Reviews for Teasing

BY : silken

  • From purrfus on April 25, 2007

    delicious and evil

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  • From ANON - kassandra on July 09, 2005

    who was in the bushes?? i have no idea!
    good ficlet tho

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  • From ANON - blk_kitten on November 10, 2004

    hmm. Well Tyr isn't dark. And I'm sure with his complextion the head wouldn't be purple, LOL.

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  • From ANON - Evangeleen on September 21, 2003

    Woohoo! I loved it. That was great. Well detailed and easy to visualize. And you're right. Tyr is definitely a tease. Good work!


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  • From Kitty on December 27, 2002

    you have soooo gotta write more. i8 wanna know who it is.

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