Sweett Victory

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“Donna, control your little pet, okay! He seems to have lost his cool.” Betty Cooper shouted with as much confidence as she could muster, doling out the iciest stare possible towards her prep school enemies. If looks could kill, then she would’ve just committed first degree murder.

In response, all Bret and Donna could do was glare right back at the golden haired girl, fumingly fleeing their “fallen friend’s” funeral, which allowed Betty to actually breathe a bit.

Obviously, the teen detective knew this war of wills wasn’t over—far from it. As seemed typical in her life, she was trapped in another high stakes cat and mouse game with a group of crazed cold blooded killers. However, she actually seemed to be gaining the upper hand on these ‘Stonies’ right now...keywords: seemed to be .


The cold night air was out in full force, causing the volume of Betty’s chattering teeth to intensify with every passing second. The pink sweater and blue jeans she had been forced to wear were doing very little to keep her warm. Though it probably wasn’t merely the temperature of the woods making the young sleuth shiver. For as long as she could remember, the dark of night had remained atop her list of greatest fears, oftentimes due to the uncertainty it brought. Anything could be out there. Anything could be awaiting your arrival in order to enact your doom, and the fact that you could have no earthly clue what that thing was often proved to be too much for Betty to handle.

However, tonight was different. Tonight, unpredictability wasn’t what would be the Cooper girl’s undoing. Instead, Betty was so utterly petrified because she knew exactly what this night would consist of.

“Well, well, well.” The brunette drew out her words, almost as if she was taking the opportunity to revel in her saying of every single letter. “Fancy seeing you here, Betty.”

“Shut up, Donna.” Betty blushed a bright red, unable to look her arch adversary in the eye.

“Aw, lighten up.” Condescension oozed from the Stonewall student’s voice. “You told me earlier to ‘control my pet’. I’m just taking your advice.”

“You know that’s not what I...I can’t believe that...I...ugh.” The blonde brainiac began to babble, getting further embarrassed by this preppie.

“Why don’t you just accept your fate, Betty?” Donna questioned, the smuggest of smirks stuck on her face. “We’ll both be happier.”

All Donna got in response from the other girl was complete silence, which in and of itself said something. There was no witty retort or snarky comeback like the stubborn small town girl usually offered her foes. There was nothing more than a resigned, humiliated silence, and Donna found it absolutely delicious.

Happy to celebrate her triumph, Donna briskly ordered, “On your knees. Now.”

And really, what other choice did Betty have? Swallowing her pride, Riverdale’s resident Nancy Drew plopped down to her knees and put her head beneath the Stonie’s skirt, a position that was becoming increasingly familiar to her. Going all the way back to the moment the two girls had met, Donna had so consistently dominated her. It wasn’t what Betty had planned to happen—in fact, it was probably the furthest thing from what she had planned—but it was what happened. After Donna’s (confirmed to be false) sob story about her affair with Mr. Chipping, one thing had led to another and eventually the evening devolved into the two girls fooling around which then devolved into something much more incriminating for the blonde, as Donna seemed to seize more and more power, commanding Betty to do things that she never in her wildest dreams thought she would do for another person—not even for Jughead. Worst (or best?) of all, by the end of that night, Donna Sweett had taken Betty Cooper’s lesbian cherry, her 12 inch strap-on sliding in and out of Betty’s pretty pussy until the girl had reached the biggest climax of her entire life. And now, there was only one cherry left for Donna to take, and everything had fallen into place for tonight to be the night that Donna would do just that.

Betty couldn’t shake the knowledge of that haunting reality from her mind but she could distract herself, which was easy to do given that she was tonguing quite possibly the tastiest twat in the world. Okay, admittedly, she hadn’t had a lot of experience with this sort of thing, but the moments she had spent with her face buried in Donna’s shaven sugar walls had put the couple of drunken 69s she had shared with Veronica to shame. It was rare for Donna to actually live up to her last name, but when it came to her cunt, she undeniably did—so much so that it was actually hard for Betty to not immediately start rapid-fire licking that clit so that a whole river of girl cum could burst all over her face. But by this point in their twisted relationship, the Riverdale teen knew such haste would result in a brutal bare bottom spanking. That punishment was something that she would shamefully enjoy more than she would let on, however, it also would only prolong the true pleasure she craved. So she decided to take this licking nice and slow like the well trained sub she had become, doing her best to cover every last inch of her owner’s pussy, except for her clit, which she very consciously avoided, and given the response Donna was delivering right now, this approach appeared to be a sound strategy.

“MMMM FUUUCCK BETTY! Oh God, yesssss! Lick my pussy! Mmm, get a nice good taste of that twat. Do you realize how lucky you are? It’s not everyday I waste my time on a little nothing like you. Buuuut MMM FUUUCK when you’re this good of a rug muncher, how can I not?”

Betty giggled ever so slightly, a rush of her hot breath blowing against Donna’s clit, causing the Stonie to shudder. Donna wouldn’t admit this out loud, but she really should have approached this night differently. As it stood now, she could barely stand, with Betty’s talented tongue making her feel like she would collapse at any moment. Of course, she knew that she couldn’t let such a catastrophe happen. If she made even the smallest mistake then Betty was sure to have a field day. Thus, it was crucial to ensure she kept up a strong front at all costs, even if Betty’s skilled twat tonguing almost forced her to beg the bitch to make her cum. Though she wasn’t sure how worthwhile this current tonguing even was, since she couldn’t look down and see this thorn in her side’s stupid face buried in her crotch. All she could see was the outline of her pet’s head inside her skirt which simply wasn’t good enough.

So in a move designed to ensure she could actually watch Betty at work (and definitely not just a move made as a desperate ploy to maintain her stamina), Donna ordered her bitch to move her head out from under her skirt and start stripping. At least, that was the initial plan. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, the blonde beauty decided to pick up the pace, causing Donna to moan and squeal in place of stating any coherent thought. Then, in an especially risky move, Betty began targeting Donna’s clit, her soft and wet pink tongue brushing up and down against the Stonewall student’s most sensitive area. With each consecutive second, Donna could feel her legs growing weaker and weaker. Betty’s oral skills were enough to overwhelm her, each moment that the brainy blonde’s saliva coated tongue slid across her sopping wet pussy and swirled around her swollen clit bringing her closer and closer to not only orgasming but to collapsing on top of her pet’s pretty face.

Eventually able to somehow put a string of words together, Donna weakly cried out, “B-Betty, enough.”

Betty couldn’t help but chuckle, always overjoyed to overwhelm her mistress, mostly because it made her feel for a moment as if she had a sliver of control. Of course, the fact that she immediately let up on her masterful pussy licking after being instructed to had provided a sharp reminder of who really held the power here. God, what had happened to her? Here was a girl who had schemed to murder her boyfriend, and yet Betty had cowtowed to her completely. Sure, she was going to keep up the facade of fighting her in public, but deep down, both of these women knew who had won. Every order Donna gave to Betty, the small town girl was all too eager to carry out without a moment’s hesitation. It seemed like the straight A student was no longer concerned about thinking for herself. Instead, she had allowed this Stonie to break her spirit and control her mind. Never was that more clear than now, as Donna grabbed a tight hold of Betty’s ponytail and moved her head out from under that grey skirt.

Delighting in her control, Donna demanded, “Before we continue, you’re gonna strip for me like a good little bitch.”

“Yes Donna.” Betty immediately replied and complied, getting up and giving her owner a show as she slowly took off the tight fitting pink sweater that clung perfectly to her b-cup tits. 

“This was more like it,” Donna thought, always happy to see her pet strip for her.

While the impatient part of Donna really wanted to tell this small town psychopath to take the skirt off and continue licking, she knew that could be downright disastrous for their power dynamic. If any part of her was on display before her fucktoy ever got naked, what kind of message would that send? It was key that her mindless, spineless sub disposed of her ugly clothes before Donna would ever even consider taking off any part of her stylish outfit. And thankfully, the broken blonde bottom was doing exactly that, Donna having to use every ounce of her willpower to not immediately motorboat the adorable rack in front of her...but she was only human. The privileged prep schooler pulled her prey in close and ripped off the blonde’s black bra before burying her face in between Betty’s beautiful breasts. Then after a couple of minutes, Donna remembered her underling had more clothes to dispose of, so she composed herself and allowed Betty to resume her striptease. And she was so glad she had, as she was treated to the beautiful sight of the teen journalist twirling around and showing off her firm backside. Just looking at Betty’s ass stuffed in her tight jeans was often enough to make Donna cream her panties, so imagine how captivated she was to watch those pants come off, the ravishing Riverdale resident sliding them down as slowly as humanly possible before revealing a nice hot pink thong that showed off her ample cheeks. Instinctually, Donna wanted to pull it down and begin to give that plump booty the rough pounding she had sought to deliver to it tonight. However, this time the Stonie was able to maintain a modicum of self control as she watched her pet delicately remove the barrier to her virgin ass, this ‘American Sweetheart’ now fully nude.

Licking her lips as her little toy turned back around with her bare breasts and pussy on display, Donna undid her skirt, tossed it to the ground, and gave the order, “Ok, resume!”

All too ready to oblige, the usually strong-willed blonde dropped back down and quickly shoved her face forward into her owner’s delectable cunt, or at least that was the plan. Instead, Donna forcibly and tightly gripped her ponytail and yanked it forward, essentially catapulting her pet’s cute face into her drenched pussy.

From the first moment she laid eyes on Betty Cooper, this is all Donna had hoped for. To see and feel this small-town bumpkin eating her out with such fervor was literally a wet dream come true, and the head the girl gave always somehow exceeded Donna’s already high expectations. Betty swore that this was the first serious relationship she had with a girl but Donna wasn’t totally buying it. The cunnilingus that the Cooper girl was performing right now couldn’t be coming from an untrained or inexperienced tongue, unless Betty really was a natural born pussy licker. And honestly, that could be the case given how expertly her tongue was swirling across each and every one of Donna’s folds. 

The Nancy Drew aspiree was almost on autopilot, lazily lapping at her owner’s labia. All of this was now second nature to this tough girl turned sub and she couldn’t complain at all. Her new life was much more fitting for her. Anytime she was faced with Donna’s vertical smile, she couldn’t help but grin and give into her natural instincts, which were to provide her dom with as much pleasure as possible. And given how loudly the other girl was grunting, gasping, and groaning, she seemed to be achieving exactly that. She was back to a remarkably measured pace for her pussy licking, trying to coat every inch of Donna’s already soaked honeypot with her saliva. However, patience didn’t seem to be Donna’s strongsuit right now.

“NO! FUUUCK! Faster, Betty. Oh come on, you can go faster, you slut. I need you to go faster. SHIIIIT. Oh yeah, there you go. Ah, that’s the Betty I know. Mmm, so eager to please! Yeah, fuck, mmm, you’re a sweet little sexpet who will do anything I say, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Donna.” Betty said, her voice a bit buried due to maintaining a close proximity to her owner’s cunt.

But even that brief break was a bit too much for Donna to handle as she instantly shoved Betty’s face forward, “That was rhetorical, bitch.”

Desperate to make up for upsetting her owner, the blonde resumed, once again returning her attention to the Stonie’s swollen clit, teasing it with a long sloppy kiss before gently sliding her tongue up and down on that immensely sensitive spot, causing the prep school student to wail, whine, whimper and pull her pet’s face even deeper into her snatch. The Riverdale teen almost felt like she was being suffocated by this intoxicating twat—which actually wouldn’t be an awful way to go. After all, she’d die doing what she loved. However, fortunately for Betty, her dom loosened her grip ever so slightly, allowing the blonde to both breathe and muff munch. And honestly, maybe those were the only two things essential for Betty’s life. Yes, maybe all the blonde brainiac needed to survive was oxygen and a superior woman’s pussy. Though if that was all her life consisted of, she would sorely miss the times in which she had the honor of having her own cunt penetrated by this masterful dom. Thankfully, it didn’t feel like she would ever have to make that sacrifice. So, resting comfortably with that knowledge, Betty opened her mouth wide and sucked on her owner’s pussy lips, getting to taste her top’s fluids before she ever even came.

Donna could feel her eyes roll in the back of her head, unadulterated bliss flowing through her entire being as Betty’s lips wrapped around her own, her whole body convulsing. The ecstasy that overtook her nearly distracted her from the fact that Betty was directly denying her orders, as taking the time to do all this definitely didn’t qualify as a faster pussy licking. Though given the exponential amount of euphoria she was experiencing, she almost let it slide. Almost . But she also wouldn’t let her commands go ignored.

Miraculously capable of concocting a coherent thought amidst her nirvanic state, Donna said, “Mmm it’s adorable you still you think you have some control, but when I give you an order, you listen! Got it? I said faster, you whore.”

Not needing to be told a third time, ‘Ponytail’ picked up her pace in a flash, and actually took things up a notch, her tongue now entering her owner’s entrance with ease. Betty continued that for a long while, her tongue briskly and violently thrusting in and out of that orifice, and with each consecutive thrust, the submissive girl was clearly growing more and more anxious to make her superior cum. Hell, Betty practically came from the sheer joy that feeling this tough top’s walls tighten on her tongue brought her.

Donna never moaned louder than the times in her life in which another girl was tongue fucking her. She lived for every moment when she could feel a hapless, helpless slut’s smooth, soft, wet, and pink tongue inside her, penetrating her with such measured precision that she was rendered with no other choice but to gush buckets of girl cum all over a rug munching minx’s face. In fact, she treasured pleasures like these so much that she reversed her prior direction.

“Slow down! Ohh, fuck, yeah, feel free to take your time, Betty. Mostly for your sake, since I’ll be wrecking that ass once we’re done. So go ahead, nice and slow.”

“Make up your mind!” is what Betty wanted to say, but she knew better than to backtalk the domineering teen. 

That might have been something the old Betty would have done, but now she had become a hollow shell of herself...or maybe not? Maybe this was her true self all along. It certainly seemed that way as her soft, wet muscle slowly slid in and out of the most delectable snatch in the entire world. Hell, right now her entire world was Donna’s pussy. She was intently honed in on ensuring that she could get her tongue as deep inside her top’s orifice as possible. It was nearly inexplicable, but the girl who had been responsible for making her senior year a living hell was now someone that Betty wanted to please— needed to please. She couldn’t imagine a life where Donna was disappointed in her. She strived to impress this girl and she loved the feeling Donna’s favor gave her...oh God, she really did. She couldn’t comprehend why she’d love anything about this stone cold Stonie but her heart fluttered anytime she knew that she had done something to the prep school student’s liking. She especially adored looking up and seeing the approval currently plastered on Donna’s beautiful face, giving her the validation she so chronically craved. Looking into Donna’s eyes was the catalyst for a cavalcade of confusing feelings. First lust, then desire, then shame, then hatred, then horror, and finally acceptance—a perfect encapsulation of all her feelings towards Donna. 

All of this was a lot for Donna to take in as well, gazing down and having her prized sub making direct eye contact with her while indulging in this oral penetration. Laying her eyes on a sight that erotic made her cunt burn with desire, the prim and proper preppie having to do everything in her power to hold her tongue and not beg this skank to bring her to orgasm then and there. Deciding to at least get closer to that point, she gave Betty a familiar set of instructions. 

“Mmm, oh Betty, faster! It’s fine, you can go faster now. Mmhm, speed it up, ‘’.”

Whilst wondering if the other woman would walk back once more on this order, the youngest Cooper complied nevertheless, kicking her cunnilingus into second gear, her tongue briskly flicking in and out of the crafty teen’s honeypot a mile a minute. The Riverdale resident ravenously ate out this privileged preppie’s box at a rapid rate without remotely worrying about rudimentary concepts like self respect. The only thought presently weighing on her mind was the yummy girl cum that she knew could squirt out at any second. 

In that respect, it appeared her and Donna were of one mind, the snobbish prep schooler unable to hold back anymore.

“Aaaahhh!!! Make me cum! Go on. I wanna cum all over your pretty little face, so go ahead. Use your tongue and make me cum. Now!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do.” Betty sardonically thought, wishing once more she could use some of her wit against this sinister Stonewall student but alas she had to hold back and push forward, her tongue now flying in and out the preppie’s glistening pussy lips at a near inhuman speed. 

While darting her tongue in and out of this glorious snatch, she could sense her owner getting closer and closer to orgasm and the moment that this prep school smokeshow’s sticky cunt honey rushed out and hit her tastebuds was the moment she would officially be in submissive lesbian heaven. Truthfully, Betty was half-convinced that if it was possible to live on an all girl cum diet, she would be the first to try it. It was almost ludicrous to think about but Betty would throw out her signature strawberry milkshakes or her beloved buttermilk blueberry pancakes if it meant she could gorge on Donna’s gorgeous pussy for the rest of her life. Oh God, were these actual thoughts in Betty’s head right now? She knew all the shit that had happened to her in high school had led to her once sweet and innocent persona crumbling, but transforming into a total cum junkie may have finally stripped away any remnants of that part of herself. Even worse, she wouldn’t do a single thing to change that. Making her owner squirt in her mouth gave her unbelievable satisfaction and gulping down Donna’s delectable juices had shown her the magic she had been missing by wasting so much of her time with guys. She would trade in every lousy night with Jughead, giving him half-hearted blowjobs and then bracing for bitterness as he got ready to shoot his load down her throat, if it meant that she would have the honor of eating out a sex goddess like Donna Sweett every one of those nights. She would even trade in some of her more particularly kinky rendezvouses with Jug, as she knew her days of domming were definitively over. She honestly couldn’t believe that she had ever delusioned herself into thinking she was anything other than a diligent little submissive lesbian whore.

Fortunately, she was making up for lost time now as she finally felt Donna’s flowing out onto her face. She tried to wrap her lips around Donna’s pussy lips in order to get a taste of as much of that amazing cunt cream as possible. Sadly, she couldn’t swallow a substantial amount of that saccharine substance as the Stonewall student’s hips were bucking and shaking so violently from the immense intensity of this orgasm. Instead, it was the blonde’s cute face that ended up getting coated in cum. Once the brunette’s massive messy climax came to a close, Donna collapsed on top of Betty, both girls falling down on the hard dewey grass, the preppie panting as she came down from her high. After giving herself a few minutes to recover while laying on top of her loyal bitch, Donna slowly sat up and lifted the blonde babe up along with her, pulling her forward into a long, forceful kiss. Betty instantaneously moaned out of joy of liplocking with this lavish (and lascivious) dom while Donna moaned as she was able to taste her own yummy pussy juices on her submissive’s lips. 

Pulling away with a smirk, Donna interjected, “Mmm, I don’t taste half bad, do I?”

“Y-you taste amazing.” The small town girl stammered before blushing and hanging her head down, ashamed by how whipped she was.

Donna let out a light chuckle as she slowly stood up, towering over the blonde beneath her.

“Stay right there, ‘sweetie’. I have to get something special in the back of my car.” The Stonie winked before sauntering off to retrieve her strap-on.

Embarrassingly, Betty just sat there, practically paralyzed, Donna’s cum drying on her face. All that surrounded her were the sounds of crickets chirping echoing all around her and the light breeze of late night winds blowing on her naked body. It had been a while since she had felt this utterly pathetic. The Betty of old would laugh in this bitchy prep school nightmare’s face and dart out of this dingy dark forest in seconds, yet now she couldn’t move a muscle. She lived to feel Donna inside her. She craved it. She needed it. If she didn’t get at least a 12 inch rubber cock slammed into her drenched cunt each night then she felt empty inside. Getting filled with the Stonewall student’s strapon made her feel full--not just full of a thick, long, hard, and sexy girl dick, but full of actual vigor and enthusiasm. All the hardships she faced, all the trauma she endured, it somehow all faded away when she was bouncing up and down on Donna’s dildo. It was semi-sad, but that preppie penetrating her pussy was one of the only things in the universe that brought her joy now. So if Donna decided to keep her waiting on the cold hard ground for two hours, she wouldn’t budge an inch as long as it all ended with her deepest desires being quelled. 

Of course, she didn’t have to wait anywhere near that length of time as she saw Donna slowly approaching the woods again, the big black rubber 12 incher Betty knew so well attached to a harness around the brunette bombshell’s waist. Oh God, the blonde beauty could already feel herself salivating seeing that sexy strapon, although she also could feel herself quiver a bit as she remembered it wasn’t only her tight snatch that would be on the receiving end of Donna’s tender love and care. Worst case scenario, Betty’s burning cunt would be completely denied and the malicious rich girl would abruptly initiate her intended anal annihilation. But Betty was in luck as Donna slowly sat down, her eyes locked on the small town blonde.  While sitting on the wet grass, the Stonie stroked her lubed up strapon.

“Ride me with that pussy. Now.” Donna’s voice was at a low sensual whisper, and though Betty was a few feet across from her, she could practically feel the brunette’s hot breath running down her neck.

The blonde rushed over to the haughty hottie before gingerly lowering herself down on that enormous cock, stretching out her dripping pussy on this rubber rod. Donna and Betty had been fucking like rabbits for around a month now, and she had been banging Jughead for even longer, yet her cunt still seemed to remain virgin tight through it all, which really was a gift as her top seemed to treasure tearing up a tight twat like hers. 

If one were to ask Donna Sweet her favorite place to be, the answer wouldn’t be Quill and Skull gatherings or her room at Stonewall. No, her favorite place to be was inside Betty Cooper’s compact cunt (even if she figured this ignoramus’s asshole would soon be a surefire substitute). She savoured hearing her cute, soft moans as she incrementally shoved her pussy further and further down on this 12 inch toy, inch after inch disappearing inside that entrance, all while gazing directly into her bottom’s eyes. She felt herself getting further lost in those big blue eyes as her strapon got further lost in Betty’s pussy. 

During penetration, their connection was impenetrable. The shiver-inducing night air, the excruciatingly awful terrain beneath them, the bitter rivalry they had been stuck in---none of that persisted now. All that Donna saw before her was a (contradictorily) unfettered yet forbearing foxy blonde babe who was too feeble to function unless she was frequently fucked by a first-rate top. All she saw was one of the hottest bodies on the planet bouncing for her, those sweet little tits jiggling each time the blonde slid down further on this monster. And her face, oh her face was absolutely perfect right now. It was a model mixture of ashamed and angered and awestruck and aroused. It epitomized everything Donna saw when she had first met this supposed ‘sweet and innocent girl next door’. At her core, Betty Cooper was a worthless skank begging to be put in her place, and her place was right here, making sure inch after inch of Donna’s thick dick was engulfed in her entrance, though given how miraculously tight her honeypot was, it was actually a bit of an impressive feat that she could fit something of such girth and length inside of her. Oh, seeing how well Betty took a cock always caused Donna’s heart and clit to swell. Unable to resist, Donna pulled her fucktoy’s face forward and planted a kiss on her once more. Momentarily, the uneven power dynamic between the two girls disappeared, and briefly they were like any two lovers locking lips and swapping spit. Their makeout session was embedded with deep-seated passion, an ardent affair through and through. It was as if their mouths held some sort of magnetism towards each other, their bond nigh unbreakable for an unbelievably extended amount of time, until Betty finally broke the kiss as she squealed at the top of the lungs, her eyes shooting wide open. She had finally managed to squeeze all 12 inches of that long rubber cock into her twat. 

“FUCK, mmm, OHHH.” The teen detective shamelessly swore as she felt every inch of this man made monster cock deep inside of her.

“Mmm.” Donna gave a smolder of approval. “Good little girl, taking all 12 inches like a nasty whore.”

“Thank you.” Betty beamed, as the sound of a pleased dom was always music to her ears.

The two teens tantalized each other, nearly becoming entrenched in a trance. As Betty slowly but surely slid her hot cunt up and down Donna’s dick, Donna began thrusting her hips, ensuring that this rubber schlong was as deep inside this lesbian sex addict as it could be. Their rhythm soon became flawless, their movements mirrored each other perfectly, and both girl’s grunts and gasps echoed in the vast forest around them.

“Unh, yeah, fuck, moan for me, ‘babe’.” Donna taunted, emphatically ecstatic she was able to influence the other girl so strongly. “Moan for me like I’m your precious little Jughead.”

Betty really didn’t need to be told to moan as that was currently her go-to reaction. She couldn’t have held her groans back even if she tried, the pleasure was way too powerful for her to handle. Better yet, she was moments away from even greater bliss.

“Faster, Betty.” Donna smiled. “Really wreck that pussy for me.”

Content to comply, the Cooper girl slammed her cunt with full force onto this fuckstick, yelping as this tall toy tore her apart. The accelerated speed at which she was now having this plump penis pumped into her pussy caused the blonde’s head to spin. Each time that ungodly large strapon entered her, she grew closer and closer to a long awaited climax. She was so ready. Fuck, nobody made her cum harder than Donna Sweett. 9 times out of 10, a climax caused by the bloodthirsty brunette led to Betty passing out in both unadulterated ecstasy and exhaustion.

So, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise when Donna pushed the sub off her cock, the big dick exiting her pussy with a foul pop. After all, Donna had made it abundantly clear that she had plans for Betty tonight that extended beyond their normal routine. Still, it didn’t cause the booksmart blonde beauty to feel any less betrayed by the brunette. Couldn’t she tell how close the young sleuth was to cumming? Could even a modicum of mercy manifest from a masterfully manipulative maniac like her?

The short answer-- no.

“Aw, what’s the matter? Was the poor little skank oh so close to cumming?” Donna gleefully giggled upon hearing the pathetic golden haired girl woefully whimper. “Well then, no need to fear--because I’ll have you cumming harder than you ever have in your life.” 

The next words were whispered sharply, the voice of the cunning cold-blooded schemer piercing Betty’s eardrums. 

“I just won’t use your pussy to do it.”

Betty took a deep breath and a hard gulp. It was really going to happen. She had spent the first part of her high school life as the adorable girl next door, and now she was such a depraved whore that she was actually willing to...oh God.

“Nervous, sweetie?” The prep schooler asked with a chuckle, prompting a nod from the blonde. “You probably should be. Still, I want to do what I can to make this as easy on you as possible, and that starts with a nice wet cock, so suck my dick.”

Betty’s sluttiness outweighed her fear and she swiftly crawled over to the gigantic monster cock and gripped it tight, pulling it to her parted lips. She stared dreamily at her overlord, sometimes in disbelief that she was able to please someone so beautiful. Though she wasn’t allotted to look at her for very long as she felt a bare foot bop her across the face. 

“I’m sorry, are you hard of hearing? Start sucking!”

Remorseful that she had been so lost in her thoughts, Betty quickly wrapped her mouth around the tip, letting out a soft joyous cry as she tasted herself on the head of this 12 inch behemoth. However, she didn’t get much of a chance to savour her own flavor as, per usual, Donna took control of the situation, viciously facefucking her. Betty did her best to hold back her gagging as her owner effortlessly thrusted 6 inches of this toy down her throat. It was a testament to how far the small town teen had fallen that she was able to get half of this huge strapon down her throat on the spot. In about 30 seconds, she could take a whole 6 inches down her throat, showing off her outstanding gag reflex.

Inevitably thought, this big black strapon became more than Betty could bear, and she started to gag as the Stonie accelerated her thrusting, working to get all 12 inches down the adolescent journalist’s throat. After a while of frantically choking on her owner’s fuckstick, 8 inches of this pussy flavored rubber rod sliding down her throat.

Donna was overjoyed to watch her obedient little sexpet get overwhelmed by this brutal assault on her mouth. After all this bitch had put her through, she could at least seek solace in her suffering, especially since it was obvious that this naturally submissive girl was over the moon when this kind of treatment came her way. Plus, it was becoming clear that this task was nowhere near as much of a struggle for Betty as she had initially let on, given that she now had taken all 12 inches down her throat like a champ. The fact that she had managed to take a footlong fucktoy deep into her throat displayed how much of a diligent cocksucker she had transformed into during her time with Donna. 

The sadistic sociopathic prep school student still fondly remembered the early days she had spent with this beddable blonde, and how she had struggled to even handle sucking 3 inches. Now, she had trained the doe-eyed knockout to love having every inch of this 12 inch long cock lodged in her throat. It was beautiful in a way, seeing a once self-assured so-called sleuth who used to lord over her with such confidence to be reduced to nothing more than a cutesy cockpocket.

“Just look at you.” Donna’s face flickered a wicked grin as Betty blushed, unable to believe she actually had gotten all 12 inches of this colossal cock down her windpipe. “Your hot little mouth has gotten my dick all nice and wet, hasn’t it Betty?”

“MMMPH.” Betty attempted to answer in the affirmative, but obviously her mouth was a bit preoccupied.

Donna had to hold back a laugh at the Cooper girl’s whorish behavior before stating, “Well, I guess I should say even wetter since your tight little pussy helped quite a lot. And now...it’s time to put all that work to good use.”

Donna slowly retracted that rubber rod from the Riverdale resident’s throat. She watched in amazement as a string of saliva trailed from Betty’s mouth while the cock exited her oral orifice, nearly causing the conniving privilege prep schooler to cum again due to that astonishingly arousing image. 

“On all fours. Turn around. Spread your cheeks.”

The blonde nodded and bowed her head, getting into ‘doggy style’ position, rotating so that her shapely ass was facing her dom. She took another deep breath. The whole night had been building up to this and for the first time in her entire life, Betty Cooper was going to take it up the butt. 

Her hands shook as she reached back and slowly pulled apart her buttcheeks, giving a great view of her tiny pink asshole. Donna licked her maroon shaded lips at this unbelievably erotic sight, as she was more than prepared to finally give this alluring anus the attention it deserved. Getting in perfect position, Donna lined her long and excessively lubed cock up with her bitch’s back hole, making sure she had precise aim of her target, before thrusting forward to get the tip of this dick inside this tight rear and causing Betty to howl out in pain as her virgin back hole was violated for the first time. All Donna could do in response was happily cackle. While ‘Ponytail’ was in near unbearable pain now, she knew it was only a matter of time until her bitch was crying out with pure pleasure. So she continued slowly but surely, little by little sliding more and more of this huge strapon inside this Nancy Drew wannabe’s pert posterior. Each new inch that entered Betty’s bodacious backside elicited sharp cries of affliction from the overachieving blonde, the elimination of her anal cherry proving to be an all around agonizing experience. 

But make no mistake, the anguish in this ordeal remained very much one sided as Donna simply admired watching her dildo disappearing bit by bit inside the Riverdale resident’s rectum.

“God Betty, just when I thought you couldn’t look any better.” The malevolent dom grinned, as she kept up her slow-going penetration, soaking in each heartbreaking squeal and shriek coming from the girl who had worked so hard to derail her plans. “Take it like a good girl, Betty. Mnh, take my big dick up your butt. Are you gonna go back to your little friends after this? Huh? Are you gonna go and tell your precious Jughead, who we both know is still alive, that I took your anal cherry? Or how about your little gal pal? Or how about that ginger meathead? Are you ever going to tell them who you truly belong to? Are you ever going to tell them who owns you? No, of course not, ‘cause you’re a fucking fraud! Oh, you tried oh so hard to take me down. Yeah, you seem to call me ‘bitch’ every other sentence, mmm but really you’re just projecting because we both know who the bitch is around here! Heh, you’re so damn pathetic.”

As the domineering teen kept up a steady stream of trash talk, the young heroine could feel her eyes tear up, somewhat due to the tremendous pain, but maybe more so due to the massive mortification this sodomy brought upon her. Oh, it definitely hurt, but what hurt her even more were the volatile words Donna threw her way, because she knew she couldn’t deny them. She was the one who had brought Clifford Blossom to justice, she was the one who had taken down her own father and exposed him as the Black Hood. She had beaten Penelope Blossom, Chic, the Evernevers, and every other foe who came her way. But she had finally met the one person who she couldn’t beat, the person who she would never beat, because Donna was just that damn good. Never was that more apparent than now, with Betty squealing like a stuck pig as she felt this lengthy artificial cock filling her backside. For the young Cooper girl, it felt like this butt pounding was lasting an eternity, as Donna deliberately took as much time as she possibly could while dishing out this deep dicking to her derriere, making sure to go slow enough to guarantee that Betty wouldn’t have any actual lasting damage as a result of this night. 

True, seeing her pet in pain was always a welcome sight for this cruel conqueress, but she figured the most effective method, the most foolproof way to forever secure victory over her rival was to make her actually enjoy anal. By going at a measured pace, she eased the inexperienced girl into getting her butt fucked, which meant that all the initial discomfiture she encountered would be replaced by downright delight more quickly. Best of all, she was about to start officially pounding this hot tight backdoor as her thighs finally relaxed against Betty, meaning that all 12 inches of that strapon dildo had entered this once virgin booty, the tip of the dick now completely buried in Betty’s bowels.

Oh God, it had really happened. Betty Cooper had taken every single inch of her devilish dom’s dick inside her anus. She actually somehow was able to handle that entire rubber prick inside of what was supposed to be a forbidden hole, albeit barely. She certainly felt every inch enter her, as the snail’s pace at which the strap-on entered her had made sure of this. And now she knew she was about to feel a whole lot more, screeching as Donna incrementally pulled about half of the dick out of Betty’s rear, the black-hearted brunette grinning from ear to ear as that backhole stretched obscenely wide. She then slammed that shaft forward once more, leading her sub to utter an ear shattering scream that echoed all across the vast forest. Donna began to repeat that action at a slower rate, gently pulling 6 inches of the long rubber toy out of this newly-minted asshole before pushing those 6 inches back in at the same leisurely pace. Over time, the once proud blonde’s shrieking and wailing became more subdued, her anal passage perhaps at last adjusting to this formerly alien act. Of course, this slow adaptation didn’t go unnoticed by the Stonewall student.

“Hmmm, are you starting to like this, Betts? Are you getting used to having a dick up your ass? Mmm, well I sure hope you are, because this is the first of many times that I will be ramming your shitpipe like it’s nothing more than a cheap whore’s cunt. So get ready, Betty. By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be able to sit down for, god, at least a week. But it will all be worth it, because you’ll love it, I know you will. You can protest all you want--there’s no way someone can have an ass this plump and cute and not be a total butt slut, and that’s exactly what I’m going to prove with you.”

The only reply the senior year sherlock could offer was a few piteous whines, possibly the loudest, saddest whimpers Donna had ever heard. Yet, as this slow sodomy continued, these humiliated howls gradually transformed into pleasure filled moans, the brave bombshell turned fragile fucktoy showing her true colors as she got off on this anal pounding. The golden haired girl’s groans grew louder by the second, and she was by and by beginning to enjoy herself, which offered another adequate opportunity for the talented teen top to taunt this ruined Riverdaleian.

“Yes, that’s it. Moan for me. Moan for me and show me that you know your place.” Donna beamed as her words were backed up by Betty doing exactly that, continuously crying out with glee as this rubber penis slipped in and out of her newly submissive shithole. “Oh, that’s music to my ears. Keep it up. Mmm, keep moaning as I tear your ass apart.”

Ever the obedient and subservient slut, Betty moaned the loudest she might have ever moaned in her life, fully embracing this foray into ass sex. It was absolutely degrading, but she was too far gone to really care. In fact, it might have been that degradation that made her love this buttfucking so much. Ultimately, Donna debasing her often seemed to be the basis for how strong her pleasure was. Betty got off on being demeaned--at this point, she craved it. She had no regard for dignity now. How could she? This girl had owned her in every conceivable facet. The writing had been on the wall long before this butt banging, but the fact that she actually mined felicity from her rear hole getting fucked made it clear that she could never reasonably challenge Donna again. Moan after pitiful moan further highlighted this new reality until Donna began to speed up her penetration, which naturally led to some pain for the poor sub, but much sooner than before that agony transitioned into an unspeakable euphoria, meaning that the doe-eyed blonde truly might have been a born butt slut. 

“There we go.” The Stonie laughed like a drain. “There’s the Betty I always knew you could be. There’s the Betty I always knew you were meant to be.”

The broken bottom couldn’t quit mindlessly moaning, Donna’s words most likely not even registering as she was so overcome with raucous revelry from getting her rectum wrecked that no other outside forces were on her radar. 

“God, listen to you go. You really are loving this--maybe too much. Do you have any ounce of shame? Are you really nothing more than a two dollar whore? Hmm, is that what you’re suited for, Betty? Should I be turning you out on the side of the road for two bucks a pop? Every guy and girl in your little nothing town could line up and get a turn with your skanky ass. Ooh, just think about it, all of your worthless friends giving you the kind of treatment you deserve. Although maybe you wouldn’t want that, since the only person you seem to want is me. I saw Bret’s tape, you never moaned this loud for Jughead. So, you can play pretend with him all you want, but you’re my property, sweetheart. You’re a piece of meat for me to use however I want and what I want is to pound your ass hard and deep whenever I want, wherever I want. Oh, what if us, hmmm what do you eloquently call us, ‘Stonies’? What if us ‘stonies’ gangbanged your butt? Ooh, I bet Joan would love to help me spitroast you. Of course, Bret has been dying to get his hands on you since day one of all of this. Hmm, something tells me you like the sound of all this, don’t you?” Donna rubbed her fingers against the other girl’s soaked muff, generating a whimper from the blonde as Donna’s point was proven. “You don’t want to be in Riverdale, do you? No, you want to be here at Stonewall, don’t you? You’re always trying so hard to demolish us, but the bottom line is you’re jealous. That’s all there is to it. You want to be me, but you never can be, so you settle for letting me expose you as the sad, disgraceful, good-for-nothing slut you are.”

All of this dirty talk really started to get to the Cooper girl’s head, the harsh words Donna doled out and the rough anal slamming she was giving  were on an equal level of gratification for the golden haired girl. Scratch that, the verbal assault was even more pleasurable. It was undeniably satisfying to feel her butt lightly jiggle as this dynamic dom’s thighs constantly crashed into her asscheeks at a frenetic pace. However, the sheer shame Donna’s words brought upon her was working her up so much that her desire to cum was becoming nearly unbearable. Still, she didn’t immediately beg for this superior woman to bring her to climax because she didn’t want her first anal excursion to come to an end.

Donna was very much in that same camp. If she could enter a universe in which her entire life could revolve around unreservedly destroying Betty’s smooth backside and she would never be burdened by any other task, she would do so without a second thought. Much like how her slutty little sub couldn’t successfully survive without her tough top claiming ownership over all of her hot holes,Donna’s life was very much dependent on being able to decimate a compliant bottom’s bottom. Yes, she still cherished the instances in which she could ravage that ravishing pussy or brutalize that hot mouth, but it was clear anal would be her preferred act to inflict on her dutiful sex servant for the foreseeable future, given that not only did she adore watching Betty’s buttcheeks become progressively discolored each time she propelled forward, but it was painstakingly obvious that Betty loved getting her ass fucked even more than her pussy or mouth based on her reactions alone. Thus, Donna decided for the first time all night to press her luck and see how Betty would react to an even more brutal escalation.

Betty felt Donna’s strapon come to a screeching halt with the full length of the dick inside her plump behind, leaving her mind to race with curiosity at what her unpredictable top had planned for her. It didn’t take too long for her to find out what it was that Donna had planned as her eyes widened when Donna rotated around like a tilt-a-whirl and caused Betty to feel this rubber rod to swirl inside the deepest parts of her bowels. She was eternally grateful Donna had asked her to meet in the woods instead of one of their rooms, because if they were inside the screech she had supplied would have triggered every single window to burst. Plus, if God forbid, they were doing this in her house she could envision her mom waking up and barging into the room and then she would have to look her in the eye. Oh God, she couldn’t get that thought out of her head. What would her mom think if she could see the daughter she always wanted to be the embodiment of perfection now getting her bowels stirred by this snide dom? Or what about Juggie? Donna was already onto them, it was abundantly clear. What if the Stonewall Prep student made her way back down to the bunker and bent Betty over right then and there in front of her beloved boyfriend? And how would Veronica react if she could see Betty right now, screaming like a wimpy bitch as she felt her anal passage get absolutely obliterated. Would they be able to stay friends after that? Or would Veronica join in? Ooh fuck, that’s the direction her mind quickly drifted, picturing Veronica watching this cock mixing the inside of her anus and grabbing a cock of her own to join in on the fun. Hell, maybe Veronica would reveal herself to be in the same vein as Betty and get down beside her, spreading her cheeks and praying for this arrogant snob to give her comparable treatment. Pretty soon, she visualized every girl in Riverdale lined up, awaiting for this superior top to put them in their place.

Even worse than any of these hypotheticals was the undeniable fact that amidst her shrill shrieks of discomfort, she had moaned. She wanted to tell herself that it was all due to the mental image of her peers, namely Veronica, spreading their cheeks and taking Donna’s cock in their behinds, and to be fair, that was a big part of it. However, that image was no longer at the forefront of her mind and yet there was still a mixture of ecstatic moans and excruciating cries escaping her mouth, meaning that Betty Cooper, who once was pegged by everybody as the perfect girl next door, was legitimately getting off on this brutal bowel blending. So, in addition to avid muff muncher, girl cum addict, strapon sex lover, and backdoor whore, she could now add ‘pain slut’ to her extensive list of undignified titles.

“Ho-ly shit!” Donna was elated. “You’re even getting off on THIS . You really are the most depraved of the depraved. Jesus. I mean I knew you had no dignity, but this is a new low even for you. Mmm, look at you, any normal person would be screaming like a little bitch, and to be fair you’re doing that, but you’re loving it too. Oh, I’ll have to keep this in mind. God, I wonder all the messed up shit that I could have done to you, that I wanted to do to you, if only you would have shown your hand sooner. That was your problem, Betty. You were uptight, you were restrained.You’ve at last accepted what you truly are, what you always were, and that means we can have so much fun together.”

Betty whimpered because what else could she do? It was clear what she was and now she needed to embrace it, so that’s exactly what she did. She closed her eyes and got lost in her bliss, gasping and groaning as Donna alternated between stirring all 12 inches of her strapon around inside her loosened up behind and violently thrusting that thick dick in and out of that shithole at a breakneck speed. This pattern persisted for minutes on end, with Betty joyfully squealing nonstop at both acts of debauchery. Her anal entrance had relaxed enough that the penetration had become genuinely enjoyable, and even though that dick spinning all around inside of her ass should have been a total turn off, it really, really wasn’t. In fact, she might have felt even more pleasure when that was happening. No, there was no ‘might’ about it. What turned her on above all else was this pain. She had been a closet freak and now she was officially opening the door. It was funny, Donna’s torment provided a great opportunity for her. She could acknowledge what she always was deep down inside.

She also was a needy slut, and while all of this was great, it still wasn’t enough to get her to cum, so the blonde eventually bellow “FUCK! MAKE ME CUM!!! OH GOD!”

Once more in an effort to totally torture, Donna slowly pulled her cock out to again deny Betty the climax she so despearately yearned for. 

“You didn’t say please.” Donna quipped as she slowly backed away from Betty, who began to whine.


While off rustling in the bushes in search of something, Donna hollered, “Are you my bitch?”

“OHHH! GOD! WE BOTH KNOW THE ANSWER! FUUUCK!” Betty screamed, the denial of her orgasm really getting to her.

“Are you my bitch?!” The brunette asked more sternly.


Donna slowly sauntered over to her sub holding a 10 inch handheld dildo, smiling at the thought of what she had planned.  

“Are you ready?” Donna mockingly inquired.

“YEEESSS!!” Betty impatiently yelled.

“Hmmm, I’m not convinced.” Donna teased, making Betty roar with frustration. “Beg me one more time.”

“PLEASE, DONNA!” It sounded like Betty was almost on the verge of tears, her anguish achieving an all time high. “PLEEASSE MAKE ME CUM! I NEED TO SQUIRT ALL OVER AND MAKE A TOTAL MESS LIKE THE DUMB WORTHLESS WHORE I AM! JUST DO IIIT! FUCK ME EVEN HARDER AND MAKE ME CUM!”

“Weeeelll…” Donna pretended to consider. “I suppose that will do.”

Donna restarted the rectal ramming while now working to pummel her pussy with the 10 inch toy she had in her hand. She was DP’ing her submissive, knowing that her slut had become so utterly depraved that something this extreme was the only way she could bring her bottom to orgasm. Betty seemed to be constantly one-upping the volumes of her moans all night long, but it seemed like now these moans definitely wouldn’t be topped for some time (the only part of Betty that couldn’t be topped), her voice echoing throughout every corner of these vast woods. 

Betty Cooper could die happy right now. Getting both her pussy and ass nailed simultaneously had offered her a whole new world of pleasure she hadn’t ever been made privy to. If she would have been told at the start of this night that she would be getting double penetrated by Donna, she would’ve probably ran away in terror. But now, she was on cloud nine and she didn’t think she would be coming down anytime soon. Funnily enough, even though Betty had been begging to cum a second ago, she was now doing everything in her power to hang on, wanting this perverse DP to last as long as possible. Alas, she was only human and sooner rather than later, Betty finally came. Hard. She squirted her juices all over the 10 inch cock routinely ramming her cunt while feeling this 12 inch destroyer pump in and out of her o-ring, and it felt so damn good to finally release. Although Donna was far from done. Despite Betty orgasming, her owner kept going, continuing to slam cocks in both her front and back before removing the 10 inch dildo and engaging in cowgirl anal and watch Betty, who started the night so startled in regards to getting her rectum rammed, eagerly fuck her own butt like an anal skank. The two then tried leapfrog before going back to doggy, and then Donna brought back her handheld dildo to ensure multiple more orgasms for her brainless sex bot. 

Betty had collapsed face down and was near passing out due to all the energy that had been taken out of her by constantly climaxing. But she should know by now that Donna gave no rest to the weary.

“Get up and spread your cheeks. I want to get a picture I can frame.”

Giving a low whimper, the blonde sluggishly reached out and clutched her battered cheeks, drawing extra attention to her gaping back hole. Donna took her phone from her bra and snapped a pic of that glorious sight so she could forever preserve this memory. Then she snapped one, two, ten more. It was always good to have back-ups after all. After she seemed to have a sufficient number of photos to add to her collection, she put her phone away and gave Betty one last order for the night.

“Suck my dick.”

Betty groaned and crawled over to the woman who had so thoroughly decimated her. She would’ve whined about how gross this was earlier, and it still didn’t sound super appealing, but she was now willing to do nearly anything Donna would command her to do. She wrapped her mouths around the tip of that cock and quickly slurped up her own butt cream, moaning in delight as soon as it hit her taste buds. She loved the taste of her own ass, and given the ways she reacted to everything tonight, that was hardly a surprise.

While observing her dedicated ho bob her head up and down on this ass flavored strapon, Donna decided to reward herself by sticking the 10 inch cum covered handheld rubber cock in between her lips, reveling in how good her bitch’s pussy juices tasted. She normally wouldn’t do this in front of her sub, but she felt she had earned this.

After all, she had controlled her pet quite well.

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