Kira's Conquests: Hayley Ziktor

BY : matt1989
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As Hayley was closing the Cyberspace for the night, Kira was packing away after her latest gig. The singer said: “Hayley, I cannot thank you enough for giving me a regular slot here”. The red headed woman replied: “it’s my pleasure. Talent like yours deserves to be heard.”


The pair had only known each other for a few months, but they had become close thanks to not only Hayley giving Kira a chance to regularly perform and get her music out there, but also Hayley’s role as a mentor to the Rangers.


Kira remarked: “I hope you don’t think this is too personal, but I’m surprised you’re not with anyone. I mean, you’re smart, attractive and an all round great person.” Hayley replied: “you’re sweet. The truth is, ever since I split up from my last girlfriend I’ve been so busy I just don’t really have the proper time for a relationship.”


Hayley was a good few years older than Kira but an attractive woman, the singer thought, especially when she had her long hair down as she did at this point. She replied: “anway, I could say the same for you. If anyone has a lot going for them it’s you.”


Kira jokingly replied: “Yeah well someone keeps me busy getting me to fight monsters all the time” to which Hayley smiled and replied: “OK you got me there”. The two women smiled at each other and what happened next took both of them by surprise.


Acting on instinct, Kira leant forward and placed a soft kiss on Hayley’s lips. As far as she was aware she had never before thought about kissing another girl, and certainly not an older woman, but in that moment it just felt right.


When they parted Kira said: “Oh my god I’m so sorry” to which Hayley replied: “don’t be, it’s OK” and the pair locked eyes before Kira leant in for another kiss, this one with more feeling behind it than the first. Before long they both let go of their insecurity and wrapped their arms around each other, giving into their newly discovered desires.


The kissing got increasingly more passionate until they eventually came up for air. Hayley began walking away without a word, prompting Kira to ask: “what are you doing?” to which Hayley replied: “locking up this place so you and me can carry this on somewhere a bit more comfortable.


Hayley didn’t ask if that was what Kira wanted. She didn’t need to, it was written all over the singer’s face. They both knew it was wrong but at this point neither of them could care less. They wanted each other and right now that was all that mattered. They walked out the door and Hayley locked up behind them before they headed to Hayley’s car and back to her house.


It took all of Hayley’s strength to focus on the drive home. It had been a long time since she had experienced any kind of action, now this beautiful younger woman had made it perfectly clear that the kiss was only the start of what she wanted.


As soon as they were in the house, Hayley pinned Kira up against the door and passionately kissed her before whispering in the Yellow Ranger’s ear: “let’s take this upstairs.” Kira replied: “you don’t have to tell me twice.” before allowing her mentor to lead her to the bedroom. This was where the fun really began.


Despite Hayley being the one who was experienced in lesbian sex, it was Kira who instinctively took the lead as the pair exchanged further lust fuelled kisses in between hurriedly removing items of each other’s clothing until they were both naked and had full view of each other’s bodies. 


Kira was slightly shorter and slimmer. Although she never worked out, she left that to Conner, her figure was still perfectly in proportion. Hayley was curvier but her new lover was certainly appreciating every part of her, especially her sizeable breasts which fortunately for Kira, were almost level with her lips.


The pair moved over to the bed, where Hayley lay down and allowed Kira to climb on top, exploring every inch of the redhead’s body, placing kisses wherever she could, forcing moans of pleasure at every touch. Those breasts got plenty of attention, which Kira quickly discovered Hayley loved.


“Oh god that’s amazing” came the older woman’s cries as the singer went about her work with all the enthusiasm she normally reserved for destroying one of Mesogog’s monsters. However, as much as she enjoyed her Ranger duties, nothing compared to how much she was enjoying the pleasure of her first lesbian experience.


Eventually Kira’s attention turned to Hayley’s pussy. Without needing to be prompted, Hayley opened her legs wider to grant better access. Kira remarked: “someone’s keen” to which Hayley breathlessly muttered: “you have no idea” before the Yellow Ranger’s tongue began to work its magic. 


It was fortunate that Kira had very good control over when she used her Ptera Scream, otherwise the current situation would come to a rather abrupt end. Instead Hayley was the one struggling to maintain control, gripping the bed sheets as the waves of pleasure washed over her and she got closer and closer to her climax.


When the moment arrived and Hayley’s juices began to flow out of her, a fair amount landed directly into Kira’s mouth, prompting her to lean up and place a kiss on Hayley’s lips, allowing her to taste herself on her lover’s lips.


This gave Hayley a second wind and she said: “time to return the favour” before flipping them both over and getting to work on Kira. Experiencing an orgasm of her own, she eventually lost all control and let out a Ptera Scream as the moment of climax came.


Far from being thrown off, Hayley remarked: “well that will have surprised the neighbours”. Kira laughed before pulling the redhead on top of her for a kiss. Eventually they settled into bed, with Kira snuggled up into Hayley.


The next day they agreed to keep things casual and definitely keep what had happened between the two of them. There was no point saying it was just a one off as they both knew it wouldn’t be- and they were right.

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