The Patriarchy Plan

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Author’s note:  This whole story is basically my homage to one of the great writers of adult fanfiction from a while ago, although he never published on as far as I’m aware: Trent Wolf.  I used to read his work way back when I was probably (definitely) too young to be reading that kind of thing, and anyone who’s encountered his excellent TNG story will probably notice the minor references.  Just hope I can do it justice.


The Patriarchy Plan, Chapter One:


‘The Trouble with Women’


F.E.M. Date: 51027.7

Location: Sigma Omicron System, Sector 24604, Gamma Quadrant.


Ensign Alexander Cox rested his elbows on the shimmering black surface of the USS Equality’s briefing room table, and gazed out the window in awe.  No matter how many times he saw it, the sheer majesty of the vast black void of space never failed to fill him with a sense of mystery and wonder.  He had been serving aboard the USS Equality for more than five years now, and before that held a number of lower level positions on science ships and diplomatic vessels like the Stargazer and the Reliant, but his desire for adventure had never been dulled by the routine of military life or the petty bureaucracy of interstellar politics.  Not even the diminishing status of F.E.M. Fleet on the galactic stage could take that away from him.


Alex winced, embarrassed to even think that ridiculous acronym.  It was true that the first planets colonized by humans were Earth and Mars, hence The Federation of Earth and Mars, or F.E.M. for short.  But whichever politically correct, gender pronoun obsessed, female-empowering moron had adopted those three letters to represent humanity as a whole on the galactic stage had damned his own species to be the butt of a thousand alien jokes.  It hadn’t always been this way, of course, but in line with ‘herstorical reevaluation’ of all past archival records, the true nomenclature of the Federation had mostly been forgotten.


“Ensign Cox”, a voice jolted Alex from his contemplation of the stars.  “Did you hear a word of what I just said, or were you too engrossed in staring out the port side window?”


Cox straightened his back and turned to meet the imperious gaze of his commanding officer.


“I heard every word of it, Captain Fox”, he said politely.  “Please continue”.


“Oh, really?”, Captain Victoria Fox smiled.  “Then perhaps you’d care to summarize the details of our current mission, Mr. Cox, for the benefit of anyone here who doesn’t share your uncanny ability to absorb information and daydream at the same time”.


Cox looked around the table.  There were three women sat at it, or, to be more precise, three smoking hot women in their early- to mid-twenties.  Sat across from him was the ship’s First Officer, Commander Natasha Johansson, a curvaceous redhead with full, naturally pouting lips, emerald green eyes, and, in Cox’s considered opinion, the best pair of breasts on the entire ship.  The standard issue F.E.M. Fleet uniform for women did little to hide the curves of Natasha’s figure.  Consisting of a one-piece zip up bodysuit in a wide variety of colors, what it lacked in bared skin it almost made up for in formfitting tightness.  On the First Officer’s body in particular, the garment adhered faithfully to the swell of her full, DD-cup breasts and showcased to incredible effect the supple, heart-shaped contours of her thick and bouncy bubble ass.  Natasha’s uniform was the standard color for a high ranking bridge officer: dark red.


Sat on the right of Commander Johansson was the ship’s First Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi.  Her Vulvan name was a never-ending source of amusement among the ship’s male contingent, although no one ever dared crack wise about it in the presence of a female crew member.  Such gender-biased humor, if reported, was grounds for a Court Marshall and immediate dishonorable discharge if the officer in question was found guilty - which in over 99% of cases brought before the board, they were.  In contrast to Johansson, T’Pusi had a slender figure, with perky B-cup breasts.  But below her waist, the Science Officer’s hips flared out in an extremely attractive manner, blessing T’Pusi with a deliciously full and well-rounded ass, and a thigh gap to die for.  If a 5’6” girl weighing barely a-hundred-and-twenty pounds could be described as ‘bottom-heavy’ then T’Pusi fit that description perfectly.  She had Asiatic-looking eyes, slanted and deep purple in color, as was the norm among her species; and her short black hair was cut in a tomboyish style that accentuated her high cheekbones, elegant jawline, and poised, cupid’s bow lips.  Her uniform was the standard color for a F.E.M. Fleet Science Officer, pure white, which had the added bonus of drawing attention to T’Pusi’s seemingly ever-erect nipples as they poked up through the faintly glossy, formfitting material.  At first glance, most people would assume she was barely nineteen years old, but her true age by earth standards was closer to forty.  This was perfectly normal among members of her species, however.  The logic obsessed Vulvans often lived to be well over two hundred years old.


Finally, at the head of the table, with her arms crossed combatively beneath her firm C-cup breasts, stood Captain Victoria Fox.  The ultimate jerk-off fantasy of every straight male crewmember aboard the USS Equality, she had piercing gray-blue eyes that betrayed nothing but contempt for her subordinates, irrespective of their gender.  Her classically beautiful face and long, glossy brunette hair might have seemed less out of place among the pages of a fashion magazine, than on the bridge of a state-of-the-art starship.  And her slim and athletic, yet undeniably curvaceous figure - with firm, c-cup breasts, long, shapely legs, and a tight, peachy ass - filled out the front and backside of her F.E.M. Fleet uniform in an irresistibly seductive manner.  Her formfitting bodysuit was pitch black, the color reserved for a ship’s commanding officer, with a small Nehru collar bearing the four gold stripes and single gold star that denoted her rank of captain.  Like all other members of the crew, she also wore the emblem of the Federation on the front of her uniform.  Attached just slightly above her left nipple, it was a stylized, vertically aligned chevron with rounded edges, matte silver in color, and approximately seven centimeters in length.


“We’re waiting, Ensign Cox”, she said sternly, her steady, superior gaze not deviating from Alex’s face even for a second.  He could already feel his cock starting to get hard.


“In brief, Captain”, he started, “we’re approaching the fourth planet of the Sigma Omicron System, a class-M planet named Paradiso.  The inhabitants of the planet contacted the Federation a few days ago with an urgent request for military assistance.  Their colonies are being raided by pirates and they’re having a tough time fighting them off.  However, as you just mentioned, Paradiso is not a very important planet for the Federation, so you’re feeling slightly… confused, for want of a better word, about why the Fleet’s flagship, the USS Equality, and you, its captain, have been assigned to this mission”.


Captain Fox pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at Alex.  If looks could kill, the ensign would have been struck dead on the spot.


“I am not, nor have I ever been, ‘confused’, Ensign Cox”, she said coldly.


“A poor choice of words, Captain”, Alex replied.  “I apologize”.


“Your summary was… adequate”, she said, after a few more moments of sulky glaring.  “But I stand by my complaint.  This ship is the pride of the Federation!  Why we have to waste our precious time on this… backwoods colony that, personally, I’ve never even heard of before, is beyond me”


“Why, Captain”, First Officer Johansson chimed in, “surely you don’t mean that.  We should help the colonists of Paradiso because we share the common bond of humanity with them.  One of the founding principles of F.E.M. Fleet is that all life is sacred.  We must show compassion and come to their aid, even if there is great danger involved.  It’s our duty!”.


“Jesus”, Fox muttered, shaking her head.  “Every damn time, the same bleeding heart bullshit.  Am I running a ship here or a charity?  T’Pusi”, she turned to the Vulvan.  “What’s your take on the situation?”


T’Pusi steepled her fingers underneath her chin and pursed her lips in thought.  Alex had to suppress a smile when he saw the Vulvan’s affected pose of deliberation.  Despite her best efforts, T’Pusi radiated about as much intelligence and wisdom as a vacuous teenage glamour model, albeit a very attractive one.  It never failed to amuse him that she had wasted almost twenty five years of her life traveling around the galaxy, studying at one renowned educational institution after another.  As she often liked to remind her crewmates, she had obtained over a dozen PhDs during that time, in subjects ranging from ‘subatomic nanomechanical engineering’ to ‘the endocrinological reactions of Klingon physiology to the lyrics of their battle songs’, and yet she was still one of the most useless, airheaded bimbos Alex had ever met.


“I believe an analogous situation exists in the history of your planet, Captain Fox”, she said at length.  “In 1992, I believe it was, a country by the name of Argentina invaded a small colony belonging to the, by then largely defunct, British Empire, the Balkans Islands.  In that situation, just as in our situation now, the Balkans Islands were of limited economic or military value to the British, and yet they mobilized a large part of their military forces in an attempt to reclaim the territory, and ultimately were successful in their efforts.  Clearly, we have precedence for our intervention here”.


Captain Fox nodded along with her.


“Yes, I see, I think I take your point, Lieutenant Commander.  An interesting suggestion”.


T’Pusi straightened her posture and rested her hands on the table, her fingers still steepled, clearly proud of herself for having won the Captain’s approval.


“Do you find something amusing, Ensign Cox?”, she asked Alex when she noticed his barely suppressed smile.


“No, no”, he shook his head.  “It’s nothing”.


“No, please”, T’Pusi titled her head to one side in a gesture of faux-politeness, “if I have made an error, I welcome your correction”.


I’ll give you some correction, Cox bristled, with the palm of my hand on your tight alien ass, you dumb bitch.


“Well, okay”, he said.  “It’s just, it wasn’t the Balkans Islands, as you said, but the Falklands Islands.  The Balkans was a geographical region of southeastern Europe”.


“Oh”, T’Pusi furrowed her brow in surprise.  “I… I stand corrected”


“And it didn’t happen in 1992.  It was 1982”.


“Well, the minutiae of the situation are… unimportant”, she replied, a little too quickly.  “My intention was to draw the Captain’s attention to a parallel between the events of…”


“Yeah, I know”, Cox cut her off, causing T’Pusi to huff cutely, her nostrils flaring in annoyance.  “But the parallels you mentioned are superficial, at best.  In the late twentieth century, the Falkland Islands were a Crown Colony of the British Empire, sure, but they were being claimed by Argentina, which was a country in its own right too, with a fairly decent historical claim to the area in question.  In our current situation, we have a colony of the Federation, Paradiso, being attacked and raided by a lawless band of space pirates, who have no claim of sovereignty or central government at all.  I just don’t see how the two situations are analogous”.


A warm lilac blush spread over T’Pusi’s face as Cox tore her argument to shreds in front of Captain Fox and Commander Johansson.


“I… I see”, she said finally.  Yet try as she might she couldn’t quite disguise her frustration at being humiliated in the presence of her commanding officers.  “Thank you for your correction, Ensign Cox.  I will… endeavour to broaden my knowledge of your planet’s history in the future”.


Cox just smiled at her.  It always made his cock hard to test the limits of T’Pusi’s supposed lack of emotions.  He had a sneaking suspicion that just beneath her calm and collected exterior, the Vulvan beauty was a boiling mass of teenage angst and repressed sexual desires, just waiting for the right moment to drop to her knees before him and choke on his cock until he dropped a heavy load of testosterone-fueled human cum straight down her throat.


“You’re welcome, Lieutenant Commander”, he said simply.


“Very well, Ensign”, Fox interrupted their staring match.  “So what recommendations do you have for our course of action?”


Again, all eyes turned to Cox, and without missing a beat he calmly started to lay out his plan.


“Well, for starters, I wouldn’t waste any more time sitting around here, debating whether or not it’s beneath us to help the colonists on Paradiso”, he looked Captain Fox straight in the eye, enjoying the expression of contempt on her beautiful, model-like face.  “We have our orders, and as officers of the Federation we are bound by oath to carry them out, whether we agree with them or not.  As for what our course of action should be in this particular situation, well, we obviously don’t have enough information to make a judgment call on that, yet.  So my recommendation is, first, we establish orbit around the planet, then, Captain Fox, Commander Johansson, Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi, and myself should form an away party and beam down to the planet’s surface, where we can gather additional information from the leader of the colonists.  Depending on what we find out there, we can then make an informed decision about what to do with the pirates”.


“I-I see”, Captain Fox nodded, looking like she had just been bitch slapped with logic.  “A serviceable plan”, she admitted begrudgingly.  “But need I remind you, Ensign, that I am the ranking officer aboard this ship, and therefore I will be making any decisions regarding our course of action on this mission”.


“Of course, Captain”, Alex said calmly, enjoying the pleasurable sensation of his half-hard cock pressing against the inside of his uniform pants.


“And you’d do well to remember your place, Ensign”, she added.  “As the lowest ranking officer in this room, you should show more respect to your superiors”.


Yeah, only because F.E.M. Fleet command has a bunch of pencil pushing, beta male faggots withholding promotions from anyone who doesn’t have a pussy between their legs, you stupid cunt, Alex wanted to say.  But instead he just kept on staring back at Captain Fox, imagining himself face-fucking her while she lay naked on the ready room table with her head draped back over its edge, and he used her breasts as handholds.


“Meeting adjourned”, said Captain Victoria Fox, slightly unnerved by Alex’s steady, unwavering gaze.







Fifteen minutes later, Captain Fox, Commander Johansson, Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi, and Ensign Cox were standing side by side on the USS Equality’s transporter pads, ready to beam down to the surface of Paradiso.


“So you approve of my plan, Captain?”, Alex asked with a straight face.


“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Ensign”, Fox replied coolly.  “One more smart comment, and I’ll have you removed from my ship for sexual harassment”.  She leaned in close and spoke so only the two of them could hear.  “And you know I don’t need any evidence or corroboration to make those charges stick, Ensign, not in this day and age”.


Alex remained silent.  He had seen too many of his fellow male crewmembers booted off the Equality on trumped up charges of sexual discrimination to test his luck now.  Victoria’s taunting smile made his cock twitch, but as a thirty-year-old white man living in a society that had based its founding principles on the #metoo movement of the early 21st Century, there was only so much he could do.


“Energize”, Captain Fox said to the attractive young girl manning the transporter room controls.


A humming noise filled the room.  It gradually increased in pitch and intensity as yellow shards of energy materialized around the four people standing on the pads.  Alex saw swirls of electromagnetic radiation eddying around him, then the room dissolved in a flurry of imploding particles, and was replaced a moment later by blue skies overhead, green grass underneath his feet, trees, fields, streets, and large, technologically advanced structures all around him.


Alex filled his lungs with fresh, natural air for the first time in months.  The colony of Paradiso looked like a fine place to live.  They had beamed down on the outskirts of a small urban area that, despite its modest scale, featured many of the modern conveniences of 25th Century civilization.  Alex could see pristine maglev thoroughfares cutting gridlike paths between the sparkling facades of commerce centers, academies, and public utility complexes.  The streets were lined with verdant elms and poplar trees, and small pockets of greenery and flowers flourished in the well-tended parks that were interspersed among the buildings.  Off in the middle distance, in what looked like the downtown area, he could even see a few towering, white titanium skyscrapers that must have been twenty or thirty stories high - minuscule by the standards of the core systems, like Sol and Alpha Centauri, but quite impressive out here in the frontier territories.


“Intriguing”, Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi said, pulling our her compact tricorder and using it to scan the vicinity.  “This colony was established only a decade ago, yet it appears to be progressing at an impressive rate of development”.


“Yes”, agreed Commander Johansson.  “These buildings look almost as advanced as the architecture of my home planet, Deneb IV, and that was colonized several generations ago”.


“We’re not here to sightsee, ladies”, Captain Fox stated irritably.  “Commander Johansson, I thought I told you to arrange for us to be greeted by the leader of the colony?”


“But… I did, Captain”, Johansson replied.  “He assured me he would be here to meet us, at the specified beam down site”.


He…?”, Fox started to reply with a tone of incredulity.  But then a loud male voice sounded behind them, and they all turned around to face its source.


“Ladies, ladies, ladies”, said a portly yet well-preserved man, who appeared to be in his mid- to late-forties, as he strode towards the four officers, a welcoming smile practically radiating from his chubby, handlebar-mustachioed face.  “And gentleman”, he turned to Alex and gave him a small bow of respect.  “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances”.


“This…”, Captain Fox asked Johansson snarkily, “is the leader of the colony?”.


“Indeed, Madam”, said the rotund man.  “Doctor Augustus Delaware, at your service”.


He offered his hand, which Captain Fox coldly ignored.


“I’m sorry, there seems to have been a misunderstanding”, she said.  “I specifically asked to meet with the woman in charge of the colony”.


“Ah, yes, yes, of course”, replied Augustus Delaware, not missing a beat despite Fox’s rudeness.  “Your quaint, core systems sensibilities.  I’m afraid we do things a little differently around here, Ms. Fox”


Alex winced, anticipating the captain’s response.  The last time someone had called her ‘Ms. Fox’ it hadn’t ended well.  The man had almost needed reconstructive eardrum surgery after the torrent of gender political propaganda she had screamed at him.  So he was a little surprised when Captain Fox barely acknowledged Delaware’s term of address.


“Look… fine”, she huffed, putting her hands on her hips, “if you’re the leader of the colony, then you know why we’re here.  I want information, Augustus.  I need to know how many pirate ships there are, what kind of fire power do they have, where’s their base?”.


“Yes, yes, yes”, Delaware nodded amiably.  “We’ll get to that all in good time, my dear”


“My dear?”, Captain Fox raised her eyebrows in incredulity.  “Do you know who I am, Doctor Delaware?”


“Oh, I’m very much aware of who you are, Captain Fox”, Delaware chuckled, “and of which starship you have been assigned to command”


Fox took a step forward and stared Delaware straight in the eye.  The difference between the two was striking: Delaware a beer-bellied, middle aged man well over two-hundred pounds and six feet tall; and Fox a slim and curvaceous young woman in her early twenties, standing barely five feet, seven inches tall, even in her heels, and probably weighing a hundred pounds less than him.


“Good”, she said, staring up at Delaware.  “Then you’ll know that my time is a precious commodity, Doctor, one that you are now in the process of wasting”.


But Delaware didn’t budge an inch, nor did the good-natured smile ever leave his face.


“Come now, you must all be weary after your long space voyage to our planet, and we so seldom receive guests here on Paradiso.  Would you really deprive me of the company of three such beautiful young ladies as yourselves, and this dashing young gentleman, for dinner?  After we have eaten, then we may discuss the… matter of these pirates”.


Alex took a deep breath in.  Even if Captain Fox had let his earlier missteps slide, Delaware’s old country charm and invitation to dinner were pushing it, to say the least.  He half expected Fox to pull out her phase pistol and blast Delaware on the spot, as he stood before her beaming hospitably.  But again, he was surprised by her response.  A flash of annoyance did momentarily pass over her face, but it quickly gave way to a kind of blank puzzlement, as though she were trying to remember some important information but couldn’t quite grasp it from her memory.  She frowned, blinked her eyes a few times, then looked back up at Augustus Delaware.


“I… I… suppose… that will be fine, Doctor ”, she said slowly, as though picking her words with the utmost care.  “We can all have dinner together, as you… insist.  But tell me what I want to know… about the pirates, first”.


Delaware smiled at her warmly.  “You are a very headstrong young woman, Ms. Fox.  But I will allow this compromise”.


He made a sweeping gesture with his arms to usher them along the street, towards a gleaming maglev limousine that was waiting nearby.


“This way, ladies - and gentleman.  We can take a short sightseeing trip though the streets of our capital city, en route to my offices, where we shall discuss the pirate menace.  I’m sure you’ll find it a most agreeable experience”.


As Captain Fox strode past him towards the waiting limousine, Alex couldn’t help but notice Delaware’s gaze drop down to check out her ass beneath the formfitting black fabric of her bodysuit.  He couldn’t blame him.  Victoria Fox’s tight, peach-like bubble ass was truly a thing of beauty.  The way it flexed and bounced with every step she took, while her flaring hips swayed alluringly from side to side like those of a trained dancer, was enough to make any man’s balls ache.  T’Pusi and Johansson were no slouches; Cox could happily have hotdogged his cock back and forth between their plump, heart-shaped ass cheeks for as long as they’d let him, before blowing a massive load all over their lower backs and up between their shoulder blades.  But there was just something about his commanding officer’s perfectly proportioned, squats sculpted bubble ass that made him want to grab it, and sink his fingers deep into her smooth, thick buttocks.


Almost as if he had read his mind, Delaware turned to Alex and gave him a sly wink.  The Ensign could have sworn he heard a voice inside his head at the same moment, saying: ‘Patience, my boy, all good thing come to those who wait’.  But then T’Pusi said something that distracted him.


“Doctor Delaware, your colony here on Paradiso is extremely impressive.  But there seems to be a disproportionate ratio of males to females, at least in this area.  In fact, since we arrived, I don’t believe I’ve seen any females at all, apart from myself, Captain Fox, and Commander Johansson, of course.


Alex scanned the city streets around them and realized she was right.  There must have been a hundred people in the vicinity, walking around, talking, sitting on park benches, enjoying the warm afternoon air, but not one of them was female.


“Why, my dear”, Delaware smiled in response, “we have an abundance of fine young ladies here on Paradiso.  You just won’t see them out in the streets at this hour of the day.  For they are all in their homes, in their kitchens, their living rooms, and their bedrooms, cooking, cleaning, and performing other… appropriate duties for the men of the colony”.


T’Pusi tilted her head to one side in an expression of bemusement.


“You have a very… unusual sense of humor, Doctor Delaware”, she said as she stooped forward and climbed into the back of the maglev limousine, giving both Cox and Delaware another chance to check out her healthy, well-rounded backside beneath the formfitting white fabric of her bodysuit.






“And that is everything that has happened vis-à-vis the pirates until your fortuitous arrival this afternoon, Captain Fox”, said Augustus Delaware.


He was sat at a large, circular, wooden table in a luxuriously decorated dining hall.  Landscape paintings and life-sized portraits of the colony’s founders hung on the walls, including one of Doctor Delaware in his younger and considerably slimmer days.  Ornate porcelain vases filled with fresh flowers were positioned tastefully around the room’s interior.  The walls were immaculate white.  The furniture was varnished mahogany.  Gold and platinum details, such as the frames on the mirrors and the handles on the cabinets, gleamed resplendently, and the beige marble floors were buffed to a high sheen.


Above the central round table at which Delaware, Fox, Johansson, T’Pusi, and Cox were sat, a sparkling chandelier made of shards of neutron star diamonds floated weightless on gravity inhibitors.  It was starting to get dark outside, so Delaware had blue-tinted the windows that stretched from floor to ceiling along one side of the room and turned on the interior lights.  Ghostly rays of spectral refraction occasionally played across the officers’ faces as the diamonds above them turned in the air currents, but for the most part they were bathed in a steady stream of calming, ethereal light that made the women present look even more beautiful than ever.


“I see”, Captain Fox replied.  “Well, if what you’ve told me is true, your space pirates should pose no significant problem at all.  My ship will blow them to dust, Doctor Delaware, I guarantee it”.


“Hah!”, Delaware laughed.  “You are not one for mincing your words, are you, Captain Fox?  I approve.  But be warned, these are a wily bunch.  They may surprise you with their underhanded tactics and ruthlessness.  Now, are there any more questions, or can we proceed to the more pleasurable business of the day - the eating!”


“Well, there is something, actually, Doctor, yes”, said Captain Fox, sitting back in her chair and crossing her shapely legs.  “It’s been bothering me since we arrived, in fact”


“Oh, really”, smiled Delaware, “and what might that be, my dear?”


“Hmm, how can I put this…”, Fox looked him straight in the eye.  “Everything.  Your whole colony, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something just… wrong here.  Like, why were there no women in the streets when we first arrived?  How are you so advanced after barely a decade of being here?  Where did all the money, the materials, the luxuries come from?  It doesn’t add up, Doctor, and I demand an explanation”.


“Oh, you demand it, do you?”, Delaware chuckled amiably.  “In that case, I suppose I shall have to give you one, Ms. Fox.  The truth is, there is no mystery here.  Paradiso is as you see it today, a nascent Utopia, simply because we have made it so.  Intelligent allocation of resources and good old fashioned hard work; these are the cornerstones of our success.  We have built our colony from the ground up as an example to the rest of the galaxy of what can be achieved when human beings work together in harmony towards a common goal.  I believe this is in stark contrast to the current state of affairs in much of your so called ‘Federation of Earth and Mars’, where divisiveness and polarization are the strategy de jour”.


“Oh, is that right?”, Fox asked.  “And by divisiveness and polarization, Doctor, I take it you mean F.E.M. Fleet’s current policy of reparations in favor of the female gender?”


“Precisely, my dear”, Delaware nodded, still smiling.  “Here on Paradiso, we do not entertain such nonsense.  We have established a patriarchal society founded on the principles of democratic meritocracy.  In plain speech, we select people based on their innate abilities and their educational backgrounds to fulfill the roles that they are best suited to.  Naturally, this has led to most women being placed in menial jobs, the service industry, domestic roles, that kind of thing, while we men make the decisions and run the society.  The results, as we can all see, speak for themselves”.


*BANG!*, Captain Fox slammed her fist down on the surface of the table, causing Johansson and T’Pusi to jump in their seats.


“This is an outrage, Doctor Delaware!”, she raised her voice.  “If true, then this entire colony is in direct contravention of Federation law.  And I am under no obligation whatsoever to come to your aid”.


She rose to her feet, her fists balled at her sides, her whole body almost trembling with feminine fury.


“In fact”, she pointed her finger at Delaware, “as soon as I’m back on my ship, I’m going to report you to F.E.M. Fleet Command, Doctor, and do everything in my power to have the Federation membership of Paradiso revoked!”


Delaware calmly brushed an imaginary speck of dust from the surface of the table.


“That is your prerogative, Ms. Fox”.  He looked at Alex on the other side of the table and shook his head sadly, as though to share his commiserations with the ensign.  Alex looked back at him with an expression of disbelief.  He had no clue why Delaware was damning his own colony to exile.  He sympathized with the Doctor’s situation, but his total lack of diplomacy was impossible to understand.


“I had anticipated as much”, Delaware continued.  “No matter.  We are a hardy bunch here on Paradiso, perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves”.


Captain Fox placed her palms on the surface of the table and leaned forward in a threatening manner.


“Really, Doctor?”, she smiled coldly.  “So then why did you have to call on F.E.M. Fleet, and request the protection of a starship with a ninety percent female crew?”.  Her voice took on a taunting lilt as, for the first time since they had met, the good-natured smile on Delaware’s face began to fade.  “What’s the matter, Doctor”, she asked, “ashamed that you had to beg for help from a female-run organization?  I thought your patriarchal meritocracy had everything…”


But then Delaware sighed, and made a small, dismissive gesture with his hand, and instantly Captain Fox, Commander Johansson, and Science Officer T’Pusi all fell into a strange state of bewilderment.  They remained in their positions, either standing or sitting around the table, but their faces went slack, as though in a state of mild euphoria.  All the energy drained out of Captain Fox’s body, and she started swaying dizzily on her heels, here eyelids half closed, her glossy red lips hanging half open.


“I think perhaps you had better take a seat, Captain”, offered Delaware.  “You’re looking rather tired out all of a sudden”.


Victoria blinked her eyes and murmured some unintelligible response, before staggering back and sitting down in her seat with a small thud.


Ensign Cox immediately sprang into action.  Kicking his chair back, he rose to his feet, pulled out his phase pistol, and leveled it at Delaware.


“What have you done to them?”, he demanded.  “Some kind of… anaesthetic gas in the air?”


“Be calm, my boy, please, remain calm”, Delaware said, showing Cox his open palms in a gesture of placation.  “Your crewmates are perfectly fine, I assure you, and you are in no imminent danger”.


Alex glanced at the three women beside him.  They didn’t appear to be in any pain.  In fact, they all looked like they were feeling pretty good.  Their faces were relaxed, their breathing steady, their eyes glazed over and staring ahead, pupils dilated.


“Hypnosis?”, he asked.  “They all look like they’re in a… hypnotic trance”.


“Not exactly, my boy”, Delaware chuckled.  “I’m sorry, but I do get rather nervous when someone points a charged phase pistol at me.  Would you mind?”


“Okay, wait, wait, just gimme a minute to think here”, Cox said.  “What’s going on, will you at least tell me that?”


“Of course”, said Delaware, placing his hands slowly back down on the tabletop.  “I owe you an explanation, of course.  But can we at least talk as gentlemen?  Please, pick up your chair and join me at the table.  I will do my best to fill you in on the details”.


Alex righted his chair and sat down on it, still keeping his pistol trained on Delaware.


“I’m grateful for your trust, my boy.  Now, what you see here is merely a small demonstration of the power that I and every man here on Paradiso possesses, to one extent or another.  It is a power which I hope to share with you, Mr. Cox, and one which I hope you, in time, will help us to share with the rest of the galaxy”.


“I don’t understand”, said Alex.  “What power?  The power to make women brain dead?  Not sure if you noticed, Doctor, but these three weren’t exactly towering intellects to begin with”


“Hah!  I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Cox!”, laughed Delaware.  “In fact, I think we may be two of a kind, you and I, if you catch my meaning”


“Can’t say that I do, Doctor, but go on”


“Perhaps another demonstration will answer your questions better than my words ever could”, said Delaware.  He cleared his throat.  “Ladies?”.  Fox, Johansson, and T’Pusi all instantly turned to face him.  “Stand up, please”.


Without hesitation, they rose to their feet.


“Now, take off your clothes”, Delaware said casually.


Alex turned to look at them with an incredulous smile, but his expression soon changed to one of amazement when all three beautiful young women reached up and, without a word, took the zippers of their bodysuits between their forefingers and thumbs.  Their faces took on a look of blank purposefulness as they dragged their zippers down between their breasts.  As alluring as T’Pusi and Johansson were, Alex felt his eyes being drawn magnetically to Captain Fox as she continued to unzip her tight black bodysuit.  Victoria had long been the Ensign’s ultimate sexual fantasy.  Seeing her strip out of her F.E.M. Fleet uniform was like a dream come true for him, and he didn’t want to miss a second of it.


After pulling her zipper down to just below her belly button, revealing flawless swathes of lightly tan skin and the generous swell of her C-cup breasts, she started spreading the garment’s lapels sideways over her slender shoulders.


Alex swallowed as Captain Fox’s firm, medium-sized breasts came into view.  He had always wondered whether or not she wore a bra underneath her uniform, and now he had the answer.  Victoria’s bare tits were perfectly proportioned for her torso, big enough to provide some delectable jiggle as she tugged her arms free from the sleeves of her bodysuit, yet not so oversized that they took anything away from the sleek athleticism of her tight, girlish physique.  Her nipples were seashell pink in color and extremely perky, surrounded by sensitive-looking, goose bumped aureoles a little more than an inch in diameter.  Her abs were a thing of beauty.  As she tugged the formfitting black fabric of her bodysuit down around her hips, Alex marveled at the way his commanding officer’s subtly striated belly flexed and rippled with changeable curves of soft, feminine musculature.  She could have been an exotic dancer with a midriff like that, he wondered vaguely: perfectly flat and slim, with a small, well-defined navel that he badly wanted to grind his cock head into.


His desire for her only increased as Victoria wiggled her hips from side to side and pushed her bunched-up black bodysuit down over the curves of her ass.  Seeing he was enjoying the show, Delaware reached out with his mind and lightly tapped Captain Fox, compelling her to turn away from Alex and ease the fabric of her bodysuit down slowly over her backside like a stripper.  As he had anticipated, Alex was mesmerized by the show.  The way her smooth, flawless skin gradually came into view as she pushed her bodysuit down around her flaring hips was impossible to resist.  The stretchy black material bit a subtle indentation into the plump flesh of Victoria’s glutes, centimeter by slow centimeter revealing the lacy satin seat of her thong panties tapering down between her buttocks to disappear without a trace in the deep and peachy crevice of her ass-crack.


Victoria’s ass was like a work of art, Alex mused, his cock now straining against the front of his uniform pants.  He had seen her in the ship’s gym, pounding out squats and lunges, and working up a sweat with endless sets of mountain climbers and burpees that would have left him sore for days, but seeing it up-close and personal like this was something else entirely.  His commanding officer’s ass-cheeks were smooth and thick; well-rounded and bouncy, they appeared to have just the right combination of muscular tension and deliciously feminine malleability.  And as was rumored among the male contingent of the USS Equality, Fox apparently did like to UV-bathe in thong-cut bikini bottoms only slightly less revealing than the skimpy satin panties she was wearing now.  Alex could clearly make out a pure white alabaster silhouette of utterly immaculate skin curving down between her toned, heart-shaped buttocks.  She had tan-lines to die for.


Finally, as she pulled her bodysuit down below the undersides of her ass-cheeks, then started stripping it away from her supple, muscular thighs, his other suspicion about Captain Fox’s grooming habits was confirmed.  The shimmering satin seat of her panties did absolutely nothing to disguise the fact that Victoria’s pussy mound was completely bald; waxed smooth and tinted a beautiful shade of pomegranate pink, it bulged lusciously between the backs of her thighs as she bent over at her waist and stripped her bodysuit all the way down to her ankles.


When she straightened up, Fox’s ass-cheeks flexed taut like two globes of sculpted jello, dimpling on either side of her hips.  She had the most delectably biteable bubble ass Alex had ever seen; bisected down the middle by the tapering black fabric of her thong panties, it looked good enough to eat.


He glanced at Johansson and T’Pusi, who were stood on either side of their Captain, also naked now save for their panties and high heels.  They each had their own unique allure.  Johansson was a curvaceous bombshell, with pure white skin, light pink nipples, and large, tear-drop shaped breasts that seemed utterly unaffected by the force of gravity.  They clung to the Commader’s chest proud and firm, like two ripe exotic fruits, while her belly, though less defined than Fox’s, was still slim and flat, her silhouette curving slightly inward at her midriff, before exploding out below her waist to form the flaring hourglass contours of her hips.  She had thick, feminine thighs, also trained to athletic perfection by her strict diet and exercise regime aboard the USS Equality, and a beautifully rounded, deliciously plump ass.  Her curves in profile were by far the most S-shaped among the three, and her glossy red hair hung in wavy tresses down to just below her shoulders.  In keeping with the color theme of her uniform, Johansson’s thong panties were crimson red.  They had a slightly different design to Captain Fox’s, less lingerie-like and lacy, more seamless and low-rise, but they appeared to be made from the same high quality satin fabric.  Their waistband dug subtle indentations into the upper curvatures of the Commander’s buttocks, and their tapering back disappeared down without a trace into the deep white crevice of Johansson’s ass crack.


T’Pusi, by contrast, had a slender frame with perky, B-cup breasts, a trim midriff, and long, lingerie model’s legs.  Her natural complexion was a little darker than Captain Fox’s tan, but the surface of her skin had a faintly lustrous quality, as though sheened over with a barely discernable layer of iridescent oil at all times.  Her nipples were a captivating shade of pinkish mauve, no doubt due to the Vulvan female’s blue blood, and her deep purple eyes were strikingly beautiful.  T’Pusi’s most attractive feature, however, Alex decided as he looked her slowly up and down, was, without a shadow of a doubt, her ass.  The Lieutenant Commander’s taut, heart-shaped buttocks would have given her a lucrative career as a professional underwear model; in Cox’s opinion they were wasted on some brainiac scientist aboard a military vessel.  They were smooth and sculpted, sublimely feminine, and all the more alluring for having a truly mouthwatering thigh gap between them.  And again, in line with the color of her uniform, T’Pusi’s panties were pure white.  They weren’t quite thong-cut, more like minimal coverage lingerie, made from glossy silk with silver filigree details.  They curved down between her buttocks at an acute angle, but never quite revealed the most intimate areas of her inner ass-cleavage, and covered up about half of the skin between the Vulvan’s long, slender thighs.


“Ladies”, Delaware’s voice jolted Alex from his salacious appreciation of the women’s bodies.  “There is a veritable banquet awaiting us in the kitchen, just through those doors over there”, he pointed to the far end of the room.  “You are now our waitresses.  It is your job to serve us our meals.  Please proceed into the kitchen, where my servants will load you up with trays.  You will then return here and lay the dishes out on the table for us to enjoy.”


“Yes, Doctor Delaware”, all three women said in perfect unison, before turning on their heels and walking towards the door.  Alex watched their supple ass-cheeks flex and bounce as they strode purposefully away to complete their task, their stiletto heels clicking on the polished marble floor.


“Holy shit…”, he shook his head in disbelief.  “What… the fuck… is going on here?”


“It is simply the power, Mr. Cox”, said Delaware.  “The power that all of us here on Paradiso have.  All the men, at least”.


“And you want to share this with me?”, Alex asked incredulously.


“Yes, my boy, precisely.  But first, please, allow me to explain why”.


Delaware leaned forward and rested his forearms on the table.


“At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I feel it is not an overstatement to say that there is something rotten in the Federation of Earth and Mars”, he said.  “To wit: the feminization of the human race.  You’re a bright young man.  I see it in your eyes.  You know what I’m talking about.  The entire Federation is on the verge of being overrun by this fawning, limp-wristed convocation of idealogues.  They are quite running us into the ground with their affirmative action, their positive discrimination, and their baseless misandry”.


“Shit is rolling downhill”, Alex nodded.  “I can’t deny that”.


“Indeed.  I, and a collective of likeminded men here on Paradiso, among our number experts in every field of science known to man, we, together, predict that if current trends continue, and drastic measures are not undertaken to steer the ship back on course, so to speak, the Federation will fall within a century, and within a millennium, the entire human species may be on the brink of extinction”.


He let his words hang in the air for a moment, for dramatic effect.


“Uh-huh”, said Alex, rubbing the stubble on his jawline.  “And when you say drastic measures, I take it you mean… this, right?  This power you have.”


“Precisely, my boy”, said Delaware.  “I can give you the absolute power to control the minds of women.  Not all at once, mind you.  It takes practice, and depends largely on the… stubbornness of the female in question.  But with experience, ingenuity, and an iron-clad will, no woman in the galaxy will be able to resist you for long”.


As if on cue, the double doors leading into the kitchen swung open at that moment, and Captain Fox, Commander Johansson, and Science Officer T’Pusi came clicking back into the room loaded down with trays of freshly prepared food.  Cox couldn’t take his eyes off their practically naked bodies as they approached the table and started laying out the dishes before himself and Delaware.  T’Pusi appeared to have been selected as the doctor’s serving girl, while Johansson and Captain Fox stood on either side of Alex and diligently laid the table for him.  Perhaps the most impressive part was how natural they looked.  From their expressions and body language, they didn’t even appear to be under mind control anymore.  As Fox and Johansson leaned forward over the table and arranged dishes, cutlery, glasses, and tableware on its surface, they even made eye contact with Alex, flashed him pleasant, respectful smiles, and nodded politely, just like waitresses in an upscale restaurant.  The fact that they were wearing only lingerie-like panties and high heeled pumps apparently didn’t bother them at all.


“Go ahead, my boy”, Delaware encouraged him.  “Women were made to be touched, not merely looked at.  I assure you, they won’t try to resist you”.


Wetting his lips, Alex reached out and touched the back of Captain Fox’s thigh as she arranged wine glasses on the table before him.  He noticed a slight tension in her face as his palm came into contact with her flawless tan skin, but she made no move to stop him.  He started sliding his hand upwards over the back of her thigh, towards her ass, the smooth, warm surface of her skin making his palm tingle as he went.  Having finished placing the wine glasses, Victoria rested her palms on the surface of the table and bent forward slightly at her waist.  She raised her ass and allowed herself to be groped by Alex, as though this were his right as a man.  He placed his other hand on the inside of her thigh and squeezed it firmly, savoring the petal soft texture of Victoria’s skin and the taut suppleness of her leg muscles.


“Oh, fuck…”, Alex groaned, his cock now straining hard against the front of his pants.  “I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long”.


He grabbed Captain Fox’s ass-cheek and sank his fingers deep into its soft, velvety surface.


*WHAP!*, he landed a firm spank on his commanding officer’s ass, admiring the way her plump buttocks bounced and jiggled as he did so.  He then grabbed her backside with both hands, one sculpted glute in each palm, and squeezed it hard.


Alex crushed Victoria’s thick, muscular ass-cheeks in the palms of his hands, kneading and massaging them to his heart’s content.  While she bent over the table and tried to act like nothing was wrong, he salaciously groped his captain’s perfectly rounded bubble butt, sinking his fingers deep into its warm, buoyant surface.  Shaking her cheeks up and down and from side to side, he admired the healthy ripples of supple tan flesh flowing across their surfaces, before finally spreading them wide apart so he could check out her tanlines.  The backs of Victoria’s thighs trembled as Alex traced his thumbs over the pure white silhouette tapering down between her glutes.  Her ass looked so utterly perfect – smooth, thick, soft and delicious – he just couldn’t help himself.  Leaning forward, he attached his lips to the surface of Victoria’s left buttock and sucked on it.  He slathered his tongue over her warm, tender skin, drawing it into his mouth and lightly biting it.  She tasted amazing, as good as he had ever imagined.  Detaching his mouth from her ass with a wet smacking sound, Alex slid his fingers underneath the back of Victoria’s thong and pulled it over to one side, hooking it over the captain’s taut left ass-cheek so he could take a closer look at her pussy and asshole.


“Fuck, that’s nice”, he groaned softly.  A hot droplet of precum emerged from the eye of his cock as he gazed down at his commanding officer’s sleek, waxed smooth pussy lips.  She had just the kind of pussy he liked: a plump, light pink mound with a tight, elegant slit, without even a trace of hair visible anywhere between her legs.  Her skin was so utterly flawless that even her perineum looked good enough to eat sushi off of, as did the perspiration dappled valley of her ass-crack.  Her small, dark pink anus looked like it belonged on one of the pleasure droids of Sirius IX; Cox had seen pictures of the legendary hedonistic resort that was reserved exclusively for lesbians, with no men even allowed to set foot on the planet; and the resemblance was uncanny.


“Hah!  I admire your appetite, my boy”, laughed Delaware.  “Your captain is indeed quite a treat.  I must remind you, however, that our time here is… limited.  And I have an appetite of the gastronomic variety.  So, what say you, shall we eat and discuss the important business of the day?”


Alex actually had to shake his head in order to break his gaze away from Victoria’s perfect spread ass-cheeks.  But somehow he managed it.


“Yeah, okay…”, he marshaled his thoughts, “okay, I’m listening”.  He sat up straight to look at Delaware.  “Say your piece, Doctor.  But just to be clear, I’m definitely interested in… this…power, or whatever it is, that you’re offering”.


The dishes that Fox, Johansson, and T’Pusi had laid out on the table before them comprised a banquet fit for a king.  Alex saw large, deep red lobsters, thick and juicy steaks, sliced hams, goose liver pate and caviar on crackers, a wide array of canapés and hors d’oeuvres, crisp green salads glistening with olive oil, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar, fried duck in aromatic citrus sauce, and a dozen other dishes he couldn’t even identify.  Everything on the table looked absolutely delicious, and was served with a connoisseur’s selection of wines, from sparkling Champagnes to vintage Chardonnays, to rich, full bodied reds.


“Ladies”, Delaware said in his commanding voice.  “I believe my servants have already given you instructions regarding your participation in our small banquet today”.


Captain Fox, Commander Johansson, and Science Officer T’Pusi all stood to attention with their hands behind their backs.


“Yes, sir, Doctor Delaware”, they said in unison.


Alex was expecting them to act as waitresses, to serve the food, pour the wine, and so on, so he was a little surprised when all three women get down on their hands and knees and crawled underneath the table.


“It is the law here, Mr. Cox”, Delaware explained.  “When men sit down to dine, women must kneel at their feet and service them with their hands and mouths.  We find it reinforces the social order.  And, of course, it is rather enjoyable”.


He flashed an impish smile at Alex and rubbed his hands together as Fox and Johansson took up their positions, kneeling between his spread thighs.  They peered up at the ensign seductively, fondling his cock bulge along the inseam of his uniform pants.


“Oh, I hope you don’t mind”, said Delaware.  “I took the liberty of choosing our respective servers for the meal.  I must confess, I have something of a fetish for Vulvan females, especially the young and nubile ones like your Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi here.  And I assumed, I hope correctly, that you would prefer the attentions of these two lovely young ladies.  I am open to trading, however, if that is your wish”.


“No”, said Alex, breathing shallow with lust as Fox and Johansson’s slender fingertips teased and caressed his straining package.  “These two will do… just fine for me, Doctor”.


He sat up a little straighter in his chair when Johansson slid her palm underneath his groin, to cup and gently massage his balls.  At the same time, Victoria was sliding her fingernails slowly up and down the length of his shaft, flicking at the underside of his cock head every time she reached it, and staring up at him attentively, gauging his reactions and focusing her attentions on the most apparently sensitive areas she could find.


Alex reached down and cupped one of their breasts in each palm, Captain Fox’s firm, C-cup mammary in his left, and Commander Johansson’s luxurious DD-cup melon in his right.  He bounced them up and down a few times, comparing their respective weights, and unsurprisingly came to the conclusion that Natasha’s full, teardrop-shaped orb was superior to Victoria’s in this respect.  Then he squeezed them firmly, sinking his fingers deep into their supple undersides, until their flesh bulged like warm marshmallow between his digits.  He decided he preferred Victoria’s breast, in this respect.  It was just so firm and buoyant, its velvety malleability almost pushing back against his finger as he crushed it in the palm of his hand like a stress reliever.  And it was just the right size for his hand too, whereas Johansson’s luxurious, cream-white orb overflowed his grasp and bulged out between his forefinger and thumb, making it impossible to appreciate in its entirety with one hand.  Each of their nipples felt wonderfully tender and erect, pressing into the centre of Alex’s palm and throbbing with palpable arousal.


“Please, Ensign Cox…”, Victoria said, peering up at him eagerly.


“Can we take it out?”, Natasha finished her sentence.


Alex nodded.  “Yeah, take it out, and both of you suck it”.


Smiling seductively, Commander Johansson snagged his zipper between her forefinger and thumb and drew it down between Alex’s legs.  Captain Fox slid her hand inside his pants, seeking out the ensign’s rigid cock bulge and squeezing it through his underwear.  Gazing up at him with a teasing look in her gray-blue eyes, she gave his shaft a few cursory pumps while it was still inside his underwear, before grasping the waistband of his shorts and pulling it down.  Alex winced with pleasurable discomfort as Victoria tugged his cock loose from inside his shorts, then pulled it out between his flies.  She hooked his underwear down below his balls, allowing Alex’s whole male package to spill out into the open air.


They both cooed with excitement as Alex’s thick, rubbery shaft bounced up between his legs, and his swarthy, hairless nutsack dangled down to rest, swollen with cum, on the seat of his chair.  Without needing any prompting, Victoria and Natasha wrapped one hand each around the girth of Alex’s cock and started jacking it smoothly towards their faces.  Alex inhaled with pleasure and leaned back in his chair, spreading his legs wider apart to give them unhindered access to his cock and balls.  Their soft, feminine palms felt incredible as they pumped his shaft in unison, working together to maintain a steady milking rhythm of strokes, all the way up from the base of his shaft to the bulbous tip and back down again roughly once every second.  It didn’t take long before Alex was as hard as he had ever been in his life.  And then Captain Fox leaned forward and pressed her glossy red lips to the underside of his cock head.  Gazing up at him intensely, she enveloped his frenulum between her lips and sucked on it, hollowing out her cheeks.  As Alex groaned deep in his chest, she titled her head to one side and started flicking her tongue slowly back and forth over the underside of his glans.  Keeping her lips sealed vacuum-tight around the lower half of his glans, Victoria pulled Alex’s foreskin down as far as it would go, and then proceeded to clean out the taut vertex of flesh directly below the ensign’s piss slit.  She worked the tip of her tongue deep into the cum-encrusted crevices she found there, squirming it around in search of any hidden pockets of off-white smegma, before bringing it back into her mouth and swallowing down the acrid, salty goo like it was ambrosia.  Finally, she slathered the slippery topside of her tongue slowly around in circles all over the most sensitive area of Alex’s cock, servicing him like a cleaner at a car wash might rinse down her customer’s vehicle after working him up into a sudsy lather.


“Enough teasing, slut”, Alex grunted.  Unable to take it anymore, he grabbed a handful of Victoria’s thick brunette hair, positioned her mouth directly above the tip of his cock, and pulled her head firmly down into his lap.


“Mmmbbblmmnn?!”, she choked on his ten inch shaft as it stretched out the interior of her throat.


“Johansson”, he said sternly, and Natasha looked up at him, grateful to receive some attention.  “Put your hand here, where mine is”


The Commander did so, sinking her fingers deep into Captain Fox’s glossy brunette hair.


“I want you to keep doing what I was just doing”, he demanded.  “Force Victoria to deep throat my cock.  And make it rough, so she can’t breathe properly, understand?”


“Yes, Ensign Cox”, the beautiful red head smiled up at him, before turning to Victoria with a more stern expression, and just as he had ordered, pushing her face firmly down into Alex’s lap.  She didn’t stop until Captain Fox’s lower lip was quivering against his swollen testicles, and her nose was mashed up against his muscular lower belly.


“If it looks like I’m gonna cum, you should ease off for a while”, he added.  “And then both of you can use your tongues to lick all the spit off my cock, understand?”.


“Yes, Ensign Cox”, they both said at the same time, although Victoria’s reply was more of a retching mumble as she gagged on his cock.


“Okay…”, Alex took a deep breath and focused his mind.  “I’m going to eat now and talk with Doctor Delaware, so try not to distract us.”


“Yes, Ensign Cox”, Natasha said again, and Victoria gurgled.


“Good girls”, Alex patted them on their heads, before turning his attention to the luxurious spread of food on the table before him.


“Alright, Doctor”, he said, moving a plateful of thick and juicy ribeye steak in front of himself and picking up his knife and fork.  “I’m all ears.  Tell me about this plan of yours”.


The steak looked fried to perfection, medium rare, just the way he liked it, and garnished with black pepper, olive oil, and herbs.  Succulent red juices dribbled out as he cut into it, and, at the same moment, a gooey spurt of precum lanced into Victoria’s mouth as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.  Alex skewered a piece of the steak with his fork, placed it into his mouth and started chewing it, his taste buds melting with delicious flavors.  It was hard to say which was better - Captain Fox’s throat softly massaging his cock as she struggled not to gag on it; Commander Johansson’s slender feminine palm caressing his balls and pumping the base of his shaft with steady, rhythmic strokes; or the perfectly prepared steak in his mouth, bursting with flavor as he chewed and swallowed it.


“Excellent”, said Delaware.  “Now, where should I start?  Ah, yes.  My decision to colonize Paradiso is as good a place as any”.


Alex could see T’Pusi’s head bobbing up and down in Delaware’s lap as he spoke, and he could hear her mouth and lips slurping and sucking on his cock as she serviced him orally, but the doctor seemed largely unmoved by her efforts – no doubt because he was accustomed to this kind of dining arrangement, Alex surmised.


“I first came here as a young man, Mr. Cox, even younger than you are now, in fact.  It was on a survey mission for the Federation.  Yes, I was an officer also, a lowly ensign just like yourself at the time.  Oh, I hope I haven’t offended you”.


Alex shook his head.  “None taken, Doctor.  If you were in the Federation then you know as well as I do it’s damn near impossible for a man to get promoted, and has been for years.  Sluts like these two”, he glanced down at Fox and Johansson as they stroked and sucked his cock and balls, “have seen to that.  Haven’t you, you manipulative fucking cunts?”


Laying down his knife and fork for a moment, Alex grabbed a handful of each of the women’s hair.  He pulled Victoria’s mouth off his cock, extracting his glistening pole from her throat with wet a suctioning sound, making her cough and gag as it slid out between her overflowing lips.  But then they both cooed sexily when Alex pressed their mouths together over the head of his cock, and made them French kiss each other with his glans bulging out between their lips.


“Yeah, you owe me this”, Alex groaned as Victoria’s and Natasha’s tongues swirled and intertwined around the head of his cock, writhing and flicking against his nerve rich head meat; their plump, glossy lips smacking wetly and sliding against each other as they swapped spit and swallowed precum and sucked on Alex’s swollen glans.  “You own me this, and a hell of a lot more, you fucking whores”.


They allowed the ensign to press their faces together, and closing their eyes, completely enveloped his glans between their hot wet mouths  Alex could only watch, transfixed, as the tips of their tongues traced intricate patterns over his exposed, veiny cock neck, and their hot breaths blasted and intermingled against his lower belly, and their warm saliva dribbled down the length of his shaft to moisten his balls.


“Sorry, Doctor, please go on”, he said after a moment.  Picking up his wine glass, he poured himself a healthy measure of dark red Chianti, admiring the vintage on the label: 2422.  The wine was almost as old as him.


“To cut a long story short”, Delaware said, “while we were here all those years ago I discovered a highly unusual substance in the planet’s indigenous flora, the plants, trees, flowers, crops, and so on.  They all contained a unique compound of phosphorous, rubidium, deuterium, carbon, and oxygen, or PRDCO if we combine their chemical symbols.  It was an fascinating scientific oddity, to be sure, but I paid it little mind until our away team became stranded on the planet’s surface due to a transporter malfunction.  We were stuck here without supplies for a week in the end, myself and two female crewmembers.  Well, you’ve probably already put two and two together by now, and come to the obvious conclusion.  As we all started harvesting and consuming the planet’s indigenous vegetation to nourish ourselves, the two women began to exhibit some unusual behavior.  They became docile and obedient, willing to accept my suggestions and, in time, obey my orders, despite the fact that I was the lowest ranking officer among us”.


“But these three haven’t eaten anything”, Alex said, nodding down at Victoria and Natasha between his legs.  “So what you’re saying, Doctor, is consuming this PRDCO compound gives men some kind of psychic mind control power.  But it has no effect on women?”


“Precisely, my boy!”, Delaware enthused.  “I knew you were the right choice.  A keen intellect and a rational mind.  And of course, a healthy interest in members of the fairer sex.  What I discovered was, as you say, PRDCO gifts men with an ability to psychically influence the female mind, but not vice versa.  I also discovered that I could selectively edit the memories of my two female companions, which led to all manner of carnal experimentation over the following days, as you may imagine…”


Alex was doing his best to stay focused on Delaware’s story, but his mind was beginning to drift as his host narrated his experiences.  He had already downed two large glasses of red wine and was well into his third, and had polished off his ribeye steak and moved onto a large parboiled lobster now.  This he was devouring with a side dish of crisp Italian vinaigrette salad.  And of course, he was also slightly distracted by the attentions of Victoria and Natasha, who were down on their knees under the table, giving his cock and balls a tongue bath and a vigorous rub down with their mouths and slender, feminine hands.  He glanced down at the two beautiful young women, swallowing a mouthful of tender white lobster meat as he did so.  Natasha’s face was buried between his thighs, her mouth attached to his balls-sac like a suction cup.  She was making soft salival suckling sounds as she drew first one and then his other swollen testicle in between her plump red lips and serviced them lovingly, slathering her tongue all over their surfaces as though it was her job to cleanse them of even the slightest trace of Alex’s musky sweat.  Her hands were braced on the insides of his thighs, and she was gently levering his legs apart in order to gain access the area she desired, while also softly teasing the sensitive skin of his inner thighs with her fingernails.


It felt incredible, and the pleasure was only magnified by what Victoria’s mouth and hands were doing to his cock.  Her lips were sealed tight around the girth of his shaft, forming a glossy red oval about an inch below the rim of his glans, and she was lovingly slathering her hot, wet tongue all over the surface of his cock head.  Looking up at him with her gray-blue eyes wide open, she was flicking the tip of her tongue quickly back forth over his engorged frenulum one moment; then digging it down into his dilated piss-slit and squirming it around inside there the next, coaxing hot spurts of gooey prejizz to lance into the back of her mouth; before applying suction, hollowing out her cheeks, and swirling her tongue around in slow, deliberate circles all over the surface of his cock head.  Sometimes she would tease him, stimulating the rim of Alex’s glans with soft, feather-light flicks of her tongue for thirty seconds or more, building up a desperate need for firmer, more thorough-going contact deep in Alex’s balls, before giving him exactly what he wanted a moment later, grinding her tongue firmly into his exposed, veiny cock neck and slathering it thoroughly with her hot saliva, squirming and twisting her slippery pink appendage all around the rim of his ripe-to-nut glans until the ensign’s hips started bucking up into her face and his legs tingled with pleasurable numbness.  And throughout all this, she maintained a firm, two-handed grasp around the girth of his shaft and pumped it steadily, gently twisting his cock-skin first one way and then the other, sometimes wringing it our like a wet towel with clockwise and anticlockwise rotations at the same time, making the ensign’s eyeballs roll back in their sockets in sensory bliss.


So it was unsurprising that Alex had hard time focusing on Delaware’s voice as he continued with the rest of his story.  He barely heard how the doctor dropped out of F.E.M. Fleet a couple of months after his mission to Paradiso.  It almost escaped his attention that Delaware then went on to rise through the ranks of an industrial pharmaceuticals company, before striking out on his own becoming an entrepreneur himself, establishing a highly successful chain of chemical production plants during the great Andoran flu epidemic of the early 25th Century, which his company played no small part in eventually containing.  His fortune secure, Delaware purchased the colonization rights to Paradiso, he explained.  He established his colony here, set about extracting the unique chemical compound of PRDCO from the planet’s fauna, and synthesized it into pill form.  He now had a sizeable stockpile of the pills, he told Alex, which he was more than willing to share with him, on one condition.


“Yeah, and, uhh… what’s that condition, uhh… Doctor?”, Alex replied, barely able to hold himself back any longer as Victoria and Natasha worked his cock and balls relentlessly.


“I want you to join us in our struggle, Mr. Cox”, said Delaware.  “I want you to help us to triumph over this oppressive matriarchy that is rotting away at the vital core of our species.  You will be one of our top agents, on the inside of the Federation’s flagship.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to wrest control of the USS Equality away from her female command crew, one woman at a time, if needs be.  We will provide you with a steady supply of PRDCO pills, and you can use your newfound psychic abilities to dominate the minds of your female crewmates.  You may choose to use them for your pleasure, of course, or simply to subjugate them in preparation for the time and place when we will make our move, and take back control of the Federation on behalf of the gender that built it!”.


“Fuck, yeah…”, Alex nodded.  “You hear that, you dumb bimbos?”, he looked down at Fox and Johansson.  “You’re gonna be my whores.  I don’t care how long it takes, but I’m gonna get as good at this mind control thing as he is, and then, believe me, you are gonna see some real changes around the Equality”.


Victoria and Natasha didn’t appear to understand his words, however.  They were too caught up in worshiping his fully erect cock and swollen balls, passionately sliding their tongues, lips, hands, and mouths all over every square centimeter of his pulsating male package like it was the most important thing in the world to them.


“I’m in, Doctor, one-hundred percent”, said Alex.  “Just one question… uhh, it’s not gonna be an instant thing, you know… I mean, taking over a ship the size of the Equality, unnhh, fu-uck…”, he groaned with pleasure as Victoria and Natasha repositioned their mouths on either side of his shaft.  Wrapping their lips around one half of his cock head each, Victoria on the right and Natasha on the left, they started sliding their faces up and down almost the full length of his shaft.  Humming and sucking and flicking their tongues against either side of his rigid pole, they worked together to bring the ensign to the brink of orgasm.  “I’m sorry, I’m just… not used to… talking like this”, he said distractedly.


“Understandable, my boy” Delaware chuckled.  “You’ll grow accustomed to it, I assure you.  Now, what’s your question?”


Alex marshaled his thoughts.  “I want to know, what kind of time frame are we looking at here, Doctor?  I mean, when will you need the Equality ready for your big takeover?”


“Your instructions are on here”, said Delaware, holding up a data drive.  “I regret to say that our plan is of such magnitude and, I believe, such importance that we are unable to keep the various parts informed of the whole.  Read the drive, Mr. Cox”, he slid it across the table.  “It will tell you everything you need to know”.


Alex picked up the drive and slipped it into his front pocket.  It was barely an inch long.


“Oh, fuck…”, he gasped, Victoria and Natasha’s unrelenting worship of his cock finally getting the better of him.  “Okay, umm, just… gimme a minute…”


Sinking his fingers deep into each of their thick manes of glossy brunette and wavy red hair, he gathered up two handfuls of it and started controlling their movements as his orgasm approached.  He pressed their mouths together tight around his shaft and pumped his hips, sliding his cock back and forth between their soft ruby lips as they puckered them up and sucked up his swarthy cock skin like a couple of whores.  Their hands were all over the insides of his thighs, his balls, his lower belly, massaging, stroking, teasing, and caressing him in all the right places with their slender fingers, their warm palms and their red-painted fingernails, until Alex just couldn’t take it any longer, and with a deep groan of satisfaction, he thrust his cock balls-deep into Captain Fox’s mouth and exploded inside her tight, hot throat.


“Awww… fu-uck, yeah…”, Alex closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, pulling Victoria’s head down between his legs in a death grip, his cock spasming inside her throat, his balls convulsing with release as they shot load after white hot load of salty man juice directly into her belly.  She wretched on it pitifully, but Alex didn’t care.  In fact, it gave him a great deal of pleasure to know that his stuck-up, conniving bitch of a commanding officer was gagging on his cock as he unloaded his balls straight down her throat.  After pumping out a few more intensely gratifying spurts of searing hot jizz, he pulled Victoria’s mouth off his still-shooting pole and shoved it into Natasha’s mouth.  Without wasting a beat, she started swirling her tongue around his swollen glans and milking his shaft with firm, downward-moving strokes.  Pulling his foreskin taut as a kettle drum, she drew out Alex’s orgasm for several more, ultra pleasurable seconds while he expunged the contents of his testes thoroughly into her mouth.


“Don’t swallow it, slut”, he grunted down at her.  “Keep it in your mouth.  I want to see it”.


Johansson obeyed him, gazing up at Alex with her eyes wide open until he had ejaculated every last drop of his bottom-of-the-barrel, chowdery nut butter onto her tongue.  She then drew her lips back from the head of his cock, cradling it reverentially with both palms, and tilted her head back, opening her mouth.  Her glistening oral cavity was filled literally to the brim with a reservoir of Alex’s nasty, off-white seed.  Natasha’s eyebrow arched upwards in the middle of her forehead, her large, emerald green eyes sparkling as she begged for his approval.


“Dumb fucking cunt”, Alex sneered down at her, and spat into her mouth.  “Now swallow it, every last drop”.


Johansson screwed up her eyes as she closed her mouth, and then with a wet gulping sound, her slender, alabaster throat convulsed once, twice, three, four, five times.  She coughed and gurgled as Alex’s dense liquid seed slid down her throat, making her retch despite her best efforts not to.  By the time she was finished, twin streams of eyeliner were rolling down either side of her face, her belly was hitching with emotion, and she was doing her best not to break down and cry.  Yet when Alex ruffled her hair and told her she had done a good job, Commander Johansson smiled up at him happily, clearly relieved to receive any form of praise from the man who had just forced her to debase herself in the most undignified manner imaginable for an officer of her standing.


“Fuck, that was nice…”, Alex sighed contentedly.  He picked up his glass of vintage Chianti and downed the remainder of its contents in one gulp, while Victoria and Natasha licked, sucked, and swallowed every last drop of saliva and cum from the surface of his shaft.  After shaking it out, and giving it a few gentle, farewell pumps for good measure, they tucked him back inside his uniform pants, pulled up his underwear, and rezipped his flies.


The repetitive trill of his communicator jolted Alex from his moment of post coital relaxation.


“Oh, shit”, he said, plucking the device from his belt, seeing that all of their communicators were bleeping too.  “It’s the Equality.  They must be wanting to speak to the captain”.


“Hmmm…”, Delaware ruminated, having already blown his load down T’Pusi’s throat and had her tuck his cock away back inside his pants.  “I think it might be best if you answer it, Mr. Cox.  I could have your captain answer, but there may be complications when I wipe her memory later, in preparation for your return to the ship.  And complications may lead to suspicions, which I’m sure neither of us would benefit from”.


“Okay, no problem”, Alex said, flipping open his communicator.


“Ensign Cox here, what do you need?”, he spoke into the device.


“Ensign Cox?”, came the reply.  “Where is the captain?  I need to speak to her immediately”.


“Captain Fox is… indisposed at present  I can relay a message”.  He glanced down at Victoria and Natasha.  They were licking his cum off each others’ faces and drooling it in long, bubbly ropes into each others’ mouths.


“Fine, fine, look, just tell her the pirates are here.  They’re attacking us!”, the line crackled as phaser blasts thrummed in the background.  “We need all three of you back aboard the ship immediately!”


“Understood”, said Alex.  “I’ll inform her right away”.


He closed his communicator.


“Doctor, I’m afraid we’re going to have to bring our meeting to an end.  As you just heard, we’re needed aboard the Equality”.


“Indeed”, replied Delaware.  “As I tried to warn your captain, those pirates are a wily bunch, not to be underestimated.  Ladies…”, he addressed Fox, Johansson, and T’Pusi with his commanding voice, “please reattire yourselves with your uniforms as quickly as possible.  And do something to clean up your faces.  We can’t have you returning to your ship looking like a trio of mishandled ladies of the night, now, can we”.


Alex grinned at the Doctor’s colorful choice of words.  He had a feeling he was going to enjoy working with Delaware.


“Here”, he came around the table and offered Alex a small container that rattled as he took it.  “A year’s supply of PRDCO.  It will be more than enough to facilitate your commandeering of the ship.  But please, it is of the utmost importance that you keep this to yourself.  Your male crewmates will all be liberated from the chains of oppression when our plans come to fruition.  But until then, we must operate in the shadows”.


“I understand”, said Alex, standing up and pocketing the container of pills.  “You can count on me, Doctor”.


“I knew we made the right choice”, Delaware smiled.  He offered his hand, and they shook on it.


“So, they won’t remember any of this?”, Alex asked, indicating Fox, Johansson, and T’Pusi, who had all gotten dressed by now and cleaned themselves up sufficiently.


“In their minds, we had an enjoyable meal together, discussed the business of the day, and then adjourned abruptly when your ship hailed us.  Prepare yourself, though, I’m about to return them to their… less agreeable selves”.


With a small wave of his hand, Delaware reunited the three women with their overblown egos.  They batted their eyelashes a few times and glanced around, clearly puzzled to find themselves standing up.


“Captain”, Alex picked up the slack.  “The ship just called.  They’ve engaged the pirates in a firefight, and from the sound of things it wasn’t going well.  They’ve asked us to beam up immediately”.


“What?!”, Captain Fox glared at him.  “Why wasn’t I informed of this?”


“Uh, you just were, Captain”, Alex replied.


“Son of a bitch!  Well, what are you waiting for?  Hail the Equality.  Have them beam us up right now, Ensign!”


“Yes, Captain”.  Alex flipped open his communicator.  “Equality, four to beam up, Captain’s orders”.


“Thank you for the meal, Doctor”, Victoria said, frowning slightly as she noticed the salty aftertaste of Alex’s spunk in her mouth.  “It was… delicious… I think.  We’ll keep you appraised of the situation”.


“You are most welcome, Captain”, Delaware smiled.  “And good luck”, he nodded at Alex as swirls of energy began to dematerialize their bodies.  The two men shared a moment of tacit understanding, and then they were gone.






Phaser blasts rocked the bridge of the USS Equality as Fox, Johansson, T’Pusi, and Alex ran through the turbolift doors and quickly took up their stations: Alex at the helm, T’Pusi at the science station, and Fox in the central captain’s chair with Johansson beside her.


“Lieutenant Edi, report!”, Victoria shouted as sparks rained down from the ceiling after a fresh salvo of hits.  “How the hell did these bastards get the drop on us?!”.


“They concealed themselves in an artificially generated gas cloud, Captain”, responded the ship’s chief tactical officer, a statuesque female android who went by the acronym E.D.I., aka Enhanced Defense Intelligence, or Edi for short.  “It registered on our sensors as a drifting nebula until they were right on top of us.  Before we could raise our shields they had disabled our targeting sensors, and have been pounding us with phaser blasts from within the cloud ever since, making manual aiming impossible.  Shields are down to forty percent, Captain, and dropping fast”.


“Shit, shit, shit!”, Victoria cursed, feeling anger and panic surge inside her.  How dare these fringe system vermin damage her ship.  “Suggestions, anyone?!”


“Captain”, Edi spoke up first.  “According to F.E.M. Fleet regulation four-three-six, clause sixteen, paragraph one, we are duty-bound to prioritize the safety of the ship and the lives of the crew when at a clear tactical disadvantage.  Our warp engines are still functioning.  We should retreat, regroup, and reengage under more advantageous circumstances”.


“Run away?!”, Victoria sneered.  “Like hell, Lieutenant!  If these scum want a fight, then we’ll give them one!  Fire all phaser banks, full spread, into the cloud.  They can’t hide forever!”.


“Captain”, interjected Alex, “I think it might be better to use a tachyon torpedo.  If you let me modulate its energy output to…”


“Shut up, Ensign!”, Victoria yelled at him.  “Respect the chain of command.  You know, that thing that you’re way down at the bottom of?  Lieutenant Edi, fire phasers!”


Searing red beams of energy shot out from the front of the ship, cutting into the gas cloud like heated filaments through cotton candy.


“Negative impacts, Captain”, reported Edi.  “We missed with all twelve beams”.


“God damn it!”, yelled Victoria, almost falling out of her chair as several return volleys pummeled her ship mercilessly.  The pirates were having their way with the USS Equality almost as callously as Alex had abused her captain’s throat just a few minutes ago.


“Captain”, Johansson spoke up, “we must hail the pirates and try to reason with them.  Appeal to their sense of compassion and common humanity, and surely, they will…”


“Oh, shut the fuck up, you dumb bimbo!”, Victoria interrupted her.  “This is no time for your touchy feely bullshit!  T’Pusi, how about you?  Any pearls of wisdom you’d care to drop?”


“I have an idea, Captain!”, T’Pusi shouted over creaking metal as the Equality absorbed yet another devastating salvo of hits.  “We can try a tactic that was employed by one of your federation’s legendary figures, Captain James T. Kirk.  During his battle with a genetically engineered superhuman named Khan, Kirk faced a similar dilemma.  With his ship severely compromised, he took refuge inside a nebula cloud in order to escape from his nemesis.  He was outgunned and lacking even basic defensive capabilities, but was able to level the playing field this way by nullifying the shields and targeting sensors of both ships.  Perhaps we can do the same right now, if we enter the cloud and take on the pirates in close quarters warfare”. 


“Shields down to twenty percent, Captain”, Lieutenant Edi reported.


“I like the way you think, Lieutenant Commander”, Victoria said.  “Helm, plot a course for the nebula.  Take us in there and slow to thrusters.  Time to go hunting in the fog”.


“With all due respect, Captain, that’s suicide”, replied Alex.  He sighed.  “Look, I only have enough time to say this once, so please listen.  We already know the pirates’ sensors can target through the cloud.  That’s how they’ve been hitting us from inside it.  We, on the other hand, lack that ability.  The only thing keeping us alive right now is our shields.  And if we go into the cloud they will instantly fail and we’ll be left defenseless, a sitting duck for the pirates to destroy.  The Lieutenant Commander’s plan will not work”.


“That’s for me to determine, Ensign, not you!”, Victoria yelled.  “Now respect the chain of command, and…”


“I’m not finished”, Alex talked over her, and to his surprise Victoria didn’t try to shout him down.  “As I was trying to say earlier, the cloud is comprised mainly of Nitrogen Dioxide and Iodine gases – I scanned it – which are normally inert.  However, if we hit them with just the right wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, we can alter the gases’ chemical compositions and render them highly flammable”.


“This is no time for a damn chemistry lesson, Ensign”, Victoria screamed as the comms stations station behind her exploded in a shower of sparks.  “My ship is on the verge of being destroyed!”


Alex bristled, doing his best to remain calm under pressure.  That Victoria couldn’t even make the tiny baby-step of logic that was needed to grasp his plan might almost have been funny under other circumstances, but now it was potentially disastrous.


“Captain, a simple modification to the yield of a tachyon torpedo will allow us to change the reactivity of the gas cloud, and detonate it”, Cox explained, as calmly as he was able, “burning up all of the pirates inside the cloud in an instant”.


“Well, why didn’t you say that in the first place, you idiot!”, Victoria seethed, barely keeping it together as her ship was pummeled from multiple vectors, and Edi reported their shields were down to below ten percent.  “Do it, Ensign.  Edi, give him access to tactical!”


Alex stood up and staggered over to Edi’s tactical station.


“Excuse me, Lieutenant”, he brushed aside her glossy metallic hands and tapped in some modifications to the torpedo’s payload discharge – only slightly distracted by the android’s full breasts and shapely thighs in such close proximity.


“Ready, Captain!”, he shouted, his finger poised above the ‘Deploy’ button.


Captain Fox rose to her feet and glared fiercely at the viewscreen, as though her eyes could cut through it, and the kilometers of space between her and the pirates, and strike at their souls.


“Fire!”, she gave the order; Alex’s finger fell, and the torpedo shot out from the underside of the ship.  It penetrated the gas cloud like a lit match falling into a well, sparkling as it disappeared.  Everyone on the bridge held their breath, and then it detonated.


It was almost beautiful, Alex thought, as bright green plumes of color rushed through the cloud, as though it were boiling from the inside-out, and then the whole churning mass ignited in a flash of blue.  The explosion was silent in the vacuum of space.  But the electromagnetic shockwave it produced made the ship tilt and groan.  Crew members clung to their stations or staggered across the bridge unsteadily as a billion, billion chemical reactions chained together to form a raging cobalt inferno outside.  It peaked in a firestorm of blinding intensity, before fading away a few seconds later to filaments of purple and violet as the gases depleted themselves.  When it passed, only the charred remains of the pirates’ vessels were left, floating through space in various states of destruction.  They pinwheeled and burned, split apart and discharged their lifeless cargoes into the vast interstellar emptiness.


“All targets disabled, Captain”, Alex reported.  “But sensors are reading multiple life signs in the wreckage.  Should we beam them aboard?  Starbase Seventeen is only a few light years away.  We could transport them there for trial”.


A malevolent smile passed over Victoria’s beautiful, model-like face.  “No, Ensign.  Let them drift… and suffocate.  Just make sure their engines are destroyed beyond any possibility of repair, then get us out of here.  We have more important matters to deal with”.


“But, Captain”, interjected Johansson, moving to stand beside her, “they are living beings, just like us.  We must show compassion, save them from their…”


“Shut up”, Victoria snapped at her.  “I will not have my orders questioned by any of my officers.  In fact,” - out of the corner of his eye, Alex saw the Captain’s hand grab Johansson’s ass - “I think you need to accompany me to my quarters, Commander, for some … disciplinary training”.


He saw her fingers sink deep into Natasha’s plump left buttock as she squeezed it firmly.


“V-very well, Captain”, Johansson stammered, doing nothing to stop Victoria as she publicly groped her ass.  “I will… submit to any form of punishment you deem necessary”.


“Damn right, you will, Commander”, Fox hissed quietly.  She grabbed her arm and started dragging Natasha over to the turbolift doors, but Lieutenant Commander T’Pusi met them halfway.


“I will keep you informed of our ongoing repairs, Captain”, she said.


“Yes, very good, Lieutenant Commander”, Victoria replied distractedly, clearly more interested in massaging her first officer’s well-rounded ass cheeks than dealing with the responsibilities of her captaincy.


“And might I add that your strategy in defeating the pirates was inspired, Captain”, said T’Pusi.  “Detonating the gas cloud with a tachyon torpedo was a true stroke of genius.  I will be sending a full report to F.E.M. Fleet Command as soon as I have time to complete it.  With your permission, I would like to cite and commend your actions on the battlefield for a Medal of Valor”.


Alex couldn’t help but glance in their direction.  It never failed to amaze him how the female officers aboard the Equality seemed to live in a fantasy land of their own creation.  Victoria met his gaze, and the small, self-satisfied smirk that formed on her lips made the ensign’s freshly emptied balls churn with annoyance again.


“Very well, Lieutenant Commander”, she said, staring Alex straight in the eye with a superior look on her beautiful face.  “I would prefer to be humble, given the choice.  But if you feel it’s absolutely necessary, I suppose there’s nothing I can do to stop you”.


“Thank you, Captain”, T’Pusi stood to attention as the turbolift doors hissed open, and Victoria dragged Natasha through them.


She didn’t even wait for the doors to close before she pushed her first officer up against the wall of the turbolift and started kissing her passionately.  Alex could have sworn he saw Fox’s eyes glance in his direction, and a teasing smile curl at the corner of her mouth, as the doors hissed closed.  Usually this would have infuriated him no end, and been nitrous oxide fuel for his frustrated jerk off session at the end of his shift.  But touching the small container of pills in his right uniform pocket, and remembering how good Victoria and Natasha’s lips had felt wrapped around the girth of his cock less than twenty minutes ago, salved his sore ego.


Things were about to change for the better aboard the USS Equality: of this, Ensign Cox had no doubt.

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