Judy vs Shane crotch wars

BY : Dreamgirl
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‘Why doesn’t Austin love me?

Do something now!” Yelled Ally.


“When do I get paid?” Asked Trish.


“It seems that I have no choice.

He needs a lethal dose of super viagra love potion.” Said Ally.


“Ally, I never noticed how beautiful you are.” Said Austin.


“Oh Austin.” Said Ally.


Have fun, you two.

I will give you two privacy as I go home to either stalk Dez or watch some yaoi porn.” Said Trish.


“Stop touching me and let me train in peace.” Said Dez.


“Dez, I hunger for your virginity.

Give the chance and I will make sure that you will be screaming my name really loud tonight.” Said Anna.


“Dez, do you like what you see?

Let Miley pleasure you and show you the true meaning of the fight.

I will ride you so hard that you cum for hours!” Yelled Miley.


“Go away.

I am not interested.” Said Dez.


“Dez, there is a new restaurant that just opened up and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight to try the new food there.” Said Judy.


“If you are not here for a fight then please leave me alone.

I must prepare myself for my next battle with Dave.” Said Dez.


Dez stayed sitting on the ground.

Judy ran away with tears in her eyes.


Trish was looking at a picture of Dez naked using a magnifying glass to look at his penis.

Fred was just standing by.


“Ahem!!!” Yelled Judy.


Trish tries to hide the picture.

Fred looks disgusted.


“Judy, I have no idea how those photos of your Dez got in my hands.” Said Trish.


“Save it!

I need help on how to get Shane to leave me alone.

I can’t stand that pervert!” Yelled Judy.


“But Shane does love you and you should give him a chance.” Said Trish.



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