Arya's Naughty Pleasures

BY : The Hound
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Chapter 1 - Winter is Coming


The northern wind brushed through her dark hair as she galloped through the green hills outside of Winterfell castle.  The bumping saddle between her thighs made her blush in excitement as always. The eleven year old Stark girl had become very fond of the saddle ever since she started riding four weeks ago. She knew such behavior was considered naughty, especially under the morals of Septa Mordane, but that didn’t stop Arya from spreading her legs and arching her back and enjoying the ride through the woods. Arya was never much of a ‘proper’ little lady, nor did she ever claim to be.

After an hour or so, Arya trotted her way through the Winterfell gates.  In the courtyard was her half brother, Jon Snow. While slowly passing by him, Jon gave a warm welcoming smile to her. Arya blushed and returned the smile to him. The saddle pressed up against her little quim felt even better with his presence. Arya developed an attraction to the cute bastard over the past year ever since she hit puberty. She hoped he felt the same way, even though it was more likely Jon was attracted to more ‘developed’ females with red hair.  Perhaps soon Arya could learn to seduce him.

That night, Arya went up to her bedchamber feeling more ignited than usual. Remembering the feeling of straddling the horse, her naughty mind sprung up with an idea.  She took off her silly northern gown, her socks, panties, and everything else until she was bare naked. She crawled into the bed and with a naughty smile, grabbed one of her favorite pillows, one that was neatly stitched together by her older sister Sansa and given as her eleventh nameday gift.  Placing it in the middle of the bed, she excitedly opened her naked legs and straddled it to her liking. Arya passionately moved her hips back and forth on top of Sansa's gift, keeping it pressed up against her bare slit for extra sensation. Blushes formed on her pale cheeks when her insides began to stir. The girl kept humping into it, experimenting with different rhythms and motions, arching her back and spreading her flexible thighs and enjoying the ride. "Nnhh.." the girl couldn’t help but to let out a slight moan of pleasure.

After several more minutes of her naughty assault, Arya began to feel something build up inside of nethers for the first time, something new. "..W-what's happening??" she thought, and suddenly with a few more pleasurable humps, Arya bucked her hips forward, spread her legs wide open and started having her first orgasm.  "Aaahhhhh!...." she squealed. The girl melted with pleasurable involuntary contractions while sticky juices came trickling out of her naked slit.

While Arya was in the middle of her incredible orgasm, Sansa quickly opened the door and rushed into the room, “Is everything alr--” Sansa gasped and stood there frozen. Arya was whimpering softly and breathing deeply with an expression of pleasure and embarrassment written on her face.

Sansa, being a fourteen year old girl with experience knew -exactly- what Arya had just felt, and what a special moment it was to witness. A smile crept onto Sansa’s blushing face during an awkward pause between the two. Poor little Arya couldn’t think of anything to say in such a state, and aftershock sensations of her orgasm were still lingering within her.

Sansa had to think of something to ease the embarrassment,“..Having fun with my gift I see..” she teased lightheartedly. “Sorry to intrude, I thought you were.. in pain..” she giggled hysterically.

Arya stiffled a smile but was still in shock by the godly feeling that just occured down below and the embarrassment of showing the herself so open and vulnerable.

“Was that your first one?” Sansa asked before closing the door behind her.

Arya assumed she was referring to the pleasurable sensation. “Ehm.. y-yes.” the embarrassed girl said trying to bury her pussy into the pillow. “But what was it?” she whimpered in confusion.

Sansa ventured to her naked sister in the bed and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.  “You were -cumming-..” she pronounced the word with relaxed emphasis to let her know how intimately special it was. The older Stark smiled at her, feeling somewhat proud of her sexual discovery into womanhood.

“..Cumming.” Arya repeated the word. “..Like winter?” she asked.

Sansa giggled and sat down in bed with her, “Sure, like winter. You are a Stark, afterall.”

Arya giggled and began to relax a bit more, feeling less ashamed about her naughty act.  

“How did it feel?” Sansa casually asked.

Arya looked down at her wet little quim, “It felt.. really -really- good..” she blushed, couldn’t help but to smile about it.

Sansa smiled with her, “They say it’s a gift from the old gods, it should feel really good..”

“Have you ever felt it?” Arya inquired.

“Of course I have, more times than I can count.” Sansa proclaimed with pride. “My first one happened when I was twelve..  Must have came over a hundred times by now.” she blushed confessing the truth.

Arya slowly began to buck her hips, feeling safe to do so in front of Sansa, and eager to feel another one. “Mmhh, I want to feel hundreds of them too…”

Sansa blushed at her little sister’s naughty behavior, looking down between her opened thighs.  “Now I understand why you enjoy riding ponies so much.” she teased.

Arya giggled and continued motioning her hips back and forth on Sansa’s gift, “Mhh.. from now on, I’ll never wear panties again.”

Sansa giggled, “Gods be true, you really aren’t a proper little lady..”

Arya shook her head. “I never claimed to be.”

“I should advise you though not to get caught doing such lewd things.. Imagine how -furious- Septa Mordane would be.” Sansa warned.

“Mmhh..” Arya continued bouncing her cute little ass up and down the pillow while Sansa watched, “I don’t care about stupid Septa Mordane..” Arya ranted and moaned with blushes on her pale cheeks, feeling the pleasure climb up her insides again.  "I suppose Mordane doesn't want me opening my legs for any reason either.. " Arya said while humping. Sansa smirked at her little misbehaven sister, listening as she let out her lustful moans and frustrations before approaching her next orgasm. Sansa watched closely, remembering how good it felt when she had them at twelve.  With staggering breathes, Arya dropped her jaw, spread her highborn legs wide open shamelessly and started cumming. “Nnhhh!..” Arya cried out in moans of toe-curling joy. Sansa was aroused by the spectacle and peeked down at Arya’s naked slit. Her preteen orgasm went on for a few more seconds then finally she sat there with a naughty smile of satisfaction.

Sansa grinned, “You certainly don't hold back when you cum..” she teased at her leg spreading behavior. "Feels really good doesn't it?"

Arya had blushes on her cheeks and nodded, “Mmmhh, really good...”

“Good, keep practicing. Just remember, don’t get caught..” she warned.

Sansa stood up from the bed getting ready to leave and looked down at her little sister. “I’ll have to stitch you a new pillow for your twelfth nameday next week.”

Arya giggled, “Winter is cumming.”

“Winter is cumming..” Sansa attempted to keep a straight face while saying that but it turned into a blushing smile with a giggle.  Sansa left the bedchamber, letting Arya continued with her pillow humping session for the rest of the night. She had five more toe-curling orgasms, the girl fell in love with the godly sensation.

The Stark sisters always had a close relationship being able to share just about anything with each other. From that moment on, their bond was even closer than ever before.


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