Arya's Naughty Pleasures

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Chapter 1 ~ Winter is Coming


It was almost cold enough for snow. The howling winds came from the north and rolled across the green highlands near the ancient bastion of Winterfell. The end of the long summer was near. Winter is coming.

Today was a special one, it was Arya's twelfth nameday. Over the summer years, it became apparently known to many that she wasn’t meant for needlework, pretty dresses, and other ladylike pursuits. Though Septa Mordane always tried getting her to behave properly, the young wolf girl stubborn and fierce as always, much like their Lyanna Stark for those who remembered.

Lord Eddard decided to bring his nameday girl out to join the boys in horseback riding. Being on the saddle was one of the things that made Arya joyful, especially as of late. Although she hasn't much experience, Arya was determined to continue practicing her expertise on the horse.

The grey armored guards of Winterfell lifted up the crossbars of the large wooden gates, allowing Ned Stark and his sons and daughter to pass through. Ned rode on a dark brown destrier, the largest of them all. The brothers followed behind him and were soon greeted by the vast northern landscape up ahead.

For the first half a mile, the Warden rode at a steady pace for the rest of them to follow. Gradually he picked up haste. And Jon noticed Arya barely keeping up with the rest, he slowed down next to her.

“Jon, I want to ride faster..” she trotted.

“Lean forward just a bit, move your hips with the gait,” Jon tutored.

Following his guidance, Arya leaned her body forward, heels pressed the sides of her mount, she began moving her hips into the saddle. Unintentionally she rubbed at a certain angle, blushes went to her pale cheeks when she felt it against that special place down below. Nonetheless, she must have been doing something right, for within moments her mare began to pick up haste.

Jon Snow went alongside her, “Good, just like that.” he encouraged.

Arya panted, flushed in excitement and secretive pleasure, looking over her shoulder at him with a cute smile. The autumn wind brushing through her dark hair while she galloped across the cold northern terrain. She was born to ride.

The Stark group rode their horses miles in a big loop, the evening sun began to set behind the cold green horizon, it was a beautiful sight. On their way headed back to Winterfell, Jon and Arya were at the front, practically racing each other for miles while their lord father and the rest of their siblings lagged behind. Jon was happy to see how much excitement Arya had during their venture.


That Night

It was a full moon. The Stark sisters were situated in their shared bedchamber that night. Arya was feeling more ignited than usual, much like the lit candle flame at their bedside. There was a warmth down below, a place that ‘proper’ highborn girls weren’t allowed to expose or speak about openly. She didn’t quite understand what it was, but something needed to happen. What she quickly learned from horseback riding was the enjoyment involved by straddling, how the tingling pleasure would build upon stimulation, accompanied by some naughty thoughts. Gods knew she had a lot of those in mind.

But there had to be something in the bedchamber she could use to reenact with, perhaps a nice long cushion to help satisfy. Septa Mordane wouldn’t approve of such behavior, luckily she wasn’t around. But Sansa was still awake on her side of the room, halfway through reading a novel, Day of the Dragon.

There wasn’t much space between their beds and nothing to block the view. But Arya didn’t care as she grabbed one of her favorite cushions and positioned it in the middle of her bed.

In a moment of lust, Arya casually lifted her nightgown up to where she could open her thighs around the pillow, straddling it to her personal comfort, feeling the firmness deeply squished against her nethers. Though she wore panties, it was thin enough to get a sensation. Hands holding the front, she began rolling her hips into it, making sure it rubbed against her most erogenous area.

♡ *Hump...  hump...  hump..  hump..  hump..  hump..  hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

In mere seconds she was already breathing deeply in lust while the burning desire within her was just beginning to feed. The motions being made was easily enough to get Sansa’s attention from a side view, she paused her place in the book. Glancing over, blushes went to her cheeks upon realizing what her preteen sister was doing.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

“Um, Arya…” the older sister spoke, trying to get her attention, crystal blue eyes following the sexual movements of Arya’s lower body. Being fourteen years of age, Sansa was no stranger to such activities, she knew -exactly- what her naughty little sister was doing. In fact, Sansa was even guilty of pleasuring herself while Arya was in the room, but at least had the decency to wait until she fell sound asleep.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

“Arya.. should I give you some privacy? I can leave the room…” she grinned lightly, placing her book aside while watching, amused by Arya’s lack of modesty that every other highborn girl possessed.

“Mmmh.. if you want to..” the little girl remarked without a care, pursing her lips and concentrating on her angles of attack. ♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

The older Stark was still taken aback, but then again, what could anyone expect? Arya was never known to be a well-behaved little lady, everyone in Winterfell knew that, especially the Septa who surely would have been revolted by such naughty behavior. Yet, Sansa who was known to be the most proper lady, was actually beginning to enjoy the scene, she even felt like encouraging.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

Arya bit her lower lips, the naughty pleasure sending blushes onto her pale northern cheeks. The tingling sensation that started between her legs climbed further up into her core, bringing about deepening breathes of wonderment.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump..* 

“Now I understand why you enjoy riding horses so much.” Sansa teased.

“This feels good,” the preteen girl said with shameless giggles, still humping away at her pillow, experimenting with different motions of her little hips, arching her back and spreading her thighs more. Soft girly moans escaped her lips, a rare occasion that she sounded less like a boy.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. * 

Sansa should have been the proper lady as was taught, but instead remained there gazing while her little sister explored herself in the realm of sexual pleasure, as every girl had the right to explore.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

After some time into her naughty pillow humping assault, Arya began to feel something strange take grasp within her lower belly for the first time, something new and uncontrollable, ".. I feel.. something coming..” she spoke in staggered breathing followed by a gasp. Arya crossed the point of no return, with a few more extra humps it finally happened to her. The warmth inside of her flooded to its peak, Arya began having her first orgasm. "Aahhh!...." the little girl squealed, arching her back from the involuntarily contractions, losing all consciousness of what her body was doing, her insides wrenched and turned with unspeakable pleasure.

Without interruption, Sansa witnessed little Arya having her first orgasm ever, watching the way she expressed herself in that moment of accidental discovery and sweet release. Sansa dropped her jaw, it was the most arousing thing she had ever seen.

♡ *Panting and twitching in joyous satisfaction.*

Arya’s consciousness finally returned back to earth, letting out a deep quivering sigh of sexual relief. Her eyes were frantic, “…Wot in seven hells was that?...” the preteen girl whimpered and blushed in embarrassment, thinking she might have broken something inside.

Saving her the trouble of asking Maester Lewin about it, the older sister answered, “That was you being a naughty girl..” Sansa grinned before moving to the other side and sat down in the furs where Arya had remained straddled comfortably. The older sister placed a hand gently on her shoulder and spoke a few simple words of reassurance. “You were cumming...” Sansa pronounced in relaxed emphasis, letting her know how intimately special it was.

Cumming?..” Arya repeated the word in confusion, staring forward. She always thought that word was to indicate the pending arrival of something, such as winter.

Sansa nodded and paused, “How did it feel?” she asked in a baiting voice.

While the aftershock sensations were still lingering deep within her tight slippery sex, it took Arya a moment to regain her thoughts, “Oh gods.. it felt really -really- good ..." she expressed in more stabled breathing than moments ago, a blushing smile written all over, knowingly wanting to feel it again.

Sansa smirked, “It must have felt really really good, your whole body was twitching.” she remarked, “And the look on your face was priceless.” she harassed.

Arya giggled, shrugging away her embarrassment, “Have you ever felt it?” she queried.

Sansa nodded, “I normally do it under my covers when you’re asleep… and I’ve been doing it a lot longer than you have.” she admitted in blushes, it was her first time admitting such a lewd thing to anyone.

“And you never taught me?..” Arya pouted.

The teen sister perked a brow, “Of course I never taught you, proper ladies shouldn’t be teaching such nasty things..”

Arya smirked at her modesty, “It shouldn’t be nasty if it feels good..” a sly grin crept onto her face as an idea came into mind, “You know, behind closed doors we can do whatever we like.”

Sansa glared at her little sister, “Wot exactly are you suggesting?..”

“I’m suggesting that we pleasure ourselves together,” she teased her hips forth and back on the pillow.

Sansa blushed at the idea, as inappropriate as it sounded, part of her really wanted to, “Uhm, I’ll.. think about it,” she spoke shyly, watching Arya continue with her motions of the hips.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump. *  

“In the meantime, enjoy yourself.” Sansa replied slowly. Then, a suggestion came to mind, “By the way, you should try doing it without panties, it feels better that way.”

Arya gave a sly grin from the suggestion that was most likely based on personal experience, “Oh really..?” She dismounted from her pillow, reached underneath the nightgown and slid her panties off which now had a drenched spot, playfully tossing them in her teen sister’s face.

Sansa flinched in reaction, feeling the wetness briefly touch her nose and lips, knowing where those panties had been all day, “-Ugh, gross..”

Without revealing herself below the gown, Arya climbed back into her natural position and began rolling her bare hips to and from. In a matter of seconds, the blushing expression on her face gave it all away.

“Ohh.. mmh, you’re right. It does feel better..” she exhaled, feeling a difference in the sensation. The older sister smiled as well, pleased to help in some way.

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.* 

Sansa laid there gazing, studying Arya’s experimental movements. Little Arya moved herself back and forth into the pillow, breathing deeply in exploration. In frenzy of arousal, she lifted her gown up while continuing her motions, spreading her legs freely and without shame. Sansa watched her cute little ass cheeks bounce up and down the pillow. 

♡ *Hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump.. hump. * 

After several more minutes, her insides began to turn again, she felt it was about to be another big one. “Oh gods, it’s coming.. it’s coming..” Arya announced, tilting her head back before losing control and started having her second orgasm. ♡  ♡  ♡ The pleasure coursed through her veins with intensity like the first one, it made her toes curl, and her opened legs twitch in excitement. Arya was giving naughty facial expressions until it was over.

*..Panting and resting..*

Sansa giggled, aroused by the spectacle, “That must have felt breathtaking..” she then teased by mimicking her cum face.

Arya laughed, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s understandable though.” said the older one, watching Arya recover.

Sansa was still fully clothed while Arya had all the fun, she resisted the urge to join her sexual venture, but her flushed quim was already seeping with arousal.

Arya was still mounted on her cushion, the preteen girl was full of lust, wasn’t about to get off the ride anytime soon. “Come on, let’s do it together,” she wiggled her hips teasingly.

Sansa got up from the bed and went back to her side of the room, but not before sliding her panties off as well. The redheaded teen girl went under the wolf furs naked, pulling them up to her chest. It was evident by the shape of the covers that her legs were spread wide underneath and she began to finger herself. While Arya was humping, she glanced over to Sansa with a smirk. Although the younger sister was hoping they practiced in the same bed, this was better than nothing.

“Tomorrow night, we’ll do it together...” the older one said while fingering her pussy.

“Fully naked?” asked Arya.

“Stark naked..” Sansa grinned, blowing out the short candle at their bedside.

While the room was darkened, the Stark girls pleasured themselves on their respective sides, hearing each other’s erotic noises, but of course most of it came from Arya’s side of the chamber. She had a total of six orgasms that night. By the time she was all finished, her pillow was soiled in her sticky mess and she drifted to sleep with a naughty smile of satisfaction on her face. Winter came earlier than expected…

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