Mother’s Day

BY : MarshalMarmont1812
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Disclaimer: This is a parody. I do not own the Cosby Show or any character represented. I do not make any profit or compensation from this parody.

Claire stirred in her sleep as Cliff kissed her neck and shoulders, his cock pushing against her ass. “Mmm…” she said grinding again, “Looks like last night didn’t help things.” Cliff laughed. “Just need a morning exam Ms. Huxtable.” 

She moaned as her husband slid inside her tight ass while groping her soft well oiled skin. “Oh fuck...” he moaned under his breath and began thrusting deep inside her, his balls slamming against her pussy. As he picked up speed, he rubbed her wet pussy and she moaned louder as he groped her 32B tits.

He climbed above her and began vigorously thrusting inside her and she moaned louder as he groped her shapely ass. Claire raised her leg to allow him better entrance and screamed as he fucked her just the right way.

As Cliff came inside her, she cursed internally. She couldn’t remember the last time, her once sexually able husband had driven her to an orgasm. As he pulled his cock out, he fell asleep again, satisfied.

- -

Across the hall, Theo hammered away at his 7 inch dick. He always fantasized what his mother looked like behind the closed door, as his father fucked her. He imagined her beautiful golden ass jiggling as her boobs slapped each other.

”Hey Theo do you...?” Vanessa didn’t get to finish as she opened the door, two thick shots of Theo’s cum blasting her face. The two remained silent, the cum dripping from her face.

Theo hurriedly handed a towel which she used to quickly wipe her brother’s cum from her face. “Gross!” She said wiping a glob with her finger. “And my classmates eat this stuff?” She turned to her brother, his dripping cock still firm and erect.

”I can’t believe you are still jerking off to Mom and Dad.” She said tapping her foot, “You need to get a girlfriend.” Theo shook his head while pulling up his pants. “I’ve had a lot of them. They all broke up with me when they saw my dick.”

He went over to his desk and picked up a magazine. Vanessa stood quietly at the door before closing it. Walking behind Theo, she cupped Theo’s bulge. “I’m not afraid of it. As a matter of fact, I always watch when you jerk off. I always wanted a cock that size in me.”

Theo moaned as she unfastened his pants and pulled her dick from his boxers, licking the precum collected on his head. “We- we shouldn’t be doing this.” Theo said nervously as Vanessa stroked faster. 

“But I can tell you want to.” She said pulling off her shirt, exposing her 32D tits. Theo immediately groped them and they fell onto the bed, stripping one another of their remaining clothing. Soon, Theo was vigorously fucking his sister, groping her amazing boobs.

The sounds of their parents spurred them on. Vanessa and Theo kissed as his hips pounded into hers. She moaned and clawed his back. It hurt Theo but the pain soon ebbed with the pleasure he was having. He watched as his full length disappeared in his sister’s pussy.

She cried into a pillow as she came on his cock and she could tell he couldn’t last much longer. “Cum in me Theo. Imagine you’re fucking Mom, getting her full of your warm cum.” Theo gritted his teeth as his load blasted into her pussy, filling her up.

Theo lay back, well satisfied after the two had cleaned up. “Mom and Dad are done.” Vanessa said hearing their moans had stopped. “At least they didn’t come in here.” Theo replied. “I’ll bet Mom is happy it’s Mother’s Day. I’ve got a big present to give her.” The two then made their plans.

- -

That afternoon, Kenny and Rudy walked into the kitchen where Claire was making dinner. “Hello you two.” Claire said placing a plate of fresh cookies on the table, “How are you Kenny?” 

“Fine Ms. Huxtable.” He replied as he sat down. 

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