Arya The She-Wolf

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Arya was hungry, penniless, and tired in Braavos. She was also alone, previously she always had a companion, like Gendry, the Brotherhood without banners or the Hound. But they aren't with her anymore. She had come to Braavos to join the faceless men but they were unimpressed by her and her skills and sent her away. 

Arya had no coppers, silver or gold, all she had were the rags on her back (that the faceless men had given her after they kicked her out) and Needle. She was in a strange city and often got lost. She could not communicate with the locals so she often stayed near Ragman's Harbor where there was the occasional foreigner who spoke the common tongue.

After leaving the House of Black and White, Arya had to resort to begging for food and coin. She had little success with begging, in her three days of begging she had only made a few coppers. The hunger was the hardest part, Arya could not afford any food, she tried to catch birds and rats but it was difficult to run after anything in Braavos as one slip and you might fall into the canals.

After three days of not eating anything, Arya was getting desperate, her hunger was overwhelming and she could feel herself getting weaker. While begging at the docks, she eyed, a baker selling bread with the most delicious smell. A mouth began to water and she could not take her eyes off them.

She decided to directly beg the baker for some bread. She walked in front of the shop. She was thinking of what to say when the baker grimaced at her and began to shout in Braavosi, when he saw that she did not understand, he spoke in a common tongue, “What do you want, beggar,” he said loudly. “Please, could you spare a piece of bread?” Arya begged meekly. “Go away, I don’t have the patience for beggars, go away before I call the guards,” “Please sir, I haven’t eaten in five days, perhaps… if there’s some work that needs to be done, I could do it for you.” The baker looked more irritated until he saw the sword on Arya’s hip, “That’s a fine sword you have, where did a beggar get steel like that, I’d sell loaves of bread for that.” For a moment Arya’s face lit up but then she realized what he said, she griped her sword and said, “No, not that I… I can’t sell that.” “Then go away, now!” the baker shouted at her. 

Desperate, she got on her knees and begged, “Please, sir, I’ll do anything else for it.” The baker gave her a disgusting look, then stared at her until he grinned, “fine lass, if you use that mouth for me, I’ll give you some,” he used one hand to gesture to his crotch. “Wha… no… I mean uh…” “Or else forget about getting any food.” 

Arya couldn’t, she was a Stark of Winterfell, a daughter of Eddard Stark, she couldn’t act like a common whore. But she was so hungry and the bread looked so tasty. “O… ok, but I want an entire loaf and some water too.” The baker laughed, “fine, follow me, girl.”

He led her to a small empty alleyway, they walked to the middle of it until the baker turned around. “Well aren’t you going to get to it then,” he said as he pushed onto her knees.

Arya was facing the man’s crotch. She took a deep breath and used her left hand to slowly undo his breeches. She was slow, only using one hand, and was always hesitant. “Are you dim-witted and a whore.” He said impatiently as he used his big hands to pull down his breeches.

As his cock came out, Arya flinched back, eyes wide open. It was the first cock she had seen so close. It was erect, pink and around 5 inches and as wide as the bigger end of a carrot. She did not know if it was bigger or smaller than most cocks. 

Arya knew he would get angry again so she closed her eyes and swallowed the tip. It tasted strange and salty. She circled the tip with her tongue. “That’s it slut,” he moaned as he used his hand to pull Arya’s face down his length.

Arya, shook as she adjusted to the entirety of his member in her mouth. It was hairy and smelled bad. But she endured. She began going up and down the cock. It was sloppy and saliva fell to the ground but the baker seemed satisfied with it. 

She pulled out to breathe while she jerked it off with her left hand. She licked the underside of the member and then a bigger stroke from his balls to his tip. 

Arya retook the penis into her mouth. While going up and down, the man placed his hands at the back of her hand and shoved, her face into his groin. Arya could not breathe the cock was choking her and her nose was pressed up against his groin. 

The cock began to twitch. “You said you were hungry, now eat it whore,” the baker said as he released his seed into the little girl’s mouth. Arya began coughing onto the cock, she couldn’t pull out so she had no choice but to swallow.

Not until every bit was swallowed did he let her go. Arya spent a good few minutes just regaining her breath. “You shouldn’t have done that,” she told him. “Bitch, other people are gonna make you do much worse.” “Now give me the bread and water.”

They returned to the baker’s shop where he grabbed a piece of bread, a tiny cup of water and gave it to her. “But you promised me an entire loaf,” Arya said angrily. “Be glad I gave you anything, you were sloppy and drooled like a pig. Now go away cunt, your scaring off the  customers.”

Arya left angrily embarrassed but that was soon overshadowed by finally satisfying her hunger. She wondered if prostitution is the only option she has left. “No! I am a lady of Winterfell, that was a desperate last measure, I will not lower myself to that again.”

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