Kira's Conquests: Kat Hillard

BY : matt1989
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After one of Kira’s shows, she was approached by a blonde woman. The woman said: “Hi Kira, just wanted to say that was a great show, you’ve got serious talent.” Kira replied: “Thanks, music is my passion, I’m hoping to get a record deal eventually.” The woman said: “Well keep it up and I have no doubt you will.” before saying her goodbyes.


All this time Kira was trying to prevent her jaw from hitting the floor at the sight of the beauty who had just spoken to her. Whispering to Hayley, she said: “OK, I need to know who that was.” Hayley smiled and replied: “That was Kat, the second Pink Ranger” recognising the look on Kira’s face, she added: “and Tommy’s wife, although I happen to know for a fact she’s into women.”


Kira couldn’t believe her luck. Sure she was having regular hookups with Hayley, but they both decided from the start it was only casual fun and they were both free to see other people if they wanted to. Kira couldn’t help but ask: “so, you say she’s into other women, did you and her ever hook up?”


Hayley replied: “I wish. I like to think that if she hadn’t met Tommy first then I would’ve had a chance, but sadly not.” A plan was already forming in Kira’s mind though. She wanted Kat and she was going to do everything she could to make sure she had her. 


The following day, they were formally introduced and Kat invited Kira to hang out with her. Everything seemed to be falling into place for the Yellow Ranger. They arranged to meet at a local bar, so they could get the chance to talk properly without anyone interrupting. Kira had to insist to Ethan and Conner, especially Conner, that they weren’t allowed to join them.”


That evening the past and present Rangers quickly got chatting. Kat asked: “so, how are you finding being a Ranger?” Kira replied: “It certainly took a bit of getting used to, which i’m sure you found, but honestly I love it. Even if Conner and Ethan drive me nuts sometimes we’re still all good friends.”


Kat said: “Yeah it helps when you’re all close. I was especially close to a couple of the Rangers I fought alongside.” When Kira said: “yeah I know about you and Dr O” Kat replied: “I didn’t actually mean him, I’ve been with three other Rangers.” Kira quickly demanded the details, without anything being held back.


Kat began: “Well the first was Aisha, who was the Yellow Ranger when I first got my powers. She was incredible. Then when me and her went to Florida to visit Kimberly we had a threesome, best night of my life. The other one was Tanya, who was Yellow Ranger after Aisha. She took a bit of persuading and it was only a one-off, but I still enjoyed myself.”


Kira was just trying to take in everything she had just heard. Eventually she replied: “Unfortunately I’m the only girl on my team, although Hayley has more than made up for it.” Kat was stunned and said: “You and Hayley?” to which Kira replied with a smirk: “Oh yeah, several times.”


The singer was beginning to feel bolder and said: “You know how you said you’ve been with two Yellow Rangers before, well how about we make it a hat-trick?” Kat couldn’t pretend she wasn’t tempted by the beautiful young woman who had just propositioned her, she was very tempted. However, she replied: “Kira, I’m married. To your science teacher.”


Kira teasingly stroked Kat’s arm and, sensing that the older woman’s resolve was being tested, said: “I won’t tell him if you don’t. Besides, you know as well as I do how good being with a woman is. The two women locked eyes and any resolve Kat had was hanging by a thread- and the younger woman knew it.


Sensing her moment, Kira placed a soft kiss on Kat’s lips and let it linger for a few moments. Far from even attempting to pull back, Kat allowed the contact, the first time she had felt the taste of another woman’s lips for a long time. They only parted for a couple of seconds before Kira leant in again, this time with more passion.


There were several things about Kat that were different to Hayley, but one thing that was very much the same was Kira’s desire to have sex with her. Earlier on Kat had spotted a private room in the bar and suggested Kira take her in there. The singer did not need to be asked twice given that she was about to be given everything she wanted.


As soon as they entered the room, Kira guided Kat over to the seats and as soon as they were sat down, they shared their most passionate kiss yet, all of Kat’s initial reluctance gone away as memories of her previous sexual encounters with women came flooding back. Both of them opened their mouths to grant access to the tongue of the other.


Before long clothes were removed and breathing grew heavier as they were taken over by sheer lust. At long last Kira got a look at Kat’s body. The older woman had previously been a diver and a dancer and as a result she had an incredible body, which her latest lover was very much admiring. 


The more Kira’s lips made contact with Kat’s body, the more it caused cries of delight. Despite being several years younger and less experienced, Kira knew exactly what she was doing. It had been a long time since Kat had sampled the joys of lesbian sex, but her fourth female Ranger lover was quite possibly the best yet.


“Oh god Kira, oh yes, you’re amazing” came the cries from the former Pink Ranger and she was driven ever closer to the edge, letting out a scream that was surely heard from the next room as the moment of climax came. Kira climbed on top of Kat and kissed her passionately, before Kat flipped them over and began to return the favour.


It had only taken one night with Hayley for Kira to be sure that she was a lesbian, and she clearly had a thing for older women based on both that and her current situation with a fellow blonde currently working her magic on the singer’s most sensitive area.


As they were getting dressed afterwards, Kira fired off a quick text to Hayley which said: “mission accomplished ;-)” to which Hayley replied: “lucky cow! Hope it was as hot as I’m imagining” Kira sent back: “oh trust me, it was.”


Much as Tanya had done to her back in the day, Kat insisted to Kira that it was a one time thing, although she did admit that it was the best orgasm she’d had since that unforgettable night in Florida. Kira understood, saying: “I’m just glad it happened at all.”

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