her toes curled up and her eyes rolled back while quivering in pleasure.

Unluckily for the little Stark, Sansa must have passed through the hallway just outside when she heard the cry.  The older sister quickly opened the door unannounced and rushed into the chamber.

“Is everything alr-- oh my..” Sansa stood there frozen by the sight.  Arya was right in the middle of her special moment when Sansa walked in, the intrusion only made it feel even better.  The older sister recognized what Arya was on top of, something she had spent quite a lot of time making. Sansa redirected her attention back to Arya who was spreading her legs and having a long nasty orgasm into the pillow.

Arya gave an expression of pleasure and embarrassment on her face, breathing deeply.  Sansa closed the door behind her so no one else might see.  Being fourteen years of age, Sansa was no stranger to such activities, she understood -exactly- what Arya just experienced, and what a beautiful moment it was to witness.

A smile crept onto Sansa’s blushing face during an awkward pause between the two.  The aftershock sensations of Arya’s first orgasm still lingered deep within her sex, and Sansa knew it.

“Ehm, sorry to intrude sister, I thought you were.. in pain..” Sansa kept a straight face at first but then giggled hysterically, struggling to make the situation less awkward.

Arya couldn’t think of anything to say in such a vulnerable state.  She was still in shock by the godly release that was just felt down below and wondered what it was.

“Was that your first one?” Sansa asked.

Arya could only assume one thing she was referring to. “Ehm.. y-yes.” she said. “But what was it?” the girl whimpered in confusion.

Sansa moved closer to the bed and smirked at her little sister. “You were -cumming-...” Sansa pronounced the word in relaxed emphasis, letting her know how intimately special it was.  

 “..Cumming.” Arya repeated the word, looking down at her slit.

Sansa nodded. “And I’m proud of you for discovering it.”

Arya began to relax, feeling less ashamed of her naughty act.  

“So, how did it feel?” Sansa inquired curiously with a baiting voice.

“It felt.. -really- good..” Arya blushed. “Sorry about ruining your pillow.” Arya apologized looking down below her hips.

“Don’t worry, it’s yours. I can stitch up another pillow for you next week, and you can hump it to your cunt’s desire...” Sansa joked.

Arya blushed and smirked from the vulgar statement. “Thank you, Sansa.”

Sansa nodded with a genuine smile, she then peered down between Arya’s opened thighs, observing her pleasure technique. “Now I understand why you enjoy riding horses so much.” Sansa teased and Arya blushed in embarrassment with a giggle.

“I suppose I should let you continue..” Sansa said before walking to the chamber door.

“Please..” Arya said, eager to start humping again.

“Have fun, and try to keep your voice down…” the older girl teased before leaving the room allowing her naughty little sister to continue exploring herself. The moment the chamber door shut, Arya started wildly bucking her hips again.  It was exciting with Sansa knowing what she was doing on the other side of the wall.

That night, Arya became best friends with her pillow and had five naughty orgasms. It was her night of sexual awakening.  By the time she was all done, her insides were drained, and her gifted pillow was soiled in her sticky mess.  Arya drifted to sleep with a naughty smile of satisfaction on her face.

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