A Baratheon Princess Caught

BY : Lady Sylvenora
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Chapter 1 ~ Dragonstone


A spectacular sight of a castle centuries ago and still remains today. The architecture was a hallmark of Targaryen rulers, towering spiked walls of black stone, built through fire and arcane sorcery like the Iron Throne, statues in the shape of dragons could be found everywhere. Doorways were set in their opened jaws. The isle itself also went by the same name.  On the coast lied a fishing village with a port beneath curtain walls.  The salty air always gave a hint of smoke and brimstone.

Lord Stannis Baratheon had lost the Battle of Blackwater and retreated back to the island. He brooded for weeks inside of the Stone Drum, allowing only the red priestess Melisandre to accompany him.

Their visits together were always long and private. Almost everyone living on Dragonstone had seen the Red Woman at least once. Her beauty always made eyes turn her way. Tales were told that her womanhood is what saved Stannis from committing suicide after his defeat. Such tales were oblivious to some people in the castle. The Baratheon princess was one of them.

Princess Shireen was a young and innocent girl of age thirteen. During most of her free time she enjoyed reading the history and lore books about the great houses of Westeros, ancient Valyrian Freehold, and the dragonlord families. Shireen had a vivid imagination, often wondering what it must have been like to ride on a full grown dragon, to soar through clouds and gaze down upon tiny castles below.

Alone in her chamber one night, she brought with her a book from the library. This one in particular was about Aegon’s conquest in Westeros. Candle flames gently danced by the bedside table, there was a night breeze whispering through the window. Shireen went through words, turning one page after another, learning something new about the realm.

A quarter of the way through reading, she turned a page to reveal something that made her eyes widen... A depiction of sexual nudity and incest. It was her first time witnessing anything like this. Sitting in her bed with an opened jaw, studying the curvature and detailed shading of Aegon and his fully naked sister-wife, Visenya. She noticed how the page was completely loose, apparently it wasn’t part of the book. Without bothering to wonder how and why it ended up here, Shireen couldn’t help but feel a strange excitement by the erotic picture in front of her eyes.

Going through more pages with trembling hands, the teen princess found another depiction, and several more throughout. Aegon’s sister-wives were posing in a variety of positions, their fully grown breasts freely exposed, white hair cascading behind them. On another page was a Queen Rhaenys riding on top of Aegon the Dragon, taking his manly cock inside of her. Shireen began to wonder who the real conqueror was.

A burning arousal formed within her body, giving rise to her beating heart. She drew a conclusion that these erotic depictions were enchanted by some kind of witchcraft, it would explain why she had never felt a grasp take hold within like this before, not ever.

After taking a long gander, Shireen closed the lore book with dirty pictures bounded, placed it aside and blew out the candles. She tucked herself under the blanket and let out a trembling sigh after being visually stimulated. It was nightfall, the bedchamber was dark and the candle smoke dissipated. While most of the castle would be asleep, Princess Shireen laid there with fresh images of Visenya and Rhaenys burned into her mind.

Underneath the blanket, she pulled up her woolen gown and felt between her thighs to find that her panties had become damp. She hesitated for a moment before deciding on taking them off completely.

Being raised a proper highborn girl of the Seven, she knew exposing herself this way was frowned upon. Her mother Selyse would more than likely chastise her for it. Shireen remembered the embarrassing incident that happened two years ago. Her mother walked into her bedchamber unannounced while she was humping her pillow. Though she was fully clothed, Selyse was still disgusted by such nasty behavior and slapped Shireen across her greyscaled cheek. Her blemished exterior of skin absorbed all of the impact, but the girl was embarrassed by the incident ever since and promised not to do it again.

That was two years ago. And a promise to Selyse, someone who always disowned her, didn’t mean much anymore. Shireen spread her legs underneath the blanket and began exploring herself where it gave the most pleasure.

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub..*

Shireen massaged herself in circles, breathing away any concerns and thoughts about the past. The welcoming pleasure climbed and teased her insides like never before, making her respire deeply. Images of Aegon with his naked sisterwives invaded to her mind again.

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

The nightfall had a gentle rain in the wind, a rumbling thunder echoed from a distance across the ocean waves. Waters clashed against shore a hundred times, and the Baratheon girl enjoyed the gentle waves of accumulating pleasure inside herself, causing her body to stir like a brewing storm.

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

Gasping in deep arousal, she felt something powerful begin to grasp within, something involuntary which caused her legs to tremble. As a thundering echo suddenly roared from the ocean, the Baratheon Princess began having her first orgasm ever. Her moans drowned in thunder. Tilting her head back and curling her toes, little Shireen was swept away by crashing waves of pleasure, drifting her into another realm for an absolute moment.

*Twitch...  ~twitch... ~twitch...  ~twitch... ~twitch...  ~twitch... ~twitch... ~twitch... ~twitch...*

When her orgasm faded, Shireen was utterly confused and breathless as any young teen girl would be. She rested there, regaining her breath. Her fingers covered in girly fluids. Shireen almost couldn’t believe the sensation that just went through her body. She was naturally embarrassed, thinking it was the nastiest thing she had ever done. But deep down, she loved every second of it. Princess Shireen rolled over in bed feeling relaxed and satisfied, quirking a smile about her secret discovery before drifting to sleep.

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