Sapphic Rangers: Three's Company

BY : matt1989
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After getting the invitation from Kimberly, Aisha and Kat were heading to Florida to visit her. Although they had written to each other regularly, it was the first time they were actually able to meet up since Kimberly had moved.


As much as they loved being Rangers, it was certainly going to be refreshing to have a weekend where they could enjoy themselves without having to worry about Rita and Lord Zedd sending down yet another monster.


Kimberly met the others at the airport and they went straight back to the hotel that Coach Schmidt had booked for his team for their ongoing training camp. Kimberly said: “It’s so good to see you two, I’ve missed you so much.”


Aisha remarked: “I’m sure there are some things you have missed in particular”. Kimberly was initially shocked but Kat said: “don’t worry Kim, I know you two used to be lovers. To be honest, it made me curious myself”


She then went on to explain that she and Aisha had now become lovers themselves, the Yellow Ranger pulling her into a kiss. Kimberly then commented: “so, Aisha has been on a team with both Pink Rangers and fucked both of us”.


Kimberly then revealed that since she had joined her gymnastics team, she had made it known that she was up for occasional sex if any of them were up for it. A couple of them had even taken her up on the offer.


Aisha then added: “of course, I’ve been with both of you, but I think it would only be fair if you two kiss as well”. The two Pink Rangers didn’t need any extra persuasion as Kimberly pulled Kat into a kiss.


Desire soon took over the trio as they traded kisses, soon beginning to remove their own clothing as the kissing got more passionate. It was clear that this was only going one way- and all three of them wanted it.


Before long they were all naked and positioned themselves across the bed so each of them had access to another’s pussy. Aisha was lying on her back on the bed, having her pussy worked on by Kat.


The pair had been lovers for a while, so Kat knew exactly how to give Aisha the maximum pleasure. At the same time, Aisha was in familiar territory as she was working on Kimberly. That left the gymnast to work on Kat.


Once each of them had reached their climax, they switched positions so that each of them got a chance to work on each other.


After enjoying each combination, including each pairing fucking each other while the other watched, they all collapsed on the bed and Kimberly gasped: “oh my god that was incredible”. Kat replied: “you can say that again”.


Aisha smiled and said: “I know I got lucky with you two, but that really was something else”. They all traded kisses a couple of times before eventually falling asleep. 


The next morning, Kimberly had to be up early for practice, but Kat and Aisha decided to have a lie in and recover from the night before. As they relaxed in each other’s arms, Aisha said: “well I’m certainly glad we decided to come here”


Kat replied: “me too. I can’t pretend I wasn’t kinda hoping last night would happen, but that was even better than I imagined”. Aisha remarked: “in my experience, sex with women usually is, and gave the blonde a kiss.

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