Reviews for Keep Them Burning

BY : LeComtesse

  • From ANON - Vee017 on February 06, 2006

    Hello! I saw your review on my story "It Makes A Lovely Night" and I just had to come over here and see your story:) Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on mine and I do indeed take it all as a compliment. Your story is going very well so far and it's awesome that IMALN could inspire such a wonderful tale. I only got half way through it but I'll be back soon to read the rest, it's getting quite late. I loved the character interactions in your fic, you have them down completely.

    Gaheris's thoughts about the differences between ietzscheans and humans was wonderfully done and so true. Beka's afraid of commitment and Gaheris is striving to show her how worthy of a mate he is. Excellently done. And the meeting of Telemachus, that is interesting. I would have preferred the meetinas well as the talk between Gaheris and Tyr to not be nearly verbatim from the show but it was minor so I can overlook it, and you did put in a few original things like Tyr's "As you already know" in regards to Museveni.

    Guess I'll have to see how the rest goes later hmm? ;)

    And I wandered over to your Live Journal and found your icon with the "towel or bedspread", I love the Gaheris pic you used, it really fits ^_^ I'm on LJ too as aislinn-tredor, it's mostly ranting and Star Wars fics though;)

    Thanks so much for your review on my story and good luck on yours! It's great as far as I've read ^_^

    p.s: (completely off topic but) As soon as I saw your name the first thing that popped into my mind was The Phantom of the Opera, and what o I find in your LJ icons? An Erik/Christine! Much love! "Point Of No Return" is my favourite song:)

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  • From ANON - Caro on January 29, 2006

    Excellent job!! Can't wait for the next part.

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  • From ANON - prin69 on January 28, 2006

    oh my god that is amazing

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  • From ANON - b5delenn on January 27, 2006

    Oh god, I like it a lot; I don't know what I would do if I would be Beka...I love Gaheris but poor Telemachus!!!
    Waiting for more :)

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  • From Makota on January 27, 2006


    I see you got this lovely fic up and running.

    well done!

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