Reviews for Tyr pursues

BY : genna

  • From Lilac on September 23, 2008

    This isn't a review .. this is to answer your question on my post of Vows..

    I don't know if my last review actually was processed.

    I had 3 questions.

    Instead of that longer review I will ask one question: What lies within the heart of a lapsed Catholic which allows them to see and to know God but distrust the evil that lies within what SS represents in a papal hierarchy?

    To Gennastar

    Is your question to me or to the general public?..
    If to me.... Your question sounds like you are asking what is in a heart of an ex-catholic/non practicing and if I/they look up to the Pope (who was in the Nazi youth program)?
    Is that your question?

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  • From genna on September 01, 2004

    Hi Adult Fanfic readers,

    I see all these hits on this story. I have to wonder when did that happen?

    I have been away from my story for about a year. I have updates to add to this site, but you all might have to bear with me until I figure out how to add chapters here again.

    ank ank you all for reading. If you have any suggestions, criticisms, or insights. Please let me know.


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  • From ANON - Q-kaidao on December 25, 2003

    Don't worry about that part 2 to your story Gen. Thanks to show killing off Tyr I no longer care!

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  • From ANON - Justin on October 06, 2003

    What happened? Please update this story. I want to read more.

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  • From Evangeleen on September 22, 2003

    Hey Gennastar, this is a wonderful fantasy you've created here. I look forward to reading more so please update soon.


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  • From genna on July 07, 2003

    Hello Q-kaidao,

    I just wanted to say thanks for reading Tyr pursues. I have been trying to find out whether gives author alerts OR story update alerts???

    If they do, you will know when I update the story. If not, you can either leave your email address here in the review section or email me so I can tell you when I am posting a new chapter.

    If you see anything you like/dislike in particular, let me know.

    I feel good if you are enjoying the story.


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  • From ANON - Q-kaidao on July 05, 2003

    Just finished reading Tyr's pursue and now I need more! Thank You

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  • From ANON - Genna on June 18, 2003

    I just read an interesting article about fanfic.

    It is so interesting, I'd thought I'd open it up to you readers.

    Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction
    VII. You Know What You Know, You Know?

    I will admit right now to all and sundry that I couldn't write an action scene to save my life. I realized, much later, that the endings to two of my Gargoyles stories were remarkably similar. This annoys me. Basically, it's because I don't see violence in my head. I see verbal standoffs, tense negotiations, even psychological clashes taking place between two equally-matched opponents. I don't see space battles, and I certainly don't see fights between characters. Heck, when most people write crossovers, they have the characters from the different storylines fight one another. When I wrote "All Through the Night" (think: crossover with every part of the genre I could justifiably throw in), my characters threw a party. This is called Writing What You Know.

    If you can think the thoughts of "the grunts," the soldiers who go out and do the real fighting, and if you can write a battle scene real enough so that your reader knows what it's like to be there, by all means, write it! Not everyone can do that. As I said, I certainly can't, and I admire anyone who can, and can do it well. Meanwhile, if you think in terms of who's going to marry whom, and what their children will be like, and how the relationship between this couple closely parallels the one between that couple, write about that! And if you can write both action and character interaction and maintain great plot and pacing, I think I may have to hate you.

    Seriously, don't try writing what you don't see in your head. If you don't see the maneuvers of the Xanatos Corporate Guard getting into position, don't write a story about how they fought off an invasion of the Paisley Dragons. Likewise, if you honestly don't hear Captain Picard murmuring sweet nothings to Doctor Crusher, don't try to put in a scene with them snuggling just because it might appeal to a few more readers. Go with what you know and what you feel and what you see in your head. If it's real to you, you can make it real to the rest of us out here, and to hell with what the popular movement is this week. More people will remember a well-written story on something you know than a half-baked attempt at something you really don't care about much. This is not meant to point fingers at anyone; I am really hard-pressed to think of any stories that seem forced (gratuitous sex does occasionally fall under this category; again, it's a matter of doing it well). Also, if you think you might be good at a genre you haven't tried before, by all means, go for it. But do yourself and your reader the favor of learning about your subject, either through research or inquiry, before you post your final result.

    This being my first fic, I didn't know there was a philosophy (or philosophies for that matter) on how to do this right. I love this article. There are several no no's I have done and will probably keep doing until I get the hang of this.

    If this section moves you, like it has moved me enough to post a portion of it, please don't hesitate to let others (me included) know what it reminds you of.


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  • From ANON - Genna Star on June 12, 2003

    Hi Justin,

    First, I want to thank you for continuing to post here. I crave feedback. Your reviews let me know whether I am heading in the right direction. I need that.

    Second, I like readers wre ure upfront about what they want to see. I hear you loud and clear: Rommie and Dylan now. If not nsoonsoon.

    In response to your desire that their relationship be romantic as well as sexual, I will reply two ways: my story about Andromeda is going to be different than what you'rmalrmally read and it will take unexpected turns.

    I don't want to ruin anyone's curiosity by detailing what it will be. So for anyone who doesn't like reading Spoilers, stop reading now.

    Justin, Andromeda/Rommie is going to go in so many different directions that Dylan will have a difficult time keeping up with her abilities. You will not be disappointed in that Dylan has his day or days with Rommie.

    Rommie will also be growing in ways that make Dylan wonder whether he can handle it.

    Tyr is my central male character for this story even though Dylan will play a major role.

    I plan to revise my chapters and add a new one this weekend: 14th &15th.

    Thanks for sticking with me. I started panicking Friday through Tuesday when was down. I am so glad it is back up.


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  • From ANON - Justin on June 10, 2003

    A great chapter. After Dylan/Rommie, Tyr/Beka is my favorite couple. You asked what I would like to see. So here it is. I would like Dylan/Rommie to be romantically together and not just sexually. I look foward to the parts where they are more concentrated on my favorite couple.

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  • From genna on May 29, 2003

    First readers, I changed my mind about not doing updates & corrections for the first 5 chapters. I realized I can't beta people who have already written and posted their fic without honoring my own advice.

    By example I will revise my chapters as I go along. You might notice slight changes in the details. The general plot should stay the same. If you see anything too drastic let me know.

    I still contend that other first time authors who leave their first few chapters the same, comck ack and demonstrate their growth in later chapters. The comparison as a reader (if we stick with them) shhow how much growth they have been able to achieve in the life of the story.

    In the revised chapters, see if you notice the shorter sentences with shorter paragraphs and shorter posts (part 1-3 of a chapter especially if I haven't finished editing the entire chapter).

    Second, I have posted chapter 6 today. Since it is my first fic and my first smut scene, I que questions about what works. I think the storyline has improved drastically with the outline I have.

    If you see any errors or omissions, the plot doesn't work for you, the sexual acts don't appeal to you (or better yet, they do) or you have any other comments; you can pohem hem under this thread or send them to me in my ezboard inbox or email me at

    If you can just catch mistakes you see and forward them, you will be a big help to me.

    Third, I will post any bits I think a reader would want to know here in this review section.

    I have just given my betas my first completed draft yet. I will make the revisions to what is posted as they come to me.

    The research (so I can stay true to the characters and the DROM vision) has taken more time than I thought possible. But I think it is rewarding when I across an encyclopedia of Andromeda (like I did last Friday, hooray!). It is difficult to be completely consistent within the episode guides, but I will try to account for differences in plot.


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  • From ANON - Genna on May 22, 2003


    I definitely can promise that you will read graphic sexual depictions. That is why I came to adult fan fiction because I want to see how descriptive I can be. If I am entertaining to other people too, then I am well beyond where I started.

    I can also promise that the two, Dylan and Rommie, will come together sexually. It just won't be in the way that traditional Dylan and Rommie fans see the pair.

    I hope I can count on you to use this space to tell me whether it is working out for you or you have serious reservations about what I write for the two of them. Just please be specific about what you like and don't like as the story unfolds. :)


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  • From ANON - Justin on May 19, 2003

    I am looking for Romance between Dylan and Rommie as well as graphic sex. As long as the two come together and stay together I am happy.

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  • From ANON - Genna on May 12, 2003

    What are you looking for in a Dylan/Rommie relationship?

    It is not going to show up immediately, but what did you have in mind?

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  • From ANON - Justin on May 11, 2003

    Thanks for responding to my review and I eagerly await the Dylan/Rommie parts.

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