A Baratheon Princess Caught

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Chapter 2 – No Magic, Just Life


At the dining hall sat the Baratheon King and Queen and the red priestess of Asshai. It was just hours after the ceremony on the beach where three brothers of Selyse Baratheon had burned to a crisp.

“Have you ever known true hunger my lady?” asked Selyse.

“That’s all I ever knew when I was a child, until the Lord of Light found me.” Melisandre answered with eyes of certainty.

“I fear for our daughter’s soul.” Selyse tried offering some light table talk.

“As it is every mother’s right to fear for her child’s soul.” Melisandre answered calmly.

“She’s a stubborn little beast.” Selyse spoke simply while eating.

“Our child is thirteen.” said Stannis.

“You barely know her,” Selyse spoke accusingly. “You think she’s sweet and innocent because she smiles whenever you visit. But she’s sullen, stubborn, and naughty… That’s why R’hllor saw fit to mark her face… She needs the rod.” Selyse proclaimed, always managing to make things uncomfortable at dinner.

Stannis put down his silverware in distaste from the meat on his plate. “She is my daughter and you will not strike her.”

Selyse chewed a piece and turned to him. “As you command. Perhaps the Lady Melisandre could speak with her.”



Princess Shireen had chosen random books from the library, and with them were more drawings wedged in the pages. The odds of her finding them, out of hundreds of other books, was still a mystery. She wandered if the gods were teasing with all of this. 

But the princess didn't refuse. She collected the drawings into a pile, turning through every parchment one at a time. Each elaborate sketch was something new to fantasize over as it gave rise to her newfound excitement. Before long, her undergarments came off and she sprawled open her legs in bed, exposing her naked pink lips and dark cluster of hair to anyone who would be in the room. The lewd pictures sat by the candle flames after having seen them while she began fingering herself.

Ever since her first orgasm three weeks ago, the teen princess could barely resist a single day without having one. Being self-conscious and shy about her developing body, Shireen was too embarrassed to admit how much she loved having orgasms.

Whimpering silently in the bedchamber, the teen princess fingered herself while fantasizing about the erotic depictions. Shireen delved onto the motions and naughty images taking place in her mind. Nothing else existed.

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

She closed her eyes while massaging herself, spreading her legs wide and breathing deeply, the candle flames licked the night air in a dance of burning desire. Suddenly, two clanking knocks sounded against the chamber door. Shireen gasped and immediately closed her naked legs, her eyes darted over. The Red Priestess was seen watching through the barred window, holding up a taper candle.

“Lady.. Melisandre?-” Shireen uttered in fright, clumsily shifting down her green linen dress to cover up.

Smiling, Melisandre walked into the chamber and closed the door. “Did I frighten you, princess?” she asked courteously.

Shireen was still clearly in a state of shock with a beating heart fueled by her nasty arousal just moments ago. She looked up at the mysterious priestess of Asshai...

Melisandre peered down at the young girl and tilted her head with a knowing smirk, eyes peaking down to her covered area and then back to her face. “I know what you were doing, princess,” she spoke without judgement in her voice.

Shireen was teary eyed and felt vulnerable enough to be naked. "Oh gods, please don't tell anyone!..."

The Red Witch calmly lowered herself down to the bedside. Shireen’s whimpering eyes lowered to match hers. “Shhh... It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Melisandre comforted the poor girl. "Your secret is safe with me."

Shireen's beating heart began to fade, and she gulped. Somehow she felt a sense of trust with the red woman. "Wot are you doing here so late?" 

"I came to see how well you were doing,” the red woman smirked, "and I would say very well..."

The teen princess blushed in embarrassment, unable to respond at first, "You knew I've been... doing this.. every night?" she asked shyly.

Melisandre smiled, resting a gentle hand on hers. "Of course I have, princess, and I am happy for you..."  They gazed each other in the eyes for a calm moment. Shireen could feel a sense of comfort being held in warmth. The red woman glanced over to the books. “Did you enjoy my artwork?”

Shireen’s eyebrows perked in surprise. “Those were your drawings?”

The Red Witch nodded lightly. “I drew them specially for you.”

Shireen didn't know what to say, but with each passing moment, she felt less ashamed of herself. The very presence of Melisandre made her relax, slowly but surely.

“The Lord of Light has granted us pleasure in its purest form. All it takes is for us to reach down and find it,” she explained simply. “Always cherish your womanhood, princess.”

Princess Shireen made eye contact with Melisandre, wanting to continue pleasuring herself, even with the presence of this strange exotic red woman. With only the expression of her eyes, Shireen welcomed her to stay. Melisandre knew what the girl wanted and could sense the flow of kingsblood coursing through her young veins, and now there was a current flowing down between her legs.

“If you would allow me,” said the red priestess with trusting eyes. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

Shireen was at first hesitant but remembered having exposing herself from across the chamber already. And given the fact that she had lived her entire young life with an ugly patch of greyscale on her face, exposing the rest of her body should be rather easy. The princess reached down to the hem of her green nightgown and clumsily pulled it up, revealing a patch of dark Baratheon hair between her thighs. The shy princess took a breath and opened her legs in front of the woman, exposing both of her naked holes at the same time, her pink center now blushed the same as her cheek.

Melisandre leaned closer in, her experienced eyes gazed upon her entrance, seeing how the kingsblood ignited the flush of her womanhood. But the witch saw more than what lied on the surface.

“There is a great power.. deep within you, princess.” Melisandre spoke with certainty in her voice.

While Shireen was propped up on her elbows, the priestess reached her hand up to her soft vagina and slowly gave rubs into her clitoris. Upon the first moment of contact, Shireen gasped deeply, feeling immediate warmth climb into her nethers. Melisandre gauged the movement of Shireen’s burning arousal and breathing. Her fingers worked in circles for minutes, sending waves deep into her core. Shireen opened her thighs more, expressions of love written all over her blemished face.

"Ohh... Melisandre..." the teen girl whimpered in pleasure from the lady's finger work. It was far better than anything ever tried on herself.

Melisandre was giving her the perfect amount of tension and rhythm to ride upon, making sure it wouldn’t let her finish too soon. She smiled up at the cute little Baratheon, going against her flushed clitoris for another ten minutes. 

*Rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub, ~rub.*

Shireen was letting out soft moans in the chamber, making sure to keep her noises down so the guards wouldn't hear. Eyes whimpering, the motions continued stealing her breath away as she spread herself open and vulnerable. After a while, Melisandre knew she was ready for a different technique. Removing her thumb, she placed both hands upon Shireen's opened thighs and began to make tender love with her entrance. Shireen gasped and writhed from the unexpected mouth against her lower lips. “My Lady…” she peered down at the witch’s half covered face.

She could not deny that her velvet muscle was even better. The lady wrapped her soft mouth over and licked her clitoris, sending more unspeakable pleasure. Princess Shireen relished her deep loving kisses, unconsciously rolling her hips into the red lady's mouth, a naughty act that she would never confess to anyone.

Through eye contact, the Red Witch let the princess know she was ready and willing to taste her sweet release, no matter how nasty the young girl might believe it was.

*~ Lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick, ~ lick.*

As the inches-long candle flames danced beside them, Shireen finally allowed herself to lose all control when the final deep licking swipes were given. Any trace of embarrassment completely washed away as she started having a long pulsating orgasm in the mouth of Lady Melisandre. The teen Princess arched her back and curled her toes for the duration. It was the deepest most heartfelt orgasm she had ever enjoyed.

Melisandre licked her flushed entrance clean, giving her pussy a final few tender kisses. Shireen was panting in disbelief. The red lady closed her eyes and had the slight smile of satisfaction, feeling empowered by juices made by the Baratheon Princess. The substance was invigorating to her as a Red Witch, for it held the essence of kingsblood.

“Absolutely remarkable, princess,” Melisandre complimented, wiping a drop of leftovers before tasting it, “Better than I expected.”

Shireen regained her composure after such an enormous release. “It was better than anything I’ve ever felt…”

A noticeable shift in power was being emanated by the Red Priestess when she arose to both feet. Shireen could sense it. Perhaps this is what she meant by a great power. 

After being tucked into bed, Melisandre leaned down and kissed the princess on the forehead.

“Will you come visit again?” Shireen asked.

“For many nights to come, princess. I have many things to teach you…” Melisandre calmly assured before opening the chamber door. “Sweet dreams.” Upon her leaving, all the candles went out at once.


~ The End

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