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Reviews for Daenerys Misadventures

By : nitchgut
  • From Sar3asm on April 07, 2023

    Really love this story so far, great work! Would love the Dany x Khals idea as well as Dany x Sons of the Harpy, if one can still vote for them.

    An idea of my own:

    The White Walkers & wights don't kill, but fuck every female character they get their hands on. Possible scenarios beyond the Wall could be Gilly, The Children of the Forest, Meera Reed & Karsi at Hardhome. In an AU where the Living lose the Battle of Winterfell it could be Dany, Melisandre, Arya, Brienne, Lyanna Mormont, Alys Karstark, Sansa and/or Missandei. Would love to see the different kinds of wights used as well: Maybe Dany gets fucked by her undead dragons or Lyanna Mormont and/or other ladies get destroyed by an undead giant or bear.

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  • From ninesenshi on February 18, 2022

    Ch8 was great. Dany's sense of submission was palpable.  Hope to read more like this.  Maybe of Dany getting done by a lion while held captive by Lannisters or else submitting to her dragons.

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  • From ninesenshi on October 19, 2021

    Chap7 was pretty good.  I would go with shorter chaps, faster updates.  Also hopefully more sex less plot will go along with that format.

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  • From Verecoth on August 29, 2021

    Excellent work as usual! Very visceral and immersive.

    I'm torn between favoring a chapter for Arya or another chapter for Ciri. Mind counting me as having voted for both? Lol

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 24, 2021

    Another great, smutty chapter. Can't wait to read more.

    Any hints on who will be paired with Sansa, Cersei, or Arya? Are you taking requests?

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  • From pettrum42 on August 24, 2021

    10 - I'd love to see arya fucked in every hole and humiliated, pushed to her breaking point just to survive. Maybe some extreme stuff - a2m, beast, watersports, etc. 

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  • From Verecoth on July 29, 2021

    This story has been amazing. Incredibly hot and an entertaining read. That said, my vote is for another chapter of the Ciri story. Been waiting for so long (and I literally only dug up my old account to be able to say that lol).

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  • From ninesenshi on May 18, 2021

    One or six

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  • From Magnusxxz on March 06, 2021

    Loved the new chapter, Dany getting gang banged was my favorite.

    As for voting, how about  a Sansa story? Someone needs to put that little ginger in her place. Maybe Jon? God knows she looked like she was thirsting for some bastard cock the entire series.

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  • From revolution_9 on March 04, 2021

    6. More of Dany as a sex slave in Essos

    4. Son’s of the Harpy capture Dany

    Own Ideas: What if in s2 the stannis won and the pirate guy got to fuck cersei like he wanted, can include sansa and margery too?

    also idk if we can vote for past votes but I liked these if its not allowed then just ignore them ig

    1. Daenerys is taken as sex slave in Astapar instead of freeing the Unsullied. 

    8. Khals don’t burn, instead, they have their way with Dany.

    21. Cat being captured by Vale Hill Tribes


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  • From lolkatz on March 03, 2021

    Loved reading Daenerys being used by the Northern lords, even if it's by her choice it's still somewhat humiliating lol it reminds of that dude in S2 I think that offered her 1 ship if she had sex with him and she was insulted, guess she became more desperate now!

    If I had to pick one, I would 100% go Option 6, Daenerys as a slave especially to her sworn enemies in Essos is hot. For some reason, Dany being defeated in Essos is so much hotter than the prospect of her being defeated anywhere in Westeros, be it by Cersei or anyone else idk why. 4 is good too, really loved that regal white dress she wore in the arena, would love to see the sons of harpy rip it off her.

    On the Sansa route, however, having Jon killed at the Battle of the Bastards and subsequently having Sansa be captured by Ramsey as he makes good on his promise is enticing too, especially how much she doesnt want to go back to him, so I think Ramsey and his men using Sansa until eventually breaking her feisty northern spirit would be a good tale too.

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  • From ninesenshi on March 03, 2021

    Read chap4, I was expecting Dany to be usede, not the user.

    5 and 9 sound most interesting, hope it's one of those.  Or Arya whoring herself.

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  • From reidi on March 02, 2021

    That was awesome!/ could tell Sansa was absoluetly fucking raging.

    im kinda into Dany being Jon's slave. but maybe have a spin on it where Jon marries Val and Val finds out Dany tried to seduce Jon during the war for the throne (Val stayed home in winterfell) instead of killing Dany, Jon imprisons Dany. Jon then reveals what happened to an Irate Val who enslaves Dany. Essentially Val hatefucks the bejesus outta Dany then Val makes love to Jon (to show Dany what shes missing),

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  • From Jeda26 on March 02, 2021

    Hot damn and god have mercy. That was another sensationally awesome and gorgeously beautiful, spectacular smutty hot mess of a new chapter.Utterly loved how she let her whorish and slutty side out to play as she went all Messalina on the Northern Lords and prove that they would be better off giving their allegiance to her alone. 

    My vote for the next chapter is 5. Dany ends up going North and being raised with the starks. As would to see her getting down and dirty with all of the stark kids and bringing them under her sexual spell in a various of kinkily wanton and exqusitely depraved diverse ways. Though centering her attentions on Robb Stark himself, so that he will totally and utterly fall in love with her and take her for his bride and wife. Breeding a new generation of stark with the blood of the dragon in them as first step to regaining the irone throne by winning the support and loyalty of the north through its lords, devotion and love for her.. 

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  • From boulder13579 on March 02, 2021

    Definitely more of Daenerys as a sex slave in Essos. There's so many opportunities for her to be taken. 

    I always loved how Mero threatens to share Dany with the Second Sons after the battle, which obviously lets the imagination run wild. A story of Mero making good on his word and getting to enjoy Daenerys after her defeat along with the rest of the Sons would be good.

    Also her time with Khal Moro, having him forcefully take her, and the idea of how after taunting the khals, she fails to burn them and they have their fun with her.

    Another very interesting one is when she returns to deal with the Masters, having them turn the tables on Daenerys while she gives her whole speech of surrendering, and she becomes a slave to them.

    Honestly any time Daenerys is acting cocky and flaunting her power is a great opportunity for her to be dominated lol. Keep up the great work, I love both this series and your Ciri one, and I hope my suggestions help you!







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