Five Nights at Freddy's Adventure

BY : jess_bexar_zilla
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Derek needed a job. Insurance money could only do so much. So he wasn't surprised when Cora came in that morning and dumped the newspaper on his lap.

"I circled some that may be of interest to you," she had said, arms crossed as she looked down at him. "Pick one." And he did.

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! How may I help you this evening?"

Derek jumped from the sudden enthusiastic voice. The person chuckled as Derek turned red from embarrassment. He cleared his throat.

"Um, I'm here for the night shift."

"Ah! Derek Hale, right? Nice to meet you. I'm Charlie. You've come at a good time, friend."

Derek raised a brow. "Good time? Someone retiring?" Charlie chuckled. It turned out that the previous guard was quitting due to paranoia. "The animatronics are actually really sweet," Charlie added with a smile. "The guy just doesn't know what he's missing. Though, I will admit that there's nothing really much to do since you'll be coup up in the office all night."

"I'll manage."

"That's great! Now, let's go meet your future co-workers."

There was ten animatronics in total, four of which were being repaired. Plus one costume. "He doesn't talk much," Charlie stated, pointing to the man in the yellow bear costume. "The kids don't mind, though. They love him. Fun tip: he's also the repairman."

"So he has two jobs?"

"Yup. Sometimes he'll stay overnight working on the animatronics, so you may want to be familiar with him. He's Zilla, by the way. Though, he'll respond to Golden Freddy when in character."

"Good to know."

Charlie continued to show Derek around the pizzeria. There were a lot of restricted areas. Derek didn't bother to ask about them. The tour ended once they've reached the security office.

"Small in here," Derek commented. Apparently, the previous office from the old pizzeria was too big and didn't have any doors. According to Charlie, a lot of their guards were getting anxiety attacks from being in a room that big. Plus, one door was better than two so that the guards could focus more.

"We have some old recordings from an old security guard on our telephone over there. They're mainly instructions on what to do. Once you start your shift, the phone will ring before playing the message. Andrew would've been here to instruct you himself, but he won't come back."

"I'm guessing he's the guard that quit."

"Yup. Toy Bonnie was very disappointed."

Derek's eyebrows rose. "…I see."

Tonight was going to be interesting.

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