Cobra Kai: Morning Blow

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I do not own Cobra Kai, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Here is a smut short that I thought of out of nowhere, a pretty generic and common scenario as well. Thought I would just write it lol. Enjoy.

            Sam opened her eyes groggily, hearing the faint sound of her phone’s alarm ringing. She reached out to grab her phone, turning it off carefreely before she got out of the covers, revealing that she was almost naked, except for that white cotton panties she was wearing. Sam sat up, stretching and yawning, raising her hands in her air as her breasts heaved. She placed her phone back on the table She then turned around, smiling as she looked at the brunette beside him.

            Miguel was still sleeping, in a still log, breathing slowly as he slept. He was presumably exhausted from doing it with his girlfriend for the entire night an hour after dinner last night. Sam was as horny as ever even after having fun with her boyfriend in the shower, and continued on letting the boy fuck her pussy, pounding her till they fell asleep, laying side by side on Miguel’s bed. With Sam sleeping with just her panties and Miguel wearing just a boxer to sleep, not bothering

            Sam couldn’t help but smile as she looked at her boyfriend, sleeping peacefully, as she eyed the teen. He soon realized something out of place, or not quite really. A buldge at his crotch, poking at the fabric. She immediately knew what it was, and she had an naughty thought.

           Sam smirks as she moved under the covers, moving towards Miguel’s crotch under the covers, sneakily, facing Miguel’s legs now as she crawled forward, she slowly pulled his boxers down, revealing Miguel’s stiff and hard cock. Sam shifted Miguel’s position a bit, opening up his legs carefully for easier access. And Miguel doesn’t seem to be awake yet, no surprise since Miguel was somewhat of a deep sleeper when tired. Sam chuckled softly as she began to stroke it softly, caressing his balls as she stroked, slow and long,teasing the boy a bit unknown to Miguel.

            Pre-cum begins to leak from Miguel’s cock as Sam strokes faster, tightening her grip a bit as she did. Sam smiled, anytime now, she was sure that Miguel was bound to wake up soon. She could feel her boyfriend’s cock twitching as he stroked.

            “Mmm…” Sam could hear Miguel groan. “He is going to wake anytime soon,” Sam thought to herself smirking, drooling a bit on her hand, stroking saliva all over the length. It didn’t take long before Sam decided to take Miguel’s dick into her mouth.

            Sam took it slow at first, sucking on it as her tongue rubbed along the length, slowly, still intent on teasing the boy, perhaps till he woke up. Meanwhile, as she bobbed her head back and fro slowly, her hands were focused on Miguel’s jewels, caressing and squeezing them softly.

            Miguel felt it, he felt something was stimulating his crotch, it was pleasurable, and in his sleep, he begun to thrust his hips a bit in response, pushing deeper into Sam’s throat.

            “Mmm~” Sam moaned as she bobbed her head quicker.

            Miguel’s eyes fluttered open as he felt that feeling around his crotch grew intense, he could feel the bed shaking a bit. He then noticed the huge bump under the covers. The teen looked at the side of him, where Sam was supposed to be, but she wasn’t there. At this point, Miguel realized what was going on and smirked. Moving forward slowly, making sure not to let Sam know that he was awake, Miguel quickly pull the blankets off, revealing the brunette, sucking on Miguel’s cock.

            Sam was a bit surprised when there as the dark cover was pulled off her. She then exchanged glances with Miguel, who was looking at her as she sucked him off. Her eyes looked at Miguel as she continued her work non-stop

            “Mmm~ Sam, hungry?” asked Miguel smirking.

            Sam just nodded as she continued going down on his dick, making sloopy sounds as she drooled down on Miguel’s cock even more, lubing his length up.

            “Mmff~” Miguel grunted as he felt it coming, her was about to cum. “You just can’t help it can you?” asked Miguel.

            “Mmhmm~” Sam nodded once more, looking at Miguel in a somewhat cute way that made Miguel want to burst his load right there, but he wanted to play it on more. “Suck like a good girl,” Miguel said.

            Sam got to work, she began bobbing down on Miguel’s cock, taking the length deeper than ever now, sucking hungrily, making Miguel grunt a bit as he was brought on the verge of cumming.

            “Mmm~ you want it?” asked Miguel smirking.

            Sam nodded eagerly, her eyes on Miguel.

            “Then take it all~” Miguel groaned as he cummed, spurts of jizz filling Sam’s mouth as she took it all.

            Sam continued to suck on Miguel’s cock as he cum, as if milking out every last drop, taking the length all the way down to the base before she got up, with a bit of cum on her lips. “Mmm~ Thanks Mig-“ Sam said smiling as she sat up, drinking it all. “Mmm~”

            “Seriously, Sam?” asked Miguel scoffed smiling.

            “What? Not everyday I get to wake my boyfriend up with a blowjob, you enjoyed it too!” Sam answered shrugging. “Plus I need my protein shake.”

            Miguel just cracked as he heard what his girlfriend said. “I guess you wouldn’t be needing breakfast hmm?” Miguel asked teasing. “Since you got your ‘shake’ already? Miguel shrugged as he walked towards the door, opening it.

            “Oh wait! Yes I do!” Sam hurried after Miguel.

            Miguel just laughed in response as Sam nudge him playfully, closing his room door behind them.

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