Cobra Kai: The Bet: The LaRusso Bitch

BY : Tenudakin
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           “Stop! Tory! Stop! Argh!” Sam shouted in pain as Tory landed another punch on her stomach. “You win! I give up! You win!” Sam pleaded. “Just…Argh! Stop!”

           “Ha! That felt great,” Tory chuckled as she landed one last kick on Sam’s stomach, watching her grovel on the floor. “I would say that we are even after these 3 days. I’m so going to enjoy this,” Tory snickered as she wiped blood from her face.

           Samantha LaRusso and Tory Nichols haven’t been the best of friends ever since they met, in fact, they were very much rivals. Their first meeting was not exactly the smoothest one either, with Sam mistaking Tory being the one who stole her mother’s purse and Tory pushing Sam, sending her crashing down on a table of food. Their rivalry got worse when Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do began going head-to-head. The last confrontation they had was in the skate mall, where things got worse between them.

           Tired of the rivalry between them, Sam made a deal with Tory, a karate fight between them, only them, no one else. They will fight until one of them gives up, it will prove who is the better amongst them and stop the rivalry between them once and for all.

           “Fine… but I would like to add one more detail to the deal,” Tory said when Sam proposed the deal. “The losers have to be the winners bitch for the next 3 days,” Tory added. “She has to do anything the winner says, after that, we’ll be even,” Tory added, crossing her arm.

           “Fair enough, you seem pretty confident about this,” Sam commented.

           “Hmmph… why should I be scared, I’m better than you anyway,” Tory scoffed. “You’re a princess after all.”

           “We shall see,” Sam said.

           “Anyway, where will we fight?” asked Tory casually.

           “I’m not sure actually-”

           “Cobra Kai dojo, 8 tonight,” Tory interrupted.

           “What? You better not spring an ambush on me,” Sam warned.

           “Nah, if I want to beat you, I’m going to do it myself,” Tory said smirkingly.

           “I wouldn’t be too overconfident if I was you,” Sam answered.

           “We shall see who is the overconfident one, tonight,” Tory said.

           Tory owned Sam in their fight, pouncing on Sam the moment she walked into the dojo. Their fist clashing as they fought. Tory picked Sam up and threw her on the ground, beating her until Sam finally gave up. Tory hasn’t felt this good in ages, the taste of victory over her rival. The best part of it all is, the bet she placed paid off, now Sam would be her bitch for the next 3 days. Tory knew one thing that she was going to enjoy the utter humiliation and degrading of Samantha LaRusso.

           “Whatever… urgh… as long it ends this stupid rivalry between us. So… what you have in plan for me? Make me do your chores? Carry your books?” asked Sam as she got up in pain, clutching her stomach. “Or maybe make me wash the dojo’s toilet? Huh… Why are you laughing?”

           “Haha… I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious with that,” Tory laughed.

           “Well, I’m being serious,” Sam said unsure of why Tory was laughing at her.

           “You’re my bitch for 3 days… You really think I’m going to just make you do my chores… Ha! Oh, that is good… really good,” Tory wheezed, laughing at Sam.

           “What’s so funny?” Sam asked, not understanding Tory.

           “You!” Tory wheezed as she grabs a knife from her bag that laid on the floor by her feet.

           “Tory… What are you…?  Tory…” Sam breaths shakily as she watched Tory picked up a knife. “Tory! Stay away from me…” Sam backed away fearfully.

           “Come on now princess, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you or anything,” Tory said smirkingly.

           “You’re holding a knife and you expect me not to get scared?” asked Sam shakily as Tory walked towards her. “Why are you looking at me like a psycho? Stay away from me!”

           “Come here princess, you know the deal,” Tory cooed as she tried to hold Sam in place.

           “When was this part of the deal?” asked Sam confused and scared.

           “The loser has to be the winner bitch for 3 days? Remember that?” asked Tory as she grabbed Sam’s hair and pressed the knife against her.

           “I know I have to do what you want for the next 3 days, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you injure me,” Sam snapped back loudly as she kicked Tory back, preparing to fight again.

           “Just relax, would you? I won’t hurt you Tory assured.

           “Stay back,” Sam said, balling her fist, eyeing the knife in Tory’s hand.

           “Hey, princess. You lost, I win, a deal is a deal,” Tory warned. “I don’t want to fight you any more than needed. We’re supposed to be even after this.”

           “Well seems like you will have to,” Sam growled. “Put that knife down!”

           “Urgh… you really asked for this,” Tory groaned, pocketing the knife before lunging forward, tackling Sam to the ground.

           “Argh! Let me go!” Sam shouted in fear as Tory sat on her, holding her in place, struggling against Tory’s grasp furiously. “Let… me… GO!”

           “Gee… princess, can you calm down, I told you, I’m not going to hurt you,” Tory repeated as she brushes Sam’s face. “Such a hothead,” Tory muttered as she took out the knife and drew a cut through Sam’s clothes, tearing the fabric apart.

           “What the… Tory, what are you-” Sam stuttered, gasping, still struggling against Tory’s grasp.

           Tory leaned down and planted a brief kiss on Sam’s forehead. “Calm down princess, as I said, I’m not going to hurt you,” Tory reminded before getting up, continuing to tear Sam’s shirt, ripping them then tossing the fabric aside. “Stop struggling before I accidentally cut you, which I do not want to.”

           Sam couldn’t help but wince and shudder in fear every time Tory held the knife near her skin as the brunette cuts her clothes, tearing the fabric apart. Sam was feeling scared, vulnerable, and exposed in the hands of Tory. “Be careful,” Sam said worryingly as she eyed the knife that Tory was holding dangerously.

           “I won’t cut your skin princess,” Tory assured as she continued to cut Sam’s clothes, revealing her top.

           “Damn… LaRusso didn’t know you were hiding such nice goods underneath that, not as good as mines but quiet nice,” Tory commented as she cuts through Sam’s bra and tossed them aside, releasing Sam’s breasts, which were much bigger than Tory expected. “You should show them more,” Tory said as she groped Sam’s breast roughly, flicking Sam’s nipples playfully.

           “Ah~ And be like you. I think I will pass, thank you,” Sam scoffed sarcastically.

           “Hmph… You can’t be your daddy’s good girl your whole life,” Tory mocked as she trailed her hand down to Sam’s lower body before setting the knife aside and away from them. Moving her hands to cup Sam’s breast, kneading them.

           “Mmm~ Such a shame these tits don’t get the attention it deserves cause you don’t show them more,” Tory cajoled as she bent forward and flicked her tongue on Sam’s right nipple, causing her to let out a soft moan.

           “I’m not a freaking slut like you Tory,” Sam spat, glaring at Tory, who was pinning her to the floor, holding her in place.

           “Says the girl who is getting turned on by this,” Tory teased as she pinched Sam’s nipples, tugging them.

           ‘Mmmff~” Sam stifled a moan.

           “There you go, see, you’re enjoying this,” Tory chuckled as she leaned forward again and sucked Sam’s other breast while her hands toyed with the other.

           “Mmm~” Tory moaned against Sam’s breast as she sucks on it hungrily.

           “Ah~ T- Tory~” Sam moaned as she felt her sensitive nipples get toyed around by her rival.

           “Mmm~ Who is the slut now? Mmm?” Tory teased as she lifted her head.

           “S- Shut up,” Sam stuttered between her breaths.

           “Says the princess who is moaning like a slut now,” Tory teased as she groped Sam’s breast roughly.

           “Mmhmm~” Sam bit her finger lightly, trying to hold back herself. “Mm~Oh~”

           “You better stay quiet, princess,” Tory teased as she continued to toy with Sam’s nipple, pulling, pinching, tweaking her nipples, in all directions possible.

           “Mmmm~ Fuckk~ Ah~” Sam moaned intoxicatedly. Then, suddenly, Sam felt Tory removed her hands from her breast. “Mmm? Why did you stop?”

           “Why did I stop? You’re supposed to pleasure me, you’re my bitch, my sex slave, you know what that means?” asked Tory sarcastically.

           “Shit… should have double-checked the terms of the fight before we went in,” Sam groaned to herself.

           “Well now it’s too late for that so… a deal is a deal anyway,” Tory chuckled at Sam who was looking at her in disgust. “What are you gonna back out of this? I thought you LaRusso’s are better than that,” Tory mocked as Sam looked at her glaringly.

           “Fine, I’ll uphold our deal,” Sam agreed grudgingly.

           “Wonderful,” Tory said smilingly.

           “What we do know?” Sam asked sarcastically.

           “Well, first, let’s see how good you are at pleasuring someone,” Tory chuckled as she began stripping, pulling her pants and panties down, revealing her shaved and hairless crotch, with her asshole that had a buttplug in it.

           “Is that-”

           “A buttplug, yes,” Tory shrugged as she lifted her shirt over her head, before unclasping her breasts, revealing her firm breasts.

           “What… you have been wearing that?” asked Sam surprised. “During our fight?”

           “Do you have to sound so surprised?” asked Tory smirkingly. “I wear it almost all day, feels good… Ah~” Tory groaned as she pulled the buttplug out, leaving a gaping asshole in its place, giving Sam such a good view of her gaping asshole that she could see her clean insides of her butthole. “Mmm~ It’s nice to have your ass stuffed, and believe me, you’ll going to like it at the end of these 3 days,” Tory promised.

           “I doubt it, I’m not a bitch like you, why am I even surprised?” Sam scoffed as Tory sets her clothes on the floors of the dojo.

           “Why you’re my bitch now LaRusso,” Tory answered smiling as she approached Sam.

           “It’s just for 3 days anyway,” Sam shrugged. “I can handle it.”

           “Mmm~ I’m surprised you haven’t run away by now, princess,” Tory teased.

           “Well, I keep my words, and even if I tried to run away, you would just beat me up again,” Sam said grudgingly.

           “Ah... glad to know that you do keep your words,” Tory praised mockingly as she stood over Sam’s face, giving her a clear view of her rear and holes.

           “What are you going to do? Pee on me?” asked Sam sarcastically. “Seeing that you’re already standing on top of me.”

           “Well, no, not yet” Tory answered.

           “Not yet?” Sam muttered.

           “I’m going to sit on your cute little face, and you are going to rim me,” Tory said smirking at the girl as she lowered herself onto Sam’s face. “And maybe that will stuff your talkative mouth for a while.”

           “Wait… What the… get off me!” Sam struggled as Tory attempted to sit on her face, forcing her naked ass on top of her face. Sam could smell Tory’s butt.

           “Sniff my ass princess,” Tory said commandingly.

           “You’re disgusting you know,” Sam said, her voice muffled by Tory’s ass.

           “Well, I didn’t ask for your opinion, and I don’t care about that either,” Tory shrugged.

           “Let’s just get this over with, what you want me to do?” Sam asked.

           “Slow down, princess, why the rush?” asked Tory as she smothered her ass on Sam’s face. “Just wants you to rim me,” Tory said.


           “Rim me,” Tory repeated.

           “I don’t understand,” Sam’s muffled voice came.

           “Oh my god, you’re a clueless bitch, lick my asshole, princess,” Tory explained sarcastically.

           “What? Eww… No way I’m doing that!” Sam protested before being interrupted by a loud farting sound, followed by a foul stench.

           “Eww… Urgh! Tory!” Sam groaned, trying to hold her breath.

           “Mmm~ Are you doing that now?” asked Tory once again, releasing another fart right on Sam’s face.

           “Get off me!” Sam groaned loudly.

           “You can lick my ass and make me satisfied, the quicker you get this done, the faster I will get off you,” Tory said as she smothered Sam’s face with her ass, suffocating her a little.

           “Toryyy!” Sam groaned.

           “Urgh… is it that hard to get to you follow an instruction?” asked Tory sighing, moving her hand towards Sam’s sensitive nipples, pulling and pinching at her erected nipples, making Sam moan against her ass.

           “Mmm~ MM~M!” Sam moaned and groaned just as Tory farted on Sam’s face again. “Oops, a bit gassy tonight,” Tory chuckled as she rubbed her ass on Sam’s face as Sam stuck out her tongue and began licking Tory’s asscrack.

           “Eww!” Sam groaned muffled by Tory’s ass on her as she licks her asscrack, tasting Tory’s ass.

           “Mmm~ Now you’re following your mistress’s order,” Tory chuckled. “Come on, what are you waiting for, stick your tongue in my ass and lick my insides,” Tory said.

           “What?” Sam asked surprised.

           “Come on… do it!” Tory answered loudly.

           “No way, I’m doing it, that is so disgusting,” Sam groaned.

           “If it is any comfort, I cleaned it,” Tory said sarcastically as she let out another fart. “Oh~ Really gassy today…Mmm~ My bad princess,” Tory chuckled as she farted.

           “Mmm! Tory!” Sam groaned as she smelt Tory’s fart. “What did you even eat?”

           “Don’t remember, don’t care, just rim my ass princess. Or do you want to end up smelling my shithole the whole night?” asked Tory curiously.

           “Alright, alright, I’ll stick my tongue into your asshole,” Sam said defeatedly as she slowly pushed her tongue into Tory’s asshole, tasting her ass as she did. “To be honest… it doesn’t taste that bad… Hmm…” Sam thought to herself as she delved her tongue deeper into Tory’s asshole.

           “What the hell are you fucking doing?” asked Tory. “Have you ever done it with a girl before?” asked Tory.

           “Nom,” Sam said as her tongue was still in Tory’s ass.

           “Oh my god,” Tory groaned. “Really? I thought a princess like you would have… Urgh… Seems like I’m going to have to teach you how to rim someone properly LaRusso,” Tory said as she grinded slowly against Sam’s face with her tongue still inside her butthole, making her moan.


           “Just lick, princess. Or don’t tell me you don’t know how to lick too?” asked Tory sarcastically.

           “Lick? Alright then…” Sam thought to herself as she began moving her tongue inside Tory’s asshole.

           Tory could feel Sam’s tongue moving inside her tight butthole, sliding around her tight hole. “Mmm~ still terrible… come one bitch, lick me, thrust your tongue, fuck me with your filthy tongue LaRusso!” Tory said commandingly as she began to rub her clit furiously while grinding on Sam’s face.

           “Fuck her with my tongue?” Sam thought to herself cluelessly. “Oh, maybe I do it like this?” Sam thought as she began thrusting her tongue, sliding it to and fro in Tory’s asshole, tasting more of Tory’s butthole as she did. “Mmm~ maybe this isn’t too bad,” Sam thought to herself.

           “Mmm~ now you’re getting better,” Tory groaned as she playfully slapped Sam’s tits, making the girl moan against her butt. “Oh~ You like that huh? How do you like this?” asked Tory challengingly as she pinched Sam’s nipples roughly as Sam was still rimming Tory.

           “Mmmm! MMm~ Fkkk~” Sam moaned against Tory’s spread asscheeks, feeling her sensitive and hardened nipples being touched by Tory for a while before Tory stopped again.

           “Mmm~ Tmmm~” Sam groaned disappointedly as Tory stopped pleasuring Sam’s tits.

           “Ah, ah, can’t let you have all the fun yet… until you make me cum of course,” Tory said. “Come on, LaRusso, work your tongue, rim me!” Tory said as she continued to rub her clit while grinding on Sam’s face, giving herself more pleasure.


           “Oh, now you’re enjoying this too?” teased Tory as she continued to rub her clit. “That was quick… Mmm~” Tory moaned as she felt the pleasure building up inside of her.

           “Mmm~ Mmmm~” Sam moaned as she continued to rim her rival, starting to get the hang of rimming, “Mmm~”

           “Oh fuck~ Mm~ You are getting better at this~ Mmm~ LaRusso Ah~” Tory moaned she could feel Sam’s tongue stimulating her nerves, adding more pleasure for her. “Mmm~ Oh… Fuck~ Mmmm~ Shit, shit, shit~”

           “Mmm~ Mmm!” Sam moaned as she could feel Tory’s inside clenching against her tongue even tighter than before.

           “Fuck, fuck, fuck shitt~ MMmm~ FUCK! YES!” Tory mewled loudly as she orgasmed, her body shuddering as she felt shockwaves throughout her body, grinding on Sam’s face as she rode out her orgasm, smearing Sam’s face with her juices.

           “Mmm!” Sam groaned as Tory grinded against her.

           After a while, Tory got off Sam’s face. “Ah~ I got to say… you’re quite a natural~ Mmm~,” Tory said as she sat down beside Sam, who was sitting up now, gasping for air. “Sounds like you quite enjoy this too,” Tory teased. “Was my ass that delicious?”

           “Maybe,” Sam shrugged, seemingly not caring, but the truth was, she may have become addicted to the taste of Tory’s ass.

           “Hmm~ Anyway, since you have done such a good job,” Tory chuckled as she picked up the knife from the floor. “I’ll return the favor.”

           “Wait, Tory, wait!” Sam said right as Tory cut through Sam’s jeans, sounds of fabric tearing could be heard as Tory slowly rip Sam’s clothing from her body, as if she was unwrapping a gift, leaving tatters of fabric laying on the floor around them.

           “Ooh~ The princess wears Hello Kitty panties?” asked Tory teasingly as she brushed the knife along Sam’s inner thighs lightly, making the girl flinch a little.

           “What now? You have a problem with what panties I wear now?” asked Sam sarcastically.

           “Well, I’m kinda like your mistress now, so yeah,” Tory answered. “I was thinking that you will be wearing something sexier though…” Tory said.

           “Wait, you… my mistress? Don’t bluff,” Sam scoffed.

           “Oh, believe me, you’ll be calling me mistress very soon,” Tory chuckled as she tore Sam’s panties off her after tearing them with the knife. “Oh my… you don’t shave down there? Wow… you have a literal black forest,” Tory mocked as she revealed Sam’s hairy, unshaved crotch.

           “You have a problem with that too?” asked Sam grudgingly.

           “Well, you’re not gonna get laid with that, to be honest,” Tory chuckled.

           “Wasn’t trying to,” Sam snapped.

           “Right, whatever,” Tory answered. “Turn around princess, get on all-fours, like a puppy.”

           “Alright,” Sam said unsurely, doing what Tory said.

           “Damn… never realized that you have such a fine ass,” Tory praised as she spread Sam’s buttcheeks before slapping them roughly.

           “Ah~ Tory!” Sam groaned.

           “What? You’re my bitch remember?” Tory asked mockingly as she playfully spanked Sam’s ass, watching it bounce a little.

           “Mm!” Sam muffled a moan.

           “Alright now, where were we,” Tory said as she slowly rubbed Sam’s pussy, which was already wet from all the teasing from before.

           “Mmm~ Fuckkk~ Tory… how are you Mm~ so good?” asked Sam.

           “I have the experience, I guess,” Tory answered chucklingly as she continued to rub Sam’s pussy as she began to delve her tongue into it, spreading Sam’s pussy lips, beginning to eat her out.

           “Ah~ Tory~” Sam moaned raspingly. “Ah~ yes~ You’re so fucking goood~”

           “I know,” Tory said smirkingly before spitting on Sam’s wet pussy and continuing to eat her out.

           “Mmm~” Sam could feel Tory’s tongue swirling around her insides, moving and stimulating all the sensitive spots inside her vagina as Tory’s hand rubbed her clit. “Fuckk~ You’re good~ Tory~ Ah~ Yes~ Mmmm~ Wait… what are you Ah~” Sam groaned as Tory slipped two of her fingers, still wet from fingering Sam’s pussy into Sam’s asshole, fingering her butthole. “Fuckk~ So~ Mm~ Weird but~ goood~ Ah! Yes~”

           Tory continued to both eat Sam’s pussy while fingering her ass, curling her fingers as she thrusted, finding Sam’s sensitive spots. “Ah~ You’re really a loud one aren’t you?” The two girls continued like that for quite a while, as Tory slowly pleasured Sam.

           “Ah… Mmmm~ fuck, fuck, fuck~ Mmmm~… Tory? What?” Sam was on the verge of hitting her climax but then, Tory just stopped and pulled her fingers out of Sam’s butt. “Why did you stop?”

           “Call me mistress first,” Tory said smirkingly as Sam turned around to look at her.


           “I said call me mistress first, beg me to let you cum,” Tory said.

           “Fine then, if you’re not going to do this, I’ll get off myself then,” Sam groaned. “Pathetic,” she murmured.

           Tory smirked before quickly grabbing both of Sam’s hands and holding them together, pressing them on her back, while pushing Sam down on her knees and her face laying on the floors of the dojo. “Argh… let me go… please… “ Sam groaned as she struggled to get free.

           “I know that you want to come so badly… so eager to cum… so horny,” Tory teased sensually, her voice seductively silky as she licks Sam’s raw pussy slightly, letting Sam feel a slight touch on her sensitive pussy. “Frustrating isn’t it? Not being able to touch yourself, hmmm?”

           “Please…. Let me cum… Ah~” Sam moaned intoxicatedly. “Stop teasing me~” Sam groaned as Tory lifted her hands from her pussy again while holding her two hands together, not letting her touch herself. “Please…”

           “Ah. No cumming until you say it,” Tory reminded teasingly as she held back her hands, watching Sam buckling her hips for more friction.


           “Say it,” Tory said firmly.

           “Please let me cum… Mistress~ Please~ I want to cum so badly~” Sam pleaded whiningly that Tory almost let out a chuckle. “Please… please… make me cum mistress.”

           “Ah~ Now there is a good girl,” Tory said smirkingly as she began to rim Sam’s ass while fucking her ass with two fingers.

           ‘Ah~ Fuckk~ So~ Yes~ Fuckk~ Mmm~” Sam moaned as she moved her own hands to rub her clit while Tory pleasured her ass. “Yesss~ Fuckk~”

           Tory was now giving it her all, rimming Sam’s asshole while fingering her ass as Sam was rubbing her clit intoxicatedly, moaning drunkenly.

           “Yes~ Fuck~ Yes! Tory~ FUCK! Mmmm~”

           “Mmmm~ Mmmm~”

           The dojo was filled with sounds of two girls moaning and groaning, and sloppy sounds of the two girls making out with each other, touching each other bodies. It didn’t take long for Sam to near her orgasm as she has been teased towards it for so many times already.

           “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cumm~” Sam mewled loudly.

           “Mmm! Cum then, CUM LIKE THE FUCKING! SLUT! YOU! ARE!!” Tory bellowed as she forcefully thrusted her fingers.

           “FUCKKK! YES!! MISTRESS! FUCK! AHH!” Sam cried out raspingly as she orgasmed, squirting her juices out and on Tory’s face, taking her by surprise and drenching her. Sam felt as giant intense waves of pleasure washed throughout her body, again and again, acclimated from all the orgasm that Tory denied her. Sam laid on the floor tiredly for a while as she still felt the aftershocks of her orgasm traveling through her body.

           “Damn… LaRusso… you’re squirter too? You never cease to surprise me,” Tory chuckled as she licked some of Sam’s juices from her fingers. Just before Tory was about to give Sam another order, Sam’s phone began to ring.

           “Huh?” Sam asked tiredly as she got up, her legs still a little wobbly from orgasming so hard, and walked over to her bag and took out her phone. “Oh, shit, it’s dad,” Sam muttered as she picked up.

           “Sam, where are you? It’s already late-”

           “I know, I know, dad, I’m fine, I’m at… umm a friend’s house,” Sam said. “I’m coming home now,” Sam quickly informed before hanging up.

           “Well, seems like we will have to continue this tomorrow, bitch,” Tory chuckled as she got up and walked over to her. “We still got 3 days ahead of us, after all.

           “Yeah… whatever,” Sam said weakly, quite worn out from her orgasm. “You know… if you wanted me to strip, you could’ve just asked,” Sam said unamused as she picked her tattered clothes up. “Now I got nothing to change into,” groaned Sam. “How am I even supposed to go home like this?”

           “Nah, where is the fun in that? Anyway, you should’ve seen your face when I held that knife,” Tory chuckled, imitating Sam’s scared face. “Plus, you will get to go home naked,” Tory chuckled.

           “Wait… what?” Sam asked nervously. “Tory you can’t be serious, I can’t go home like this,” Sam gesturing to her nude body. “My parents would kill me if I did.”

           “Well, you’re my bitch for the next 3 days, I can make you do whatever I like,” Tory shrugged smirkingly, looking at Sam.

           “Tory… you can’t be serious,” Sam groaned looking worried. “I’m going to get raped the moment I step outside that door like this.”

           “Not my problem really. But I’m feeling a little generous today,” Tory said, picking up her clothes and tossing them to Sam. “Here wear them.”

           “Really… what about you?” asked Sam concerned as she caught them.

           “Just take them,” Tory insisted. “But you’re going home commando though.”

           “Alright… Uhm… that was really nice of you,” Sam said unsurely as she gets dressed, putting on Tory’s clothes.

           “Whatever. Plus, I don’t want anyone raping you. You are my bitch for 3 days remember? I just want you to myself. If you’re getting fucked by others, it would be when I say so,” Tory said smirking at Sam as she gets dressed.

           “Yeah… sure,” Sam answered half-heartedly. “Wait… what did you mean by ‘if I’m getting fucked by others, it would be when you say so’?” asked Sam curiously, with a tone of worry in her voice.

           “You will see,” Tory smirked. “I assure you, by the end of these 3 days, you’ll be a total sex freak,” Tory said smirkingly.

           “I highly doubt that” Sam scoffed.

           “We shall see,” Tory answered. “We shall see.”

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