Sapphic Rangers: Kim & Aisha

BY : matt1989
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After her mom had moved to France with her new fiance, Kim had moved in with Aisha and her family. As excited as Kim was for her mom about getting remarried she was also worried about leaving her entire life behind, including finishing up school. There was also of course the fairly significant matter of her being the Pink Ranger.


Kim and Aisha had become very close friends anyway since Aisha had inherited the Yellow Ranger powers from Trini, but now that they were living together they felt more like sisters. Aisha’s parents had even said they now consider Kim to be part of their family.


Another day had come where Rita and Lord Zedd had sent a monster to try and destroy them. Since the two of them had teamed up they had proven to be even more formidable than they were separately and this monster had proven particularly difficult to defeat, so when they returned home it didn’t take long for them to collapse onto their beds.


Aisha glanced over at Kim and she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her best friend was, even after an especially long battle. Kim was the kind of girl that every guy lusted after, tall, beautiful and with a disarming smile. As a highly trained gymnast she also had an incredible physique.


These thoughts being in Aisha’s head weren’t entirely new. She knew Kim was attractive, I mean, she had eyes, but she had never until now thought about actually doing anything with her. However she was now giving very serious thought to kissing her fellow Ranger.


Aisha was snapped out of her thoughts by Kim saying: “You OK? You look kinda spaced out”. Aisha laughed it off and replied: “Yeah fine, just exhausted after that battle”. “Yeah that was one of the toughest we’ve faced yet” came the response. Kim seemed to be satisfied by that answer.


The two girls laid on the bed relaxing and Aisha found those thoughts returning to her again. Little did she know but Kim was having similar thoughts. It was a major surprise to Kim that she had thoughts about kissing Aisha considering she had always thought she was as straight as one of the arrows she fires from her Power Bow. 


Kim had always considered Aisha to be beautiful, especially now she had allowed her natural hair to grow long, but had thought nothing of it. Until very recently that is.


However, at this moment it just felt right. Lying on the bed, the two girls found themselves staring directly into each other’s eyes and leant in until their lips softly met for a few brief moments. After they slowly pulled away Aisha said: “Kim I’m so sorry, I have no idea what came over me”. Kim placed a hand on the dark skinned girl’s cheek and replied: “It’s OK, it wasn’t just you”.


With that their lips met once again, soft but with plenty of feeling as they both experienced kissing another girl for the first time ever. Despite her initial reluctance due to nerves, Aisha took control as she slid her tongue into her best friend’s mouth, Kim parting her lips further to grant her access.


It wasn’t long before the pair allowed their desires to fully take over. Neither of them entirely knew where this had come from but in the moment neither of them were concerned with that, they just wanted each other- badly. As the fire inside both of them grew, they only parted lips to remove items of the other’s clothing and carelessly fling it into a corner of the room.


Eventually they were both naked, Aisha straddling Kim and taking a few moments to savour the sight of the gymnast’s body, which was even more incredible than she had imagined. Kim teasingly said: “like what you see?” to which Aisha replied: “you have no idea” and placed another passionate kiss on her friend turned lover’s lips before beginning to place a trail of kisses down her body, including both breasts.


Teasingly, Aisha stopped just before she reached Kim’s pussy. Aisha briefly looked up and caught Kim’s eye. All she could gasp was “please” and opened her legs wider. This was all Aisha needed to begin lapping at Kim’s clit, causing increasingly audible moans from the brunette.


Aisha then decided to turn her attention to Kim’s perfectly formed breasts, sucking on each of them and spurred on by the effect she was having. While experiencing the best sex of her life, Kim had one hand around Aisha’s back, just above her ass, and the other clinging onto the bed as she eventually reached her climax.


Kim allowed herself to come down from her orgasm before grabbing Aisha and pulling her into a passionate kiss. When their lips parted, Kim said: “that was incredible, you sure you’ve never done this before”. Aisha smiled and replied: “I’m sure, although after that I have a feeling it won’t be the last”.


It wasn’t even the last time that night as Kim decided to return the favour to Aisha. Now that Kim had her pussy eaten by a girl for the first time, she wanted to experience what it felt like. While a few minutes earlier Aisha had driven Kim to orgasm, now the tables were turned and it was Kim driving Aisha wild.


While the girls vowed to keep their night of passion a secret from their fellow Rangers, they also agreed that they both wanted it to become a regular thing 

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