A Princess Caught

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Chapter 1 ~ Dragonstone


It was a spectacular sight of a castle centuries ago and still remains today. The architecture of towering spiked walls of dark stone, forged through fire and arcane sorcery like the Iron Throne, a hallmark of Targaryen rulers. Statues in the shape of dragons could be found everywhere, many doorways were set in their opened monstrous jaws.

Lord Stannis Baratheon had lost the Battle of Blackwater and retreated back to the island. He brooded for weeks within the Stone Drum, allowing only one special person to accompany him during such troubling times, the red priestess Melisandre.

Their visits together were always long and private.. Almost everyone living on Dragonstone had seen the Red Woman at least once. Her awestruck beauty always made the eyes of commoners gaze her way, admiring her presence. Some tales were told that her womanhood is what saved Stannis from committing suicide after his defeat. They say he was succumbed by the dark magics within her depths. Very little is known about these sort of practitioners from Asshai and just how much they are truly capable of. The library of Dragonstone had very little written of them.

Princess Shireen Baratheon was a quiet and well-behaved little girl of age thirteen, the first and only living daughter of Stannis and Selyse. Aside from the blemish of greyscale upon her left cheek, the rest of her body was developed normally. She even inherits the Baratheon features of blue eyes and dark hair.

During her spare time, Shireen was often reading history and lore books about the great houses of Westeros, the old Gods, the new Gods, and most recently, the ancient Valyrian freehold. The teen princess had a vivid imagination, often wondering what it must have been like to ride atop a full grown dragon, to soar through clouds and gaze down upon tiny castles and villages below. It would have been far more breathtaking than living in a gloomy fortress.

It was nearing nightfall when Shireen sat alone in her chamber. She brought with her a book from the castle library, this one in particular was about Aegon’s conquest in Westeros. She planned on letting the imprisoned ‘Ser Onion Knight’ borrow the book once finished, even if the king wouldn’t allow the ‘traitor’ any visitors.

A night breeze whispered through the window, candle flames gently danced around on the bedside table while the young girl read. Shireen’s eyes went over the neatly handwritten text, black ink that had been dried for two centuries. Quickly turning one page after another with talented reading, she learned something new about the realm’s history.

A quarter of the way through reading, she turned a page to reveal something that made her eyes widen in shock. Carefully drawn was a closeup view of Rhaenys, fully naked, mounted atop her dragon Vhagar in flight.

It took the innocent girl a moment to realize the page of this drawing was completely loose. The discoloration of the parchment, a different shade from the pages she previously read, made it apparent that it wasn’t originally part of the book. Without bothering to wonder how and why it ended up there, little Shireen couldn’t help but feel a kindle of excitement by the erotic depiction, it made her stare for a good moment.

Going through more pages with trembling hands, the teen princess found another illustration, and several more throughout. Aegon’s sister-wives were posing in a variety of sexual positions, their fully grown breasts freely exposed, white hair cascading behind them in the wind, and their legs spread wide as they reached down in between.

Princess Shireen was taught that proper highborn ladies weren’t supposed to play that part of the body, that it was considered very inappropriate in view of the seven. Yet, here they were, openly exposed and enjoying their womanhood as if it were a normal practice. Other illustrations were found showing Aegon wearing a king’s crown, his fully erect shaft, and his large balls underneath. Shireen’s eyes instinctively stared over his size and length, sparking her juvenile curiosity and arousal even more. On another page, there was Queen Visenya riding on top of Aegon the Dragon, taking his full sized cock into her hips. From that, little Shireen began to wonder who the real conqueror was.

Burning arousal had formed in her body, giving rise to a feverish heartbeat. She drew a conclusion that these erotic depictions were enchanted by some kind of witchcraft, it would only explain why her body was feeling this way. After spending her final moments taking in details of these forbidden illustrations, Shireen closed the lore book with all pictures bounded, placed it aside and blew out the candles.

She tucked herself under the blanket and let out a trembling sigh after being visually stirred. It was now nightfall. While most of the castle was asleep, she laid flat on her back, gentle eyes staring up to the ceiling with fresh images of Aegon and Visenya and Rhaenys scorched into her mind.

Shireen let out a sigh. “Should I do it?..” she pondered to herself in hesitation, hands reaching to the hem of her gown.

The girl couldn’t remember the last time she dared play with herself. Whenever she did, it would only be for a minute before stopping out of embarrassment. Her mother Selyse would more than likely chastise and disown her if caught. Luckily that never happened.

But Shireen finally decided not to go to sleep this time without satisfying at least some of her hidden desires. The expressions given by the dragon queens while they touched themselves made her far too curious. Underneath the blanket, she pulled up her green woolen gown and felt between her thighs to find that her undergarments had become dampened. Seconds later, she slipped them off completely.

A deep breath of anticipation occurred within her body just by the mere act of unburdening herself below the waist. Nothing stood in the way now. Shireen spread her naked legs underneath the blanket, the palm of her hand reached over the dark clusters of hair which had started growing since she was twelve. Her soft fingers began to trace across the length of her slippery folds, coating her fingertips in fluids she produced earlier. The erotic depictions came to her imaginative mind again while she began exploring and rubbing the top side of her folds.

*~Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

Shireen massaged herself, breathing away any concerns that she was doing something naughty. The welcoming pleasure climbed and teased her insides like never before, making her respire deeply. Images of Aegon with his naked sisterwives became conquerors of her mind again, and they were in movement.

*~Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

Nightfall had a gentle rain in the wind, a rumbling thunder echoed from a distance across ocean waves. Waters clashed against shore a hundred times, the Baratheon girl enjoyed the deep fluid currents of accumulating pleasure rippling within herself, causing her body to stir like a brewing storm.

*~Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

*Deep breathing.*

More than ten minutes had gone by, far longer than Shireen had ever dared play with herself before, somehow she felt proud of her bravery. As she experimented with different finger motions, spreading her legs wide as possible, her body discovered higher levels of pleasure that she never knew existed. It brought about a whimpering expression to her scarred face.  

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

*Soft moaning.*

Breathing deeply and losing track of time in her rhythm, the naïve little girl massaged herself further into uncharted territory, and soon she would accidentally bound over a threshold she never knew existed. Shireen felt her insides knot up, losing control of her body. As distant bolt of lightning flashed miles away, a thundering echo roared from the ocean, the Baratheon Princess began having her first orgasm. Unfathomable riptides of pleasure washed her away, drifting her into another realm for an absolute moment.

*~Toes curling and legs twitching~.*

Shireen’s whimpering moans were drowned by thunder. When her orgasm faded, she was left utterly bewildered and breathless as any young teen girl would be. She rested, regaining a steady heartbeat. She could scarcely believe the sensation that just went through her body and how amazing it felt. At the same time, she was naturally embarrassed, thinking it had to be the nastiest thing she had ever done. “No one must ever find out about this..,” the little girl thought frantically. Secretly, she loved every second of it. Princess Shireen rolled over in bed feeling relaxed and satisfied, quirking a smile about her secret discovery before drifting to sleep.

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