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Arya was looking to the papers to find some information about his brothers fate , while hoping that her identity won't be discovered by Tywin Lannister. Simultanously, Tywin entered to the room and asked who taught her to read

-Who taught you to read? 

-My father , My Lord

-Hmm , I taught my son Jaime to read. The maester came to me one day , told me he wasn't learning. He reversed the letters in his head and we should accept this. But after that , I sat him down for four hours everyday, until he learned. He hated me for a time, but he learned. Where is your father , is he alive?

Arya didn't answer vocally, but shaked her head meaning no

-Who was him

-A ... Stonemason

-A stonemason who can read? Hmm.

-He taught himself

-Quite a man, however , what killed him?


Tywin stops a bit, than decides he is sure

-You are Arya Stark, aren't you. 

-N...No , my lord, why do you think like that.

-Don't play dumb, I know you are. 

Arya waits a bit, than gives up 

-Yes i am, how did you learn my lord?

-A Man at arms that was in the Robert's visiting ceremony in Winterfell recognized you. And you compromised yourself with the answers you gave. Still you covered your identity well for a 12 year old girl. Now I have both of the Stark daughters, i can negotiate with your brother.


2 Days later, A Lannister envoy arrived to the Northern camp near Oxcross.

After being accepted in the tent of Robb Stark, the envoy knelt respectfully and said

Your grace, the Iron Throne wants to end that meaningless war. His majesty, First of his name Joffrey Baratheon is ready to grant independence to the North and apologise for the execution of your father. My liege Tywin Lannister offers a meeting in Riverrun to discuss a peace treaty in the name of the iron throne.

Robb thinks for a while, than gives his answer

-We will be there.

After the envoy left, Catelyn approaches her son

-Are you sure that we can trust them.

-We can't , but we need that peace treaty. We shouldn't continue that fighting. The Ironborn are invading our shores. Winter is coming. They claim they will recognize our independence. And we should go back to north.

2 weeks later , Tywin Lannister arrives at Riverrun Hall, with a royal seal and having the guest right.

Robb Stark meets him in the hall , and they sit down together, facing each other. Robb starts the conversation

-What is your offer

-We will recognise the North as a independent kingdom, return your fathers remains and his valyrian steel sword ice. In exchange, The North will officially declare that Joffrey Baratheon is the King of  six kingdoms and Northern armies will help the Rightful King of Six Kingdoms, Joffrey Baratheon. Also The North will pay 450000 gold dragons to the Iron Throne in 5 years

Robb thinks a bit, than says "Go on, Lord Tywin". Tywin than proceeds to hostage exchange part.

-And one more thing. The North will release  every westerlander prisoner without ransom , including nobles. Iron throne will do the same, including Lady Sansa. But to be sure of the loyalty of the north, Lady Arya will remain in guardianship of Me, Tywin Lannister, Lord Paramount of Westerlands.

Robb, who assumed his sister dead was shocked by the news, and calculated what can he do in this totally unexpected situation.

-We assumed her dead, Is she really alive? 

-Yes, and i brought Lady Arya here.

-Can you please order her to be brought to the court, Lord Tywin .I want to see her before giving my decision.

-Sure, Ser Lorent, please bring Lady Arya to the court.

The knight left the room to bring Arya , after Arya was brought, Tywin left to not interrupt that family reunion and let Robb and Catelyn discuss the treaty. 

Soon after Lord Tywin left the room, Arya ran to the arms of her brother, than to her mother. After that, Robb asked Arya her story and Arya started telling what happened to her. 

-I was training with Syrio Forel when the Lannister soldiers came. They told father called me. Before i go with them, Syrio interrupted and questioned why would Ned Stark send Lannister men. I thought his suspicion was right and refused to go. He fought them with a wooden sword to let me run. Meryn trant broke his sword. I ran away. He probably died to save me.

After the last sentence , eyes of Arya filled with tear. After Arya wipes her tear, Robb starts explaining.

-Arya, you may need to stay with Lord Tywin for a while

-What... Why?

-As a hostage, to ensure...

Catelyn interrupts Robb

-Robb, can't we get that part out of the treaty

-They will still want a hostage who is my sibling, and we need to save Sansa from hands of Joffrey. I heard that bastard is a psycho who loves torturing. Lord Tywin is more trustable than that little psycho. And we need that treaty. For the sake of the newly founded Kingdom of The North

While Robb was explaining his decision, Arya thought he was right. The North was more important than her. Also she thought about her sister. She met that "little psycho" and knew he could do anything to her sister. She also kind of admired Tywin Lannister and thought she had many things to learn from that legendary warrior. She finally decided to kind of sacrifice herself for the north

-It's ok, I can do it for our family, for the North.

-I also gave that decision because i know you are strong. Serve Lord Tywin well, represent your family and the North properly. And never forget who you are, or who is your family.

Arya than left the room, after hugging her family one last time.

Tywin entered back, to finish the meeting. Robb ordered the royal seal and the writers to be brought.

After King Robb repeated the terms and Lord Tywin confirmed , Writers wrote two copies of the treaty. After shaking hands, Robb Stark and Tywin Lannister sealed both copies of the treaty, making the treaty official. 

1- Kingdom of the North will be an independent kingdom, ruled by Robb Stark and his succesors. The Iron Throne, will recognise that independence and will renounce any claims on the land North of The Neck , including the neck

2- Kingdom of the North will recognise Joffrey Baratheon and his succesors as the ruler of the Six Kingdoms.

3- Kingdom of the North will pay to the Iron Throne 450000 gold dragons in 5 years. 

4- Kingdom of the North will be responsible of funding the Night's Watch . but Night's Watch will retain its privileges in both The North and The Six Kingdoms and its independency, neither The North nor The Iron Throne will intervene in affairs of Night's Watch.

5- The remains of Eddard Stark and his sword "Ice" will be returned to The Norh

6- Both sides will release prisoners from each other without a ransom. But Arya Stark will remain in guardianship of Tywin Lannister.

7- Kingdom of The North will help the Iron Throne in the war against pretenders

8-.If the Kingdom of The North isn't able to provide the help that was demanded by the Iron Throne, and if the demand is less than 20000 men, The North will pay 100000 gold dragons in 5 years.

9- The Iron Throne and The Kingdom of The North will be allied and join each others defensive wars.

After the treaty was signed, Tywin and Arya left with the Lannister army, that was rushing to the King's Landing to reach before Stannis, after trusting the defence of riverlands and the north to their new allies.

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