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Hello I'm Megamatt09. You may know me from such shameless smut anthologies as the Breeding Ground and a Sticky Situation. And this is Hit the Mark, starring the lovely ladies of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, in sexual situations, mostly with each other. And occasionally with a male partner. Although those will pop up more rarely. Exactly how often, I can't tell you.

As for how this one is going to do, well we don't know unless we try, right. Chapters will feature adult situations and some will include incest. Much like this one. Enjoy, or don't. It's a free country after all.

Canary Crisis(Featuring Sara Lance, Dinah Laurel Lance of Earth One, Dinah Laurel Lance of Earth Two, and Dinah Drake).

Three figures lay on the bed right in front of where Sara Lance stands. In various states of disarray and undress, being plucked from different points in time. Sara considers what she's going to do, especially with the strange energy coming off of them.

The first of them is her sister, Laurel, who unfortunately died at the lands of Damien Darhk. It should not have happened and Sara will not allow anyone to tell her that it was something that would meant to be. It's almost like some cruel and vengeful god had it out for Laurel and killed her in the most senseless way possible. At least that's Sara's theory, and she was sticking too it.

Lovely lady number two, is her sister's Earth Two counterpart, the Black Siren. A series of bad choices left her in a very vulnerable state, often hooking up under the employ of men to try and fill a void in her life. Of course, all of the men she worked for had any number of issues of their own.

Then the third one is Dinah Drake. Not Sara's mother who by some strange cosmic coincidence has the same first name and her maiden name is Drake, unless there was some really wonky time fuckery going on. No, it's the woman who went undercover under the name Tina Boland, and then got caught up in the Central City Particle Accelerator explosion. She's been given the mantle of Black Canary, after Laurel died. Whether or not she's worthy to hold such a title, that's up for a lot of debate and the jury's out on that one. Regardless, Sara's going to make her work for it, and see how worth she is.

The woman who Sara mentally refers to as Tina stirs herself awake first of all.

"What happened?"

"My name is Sara Lance. But I hope you already knew that. And to answer your question, you were caught up in a time storm and sent here. The energies are still affecting your bodies, which I got you restrained."

The third Black Canary nods in response. Well, fourth if you count Evelyn Sharp, but Sara does not and will not.

"Sara? I thought that you were off with the Legends."

Well, this pinpoints where Laurel's from. After Sara left for the Legends, during the short period of time.

"Hey, Laurel, I'm glad to see you again. And to answer your question time storm. This is Dinah Drake."


"No, not that Dinah Drake. Unless she got time displaced from the past or will get time displaced from her time into the past later….but to be honest, I don't know. She was previously under cover for the Central City Police Department under the name Tina Boland."

To be fair, Dinah finds herself a bit flummoxed. And the person also beside her causes her to become uneasy.

"What the hell is she doing here?"

Those words direct from the latest Black Canary to Black Siren. Black Siren opens up her shoulder and grimaces the second she sees Sara.

"It's you."

"Yes, it's me. How are you doing?"

Laurel-2 takes a few seconds to get her surroundings in. She breaths in and feels a warm feeling.

"You're looking as good as ever...and I could have sworn the other me was dead."


Sara cringes.

"Yeah, killed by Damien Darhk. That is why I was able to pose as her. And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for that meddling Felicity Smoak. I can't stand her, self-righteous bitch."

"She can get on your nerves."

Dinah realizes that she just agrees with the psychopath next to her about how grating Felicity can be sometimes. And actually very often.

Sara smiles sadly. Felicity really seemed to get too big for her britches after Sara died. Give some people a little power and responsibility, and they let it go to their heads.

"Sara...why am I….why do I feel the need to kiss you?"

Deep down, Laurel hates to admit she's always had thoughts of her baby sister that were beyond sisterly.

"If I wasn't tied down to the bed, I'd do more than kiss her."

Black Canary the third gives Black Siren one of those looks.


"Not my sister. Alternate Earths. I really wish people would stop trying to shoehorn me as her. I have my own problems to deal with, thank you very much. And don't think I don't see you undressing her with your eyes."

Dinah's mouth opens, but she cannot protest anything. Sara just clears her throat.

"You're dealing with a backup of energy. We're going to have to...release it. And the best way to release it is…."

"To fuck."

Leave it up to Black Siren to get down to the brass tasks of the situation. Sara's Laurel squirms, and looks a bit nervous.

Having taboo desires is one thing. Actually acting on those taboo desires is another thing entirely. Her heart beats a bit faster and Sara leans down to stroke her face.

"It's going to be okay."

Sara feels Tina's eyes burning on the back of her head. She clears her throat.

"So, are you sure there's no other way that we can get rid of these energies?"

"Well, would you rather have the urge to jump every random asshole on the street, not knowing what kind of diseases they might have."

A sigh comes from the latest Black Canary.

"Point well taken."

"Let me the fuck out of these ropes before I scream."

"You can't inhibitor."

"Damn it!"

Sara does not run the risk of Tina and Laurel-2 killing each other, because there's some friction there which is still hot. Then, again, Laurel-2 really needs to answer some questions about where her loyalties lie. Sara releases them all from the ropes.

Dinah jumps over and attacks Sara with a kiss. The original Black Canary and the current one tangle tongue on tongue on each other.

This leaves both flavors of Laurel alone with each other. Black Siren instantly pounces Laurel and shoves Laurel's throat and starts molesting her body.

Laurel takes a deep breath and feels her stronger and more assertive counterpart working the tongue train down her throat. Black Siren shows a lot of comfort and it's obvious from her demeanor this is not the first time she's made out with another woman. Laurel feels the energies not fading, but burning through her body.

Black Siren enjoys the sweet and innocent nature of her alternate counterpart. She might not be as blessed in certain aspects, thanks to the Meta-Gene which activated, but she's still lovely. Black Siren strips off Laurel's clothes and starts sucking on her lower lip.

Sara smiles and looks approvingly at Tina's body. The woman looks up at her with confidence.

"Well, you're physically fit for the job. At least on the surface….let's see how well you are where it counts."

Sara's clothes come off and allow Dinah Drake's eyes to follow Sara's lovely body. Her sexy muscular body, nice breasts, tight pussy, and wide hips, along with long legs. Sara climbs onto Dinah's lap and kisses her deeply. Another deep kiss follows, with both of them tangling tongue to tongue with each other.

The next movement switches Sara's position and makes Dinah go between her legs. Dinah dives in and eats Sara's pussy out. She tastes so good.

Of course, what Sara does to her with her tongue at the same time is almost criminal. She would scream outloud if she was not too busy. She wants to please Sara as much as Sara pleases her.

On the bed, Earth-2 Laurel pushes her pussy down onto the Earth-1 version of Laurel. The two women scissor together. Black Siren's supple, round breasts bounce apart and she can see the pings of envy at the size of her assets going through Laurel's eyes.

"Don't worry….I'm sure we can blast you with a particle accelerator to activate your dormant meta-gene. Dark matter, it does the body good."

The legs on Laurel are well toned and Black Siren decides she wants to feel them up for days. Their pussies meld together, going lip to lip on contact with each other. Laurel tilts back on the bed and lets out a very loud moan. Her stunning cry is not able to be shot out.

"Cum for me, pretty bird. I like you better than that bitch of a Canary over there...shoving her whore tongue in our sister's pussy."

Laurel breaths and then Laurel-2 leans over. She pushes Laurel on the bed and grinds up against her. Their pussies melt together with pleasure. Laurel-2 dominates Laurel by both pushing her breasts on Laurel and having her kisses.

This really elaborate act of masturbation is getting Laurel completely off. The fact her counterpart's clit ring rubs against Laurel's sensitive womanhood only goes up.

"Gideon, you know what to do."

"Of course, Captain Lance."

A belt manifests for Sara. She puts it on and presses it. A large cock made of pure energy, connecting to Sara's nervous systems appear.

Tina, Dinah, whatever she wants to call herself, gets Sara's cock down her throat. She shows Sara just how good her throat is.

"I need me one of those."

The quip from Black Siren follows her turning to enjoy the show of Bitch Canary, her name for Dinah Drake, getting face-fucked by Sara. It makes her feel a little envious. Still, Black Siren more than makes up for it by sitting on lovely Laurel's face and making her eat her pussy out repeatedly.

Sara grabs the back of the head of the lovely woman and drives it deeper down her throat. She holds onto Canary Number Three's hair and drives further into her.

The cock feels like a real cock, stretching her throat and filling her mouth. Dinah knows what's at stake, she wants to make a good impression on Sara. She pushes her hand around the very real feeling set of testicles Sara also grows.

"Yes, fuck her throat! Choke out that bitch!"

Black Siren being a one woman cheerleading session while forcing Laurel to eat her out only spurs Sara on. Drool splashes out of the side of Tina's mouth and Sara repeatedly drives it deep down Black Canary's throat. The latest of the Canary legacy is gaining some serious credit.

Juices come into Black Canary's mouth. She gags for a second and some of them dribble out of her mouth. Sara just smiles and leans down to kiss Tina on the mouth and lick her own juices out.

"What a mess?"

Sara pushes the latest model of Canary down on the bed. Her sexy, tanned body, with no ounce of fat on it, is on full display for Sara. Sara straddles her hips and then leans forward to drive her cock deep into Tina's tight pussy.


"Well, if you're not worthy of being Black Canary….then obviously take it…"


The biting comment from Black Siren causes Dinah's blood to boil. She spreads her legs to take Sara in her, despite the racking pain. Sara stretches out and batters her pussy, driving herself as deep into Dinah as possible.

Underneath Black Siren, the endless dripping pussy juices feed Laurel. She wonders if she tastes this sweet and also wonders how Sara may taste. Those thoughts make Laurel completely dizzy. Especially since now Black Siren is eating her pussy at the same time and doing it in such an aggressive manner that it leaves Laurel breathlessly.

On the other end of the really big bed, Sara spears Dinah and sends her body just shaking underneath the bed. Sara presses her chest down onto Dinah and the two make out. The new Black Canary squeezes her walls around Sara's protruding addition. It's the most realistic feeling sex toy ever and she's felt a few.

Undercover police work leads people to some interesting scenarios after all.

"Oh, you're in so deep. Fuck me, fuck me hard."

"I intend to."

A big grin comes over Sara's face the faster she drives deeper into the newest Black Canary's pussy. She wants to work her over. Sara's no stranger in making sure a woman gets the most out of orgasm. She'll never feel anything like this, ever again. Sara repeatedly and endlessly buries herself in deeply and fast into her lover's pussy.

To her credit, no matter what the name, she holds onto her every step of the way. Those lovely legs squeeze Sara's waist and push her in.

The ride is something which Dinah Drake never wants to stop, but even someone in peak physical condition has their breaking points. Watching Sara, a legend in more ways than one, helping her explore them causes a tingle.

"You're going to make me come."

"Yes, I'm going to make you come. And it's going to feel better than anything. I almost wish I can hear you scream...but...would be bad."

Sara grabs her lover's legs and uses them for leverage to bury herself into Dinah. Yes, Sara supposes that she can respect her right to use that name, even though it raises all kinds of questions in her mind. She supposes it could be a coincidence, but to be honest, training in the League pretty much reminds Sara that there's no such thing as coincidence.

The deeper and deeper Sara goes into Dinah, the more she feels like her entire body is on fire. The only person who can put out this fire is the person above her. Pumping inside of her body, and working her completely over. The two of them combine with each other, juices just pumping against each other the deeper Sara drives down into her.

"Go ahead."


"Cum for me, Canary."

The new Black Canary most certainly lets go and cums all over Sara. Sara slams into her, riding her all the way to the end. Every thrust inside of her sends Dinah Drake into a pleasure jolt. Her fingers dance down Dinah's legs and causes her to lose it completely.

Despite the questions Sara may have about whether or not she fits the Black Canary legacy, Dinah Drake does excel in being a pretty good lay. Feeling her body clutch into Sara, her silken walls caressing her, yeah, she might be a keeper.

The second Sara leaves Dinah dripping and breathing heavily on the bed, Black Siren moves over and kisses Sara on the lips. Instantly, Sara realizes that Laurel's juices are dripping from the Black Siren's lips.

If Black Siren thinks she's going to dominate Sara in bed, well she's in for a rude surprise. Sara grabs Black Siren by the hair and kisses her roughly. The lip bruising and tongue driving kiss shows Black Siren who is Captain of this ship and who is boss in the bedroom.

Black Siren does not fight as hard as one might think. She succumbs to Sara's face.

"You know something….I know why you work for the men that you do."

"Please don't save unresolved Daddy issues. Because I've heard that one before."

"Well, no, but yes, but no. You enjoy being dominated by people more powerful than you are."

Sara kisses Black Siren again and she responds by grabbing onto her hair.

At the edge of the bed, Laurel watches Sara kiss her exact mirror with all of the passion she expects. This causes a mixture of emotions to spread through Laurel, forcing her to confront deep, hidden desires that she never thinks of having before. She finds her hands combing her body.

"Join us, sis."

Sara breaks free of the kiss and her words break Laurel out of her dazed stupor. Black Siren grins at her.

"Yeah, sis, don't be a prude."

Laurel scoots on the bed and moves in. It's been a long time since she's been with someone. Well, her and Thea had a few one night stands, and they were quite nice. But, it was two friends blowing off steam and easing sexual frustration.

Still, as in a serious and stable relationship, it had been a very long time. Laurel moves closer and closer to Sara and then decides to cross that barrier by kissing her sister's soft, moist lips. Dripping with her own juices from the makeout session of Black Siren.

Sara and both Laurels enter a steamy makeout session. Black Siren cups her right breast quite vigorously and after some gentle prodding, Laurel does the same thing as well. They kiss and make things very steamy with each other on the bed. Their hungry lips move over Sara and worship her chest.

Black Siren is between Sara's legs and eating her out. Sara decides to motion for Laurel to stand and spread her legs. Laurel looks over her shoulder, and bites down on her lip.


Laurel says nothing the second Sara buries herself tongue first into her pussy. She only focuses on the pleasure and boy, can Sara eat a pussy. Any woman who is with Sara should consider herself lucky. Laurel finds herself envious of her baby sister's oral skills.

Sara samples the taste of lovely juices trickling down between Laurel's thighs. She tongues Laurel's core and pulls almost all the way out before looping her tongue around and out.

Not to be outdone, Black Siren goes down on Sara. She seems to be demonstrating to her mirror just how Sara likes to be eaten out. And Black Siren just shows how much she knows how to press her younger sister's buttons. Kissing and slurping on her juices, until they drain into her mouth.

"Damn, Sara. It feels so good."

Pleasing her sister is top on the list, as Sara feels guilt of not being able to save her. Sara really wishes there's some way to stop it from happening. Although, there's a chance that someone else could die in Laurel's place.

Thinking about the pros and cons of messing with time is a strange thing to have, when someone is tongue deep inside of their older sister and sucking their juices out. Laurel's knees wobble before landing on the bed.

Black Siren pulls herself up from Sara. She tries to grab Sara and push her down. Sara reverses the attack and pins Black Siren down onto the bed. Straddling and teasing the Black Siren gives her a jolt of frustration. Sara leans in to Black Siren and whispers in her ear.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"What kind…."

Sara grinds down on Black Siren. A jolt of energy comes from Sara's belt and teases the woman. Her nipples stand up straight for attention and Sara grips onto them tight, making Black Siren moan.

"A simple yes or no to this question would be fine. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Black Siren's mouth hangs open and she responds with a very obvious nod. Of course, of course she wants to be fucked.

"Yes. Fuck me. Wreck me like you did Bitch Canary."

"Mind your tongue."

Sara buries herself deep into the Black Siren's pussy. The snug tightness makes Sara just more inclined to fuck her and to drive deeper and deeper inside of her. Sara holds on tight and rocks Black Siren, holding on for the ride. And it's a damn good ride as well, making Black Siren moan in pleasure.


Sara roughly grabs Black Siren's chest and then moves down to her hips. They're perfect for grabbing onto and fucking deep inside of her.

Laurel watches the body of Black Siren squirm underneath her. More developed thanks to dark matter it was, it still holds some basic similarities to Laurel's. And it's only a slight leap to imagine herself in Black Siren's place. Laurel buries her fingers deep inside of her gushing pussy and fingers herself furiously at the thought.

Sara drives herself into Black Siren. She screams loudly, about as loudly as someone can without any kind of abilities. Sara grabs onto her and drives faster and faster into her. Black Siren lets it all out.

"Oh, yes, fucking pound me! I love how you're dominating my pussy. I love to be dominated. Just pin me down and fuck my brains out."

To be fair, Sara holds back on her slightly. Now, a lust builds through Sara and really entices her to let the Black Siren have it. She grabs Black Siren and buries her cock deeper inside of her. Rapidly rocking her body. Black Siren's soft legs ensnare Sara and grab onto her ass.

Feeling her sister's counterpart around her tight ass makes Sara just hunger for even more. She cups Laurel's large tit and releases it. A couple more squeezes causes Black Siren's lust for her sister, alternate universe or not to build. The incest just is the cherry on top of the sundae of being fucked by this woman.

Laurel throws her hair back and buries her fingers into her pussy. She rubs her breasts and tweaks her stiff nipples with a free hand. A shine of sweat rolls down Laurel's body and the arousal follows.

"Oh, fuck me Sara."

"In a minute."

Black Siren jerks her hips up to meet Sara. Sara shows just how strong she can be and how dominating she can be by really letting Black Siren have it. She bruises Black Siren's hips with a series of deep thrusts. Pinning her down on the bed and fucking the daylights out of her. Sara elevates her legs for leverage and drives down into her.

Both women come close to losing themselves within each other. Sara holds onto Black Siren to hammer the woman relentlessly into the bed. The energy grows between the two lovers. Sara cups Black Siren's tasty tits and releases them with a couple of squeezes.

"Love...this...love you."

Black Siren feels as if nothing can be better, other than the touch and the feel of her gorgeous alternate dimension sister just pounding her. Her walls clench down.

Sara is right with her and feels her body releasing. It's always good to feel release. Sex is one of the ways Sara copes, other than a few drinks. Sometimes those two things combine with each other. Achieving release with the Black Siren, watching her beautiful body arch, squirm, and cream underneath her makes this all worth it.

Riding out both Siren's orgasm and her own makes Sara feel beyond alive. Her nipples touch the Black Siren's, brushing down onto them. The hunger just builds to a fever pitch from her body before finishing Laurel off from this particular point on the bed.

She pulls out completely and leaves Black Siren dripping and breathing heavily.

Time passes and Sara turns her head. She moves over and smiles. She cups Laurel's face.

"Am I really going to die?"

Sara avoids that question by kissing Laurel on the lips. Not if she can help it, honestly. Perhaps, Laurel being here will make all of the difference in the world, or perhaps it will not. Regardless, they exchange a long and sweet kiss with each other.

Their bodies drop onto the bed and Sara covers Laurel's body with tender caresses and long, deep, passionate kisses. She explores every inch of Laurel's body with her mouth.

"It feels so good."

Sara strokes Laurel's thighs and gets her to spread. She kisses Laurel on her womanhood and makes Laurel close her eyes.

"I want you...badly."

Pulling Laurel off of the bed puts her in perfect position for the two of them to make out. Laurel straddles Sara's lap. Sara shows her strength by holding Laurel steady and rubbing herself against her. Their tongues tangle together before Sara pulls back and kisses the pulse point.

"Mmm...how long have you wanted to do this with your baby sister?"


Laurel finally admits what she knew deep down to be true. There's always been a tension between her and Sara and that's something she intends to relieve. She moves down and puts her head on Sara's breasts. Feeling her sister and then sucking on her sister's tits, it's a great moment for Laurel. She cannot help and do even more, just pleasuring Sara, every square inch of Sara with her mouth.

On the bed, Dinah and Black Siren find each other. Both of them lock eyes with each other for a second. Their hands reach at each other's necks.

Then they kiss each other, forcefully and fiercely. Both try and bruise each other's lips. Their anger turns into burning lust, with Black Siren and Black Canary wrestling for position on the bed. Black Siren wins the battle for the moment.

"Gideon, do you think that you can hook me up with one of those belt things?"

"My apologies, Ms. Lance, but the Captain has forbidden me from allowing you access to any toys."

"You're no fun."

This causes Black Canary's legs to wrap around Black Siren's head and flip her down onto the bed. The two struggle, pulling at each others hair, clawing at each other, and kissing them. It isn't too long before they enter a very rigorous and passionate round of hate sex. Moaning and trying to get the dominating stance on the other. Their pussies smash together, trying to psyche the other out. Their fingers roughly tug at nipples.

Laurel wiggles her hips and allows Sara to enter her body. Sara gently guides her toy into Laurel and makes her feel so alive with pleasure.

"Sara, it feels so good."

"Anything for you sis...I have a lot of things that I need to make up to you."

The unspoken statement comes off. Sara grabs Laurel's legs and pushes her down onto her body. The large energy dildo rams deep inside of Laurel and makes her feel so good. Her juices drip and causes Laurel to moan. Sara moves in and cups her sister's chest. The sensitive touch of her nipples makes Laurel moan from Sara's touch.

Sara wishes she has extra hands to grab onto every inch of her big sister and worship her. She dives in to kiss Laurel once again. She wants to hang onto her and never once let go.

"Oh, you psychopathic bitch...you better not stop!"

"You know this gets me off more than anything else. I guess, Vince didn't measure up where it counts."

Black Siren just had to bring up the man that she murdered. Or rather Cayden James ordered her to murder, who was just a puppet on a string for Diaz. Regardless, she can do nothing but growl as Black Siren buries her fingers deep inside of her.

Not to be outdone, Dinah pumps her fingers into Black Siren and makes her scream in pleasure. The depths she shoves those digits into her make Black Siren scream. The two women glare at each other in anger and lust while finger-fucking each other's pussies.

On the other end of the bed, Sara and Laurel enter their own little world with each other. Laurel closes her legs around Sara and takes a deep breath. She wants to feel all of her sister. Feeling Sara reverse positions, so they lie on their sides. To allow Laurel to feel Sara's body while Sara returns the favor. It's just a very good feeling. They go back and forth with each other, never once breaking.

Laurel allows her entire body to receive the pleasure she so denies herself for a very long time. Sara drives into her body and takes Laurel to the brink. Her head shifts back and her mouth opens up.

Out of the corner of Sara's eye, she watches Dinah collapse. Black Siren pounces instantly, attacking Dinah's body, practically trying to exert her dominance. Dinah's not going down with a fight. She gives as good as she receives.

Maybe the kid would do alright.

Regardless, Sara finishes herself inside of Laurel. Her muscles tense up with a very good feeling of release hitting her and feeling that release alongside of her sister just makes everything so much better.

Laurel sees stars along with feeling an unprecedented warmth hitting her body. Sara buries inside of her and rocks her body with constant thrusts. She enters an embrace with her sister, never once letting go. Putting her hands on Sara's ass and squeezing it while lovingly kissing her.

The end comes when Laurel rolls over and Sara drops on top of her. They share this moment, only broke up slightly by the growls of anger coming from Black Siren and Black Canary.

A flash of light emits from the Waverider.


"No need for alarm, Captain Lance. I was merely recording this for future training purposes."

Sara raises her eyebrow. Laurel can barely keep the smile off of her face.

"Is that what they're calling it in the future?"

"And if anyone needs me, I will be inside my central processor, reconfiguring my RAM."


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