Cobra Kai: The Bet: Love Between Rivals

BY : Tenudakin
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           “So… what now?” Sam asked pantingly. She was laying on the floor of the last place she thought she would be the dojo of Cobra Kai. Sam’s groaned as she tried to get up, a little worn out from fighting the girl who was now laying tiredly beside her, Tory Nichols.

           Samantha LaRusso and Tory Nichols haven’t been the best of friends ever since they met, in fact, they were very much rivals. Their first meeting was not exactly the smoothest one either, with Sam mistaking Tory being the one who stole her mother’s purse and Tory pushing Sam, sending her crashing down on a table of food. Their rivalry got worse when Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do began going head-to-head. The last confrontation they had was in the skate mall, where things got worse between them.

           Both tired of the rivalry between them, Sam made a deal with Tory, a karate fight between them, only them, no one else. They will fight until one of them gives up, it will prove who is the better amongst them and stop the rivalry between them once and for all.

           “Fine… but I would like to add one more detail to the deal,” Tory said when Sam proposed the deal. “The losers have to be the winners bitch for 3 days,” Tory added. “She has to do anything the winner says, after that, we’ll be even,” Tory added.

           “Fair enough, you seem pretty confident about this,” Sam commented.

           “Hmmph… why should I be scared, I’m better than you anyway,” Tory scoffed. “You’re a princess after all.”

           “We shall see,” Sam said.

           “Anyway, where will we fight?” asked Tory casually.

           “I’m not sure actually-”

           “Cobra Kai dojo, 8 tonight,” Tory interrupted.

           “What? You better not spring an ambush on me,” Sam warned.

           “Nah, if I want to beat you, I’m going to do it myself,” Tory said smirkingly.

           “I wouldn’t be too overconfident if I was you,” Sam answered.

           “We shall see who is the overconfident one, tonight,” Tory said.

           Tory groaned in pain as she got up. She hasn’t expected the LaRusso girl to have some tricks up her sleeves to take her down. Tory clearly underestimated her opponent. “And now, I have to be this girl’s bitch for 3 days… Urgh…” Tory thought to herself.

           “What are you talking about? You beat me,” Tory said grudgingly, wiping blood off her face as get sits up beside Sam. “I should be the one asking you what now.”

           “Not sure… actually, just wanted to finish this stupid rivalry before someone gets hurt,” Sam said looking around the place. “Didn’t expect that I would beat you though.”

           “Hmmph… you got lucky,” Tory scoffed.

           “Whatever, you lost, I win, fair and square,” Sam reminded.

           “Yeah, whatever, it’s just 3 days anyway,” Tory shrugged. “What you want me to do?”

           “I seriously have no idea. I told you, I didn’t think that much when I walked in here, probably because you straight up attacked me first,” Sam answered, massaging her temples.

           “So, you have anything in mind for me?” asked Tory as she sits on the floor beside Sam.

           “Probably going to get you to do a couple of chores for me, carry my stuff, maybe even help to clean that mess the Cobra Kai’s made at our dojo,” Sam said as she glared at Tory one mentioning that.

           “Hey, I had nothing to do with that, it was probably the boys,” Tory answered. “Anyway, that’s all?”

           “Yeah, what were you expecting?” asked Sam confused.

           “I don’t know. I’m your bitch for 3 days and this is all you’ve planned for me?” asked Tory sarcastically.

           “Seriously, why do you keep on putting it like that, can’t you say it in a nicer way,” asked Sam.

           “Oh alright, I’m supposed to be your ’sex slave’ for 3 days,” Tory revealed, emphasizing the words ‘sex slave’.

           “W- What…” Sam stuttered. She hasn’t expected or even thought that Tory would put something sexual for the bet.

           “Oh, don’t tell me the princess doesn’t know what that means,” Tory teased.

           “I know what a sex slave is, but I didn't know anything sexual was on the line when you challenged… shit… should have clarified that before we went straight in,” Sam muttered.

           “Well, guess you’re probably glad that you didn’t lose to me then,” Tory said plainly. “You would probably be so freaked out if I had won.”

           “What did you have in mind for me anyway?” Sam asked curiously.

           “Well, I was gonna rip off your clothes, and fuck all your holes… maybe have the Cobras have their way with you,” Tory said casually.

           “What the… how can you say that to me so calmly?” Sam asked, surprised by the plans Tory had for her. She was mentally thanking the heavens that she won the fight, not having to endure those things. “That is so… extreme, and since when did we include sexual assault in the bet?”

           “Girl… that is what being someone’s bitch means, doing whatever they want,” Tory explained. “Plus, you would have got so used to it, you’ll probably love it.”

           “And who said I was going to just let you rip my clothes off me? And let you make the boys do me?” asked Sam challengingly.

           “Well, you did agree to the deal. Didn’t think a LaRusso will go back on her word, so you would have let me do it anyway,” Tory shrugged.

           “Hmph… should have really gone through the details before we went down like this… I’m so glad I won… whatever you planned for me sounds so gross,” Sam said.

           “It’s not really that bad,” Tory interrupted Sam.

           “What? Having the Cobras fuck me is not that bad?” Sam asked scoffingly.

           “And piss on you too,” Tory added.

           “What the hell? That is so gross,” Sam said disgustedly. “I suppose a perv like you done that before,” Sam scoffed.

           “Nah, the idea of being pissed on is hot but is not something you would let anyone just do,” Tory shrugged. “You’re easily disgusted by all this stuff; suppose you haven’t got laid?”

           “Well… I had sex… once,” Sam admitted, feeling a little embarrassed to talk about this in front of Tory.

           “Miguel?” Tory asked.

           “No…. we were getting there… but then… never mind…” Sam said awkwardly.

           “Well, you sure took your time with him. I’m honestly surprised he still wants to be with you,” Tory scoffed mockingly.

           “Don’t you dare talk about Miguel like that,” Sam growled, glaring at Tory. “And I’m not a slut, unlike you.”

           “There is nothing wrong with trying things out,” Tory answered. “Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean everyone else that does is a slut.”

           “Yeah… right,” Sam said skeptically, crossing her arm. “You done it a lot of times, I bet.”

           “Oh yeah, a couple of times actually, but believe me, the best would be doing it in the ass,” Tory said smirkingly. She was so sure that Sam was going to get grossed out by the topic of anal sex.

           “What eww… Why would anyone want to do it in the ass?” asked Sam, grossed out. “That is so gross.”

           “It’s really not that bad. You have to clean it first, of course,” Tory reasoned.

           “Why am I even surprised, a perv like you… you sure do love things up your ass,” Sam scoffed.  “How many guys been up there anyway?” asked Sam casually.

           “No one,” Tory answered.


           “Do you have to sound so surprised?” asked Tory.

           “Well, I figured that since you talk about anal sex like that, you must have done it with someone already,” Sam said.

           “Hey, I’m not a pampered princess like you. I just mostly use my fingers,” Tory said, smirking as she noticed Sam’s disgusted face as she mentions anal play. “And some random stuff here and there, and a buttplug.”

           “A buttplug?” Sam asked curiously.

           “Yeah, I’m actually wearing one now, wanna see?” asked Tory.

           “What? No!” declined Sam disgustedly, but Tory began stripping, pulling down her pants, tossing them aside, revealing her shaved crotch, clean of pubic hair and completely hairless.

           “Tory… I don’t want to… “Sam said but Tory had already pulled down her panties, her ass facing Sam. Tory spreads her asscheeks, showing Sam the buttplug that plugged her asshole.

           “Oh… how are you so comfortable doing that in here, in front of me,” Sam groaned.

           “Oh? Is the princess grossed out?” Tory asked chuckling. “To be honest, I thought that you would be kinkier than me,” Tory teased as she pulled the buttplug out, showing Sam her gaping asshole.

           “What the… Were you wearing that while fighting me just now?” Sam asked surprised.

           “I pretty much wear it the whole day,” Tory answered smilingly as she inserted the buttplug back in.

           “You’re really a perv,” Sam mouthed. She was put off by how disgusted she was with Tory.

           “Let’s see whether you still call me a perv when I turn you into an anal loving slut during the next 3 days,” Tory said challengingly.

           “Oh, I doubt that would happen,” Sam said scoffingly.

           “Hmm~ Why don’t you strip too, LaRusso?” Tory suggested mockingly.

           “And why should I do that?” asked Sam.

           “Well, it’s going to be hard to be your bitch if I don’t have access to you,” Tory said sarcastically.

           “I think there are some other ways to do this,” Sam answered.

           “Come on LaRusso, I’ve shown you my ass plug, now show me yours,” Tory said urgingly.

           “I’m not even wearing one you perv, what am I supposed to show you, my ass?” asked Sam sarcastically.

           “Yeah? It’s not fair that I’m the only one half-naked,” Tory said, gesturing towards her

           “I didn’t even ask you to strip in the first place,” Sam reasoned.

           “Come on, princess, live a little. Or are you going to chicken out on this?” Tory asked mockingly, knowing that a hothead like Sam wouldn’t back down from the challenge.

           “Fine… Urgh, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” groaned Sam as she began to pull down her pants. “The door is locked right?” Sam asked nervously gesturing towards the door of the dojo.

           “Duh,” Tory answered sarcastically as she watched Sam takes off her pants and set them aside, revealing her undies.

           “Hmph… cute Hello Kitty panties,” Tory said mockingly. “I thought you would be wearing something more sexy underneath. But makes sense, a princess like you-”

           “Whatever… shut up,” Sam groaned embarrassedly as she moved to remove her panties, revealing her hairy pussy.

           “Damn… Sam, I didn’t know you have a literal forest down there,” Tory commented as she eyed Sam’s crotch. “You know that you’re not gonna get laid with that right?”

           “I wasn’t trying to in the first place, so what now? Got a problem with that too?” Sam asked grudgingly, annoyed by Tory.

           “Chill girl,” Tory answered. “Relax, I’m your bitch for the next 3 days after all. But someone really needs to deal with your forest.”

           “Shut up before I really regret this,” Sam growled, clenching her fist.

           “Will do,” Tory made a lip zipping gesture. “So, what do you want me to do?”

           “I don’t really know,” Sam said.

           “Hmmm~ I have an idea,” Tory said, looking at Sam smirkingly.

           “What is it?” asked Sam.

           “This,” Tory said as she playfully tackled Sam onto the floors of the dojo again, spreading Sam’s leg.

           “W- What are you doing Tory,” Sam asked surprised, struggling against Tory’s grasp.

           “Will you be quiet. Lay down and relax for once, would you?” Tory asked scoffingly before going down on Sam’s pussy, eating her out as she stuck a finger inside her vagina, fingerfucking Sam as she thrust her fingers deep into her.

           “Tory- Ahh~” Sam moaned as she felt Tory licking and fingering her vagina. Sam’s breathing became ragged as she panted. Sam was getting turned on by her rival eating her pussy out while fingering it.

           “Hmm? Enjoying this already LaRusso?” asked Tory as she thrust her fingers.

           “Mmm~” Sam moaned intoxicatedly.

           “I’ll take that as a yes, I guess,” Tory chuckled before moving back in between her leg to focus on Sam’s pussy. Tory lapped and tonguefucked Sam’s pussy, licking up her juices that came with it while fingerfucking Sam at the same time. “Mmm~ You’re starting to get wet princess~”

           “Ah~ Fuckkk~” Sam groaned out loud.

           “Oh, and now the princess is cursing~” Tory teased Sam as she continued to pleasure the girl’s sensitive spots.

           “Just shut up and let me enjoy this,” Sam groaned.

           “Will do princess,” Tory chuckled before fully delving into Sam’s pussy, sticking three fingers into Sam’s already wet pussy, fucking her with them. “Ah… found it,” Tory said smirkingly

           “Mmmff~ Fuckk~ Tory,” Sam moaned louder, intoxicated by the pleasure as Tory worked her magic on her.

           Sam’s moans grew louder as her breathing grew ragged as Tory stimulates her insides, thrusting her fingers in and out of her sex, causing friction. Tory was tonguefucking and sucking Sam’s pussy, playing around with Sam’s wetness as she licked her insides and pressed her face against Sam’s bushy cunt. She could smell Sam’s scent as she ate Sam out.

           “Toryy~ Ah~ Fkk~” Sam mewled as her knees buckled as Tory toyed with her clit.

           “Mmm~ You’re a loud one, aren’t you?” Tory teased as she looked up at Sam briefly.

           “Shut up,” Sam groaned. “Just continue whatever you’re doing,” Sam said.

           Tory nodded before diving into Sam’s legs again, parting her pussy lips as she tonguefucked and fingerfucked Sam’s wet pussy, causing the girl to shudder again from her touch.

           “Fuckk~ Ahh~ Tory~” Sam moaned aloud as Tory hit all the right spots while pleasuring her. “Mmmppghh~” Sam moaned. Sam could feel Tory’s finger curling around and moving inside her, touching all the right spots. Sam was in awe of how Tory knew her body even better than herself to do all that.

           “Mmmm~ You’re pussy is leaking so much… Are you turned on by this LaRusso?” asked Tory seductively before diving down again.

           “Fuck~ MMm~ Toryy~” Sam's moans continued to grow more rapid and louder as Tory continued to pleasure her womanhood. “Fuck~ Fuck~ Mmm~ Fuckkk~” Sam mewled as she felt herself close.

           “Aww~ Someone is going to cum?” asked Tory teasingly as she began fingerfucking Sam at a faster pace, making her squirm. It was enough to set Sam off the edges and make her orgasm.

           Sam arched her back as she orgasmed, waves of sensational shockwaves washes over her body again and again as she orgasm, letting out loud moans of blissful pleasure. “Mmm~ Ahh~ Fuck~ Yes~ Mmmmm~ FUCK!” Sam felt her body shuddered uncontrollably as she orgasmed, overtaken, and drunken by the pleasure that Tory has masturbated her towards.

           “Mmm~ Fmm~” Tory moaned against Sam’s cunt as she hungrily lapped up Sam’s pussy grool that was drooling out of her hole, burying her face into Sam’s hairy crotch, tasting it in her mouth while Sam shuddered from her orgasm.

           “Ah…” Sam lays on the floor, panting from her first orgasm while Tory got up, her face covered in a bit of Sam’s fluids.

           “Fuck… Your pussy drool a lot… you know that LaRusso?” asked Tory pantingly smiling as she scooped some of Sam’s pussy grool off her face as she looks at Sam, who was laying on the floor panting. “You know, for having a literal forest down there, you smell quite good,” Tory commented.

           “S- Shut it,” Sam groaned tiredly as she felt the aftershocks of her orgasm.

           “Here I’m feeling generous, have a taste,” Tory offered mockingly as she dripped some of Sam’s pussy grool into the girl’s mouth, letting her taste them.

           “Wait… what was that?” asked Sam as the fluid entered her mouth, tasting it. It tasted

           “Your pussy grool,” Tory said casually. “Wait you mean you never tasted yourself?” asked Tory pretending to be surprised.

           “Never thought of it,” Sam shrugged pantingly.

           “So princess, how was it?” asked Tory after getting up as she licked the rest of Sam’s fluids from her fingers, savoring them. She was sitting beside Sam, who was still laying on the floor panting.

           “It was… ok… I guess,” Sam answered awkwardly. She was still a little worn out from orgasming.

           “Just ok?” Tory asked skeptically, lifting her eyebrow.

           “Yeah, why?” Sam asked.

           “Cause it didn’t sound like that at all. I’m actually surprised no one came knocking. You were moaning so loud,” Tory chuckled. “Slutty princess.”

           “Fine,” Sam sighed, rolling her eyes. “It was surprisingly, really good.”

           “Hmph thought so… Now the princess is telling the truth,” Tory chuckled.

           ‘Can you just stop calling me princess, don’t really like it,” Sam groaned.

           “Nah, princess suit you too well,” Tory said. “Or should I call you the pampered princess? Or daddy’s good little girl?”

           “Sam would be fine,” Sam said sarcastically.

           “Alright princess,” Tory said, intent on annoying Sam. ‘What do you want me to do next?”

           “I don’t know, just do anything to make me feel good like just now, I guess,” Sam said as she gets up a little.

           “Hmm… I have the perfect idea for that,” Toey suggested. “Lay on your back princess.”

           “Uhmm… okay,” Sam said unsurely, laying on the floor again.

           Tory moved back beside Sam and trailed her fingers down Sam’s body. Tory begins circling around Sam’s nipples. “Tell me, princess, have you played around with your tits before?” asked Tory.

           “No, why you ask?” asked Sam curiously as Tory laid Sam’s head on her folded lap.

           “You’ll see,” Tory chuckles as she lightly pinched Sam’s nipples, stimulating them as they became erected, aroused from her touch. Tory could tell that Sam just stifled a moan of pleasure. “Hmm~ I see you’re loving it?”

           “What are you talking about? I don’t feel anything,” Sam scoffed.

           “Well, how about now?” Tory asked again smirkingly as she trails her finger, circling Sam’s areola, flicking Sam’s hardened nipples continuously non-stop.

           ‘Mm~ A~” Sam let out a soft moan.

           “Hmm~ Feeling sensitive now, aren’t ya?” teased Tory.

           “Mmm~ Fkk~” Sam groaned as Tory increased her pressure on Sam’s breasts, kneading them. “Damn… you’re good… Fuckk~” Sam mewled.

           “You’re really a noisy one,” Tory chuckled as she continued to massage and toy around with Sam’s breast. “Can’t you keep quiet? People are going to hear us if we keep this up,” Tory warned jokingly.

           “Mmm~ Fuckk~ Toryy~” Sam moaned as Tory started to tug and twist Sam’s nipple lightly, rolling them in her fingertips, releasing them before repeating the gesture again.

           “Mmm~ I’m so jealous of you right now,” Tory commented as she moved Sam's body to lay on the ground before getting on top of her.

           “Mm? Tory? What are you- Mmm~ Oh~ “Sam was interrupted when Tory took Sam’s right nipple into her mouth, twirling her tongue around it, flicking it in her mouth while her other hand continued to stimulate Sam’s left nipples. “Fuck~ It’s so damn good~ Toryy~ Don’t stop.”

           “Mmm? Mmm~” Tory answered before nibbling on Sam’s nipple lightly, making her thrash around a bit.

           “Hey! Don’t bite Ah~ Mmm~” Sam was once again distracted by the sensation of pleasure building up throughout the body.

           “Mmm~ Enjoying yourself now? Princess?” Tory asked teasingly.

           “Oh, you bet I am~” Sam groaned as she continued to be intoxicated by the pleasure she was feeling.

           “Mmm~” Tory moaned as she took Sam’s other nipple in her mouth while her hand stimulates Sam’s right nipple.

           “Fuck~ This is AH~ FUCK!” Sam suddenly moaned out loud as her body trembled violently, Sam’s knees buckled as well. Sam felt as if something just exploded inside her, sending multiple waves of pleasure throughout her.

           Tory didn’t need Sam to tell her to know that Sam has having a nipple orgasm that just sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Tory just smirked at Sam as she watches her silently, rubbing her own clit while watching the girl shudder from her orgasm.

           “Ah~ What was… that… I never felt something… so intense,” Sam panted after a while.

           “You just orgasmed from your tits being pleasured. Don’t you tell me that you never even thought about playing with your tits before?” asked Tory sarcastically.

           “Nope never thought of that,” Sam said.

           “Well, I guess you never thought about playing with your shithole too I guess?” asked Tory as she quickly got up and spread Sam’s legs, revealing her pussy that was still drooling with a white substance and her asshole, before turning Sam around.

           “Hey wait what?” Sam asked confused as Tory flipped her around. She hasn’t completely recovered from her second orgasm just yet.

           “Get on all fours princess,” Tory said as she spread Sam’s asscheeks.

           “What?” Sam asked unsurely.

           “Trust me LaRusso,” Tory assured.

           “Okay…” Sam said, still unsure of what Tory is about to do next as she got on all fours.

           “Mmm~ you have a nice ass,” Tory commented as she spread Sam’s asscheeks roughly, spanking it lightly.


           “Don’t blame me. You’re the one with a nice ass,” Tory shrugged before landing another light spank on her another asscheek.

           “Whatever, I’m a bit short on time, can you do whatever you were going to and just make me feel good-” Sam asked urgingly before being interrupted by Tory spitting on Sam’s asscrack before sliding a finger in. “Are you sticking a finger in my- Mmm~”

           “Oh, don’t you worry LaRusso, I’m going to turn you into an anal loving slut by the end of these 3 days,” Tory snickered as she fingered Sam’s butthole, feeling her tight insides. “Damn you’re tight,” Sam groaned as she felt Sam’s anal walls clenching around her finger.

           “Mmm~” Sam groaned as she felt Tory’s finger moving in her asshole, sliding in and out. Sam rested her head on her arms as Tory continued to finger her ass slowly.

           “Mmm~” Tory grunted as she tried to push in another finger into Sam’s tight asshole, opening up her asscrack as she slid in her fingers.

           Sam was pretty sure she never felt a sensation as weird and pleasuring as this. She has heard of people doing it in their butthole, but she was always grossed out by the thought of it. But now actually feeling it, Sam felt both weird and satisfied from having someone toying around with her most forbidden hole.

           “Mmmm~ Ah~” Sam moaned raspingly as Tory continued to fingerfuck her asshole.

           “Hmm~ I wonder if,” Tory trailed off as she paused for a while.

           “Hey, why did you stop? And what do you- Ah~ Shit!” Sam groaned out loud as Tory buried her face between Sam’s asscheeks. Tory began rimming the other girl’s asshole, delving her tongue into Sam’s tight asscrack, thrusting her tongue in and out of it, tonguefucking her. At the same time, Tory delved her fingers into Sam’s womanhood, rubbing her clit before fingerfucking her simultaneously as she rims her.

           “Ah~ Tory! Mmm~ Don’t… don’t stop!” Sam groaned from the pleasure she was feeling.

           “Mmm~” Tory moaned against Sam’s asshole. She was enjoying the moment more than she thought she would. It was probably because of the fact that Sam had no idea what the deal meant in the first place that Tory isn’t submitted to kinkier ways of pleasuring Sam.  As Tory lapped and tonguefucked Sam’s butthole, she could smell and taste the scent of Sam’s ass, enjoying it as she continues to rim Sam.

           Sam was in awe at how good she felt from someone licking and fingering her butthole. She was now thinking about what Tory said before about doing it in the anal. “Maybe she is right… Mmm~ Oh god~” Sam thought to herself while Tory continued to rim her.

           “Oh god~ Tory… Mmm~ How are you so fucking good~ Mmm~ At this~” Sam groaned intoxicatedly.

           “Mmm~” Tory ignored Sam and continued to rim her asshole, spitting her saliva on her asscrack as she licked.

           “Mmm~ Fuckk~ Mm~ OHH!” Sam's moans grew louder as Tory’s finger got buried deep in her asshole. She could feel Tory’s finger curling around, stimulating her. “Shit, shit… Fuck~ I’m… MMMM~ FUCK~ TORY! YES~” Sam cried out loud as she orgasmed for the third time, this time releasing a huge spurt of fluids, drenching Tory’s face.

           “Oh my… I didn’t know that you’re a squirter too,” Tory exclaimed as Sam squirted on her face. “Slutty princess… Mmm~ I’m getting so turned on now,” groaned Tory as she moved her hands to her cunt, rubbing her clit as she got up.

           “Fuck~ Ah~ Tory~ That was…” Sam panted tiredly, worn out from orgasming 3 times.

           “Hmm~ LaRusso, wouldn’t you mind pleasuring your bitch? She is horny,” Tory called out.

           “Huh? You want me to what?” asked Sam lusciously, still feeling aftershocks of the intense orgasm she had not long ago.

           “Just do what I did to you earlier,” Tory answered before realizing. You never gone down on a girl before, haven’t you?” Tory asked flatly.

           “Nope,” Sam answered.

           “Well, at least you can practice with me now,” Tory suggested as she laid back while pulling her shirt over her head, spreading her legs as she tossed her shirt aside. “Come over here and make me cum princess.”

           “Are you sure… I-” Sam said unsurely as she looked at Tory.

           “Come on, I made you cum 3 times LaRusso, at least return the favor,” Tory groaned.

           “Fine… alright. What should I do?” asked Sam curiously as she moved over to Tory.

           “Eat my pussy duh,” Tory answered sarcastically before sighing.

           “Alright,” Sam said unsurely as she moved in between Tory’s leg and got close to Tory’s pussy. Tory could feel Sam’s breaths against her womanhood. Sam looks at Tory unsurely before going down on her.

           Sam was clueless. She had no idea what she was doing except for licking Tory’s vagina and trying to push her tongue into it. Sam was just messing around cluelessly in her attempts to imitate what Tory has done to her. Sam was pretty sure that she wasn’t doing a good job.

           Tory knew she shouldn’t have expected anything on the LaRusso girl when she asked her to pleasure her. But this, this was just terrible. “Oh my god… I thought you were bad… but this is terrible,” Tory chuckled, mocking the girl. “You really have no clue about what you’re doing, do you?” asked Tory.

           “What do you think” asked Sam sarcastically as she lifted her head a little. “I already told you I never done it with a girl before.”

           “Hmm~ Seems like you’re going to need some lessons,” Tory commented as Sam got up. “Hey, where are you going?”

           “Home? My dad is probably going to call me anytime now,” Sam said worryingly.

           “Come on, I need to get off,” Tory said whiningly.

           “It’s getting late,” Sam said as she picked her phone up, looking at the time. “Got to head home before my dad decides to go around searching for me. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow… I promise.”

           “Whatever you say, princess, guess I need to get off by myself then” Tory shrugged as Sam got up hurryingly and picked up her clothes scattered on the floor. “Hey… uh… LaRusso, can you do me a favor? I know I’m your bitch for 3 days and all but…” Tory asked awkwardly, knowing that what had happened between them before.

           “Maybe, as long it doesn’t involve me getting pissed on,” Sam answered jokingly as she wore her clothes.

           “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want… for now anyway. But… Uhm… can you keep this a secret. No one can find out about this… about us… especially Cobra Kai,” Tory requested sheepishly.

           “Why don’t you just quit?” asked Sam curiously. “I’m sure my dad will be glad to have another student,” Sam said as Tory wore her clothes.

           “I won’t,” Tory said while putting on her shirt.

           “And why is that?” asked Sam, crossing her arms as she looks at her.

           “I’m not a betrayer,” Tory said firmly. “After all Cobra Kai has done for me, I won’t betray them like that.”

           “Fine urgh whatever… but could you at least stop beating me up whenever we face off?” Sam asked.

           “We still have to pretend to hate each other if we meet in front of them. If not, they will get suspicious,” Tory explained.

           “Yeah true,” Sam trailed off. “I guess we still have to throw punches at each other then,”

           “I promise I won’t hit you so hard,” Tory promised.

           “Kinda hard for me to believe you,” Sam said unconvinced.

           “Come on we’re even now, remember? Didn’t all this time we spent together tonight prove anything?” asked Tory. “I could have turned on you anytime. Plus, I’m still your bitch for the next 3 days, right?”

           “I- I guess so,” Sam said stuttering.

           “So, what next for us? Princess?” asked Tory as she got up.

           “I’m not sure… maybe try out anal?” asked Sam awkwardly, remembering how good she felt when Tory toyed around with her asshole.

           “Oh? The princess is getting sluttier~” Tory teased. “Haha… told you I was going to turn you into an anal loving slut by the end of these 3 days,” Tory said triumphantly.

           “Whatever, you started that first,” Sam retorted jokingly. “When you stuck your finger up in my ass. “

           “Well, glad I got you into that,” Tory chuckled. “Though we will have to do some shopping tomorrow though.”

           “Shopping? For what?” asked Sam curiously.

           “For sex toys of course, how else am I going to fuck that nice ass of yours with?” asked Tory sneeringly.

           “And where are we going to get them?” asked Sam curiously.

           “Oh, I know a place,” Tory said smirkingly.

           “Of course, you do,” Sam scoffed smilingly. “I supposed that’s where you got your buttplug from?”

           “Yeah, something like that. But anyway, where are we doing it though?” asked Tory.

           “My place could work,” Sam offered. “We just need to tone things down a bit.”

           “Oh, you don’t have to worry about me being noisy, you should worry about yourself more,” Tory assured smirkingly.

           “Yeah… right,” Sam scoffed. “You need a ride?” asked Sam.

           “Nah I can walk,” Tory declined.

           “It’s late,” Sam insisted. “I can give you a ride.”

           “Hmm… fine,” Tory agreed. “Let’s go LaRusso.”

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