Cobra Kai: Fun In The Shower

BY : Tenudakin
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            Sam was heading towards Miguel’s house. His grandmother has been admitted to the hospital and her mother would be staying there for a few nights to take care of her, leaving Miguel alone at home for the weekend. Sam has offered to go over to Miguel’s place to stay, and perhaps have a bit of fun together. After all, a rare chance like this was hard to find, especially when her father was incredibly strict on everything she does, especially on her doing it at her age. With a chance like this, Sam was fully intent on spending a lot of time together with Miguel, a lot of close and lovely time with her boyfriend, making up for all the weekends that they couldn’t do it.

            When Sam managed to park her car in a spot, it was close to evening, which Sam knew that Miguel was probably just finished Eagle Fang’s training session at the park and is probably taking a shower now. She looked at her phone and saw that Miguel sent her a text a few minutes ago while she was driving. She opened it and read it.

            “Hey Sam, I will be taking a shower when you arrive, just come in, and lock the door when you do.”

            A grin spread across the girl’s face as she read the text as a naughty idea crossed her mind. She grabbed her stuff and walked towards Miguel’s place, opening the door slowly, looking around cautiously before shutting the door softly and shutting it. She placed her things down on the coffee table before making her way towards the bathroom. Sam then saw that the bathroom door was closed. She pressed her ear to the door, she could hear sounds of water running, meaning that her boyfriend was still inside there, showering.

            Sam chuckled softly as she opened the bathroom door, slowly and carefully. She then closed the door behind her, trying not to make much sound. She looked up. She could see Miguel’s figure through the curtains. She smiled, she knew that it was the right moment. Sam quickly stripped off her clothes, and set them aside, revealing her bare body, she trimmed pussy, firm ass, and perky breasts, a figure that she was quite proud of.

            Miguel groaned as he enjoyed the sensation of warm water running down him. It has been a rough training session, but it was going to be worth it. Miguel let the water run down him as he relaxed, closing his eyes.

            After stripping, she slowly made her way towards Miguel, who hasn’t noticed her yet, somehow. She watched Miguel’s figure as he showered, staring at him for a bit before walking forward and pulled open the curtains, revealing Miguel who was showering.

            “Wh- Sam?” Miguel was taken by surprise. “I didn’t think that you…” Miguel mumbled as his eyes looked down at Sam’s bare figure, feeling his penis slowly hardening, standing up stiff.

            “Oh Miguel, you really think I would pass this chance up?” asked the brunette smirking. “Got some space for me?” asked the girl cheekily.

            “Y- Yeah of course, why wouldn’t there be?” Miguel answered smiling as he moved backward, giving Sam some space as she joined in the shower.

            Sam then moved forward, pulling Miguel in for a deep kiss, something that she wanted to do for a long while. After a few times of awkward kissing, Sam knew what to do this time. The teens' tongue dominating each other’s mouths, enjoying the sensation of their bodies pressing together as they kissed. And very soon, Sam felt something hard poking against her skin.

            “Hmm~” Sam hummed as their lips parted. “Is that what I think it is?” asked Sam the girl teasingly as she looked down, seeing Miguel’s fully erect length.

            “Hmm~ maybe,” Miguel said smirking, his hand around Sam’s waist.

            “Mm~” Sam hummed as she got down, facing Miguel’s shaft now. “Hello, there little Miggy~ all excited for me now?” Sam asked playfully, making Miguel chuckle at how silly it was as Sam stroked it slowly. Sam didn’t waste much time teasing Miguel as she was turned on as well. She has masturbated for countless nights waiting for this chance again, and she wasn’t going to waste time teasing her boyfriend.

            Sam quickly took Miguel’s length in her mouth, sucking on her boyfriend’s wet shaft, as warm water flowed down her, drenching her wet, which she didn’t mind at all. Sam bobbed up and down Miguel’s length sloppily, coating it with her saliva as she drooled as if she was hungry for Miguel’s dick.

            “Ah~ Sam, guess you are really eager huh?” asked Miguel smirking as he and Sam exchanged glances, with Sam staring up at him as she sucked, a scene that almost made Miguel cum from the turn-on of it. “Fuck yeah~”

            Sam then pushed her head to the base, taking in the whole length with ease, something that took her quite a while to get used to, making Miguel groan with pleasure as he felt Sam’s throat clasping around his shaft. “Fuck…”

            “Mmm~” Sam moaned as she unsheathed Miguel’s cock, with saliva flowing down, mixed with the shower water. “Gosh I missed doing this with you.”

            “Such a slut,” Miguel teased.

            “I am a slut for you babe,” Sam chuckled as she stood up, bending over, placing both of her hands on the wall in front of her, her ass facing Miguel’s cock. “Now, fuck me~ please~” Sam begged playfully. “Fuck this slut.”

            Miguel didn’t need to hear Sam pleads to know what she wants, and admittedly, she pleads turned him on even more. He quickly walked forward and grabbed his girlfriend’s hips, thrusting his wet length deep into her girlfriend’s dripping pussy.

            “Fuck yeah~” Sam moaned intoxicatedly as Miguel thrust forward. “Mmm~ gosh I missed this so much~”

            “Well, it has been a month so, mmm~ I don’t blame you,” Miguel chuckled.

            “Shut up and fuck me,” Sam scoffed jokingly.

            “As my princess wishes,” Miguel said teasingly before his thrust sped up, fucking Sam quickly now.

            Lewd sounds filled the bathroom as Miguel thrust his length back and fro inside his girlfriend’s, who was moaning loudly. For some reason, the fact that they were having sex in the bathroom turned Sam and Miguel on even more as water ran down them. It wasn’t long till Sam was about to orgasm.

            “Fuck, yess, I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Ahhhhh~” Sam mewled as she felt her knees weakening, she squirted.  “Miguel~“

            Miguel could feel Sam’s insides clamping down on him even tighter than before. “Mmm~ you are so tight-” Miguel groaned as he continued thrusting at a quick steady pace, continuing on with fucking Sam’s pussy hard, with no sign of slowing down.

            “Fuck! How are you not~ Mmm~ yess!” Sam cried from pleasure. She still hasn’t recovered fully from her previous orgasm and now Miguel was not stopping in the slightest. “Ohh yes! I love this!”

            “Mmm~ Are you going to cum for me again? You slutty girl~” the boy teased as he fucked Sam, grabbing onto her hair, pulling her head back a little. “Cum for me!”

            For some reason, Miguel’s dirty talk turned her on, even more, driving her off the edges once more. “Oh, shit shit shit Ahh~” Sam cried out as she was brought to another climax, feeling waves of pleasure washing over her, her pussy juices spraying all over, mixing with the water beneath them.

            Miguel quickly pulled out and turned Sam around. The girl knew what Miguel was about to do and gladly got on her knee before him, her face facing his cock once more. She quickly grabbed the length and took it in her mouth, letting Miguel facefuck her, roughly, as she has always liked, tasting herself off the shaft.

            “Fuck~ Sam, I’m gonna cum~” Miguel groaned before pulling out, unloading his huge load of jizz all over Sam’s face, splattering them on her. With two ropes of spunk landing across Sam’s face and the rest in her mouth.

            Sam was panting now, mostly from how aroused she was, and from orgasming twice in a row. “Wow, you really didn’t jerk for the past month huh?”

            “What? I was saving it for you,” Miguel chuckled as he helped Sam up as Sam scooped some of the cum off her face, licking them off her fingers, savoring them.

            “Oh now I feel guilty,” Sam sighed smiling. “You wanna know how many times I cummed thinking about us?” asked Sam teasingly.

            “You slut,” Miguel teased as he lightly spanked Sam’s ass.

            “Your slut,” Sam corrected smirking.

            “Hmm, why do I get the feeling that we are in for a long, fun weekend?” asked Miguel.

            “Oh, that is because, we are~” Sam chuckled before pulling Miguel in for another kiss, under the shower.


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