Kira's Conquests: Cassidy Cornell

BY : matt1989
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Kira was making the most of some rare downtime by working on a new song. Normally she was able to do a complete song in a few days, but this one had taken longer than usual as she didn’t have much time between school and Ranger duties. Fortunately they had a couple of days without Mesogog harassing them, giving Kira some time for her music.


She was making significant progress when she heard a knock on the front door. She was confused because if it was Ranger related then they would get in touch with her using the communicator. With a groan she put down her guitar and went downstairs.


When she opened the door, she was greeted by Cassidy. Confused, she said: “Cassidy? First of all, how did you find out where I live, second, what are you doing here?” Letting herself in, Cassidy said: “what do you mean what am I doing here, I’ve been trying to get it out of you for days.”


It was true, for several days now Cassidy had been pestering Kira for a story because she was convinced that the aspiring singer knew more than she was letting on about everything that was going on in Reefside recently. She did, but of course there was no way she was going to tell the reporter that. 


However there was one idea that came to Kira’s mind. Of course the chances of Cassidy actually going for it were pretty remote, but there was no harm in trying. For all the experience Kira had enjoyed recently, it had all been with older women, never actually someone her own age. 


Granted Cassidy wouldn’t have been her first choice, but she was attractive enough and it was an opportunity for Kira to turn a potentially difficult situation to her own advantage. Eventually she said: “Fine, I’ll give you what you want, but on one condition. You want something from me, I want something in return.”


Cassidy replied: “Well that sounds pretty reasonable. I guess if I was in your shoes I’d do the same. So, what do you want from me then?” Kira walked slowly towards Cassidy and began stroking her arm, slowly and teasingly. Cassidy wasn’t entirely sure what was going on at this point but she definitely wanted answers.


Kira explained: “It’s quite simple. You want an interview, I want a kiss. I mean, sex would be great but I’d settle for a kiss.” Shocked by what she had just heard, Cassidy said: “Well that isn’t going to happen. I’m not into girls and I didn’t know you were either. Kira replied: “Well I am into girls. I never said I was into you, just want to have a bit of fun.”


The singer added: “To be honest I think I’m being more than reasonable. I will tell you everything you want to know and all I want in return is one kiss. Obviously it would have to be a good one for the information I’m giving you. As a reporter I’m sure you’ll understand.” As much as she hated to admit it, Kira had Cassidy backed into a corner and she knew it.


“Fine, I’ll do it.” Cassidy reluctantly said before placing a brief kiss on Kira’s lips. After they parted, Kira laughed and said: “Oh come on Cassidy, do you really think that was enough, I barely felt that.” 


Annoyed, Cassidy said: “What more do you want?” Kira replied: “Something a bit more like this” and placed both hands on the other blonde’s face before pulling her into a passionate kiss. While the pair weren’t exactly friends, Kira knew that Cassidy was an attractive girl and she had to admit to enjoying the feeling of kissing her.


After a couple of moments for the initial surprise to wear off, Cassidy had to admit she quite liked the feeling of having another girl’s lips on hers for the first time. Although she did not lean into the kiss, Cassidy allowed it to happen and placed her hands on Kira’s waist. That was all the encouragement the singer needed to deepen the kiss.


When they eventually parted, Kira said: “see, that wasn’t so bad was it.” Cassidy replied: “No it wasn’t.” With that, the pair kissed again. It was pretty clear that Kira was after more than just kissing and, as much of a surprise to herself as anyone, Cassidy wasn’t going to resist. 


She took Kira’s hand and allowed herself to be led over to the bed. Instinct took over as both girls stripped down to their underwear and Cassidy said: “OK I really can’t explain what’s going on right…” but before she could finish she found herself cut off by Kira’s lips on hers once more.


“Less talk, more action,” Kira replied. She knew full well that if Cassidy did not want any of what was happening then it wouldn’t be as she would just push Kira away, but she wasn’t, instead her head tilted back as Kira placed kisses all over her body. 


As soon as Kira’s lips made contact with her breasts, Cassidy let out a sound that was half gasp, half moan. It was all the encouragement the Yellow Ranger needed and a sign that her latest lover was enjoying her first, hugely unexpected, taste of lesbian sex.


Of course Kira had done this many times before with Hayley and a couple of times with Kat, so by this point she knew exactly how to please another woman- and what worked on those two was also clearly worked on Cassidy judging by the loud moans coming from the reporter.


Sure enough, Cassidy’s moans got louder as she got closer and closer to her climax. When the moment came Kira climbed off her and allowed her to ride it out herself, the Yellow Ranger allowing a smug smile to cross her face as she saw the reporter ride out her orgasm.


Once she had come down and got dressed, Cassidy said: “OK Kira, I’ll admit that was very good. Now I’ve more than held up my end of the deal, you have to do the same. Kira replied: “Of course, I will tell you everything I know.”


Going into full reporter mode, Cassidy asked: “So Kira, what can you tell me about the mysterious goings on in Reefside, like the weird creatures who keep turning up and attacking people?” Kira replied: “No idea to be honest, I’m as clueless as anyone.”


Cassidy said: “What? You said you’d tell me what you know”. Kira smugly replied: “You’re right I did- and I don’t know anything.” Cassidy added: “So I gave you what you wanted, but you didn’t give me what I wanted.” Kira replied: “I gave you something so much better than that.”

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