Reviews for Love maybe lost forever

BY : slayer-of-evil

  • From Emeraldfires on September 14, 2007

    I hope you continue... There aren't many blood ties fics to be found. The Blood Book novels by Tanya Huff are awesome. Much better than the tv series! They are hard to put down. I highly recommend reading them.

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  • From acr1228 on June 18, 2007

    *blink* that was brief. Maybe you're trying to be mysterious to draw the reader in? Really, though, it's just vague, and not very interesting. Nick can't sleep at night...? is that the problem? How can his 'contacts' help him with that?

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  • From psyche_b_mused on June 08, 2007

    Wow....that was brief.
    I liked Blood Ties and think a crossover between Blood Ties and Forever Knight would be interesting. I know that not everyone is as verbose as i am either but i couldn't really get a sense of your story with so little posted. Also, you might want to look at adding quotation marks where people are speaking. As your story grows (and i hope it does), it will be easier for your readers separate your characters' dialogue from the 'narration' of the story.

    i look forward to reading more. *S*
    psyche b.

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